Dating With Josie


Hello. My name is Jerry Baker. I am 50, married with two kids who are grown up and left the nest.

I have a top job as a computer programmer in the city of Manchester.

My marriage is not what you call on the rocks but the tide is getting higher. My wife Kathleen is absolutely sexless these days and seems to have no consideration for my ardour. Once, if she wasn’t in the mood she’d do something for me which was never like the real thing, but it sort of served as a gratifier for want of a better term.

So I have been thinking for a long time about having an affair. Julie my secretary would be only too pleased to oblige, I am well aware of that, but that is too close for comfort, I cannot abide any scandal which my come out of it, as nice and sexy as she is.

So I have been a bit naughty I know and registered on one of the dating sites as a divorcee. Okay I accept that is uncouth when the idea of the sites is to get singles together. But my excuse is; if I meet the right woman I could be persuaded to divorce Kathleen…

Well I must have struck lucky because the same day I registered and posted all my credentials as you do, and a couple of pictures to display with my profile, I met online Josie who had also signed on that day.

Looking at her picture I knew I had to get a move on because this woman would be in great demand, no doubt about it with her cute little slim figure and the most gorgeous bum you have ever seen and a lovely pair of boobs too. Besides which I liked her open smile. She mentioned on her profile she was looking just for friends, but what do they say about one thing leading to another?

She told me she had already dated one guy. An Italian who only wanted to shower with her and give her a full body massage – and that is before they got into leaning about each other.

So I needed to play my cards right. She was gorgeous. We made a first date. She said she thought I was handsome and she liked a guy with a good build, who looked after himself, and had a good sense of humour.

But when we met near her home, and over a drink it was remarkable just how much we had in common, so I soon hit the right notes with sweet Josie and felt I would be fucking her soon.

Asking where she would like to go afterwards I explained I drove up from Manchester which was a good twenty miles so could we possibly go to her place.

It was then she said she would have to work it because she still beylikdüzü otele gelen escort had a daughter and son at home. She was a divorcee over ten years. She also said she had been exchanging with this guy in Australia, who was a Brit but, despite his many promises, could not get back to the UK because of one thing and another. So she had decided do ditch him, and sink or swim, look out for new friends.

“Do I take it that you are maybe looking for a committed relationship?” I asked carefully.

“Well yes that’s my aim but to enjoy myself first after bloody ten years of waiting for Pete!” she returned.

“Are you single Jerry?”

I lied and said yes. She was too good to let go and already I felt a strong urge to have her.

And by all accounts I think the feeling was mutual considering her smile when I said I was single.

I felt there was a lot of passion there just waiting to out and I knew I could give her what she seemed to want. Yes I was onto a winner and she seemed eager to seal our date with a very sensual kiss.

She whispered how long it had been since she had been with a guy and she felt comfortable with me.

I said she was a treasure and how lucky I was to have discovered her before all those other prospective guys did.

“Hey, I am very selective. I would not have gone for any one willy-nilly Jerry; I want you to know that.”

Guess she was telling me that she was no cheap thrill and I took comfort that she had selected me.

We sort of chatted awhile when we got to her place. It was about ten in the morning and she said we wouldn’t have long because her daughter would be in from work at 1. I took from that that she wanted intercourse which was a wonderful surprise. Was I being slow or something or maybe a little naive about women and what makes them tick?

Or was that the way I was thinking. Us guys do sometimes go overboard and get the wrong end of the stick. I was thinking it would be very nice if she did mean what I thought. I really wanted to fuck this woman and no mistake.

I guess she could tell. Women can. Can’t they – if a guy lusts for them?

She came to sit next to me on the sofa, adjusting her bottom into the cushion which was very sexual.

Then she looked me straight in the eyes and then I could see she meant business with a capital ‘B’ and we continued with that first kiss, beylikdüzü rus escort but with a little more ardour this time. She seemed she was no slow in coming forward and taking a breather she admitted with a smile it had been a very long time so she might be out of practice.

