Dave and Jane Get Inspired


I turned her around so she was facing the mirror and told her to stand very still. Taking the roll of duct tape I peeled a piece off, probably 7 inches long and carefully brought it over her head to stick it across her mouth. Jane murmured a little but thought better of fighting against the mastery I had over her. I knew she’d had a long day at work but I didn’t really care, I needed her and her exquisite body. I needed to use her.

Jane enjoys submitting to me and despite her fatigue is happy to succumb to my wants. Her body tells me that.

Maintaining a distance barely touching her back with my chest, her pert ass with my groin, I grasped at the sides of her shirt and ripped it apart. I knew she’d be pissed that she’d have to sew the buttons back on but at least I hadn’t cut the fabric this time. And she could remember what I’d done to her with every stitch she sewed.

Loosening her belt and zip I let her skirt drop around the high heels of her knee-high boots. She stood facing the mirror, watching as my unshaven face moved to her neck, kissing, devouring and leaving her questionable marks for the boss in the morning.

She didn’t flinch. Not out of fear but pure submission, as she and I both expected. I gazed on her trembling body, clad only in leather boots, red lacy underwear and the thick tape I’d secured her obedience with. I took in the beautiful sight of her heaving tits overflowing from the not-quite-big-enough cups of her bra, straining to contain her amazing delights. Rolling the straps down over her shoulders I let her succulent breasts flop out into my waiting hands to feel the soft flesh gather and fall through the gaps in my fingers. My cock, now beginning to pulse, started to press gently against the satin clad ass of my horny partner. I pushed a little harder and she almost-indiscernibly beylikdüzü ucuz escort pushed back.

I unhooked the clasp of her bra and let it fall to the floor, the indentations from the hard underwires and tight straps clearly visible on her skin. Grasping her big orbs I held them close to her body.

“I’m going to take you from behind. I’m going to make these beauties swing from your pulsating body as my thick cock penetrates you and makes you want to scream for mercy. And you’re not going to make a sound. I’m going to make your eyes water, and you’re going to struggle to walk. Are you ready?” I asked.

She nodded obediently as I slid my thumbs into her pretty French knickers, sliding them down her toned but not too slim legs. Now just in boots and duct tape I stood behind her and stripped my own body. My stiff rod sprung to attention and nestled between her trembling butt-cheeks. I ran my hands around her waist and up her sternum to frame and then cup her swaying tits. Tracing the line of her strap marks I brought one hand to between her shoulder blades and the other to her pubis and pushed with both. She bent over and found the coffee table to rest her hands and weight on. Her beautiful, sensual tits hung, knocking against each other with the momentum of the sudden force applied to her waiting body.

She spread her legs without prompt, lowered her body further and presented me with her seeping, clean-shaven pussy. Glistening in the evening light it invited me deep within her body and with little invitation I poised the throbbing head of my rod between her open lips. Her distinctive smell arose and I prepared to squeeze my thick shaft inside her tight waiting pussy.

Moving my hands to her hips I felt her tense just slightly beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort before releasing herself to allow my intrusions. I forced hard into her slit feeling the tight squeeze of a pussy not unfamiliar with, but not build for, such girth. An immediate tear and a subtle wince arose from Jane as she struggled to concentrate on standing whilst still accepting the mammoth rod that I had rapidly forced inside of her.

The insides of her stretched vagina pulsated against my rod, the walls of her pussy seemingly breathing as her body tried to come to terms with the foreign object spearing her sexual opening.

I began to work myself further into her trembling body. Barely able to force my huge spear any deeper I slowly worked in the final 3 inches and buried my shaft right to the hilt. Tears now streaming down Jane’s pain hit face, intertwined seamen and pussy juice running down my ballsack we undulated together as she felt the full force of my cock inside her inadequately sized pussy.

With one forced intrusion after another I worked her to a sexual fervour bringing her body to a trembling climax. Without a sound she shook, tensing and relaxing around my monstrous rod causing me to explode deep inside of my plaything. Pulse after thick, creamy pulse shot into her waiting belly, the force making her stagger and struggle to hold herself up. I gripped at her hips, holding her close and firing hot wet bursts, one after the other deep into her insides. I ripped the tape from her mouth and she screamed with a mixture of pain, terror and animalistic pleasure. Grunting and wailing we synchronised our undulations and as a quivering mass came to a gentle mutual rhythm before she burst into another shattering orgasm.

The pressure beyoğlu escort of the tense walls of her now aching vagina drew the final remnants of my thick creamy load from my solid rod and I let her fall to the table below, her big, luscious tits squashing up against its cold, veneered surface. She slumped to her knees where I gently but forcefully raised her head enough to take my slick cock within her mouth to clean the remnants of mine and her juices. She gobbled the monster between her lips and gleaned it dry of the tasty juices she so enjoys. Dirty girl. Damn that’s hot.

Caringly I guided her up to sit on the table and rewarded her with a soft, passionate kiss. before standing her up, replacing her skirt and adding a new top before walking her out of the door.

We walked the short distance, me supporting her pantie-less frame, to her flat. I love taking her out, post-coitus, knowing that her barely-stable legs are smothered in our intertwined juices. She looks a mess and I hope people realise that I’ve just brought her to within touching distance of begging for mercy whilst impaled on my meaty cock.

She made it up the stairs and I quietly slid her key in the door. All was quiet with a stunned air of silence. We rounded the wall to the opening of the longue to find her flatmate Laura collapse on the floor surrounded by fruit. Naked.

Boom, my head explodes. This plump, hot little thing is naked in some kinky weird fetishist act, sat in a pool of her pussy juices with a carrot sat in another pool on the table.

I watch as Jane gathers her strength enough to walk over and sit down on the sofa, natural as anything, her skirt rising enough to expose her shaven pussy and cum drenched thighs. She raises the carrot to her lips and takes a bite, then, cool as you like, stands, returns to me taking another bite of the carrot and slips her tongue between my lips, kissing me with a passion I’ve never felt before. I taste Laura’s unfamiliar juice in her mouth and manage a wink to my girl’s kinky teacher friend still working through what just happened.

Jane pulls away and offers me the carrot as my mind races through what the hell happens next…

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