Ava Addams

DADDY’S GIRLDaddy’s Girlby Htsxkittn (***A father comes to pick up his young daughter after his and her mother’s divorce. He can’t help but love his daughter, in more ways than one. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)***KJ leaned against the headboard of her bed looking in the dresser mirror at the end of her room. Her hormones raged inside her as her fingers gently massaged her small clit and pleasured herself as she watched with delight. A small amount of clear cum slowly seeped out of her tiny virgin pussy. She was slowly approaching an orgasm. From the time she had reached a young stage of puberty at the age of twelve, her mother started taking away privileges that she couldn’t understand before. Her mother told her that she could no longer wear shorts except to swim or to bed. Also added to that stupid fact, she could no longer tuck her shirts in except to wear her uniform to school not to mention she could not romp around the house in t-shirt and underwear only. At the age of thirteen, her parents divorced and her mother quickly remarried an asshole of a husband who cared as little about her feelings as her mother did. KJ missed her father. He seemed to be the only one that took her feelings into consideration. Gene, her father, would always listen to her. Her father never seemed to mind all of the things that she done that her mother would gripe about continuously, and often he would let her get by with things that her mother would never let her do like talk on the phone with her boyfriends or hang out with her friends. Her sheltered life began to get the best of her and she found herself more in the dumps daily. Now four years later at the ripe age of sixteen, she was single, had no friends, and still a virgin as the rest of her friends got to date and talk about how great sex was. Today was November 15th and her father was coming home to visit her. Fortunately, her mother for once left KJ home to clean the house and be ready when her father got there to pick her up. She continued to masturbate when she heard a knock at her bedroom door unexpectedly. She jumped up as he came in. “I’m sorry,” he told her. “I didn’t mean to startle you.””That’s ok,” she replied shyly. She knew that he saw her with her young tan legs spread and her thong that one of her friends had slipped to her pulled to the side. Her mother didn’t approve of thongs either. “Don’t be embarrassed, KJ,” he told her. “Masturbation is natural.”In a way KJ didn’t really want a sex talk from her dad especially when he looked as good as he did and looked like James Dean, too. KJ was a “Daddy’s girl.” She loved him very much and trusted him. “So, how is school going,” he asked calmly as he had not seen her in two years. His job had kept him away and that was the only thing that KJ loathed about him.”Fine,” she replied. “All A’s as usual as I have nothing better to do with my life than study and stay home and up under the bitch’s thumb.” “Don’t be so harsh on her,” said Gene. “You must understand that she is still coping with the divorce, and Charles, your stepfather, may not be treating her as she is used to.””Yeah well, she deserves it for leaving you,” KJ said coldheartedly.”Maybe so,” Gene replied with a short chuckle. “Well come over here and give me a hug and a kiss, girl. I haven’t seen you in forever and I am proud of those A’s. You keep that up and you will be out of here and on your way to college in no time.”As KJ hugged him and kissed him, he couldn’t help but to think that she smelled so clean and so fresh. He had not held a young beautiful girl in so long. His job kept him away from home and he didn’t have time for other women as her mother had begged to differ as to why he stayed away so long. Gene couldn’t help but to think of the quick glimpse he had got of her bursa escort legs spread, her shaved small pussy, and her fingers down there massaging it slowly. “Unimaginable,” he thought as he shook his head quickly after she got up from their embrace. That was his daughter. How could he think such things?KJ noticed how he shook his head and questioned him as to why. He quickly lied to her and replied how he couldn’t believe how fast she had grown and how beautiful she was. That made her smile, and sparked her into happy conversation about funny things that happened at school, but as she smiled and talked, his green eyes once again began studying her every move. They began searching at her long, brownish-blonde hair, her lengthy skinny arms, her beautiful smile and small teeth, the pert little nose on her face, her beautiful, sky blue eyes that dazzled in light, her semi-puffy cheeks, her beautiful brown perfectly arched eyebrows, on down to her creamy neck. His eyes then subsequently fell down to her pert, small breasts underneath her t-shirt, then her flat stomach and on down to her small pussy that his mouth watered over as she carried on in conversation. He imagined how his nine-inch cock would feel sliding into it for the first time as her head fell backwards in ecstasy. He replied to her sentences with short laughs and nodding of his