Darkroom Quickie


I quietly open the door just barely enough to slip inside, and just as softly close it behind me. From there I slip past the curtain that you lowered to block any stray outside light, and let my eyes adjust to the dimness on the other side.

After my eyes adjust more I see you over by your workstation. I know from past experience that you get so focused in your work you wouldn’t have heard me come in, and with a grin I tiptoe over to silently stand directly behind you.

Eventually some sense must have told you someone was near; I see you stop mid-motion and tense up. “It’s just me,” I say and you relax at the sound of my voice. “Just the two of us in here,” I whisper, stepping even closer and lightly touching the small of your back.

Even though you’re facing away from me in the darkness, I imagine I hear the smile in your voice. “I take it you liked the itty bitty little pictures I emailed you earlier?”

I growl in the back of my throat and you laugh, but it turns into a girlish squeal as I grab you around the waist. I pull you away from your workspace and your lovely ass rubs up against me. “I’ll take this as a yes,” you tease as you feel my erection nudging you insistently through my pants.

“Thought it would be funny, did you?” I speak close to your ear, breath hot on your skin. “What if Bill had been with me when I opened your oh-so-innocently titled ‘This Morning’s Shots’, hmm? Or worse, what if it had been Ms. Coventry?”

“Oooh…. can you imagine?” you titter. “The poor dear might very well have fainted dead away!”

A mental image of the mature woman’s mortified face (bespeckled, with slightly greying hair in a impeccably neat bun) flashes through my brain as I join you in laughter.

I had come down to find you with a purpose though and I wasn’t easily deterred. My hands renew their exploration of your body, and you sigh in lusty appreciation. “I did promise not to wear panties today,” you purr sexily. “It’s only halkalı otele gelen escort fair that I should send you proof.”

“Your ‘proof’ has been driving me crazy for hours!” I lean in close and nuzzle your neck, and breathe deeply of the unmistakable musky scent of your body. The near-subliminal pheromones released by of your arousal causes my own blood to pump faster, especially into one very rigid extremity.

“Awww poor Baby,” you reply huskily as you feel my cock throbbing with fresh vigor. You take one of my hands in yours and slowly direct it down the front of your dress. “Whatever are we going to do about that?”

I let actions speak for me.

I push my fingers down past the hem of your dress. From there I curl them upwards to the heavenly juncture of your thighs, where they discover that the treasure you teased me with is already slick with your juices.

“Yessss…” you hiss as I slip my questing digits along the outside of your moist lower lips. “Fuck yes Baby, I need it so bad…”

I feel your body move and dimly see you lean forward onto the counter. You brace yourself with one hand against the surface as I finger you, then spread your feet wider and thrust your hips back to grant me openaccess to your hungry pussy. The hand that isn’t supporting your weight reaches blindly back towards me, fumbling sightlessly for my belt.

I pull back from fingering your slit and you whine softly with disappointment. But when you hear the snaps of a belt unbuckling and pants unzipping, the whine changes to a throaty purr of anticipation. The fabric of your dress rustless sensuously as you lift it above your hips, baring your panty-less crotch to my advances.

I push my pants and undershorts down to my thighs, too impatient to bother stepping out of them entirely Cock free and pulsing with need, I bend my knees and ease my hips forward. My eager little soldier advances halkalı rus escort into the darkness, seeking the wet warmth that he knows is ready to welcome him home.

The tip of my cock meets hot flesh and we sigh/growl in unison. But in the dim light of enclosed room, and without using my hands to guide myself, it’s erotically frustrating torture as I attempt to maneuver my rigid shaft almost entirely by guesswork.

I encounter a crease and push forward eagerly. “Not that hole you dirty man we’ll save that one for later,” you chuckle. “Go lower, I need you in my fucking pussy right now!”

Spurred on even more by your words, I bring my hands to down on your ass with a not-so-gentle slap and you gasp at the unexpected contact. With my hands on your familiar flesh helping to orient me, I finally position my aching cock at the desired entrance.

“Fuck yeah,” I groan as I push into your wet hole. I immediately begin to thrust into you with animalistic abandon.

“Yes!” You cry; rather too loudly a small corner of my lust-clouded brain notes – and is ignored. “Fuck me like that! Yes, YES!”

The small room has heated up quickly.

That ancient, feral rhythm fills the air.

Wet slurps.

Breathless grunts.

Fleshy slaps.

My hands push up under your dress all the way to your breasts. I half fondle, half use them as handholds to pull you back against me harder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you pant repeatedly, each expletive in time with the slap of my skin against your skin. We are both so turned on there is no question of this being anything but very short, and very primal. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” I feel your silky channel gripping me tighter and tighter with each thrust. In near-mirror reflex, my scrotum lifts my balls as they prepare to empty their load into your tight sheath.

“Fuck, FUCK, FU-UCK!” Your voice is no longer the only one raised in the darkness.

Inevitably halkalı türbanlı escort the pleasure is too intense. Your body freezes into absolute rigidity and I feel your pussy clamp down on my cock like a velvety vise. I barely manage one more spastic thrust before the incredible sensation of tightness pushes me over the edge as well.

I slam my hips hard against yours, thrusting my cock as deep into your soaking haven as possible. The first twitch of my cock and the following spurt of hot cum acts as the catalyst to bring you back to life. Your muscles, which had been locked convulsively as your orgasm burned through you, now spasm uncontrollably. We collapse forward onto the counter and something goes clattering to the floor as our limbs flail. I ejaculate load after load of sperm into your contracting vagina, your cumming drawn out and protracting mine, and mine protracting yours.

“Oh my God, oh fuck,” is all you can manage to repeat in a hoarse, gasping voice. I can’t even vocalize that much as I lay half across your back, lungs heaving for air.

A loud knock sounds on the door I closed behind me when I first came in. “Everything ok in there, Sandy? I heard a lot of yelling and it sounded like something fell.” Ms. Coventry’s voice manages to sound prim even raised loud enough to be heard through the door and curtain.

Somehow – bless your heart – you manage to summon the will to reply coherently, while all I can do is gasp with silent laughter at our predicament. “Yes, everything is fine Meredith,” you call back, almost sounding natural. “The Hubby and I got in a bit of an enthusiastic discussion about the Walking Dead and he tried to impersonate a walker. You know what a oaf a man can be; he knocked over one of the my trays.” We try to stifle our giggles at the ridiculousness of your answer, made more so by my now flaccid cock slipping out of your sopping cunt with a wet and very audible pop.

“Oh, alright then,” Ms. Coventry replies. Still in that prim and proper schoolmarm voice, she continues. “For a second there I thought it sounded like a wild and righteous fucking was going on in there.”

Our wide eyes meet each other in the dimness. We’re both too shocked to even laugh and we hear Ms. Coventry’s heels click, click, click as she walks away from the darkroom door.

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