It seemed although on her profile she said she was looking only for friends, her actions were telling me she wanted much more.

I hugged her which she seemed to like very much.

“What about this guy in Australia, Josie? I cannot fathom how he could keep a woman like you waiting.”

“I guess I am gullible to believe he will ever meet me, that he just wants me for thrills.”


“Well that what it seems like. He seems sincere though and I guess that is why I kept waiting for so long.”

“So I guess you indulged in cyber-sex.!

“Yes we did, he was very good at it and I guess so was I. He knew how to bring out my passion and we shared lots of intimate moments on the telephone and on skype. But that was fine as a prelude to the real thing, and having a man you considered you loved live and with you flesh and blood so to speak.”

“Poor baby” I said touching her forehead as we briefly kissed again. He kiss was warm and I felt the passion there. I had to ask her how she survived with Pete being so very far away.

“It was hard. Love hurts. I felt I was really in love with Pete even though we had never met; He seemed to be everything I aspired. But really it was getting too much. My friends doubted if he was genuine and kept telling me to ditch him and look for a real live guy to share my dreams with, and not someone on the other side of the world.

“So that is what I want, Jerry. Don’t get me wrong. I know we have just met. But I wanted you to know my reason for joining the dating site.”

“At that moment I felt like I should abandon the idea, Josie was so sweet and sincere, she had obviously been duped by Pete and now it seems I was duping her too, by not telling her I was married. I contemplated telling her the truth and explaining my marriage was failing in hope that something may develop with us.

But hell! The red blooded male in me was urging me to go for it. If I told her that she may well call it a day and send me packing

Her perfume and the sheer feel of her close to me lured me to get more acquainted with her. She lifted her face upwards and beylikdüzü türbanlı escort her lips met mine again, so warm and wonderful, She knew how to kiss no matter how long she hadn’t had a guy. I felt in her kiss that all that stuff she did over the internet and phone with Pete must have driven her nuts for the real thing

The kiss led to my feeling her boobs and she instantly responded by undoing her black bra. They were so firm and appealing and it was easy for me to go the full hog and enjoy them to the full.

“Oh! Jerry, I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels.”

“Then just enjoy baby, I am!”

It was wonderful. I just knew we were going to make hay. I could feel the fervour in her body; she was quivering and pulling my head into her bosom. Then pausing momentarily she apologised saying meeting me was so very exciting.

I said just to let it flow, that I would be gentle with her as it had been so long.

“I am not into gentle, Jerry. I want to feel your passion meet mine.”

I wasted no time in letting my passion grow and stripping her I was soon indulging in the most gorgeous exploration of her feminine charm and she responded beautifully, squeezing my cock and bunching my balls. She was telling me all the time that it had been so very long. I tasted her. I love oral. I adore the deep taste of sweet moist pussy. It was so lovely to be there between her thighs enjoying that which I wanted to fuck so much. She wore gorgeous red laced black panties which I teased aside with my tongue I She responded with wondrous moans as I dipped my tongue deep into her there. And then I felt her warm mouth envelope me and draw my cock eagerly into her throat. She was hungry for it and we were soon enjoying a beautiful mutual deep oral experience which set the scene for a really perfect fucking.

We were both panting for the complete feel of each other full package. But surprisingly she guided me not to her warm well sucked pussy but to her ass/.She murmured that is where she wanted it to be, up her ass and then later her pussy.

I had no qualms about that. Her ass was crying out for it and the notion of having her up the ass had been with me ever since I saw her ass.

It was so good working it up her, she helping too, twisting aside and moving her ass to help me take her passage deeper until was fully in there.

The feel of her ass fuck was a dream. And then the feel of her pussy fuck afterwards was perfect. We enjoyed the most wonderful fucking I had, had for a long time. And I had never fucked ass bef0re.

It is what Josie seemed to want and I was soon to discover just what else she wanted. She was awesome and magnificent and I felt I had really struck lucky with her.

Would this develop into a committed relationship was the question in my mind?

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