head. As her conversation came to an ending that didn’t seem to match what she started talking about because of his racing thoughts, he placed his right hand on her left leg and told her it would be ok. “Mama won’t let you date anybody will she?” he asked her.”Of course not, Daddy, and all of my friends get to talk about how great their dating life is and how much they enjoy it. I am still a virgin.””Don’t worry about that,” he replied. His cock was hard underneath the leg of his pants and he kept his left hand there to hide it worried that she might notice and think the worst of him. To think that she was a virgin and her pussy would be so tight brought even more testosterone to his feelings. He thought for a moment that they should go ahead and leave and fight his feelings on the road, but the feeling was much too strong as his right hand began stroking her left leg.”You need to be held, don’t you,” questioned Gene. “Yes,” replied KJ. Simultaneously she fell into his arms as she stood in front of him sitting on her bedside. His right hand slid down her perfectly arched back and stroked back and forth innocently as it slowly got lower and lower, until it slid gently over her tight little ass. He quickly jerked his hand back up. “I am so sorry, he began apologizing profusely. She quickly assured him that it was ok. His cologne smelled so good. His hug felt so good. She still was a dab horny from her previous engagement with her masturbation session. The touch and the cologne aroused her a bit to say the least. She sat on his lap. Unfortunately, she sat on the leg that his hard cock was on and he prayed that she wouldn’t notice it, but yet devilishly, he wanted her to feel it. “How far have you ever been with someone, KJ,” he questioned softly.Surprised at the question, but trustingly she answered that she had kissed and made out with a guy. She had only gotten as far as stroking her ex boyfriend’s penis. He asked her if she liked it. KJ told him that she loved it. She had not forgotten it. “Can I ask you a more personal question without you getting embarrassed?””Sure,” replied KJ.”Is that what you were thinking about as you were masturbating before I walked in here?” KJ blushed a bit, but nodded quickly. He then proceeded to ask her if his penis was big. She hesitantly replied that it wasn’t really as big as she might think one should be. KJ quickly wondered where this conversation would go, but just figured her father was concerned bursa escort bayan so she yielded to his questioning. Gene went on to ask her how big did she want one to be if she had her choice. He had won his urge to ask her and get personal and got his foot in the door. Now, the next step to be taken was demonstration. She shrugged. He quickly realized that he was on the wrong road as far as demonstration with her answer, so he thought to ask her if she knew what it meant to be eaten. She did know what that meant and said she had thought about it. His hand was now near her small crotch and he squeezed it gently and assured her that if she could overlook things that he could show her how it felt. It startled her, but it turned her on even more as well. “Sit down and lean back on the bed and let Daddy show you how it feels,” he softly whispered to her. Amazed she felt subjected to do just as she was told. She leaned herself back as he put one of her fluffy pillows up under the curve of her spine and spread her legs to expose her small, wet pussy that had soaked her small black lacy thong.”Sexy, he smiled and said as he pulled them aside. The small pink tip of his tongue started tasting her young, little clit. Her eyes closed in ecstasy. It felt so damn good. “You’re wet, he told her. He added, “Has anyone ever told you that you have a tiny, beautiful, little pussy?”No, she replied in ecstasy. He continued to lick her and lick her pussy over and over again. He grabbed her legs and shoved her into his baby-soft face as he began sucking on her clit and pulling it about two inches out of her pussy so that she could see it as she was propped upon her elbows. So sexy and beautiful he continued repeating to her as continuously ate her pussy as she screamed and moaned and cummed. He tilted his face sideways and stuck his tongue into her virgin fuckhole and lapped up every bit of her oozing cum. He continued after that to lick her. He kissed her all between her legs as they fluttered like butterfly wings in his face. He kissed her down her inner thighs and all around her loins. She was screaming and moaning and oh, my goshing like no one had ever heard. KJ then found herself on her back moaning in ecstasy with her hands grasping his wrists tightly as her pussy felt like it had a pulse or repeating pressure and felt like it was going to burst. Then she screamed as the single throb lingered and Gene continued to lick her tiny, swollen clit over and over again. He had given KJ her first real orgasm and he wasn’t going to stop there.”Daddy!” she screamed. “It feels so good!””I’m not going to stop, he replied as he got up off of his knees in front of her. He started unbuckling his pants and pulling them