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Dancing Bois ExportedAfrooz bounced as he wrestled with the steering wheel of the refurbished white 2003 Toyota Tacoma. The pickup truck with an extended cab fought back with the rocky, uneven, & obnoxious trailways of rural Afghanistan. The bearded Dari man rode along with a former ‘bacha’, or dancing boy called Nek. The two men arrived at a collection of small huts. There were youngsters outside playing.“What do you think,” the man with a rugged, light-brown complexion asked.“He will be good,” Nek pointed.“That’s the one,” smiled Afrooz. “Let’s go talk to the father.”They walked inside where the recruiter negotiated with Iraj, the tender Farzin’s dad. They reached an agreement on a down payment and meager monthly stipend. The old man was pleased. His wife was silent and not present as she had no say in Iraj’s mind. He and his family needed the money and it would mean security & education for Farzin.The prominent businessman loaded up the new boi. They headed back to the city.Nek fell asleep on the ride. The teen was tired from a long night of dancing for a group of warlords, opium barons, policemen, & businessmen – the rich & powerful. A fight had ensued amongst the admiring men over who would get to take him home. Afrooz had intervened and demanded that they all leave.In the end, Afrooz, a married man & very respectable Muslim in daily life, had taken Nek’s boipussy. The lean, hardy man with dark eyes plowed the soft, smooth Nek. This was his favorite bacha. And, he loved Nek in a quite special way. Nek had come to ‘bacha bazi’, literally translated as boi play, from being a street orphan. He was considerably younger then. His owner and master was a high ranking military commander. He was the favorite pet of the ‘brid jenral’ – a rank equivalent to a 1-star general – until he grew older and was replaced by a fresh, immature face. The general sold Nek to Afrooz at a bargain.Afrooz had entered Nek fully in one thrust. His 8-inch-by-6-inch tool assaulting the accepting and clenched love pocket.“Fuck me,” whined Nek.“Yes, baby! You are the best bacha ever!”“Oh yes! Give it to me!”“I have such passion for you,” grunted Afrooz.He hefted his engorged cock in and out of Nek.Nek purred in delight. Afrooz bakırköy escort gave him a full booming blast of nut.They fell asleep spooning. Nek thanked Allah that his fate had been different from some of the others recruited into this life. His masters had been generally kind to him – albeit there was some forced stimulant use to make him more submissive at first. He knew many that were also happy like him, but he was keenly aware that many had been killed, beaten, or chained to a bed for a week or more being mandated to take dick – all for various reasons. The wrath of an owner could be incited by backtalk, disobedience, & attempted escape.He remembered Jalaal who had tried to leave this slavery, but was outwitted. A local police chief did, in fact, restrain the bacha to a bed for nine days – continually ravaging his hole. Afterwards, he ordered the unruly dancer beaten and discarded. That man now had a new youngster that was more compliant.Nek just hoped that Farzin follow the rules and show reverence & respect to his soon-to-be owner. Life would be so much easier that way and the powerful might establish him his own business once he was too old.Farzin began to learn to sing and dance. He was trained by Nek. Over the course of time, he progressed nicely.Afrooz had other plans and deemed the boi was now ready to be traded to the Canadian.Paul Longo had once been in the Canadian Forces. He left after a while and went to work for a private security contractor where he was introduced to bacha bazi. Never in his life had the lean, sinewy ash-brown-haired guy pale blue eyes been so aroused. It was the femininity and innocence of it all. He’d fucked one of the dancers that night and the boi gave him the best pussy ever.Paul now lived in the BVI, or British Virgin Islands. He’d made stealthy inquiries and was connected with Afrooz. He explained what he wanted and Afrooz suggested some options. Paul agreed and ordered some antiandrogens online and had them surreptitiously shipped to the Central Asian country. Afrooz started Farzin on the testosterone blockers immediately.Paul arrived in the city. Afrooz met him at the airport and drove him to the hotel. Paul checked beşiktaş escort in and was given the proper bogus paperwork to leave the country with Farzin.Paul smiled broadly when Nek showed up with Farzin. He was a lovely, girly looking sight. He lifted him with his strong, not overly-muscled arms. He kissed the boi. Afrooz and Nek excused themselves.Paul placed Farzin on the bed and kissed all over him. “You’re beautiful, baby!”