Dave and Mary Ch. 01


Dave and Mary are a couple very much in love. Like most couples, the rigors of raising children, building a couple of homes and careers over the last 20 years have taken their respective tolls.

Early in their marriage, Mary settled into the role society expected of her, devoted wife, homemaker, PTA, you get the idea.

At 5′ 9″ and 135lbs, long dark hair with a touch of elegant gray mixed in, she is still a knockout. She always attracts attention from the opposite sex, and some attention from members of the same sex.

Since the nest has emptied, the freedom to be adventurous both out of the home and inside the bedroom has sparked a renewed interest in Mary’s, shall we say, more playful side of their sex lives.

“Sweetheart, it’s my turn this weekend!” Mary excitedly yells to Dave as she enters the home after work one Friday.

“Honey, it was your turn last weekend, and the weekend before as well.” replies Dave with a knowing smile.

“Well, it’s not like we have a formal schedule or anything.” Mary tells Dave as she walks over to him. “Besides, you always seem to enjoy yourself.” She says as she cups his crotch and feels him start to stiffen. “Mmmm… he knows you want to, and now I know it too. What if I promise a huge orgasm?”

Dave, secure in his relationship with Mary, and secure in his sexuality, has been enjoying a more submissive role with his sexy wife lately. He wondered if it was a passing phase or if this was how their roles were evolving. Either way, he found himself enjoying the ride.

Mary releases Dave’s package and steps back and tells him, “Take it off, all of it, now.” in a very canlı bahis şirketleri firm tone.

“But Honey…”

“NO BUTTS, Mister, or your butt WILL be sorry.”

Dave, happy in his defeat, removes his clothes under the watchful eye of his sexy wife, his cock stiffening as she hungrily watches. The look in her eye is one he has come to recognize lately as the look of the huntress, and tonight, Dave was her prey.

“That’s better darling. Remember, it’s all about trust. You do trust me don’t you?”

“Yes Honey, of course I do.”

“Good, now go shower and make sure you wash everything.”

He knew exactly what that implied. Several weeks ago, they went shopping at the adult toy store in a nearby city and Mary insisted that Dave be by her side as the young female sales clerk answered her questions about pegging, proper harness, size limitations for beginners, position, etc. The girls were having lots of fun at Dave’s expense. The humiliation was more than Dave could stand so he went to the car to let Mary finish with the purchase.

Mary always enjoyed exploring Dave’s body and he was no stranger to her probes with fingers or small vibes, but he now knows there will be something different tonight.

Suddenly, Mary opens the shower door and pushes him against the wall. “You are mine tonight big boy!” as she grabs his manhood. He tries to speak but is stopped with a passionate kiss.

“Be quiet and face the wall.” she demands, never releasing his cock. Dave turns and Mary renews her stroking, while pulling Dave’s balls behind him with her other hand, stretching the sack with a mixture of pain canlı kaçak iddaa and pleasure.

Dave’s moans tell her at he is quickly reaching orgasm but she slows. Many times she brings him to the edge, only to deny him again and again.

“Sweetheart, I want you to go directly to the bed. Do not dry yourself.”

Dave felt like his cock was going to explode and wouldn’t have wasted time with a towel anyway. He practically leapt on the bed.

“On your back, in the middle. I want to ride you tonight.”

With that command, Dave went to familiar territory, both arms above his head where Mary quickly fastened his wrists with leather cuffs.

Looking down at him, she knew she had him exactly where she wanted him. Dave sees the look of the huntress in her eyes more intently now.

“Sweetheart, you know I love you with all my heart don’t you?” as she loops a soft rope around his right ankle.

“Yes Honey, but can’t this…”

“No Sweetheart, this can’t wait. You see, I was hurt when you wouldn’t let me have my fun in the toy store the other day.

“But, but…”

As she slipped the other rope over the left foot Mary replied, “NO BUTS! We were in a strange city where no one knew us and all I wanted was a little help shopping.”

“The sales clerk was very knowledgeable and she made a great suggestion after you left. Want to know what it is?” Mary asks with a sly smile.

“Honey, the bedroom is freezing and I’m still wet. Can you cover me up?”

“No Sweetheart. The bedroom is freezing because I turned down the temp on the AC.” Mary replies as she slips on her robe.

“I’ll canlı kaçak bahis be back in a few minutes.”

Dave quickly begins to shiver in the cold room but he knows part of it is his anxiety. His erection fades as he wonders to himself, what is she planning?

Mary walks back in just as Dave begins to doze off. “Oh good, you are soft.”

“Never expected to hear that from you.” Dave says with his boyish smile.

Mary laughs, “Watch it smartass. The weekend is only beginning.” As Mary lovingly covers his torso she holds up a plastic device. “This is what I want from you this weekend.”

“Oh shit, is that what I think it is?” The look on Dave’s face was worth the cost already but she still wants it on him.

“Looks like you already have one.” Dave sarcastically adds.

“That does it” Mary says and puts a bag of ice on his genitals.

“Honey that’s freezing,” Dave is bucking; trying to get the ice from his body but Mary just holds it on him, smiling.

“Are you ready to cooperate?”

“Just for the weekend?” Dave asks.

“Just for the weekend Sweetheart.”

“Ok, just get the ice off of me.”

Mary works quickly to secure the device using a combination of a pre-powdered base ring and a well lubricated tube. It works so well that Mary thinks the clerk must have some experience with these devices.

When she clicks the lock closed, Dave reminds her of their earlier conversation, “Hey! You promised me a huge orgasm!”

“Sweetheart, I did promise a huge orgasm.”

Mary admires her handiwork. A loving husband bound, chastised, prostate full. As she climbs onto his chest, Dave gets a glimpse of her moist flower, petals opening. She is more aroused than he has ever seen her.

As she lowers herself onto his face, she detects a hint of fear which arouses her even more. “I just didn’t tell you that the orgasm would be mine.”

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