and his underwear down exposing his extended tan nine-inch cock. Her eyes grew wide and she sat up. She had never seen or imagined a dick that big nor imagined that she could handle one. “Have you ever seen a dick like that?” he asked her.She quickly shook her head no. “Do you want one that big?””Yes,” she replied quickly slightly wore out from that tremendous orgasm but still horny as ever. “Touch it,” he told her. She quickly reached out and put her small white hand around its base and slid it slowly up to the shaft and then ran it over the head. She then took her index finger of her right hand and massaged very softly the small hole at the end of it. He then told her to suck it if she wanted to. KJ quickly put her mouth opened wide over the head of it and gently let her mouth, lips, and tongue contour around it. She began sucking on it looking up as her own dad closed his eyes and rolled them with pleasure. Her eyes fell down onto this huge two and a half inch wide rod she was sucking on and then fell down to his pants as they were undone and ankled at his feet. escort bursa She then began to pivot her head back and forth concentrating on the swollen red shaft and head of his cock and then decided to be brave and allow the head of his nine-inch cock touch the back of her throat as her tiny pink lips were embraced around the base. KJ then noticed him moaning and his hands had her long brown hair clenched in his tight grasp and he began pulling her head up and down his dick. He rocked back and forth fucking her beautiful face until he could no longer stand it. Gene had to fuck KJ. “Lay back, baby,” he commanded her. “Daddy’s gonna fuck you good. Do you want Daddy’s big cock in you, baby? Have you ever dreamed of fucking me?”KJ could only reply yes though it was a lie. She was so horny and it felt so good. Her pussy was wet through and through. Gene began removing the rest of his clothes. KJ started removing her t-shirt she had on and the small lacy bra only to expose her beautiful 36A breasts that her dad immediately leaned down to caress and suck as he began stroking his cock even more preparing it to enter her tiny virgin pussy. He reached down and stuck his middle finger into the tiny tight hole in her pussy. She squealed with delight. He began working it back and forth and then managed to put two fingers into her pussy. He began working those two and asked if it felt better. “Yes,” she sighed aloud.”Good,” he replied. “It’s gonna feel even better when I get my big dick in that tiny hole.”KJ could hardly wait. Gene spit on the edge of his wide cock. He gently rubbed the saliva around the head and on down on his shaft. He then proceeded to hold his cock up to her pussy hole and begin his penetration. He pushed in. She held her breath from the small amount of pressure she felt. He could not get it inside of her. He pulled back and forced a bit again. He got his head in on the second try.”Daddy, maybe I am too small for it,” she said.”Oh, hell no,” said her father. “I am going to get this dick inside you.”He pushed harder as he held on to her spread legs. He got it on inside her down about mid-shaft.”Now, do you want Daddy to force it in or just push it in slowly, Baby,” he questioned her.She replied, “force it in.””Ok,” he said. He then closed his eyes. She closed hers. He squeezed her calves and shoved his nine-inch cock all the way into her tight pussy. Her head went back in ecstasy just as he had previously imagined. She moaned with pain and pleasure. He then began swaying his hips back and forth, pounding his meat into her small cunt.She screamed and moaned as never before. He couldn’t believe how much pleasure both of them was experiencing simultaneously. It was so wrong, but it felt so right. Orgasm after orgasm, they must to have fucked for nearly an hour. He cummed within her small open pussy at least five times. She squealed with pleasure. She basked in the way her daddy felt inside of her. The sinful lust and i****t was just so appealing at the time. She enjoyed every minute of it. After several minutes, KJ and Gene remembered that there was no telling when her mother would be home. He rushed her to get ready and he would load her things in the car. At the time, that he was doing so, her mother did arrive home. Her mother gave a scornful look at Gene as she headed inside her house, but she kissed KJ goodbye as she came down the stairs. “I’ll see you when you return,” she said to KJ.”I’m not coming back, Mama,” KJ called back.”Excuse me,” said her mother, shocked. “You will come back.””No,” said KJ, “I want to go live with Daddy. I’ll transfer schools.”Her mother was stunned. She shook her head.”And after all of the love, I’ve shown you…” said KJ’s mother, trying to make her feel guilty. KJ knew where she was loved. She knew that her Daddy loved her in so many ways, and she knew headed to Wyoming with her father, that she would love as well, the one that was going to be forming inside of her, for there was no way that her Daddy could fuck her that damn good, and her not be pregnant.END

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