“Thank you, sir,” giggled the bacha. “I’ve been waiting for you!”“Have you?”“Yes, sir,” spoke in his limited English.“This has been waiting for you too,” the Canuck pulled out his 7.25”-by-5.5” erect member.“Nice and big, sir!”“You like it?”“Mmhmm!”Paul straddled the sissy’s head and fed his dick to him. He did so with great care so as not to hurt his darling. Then, he spent some time licking the tight virgin hole.When it was time to deflower the elfin soul, he did so cautiously. He worked it in methodically one-half-inch at a time.“Owwwww,” whined Farzin.“Have a little of this,” suggested the divorced man with two daughters.Paul lifted Farzin’s head that was covered with slightly curly deep-brown locks. He looked deep in the hazel eyes and launched into a kiss.Farzin inhaled the substance.Paul felt him relax. He pressed forward.Soon, Paul’s manhood was sheathed completely by Farzin’s sweet rectum.“Oh my goodness,” beamed Farzin.“Oh yeah, baby! It feels so good!”“Take me, sir! I’m all yours!”Paul did just that. They the room with the scent of their sex. Hard & deep. Loving & cherishing. Raunchy ar times. Man on boi.Paul had filled Farzin countless times when it came time to depart.After a series of long flights, they made it to Beef Island airport. The entry officer looked at the documents. Then, she looked at Paul. The she turned her gaze on Farzin. She shrugged her shoulders and stamped the papers. “Happy birthday! You’re eleven today!”Farzin smiled broadly and nodded.“We’re still working on his English,” Paul offered tugging his bacha towards the exit.Afrooz had stumbled on a new business model. Westerners had money. This was bankable. He would continue to supply the local market, but he’d also provide a service to foreigners. beylikdüzü escort His second customer was a professional American football player.Dallen Young spent three years at a Big Ten school playing fullback. The six-foot-two, 238-pound, brown skinned dude with dreadlocks all the way down his back did five seasons between three different teams in the NFL. Now, he was in his second season in the CFL. He didn’t make what he did south of the Candian border, but he was pulling in a bit over 150-grand a year. Plus, he was an announcer for his alma mater.Dallen requested a cute one with a bubble butt. He also wanted some nascent tits. Afrooz explained how to make payment. Nek took care of ordering from an online pharmacy. Gul was a tad more mature. He would have been about ready to be a high school freshman in the States. He had been a bacha for a warlord who wished for a new model. He began his hormone regiment and was ready for Dallen in only a few short months.Dallen paid for a service to get the dancing boi across the border without detection. The first time they met, Dallen was smitten.Gul was slender with the cherry-shaped booty he requested. And, budding breasts were protruding. The tall athlete fucked Gul against the wall first.Gul whined, “Mmmm!” His English was still coming to him, but he understood the language of passion.“Take this big dcik,” the sportsman ordered slamming his 7½-inch-by-6½-inch penis into her.“Oh, daddy,” she cooed.“Yes, pussyboi! Take this big Black cock!”“Mmhmm!”Dallen thrusted with incredible power.Gul believed this bulky Black American to be well accomplished in pleasing her hole. She had loved the nefarious Afghan, but she was cast aside. She had a second life here with Dallen. “Fuck me,” she screamed. It was a phrase Afrooz and Nek taught her to say during coitus. This was in addition to the English acquisition software they used.Dallen barked, “Yeah, baby! Take it, bitch!” He swirled her up and around. They were now facing one another and her fucked her supple ass while standing up and hoisting her in the air.She whined and kissed his neck.“Fuckin’ sexy ass tranny bitch! My own li’l ladyboy!”“Mmhmm!”“Ah shit!”He lunged for the bed and banged her out in the buck.Her legs were wrapped around his sold, muscled back.“Fuck, gurl! Damn,” he hollered.“Ooh, daddy!”“I’ma nut all in your boipussy. Fuck!!!!”Dallen shot one of the biggest loads ever into the depths of Gul’s farting anus as he fucked her like a ragdoll.“Shit,” he grinned. “I’m gonna love you.”“Mmhmm!”

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