davey dad and santa


davey dad and santaDAVEY, DAD, AND SANTA”Davey!” my dad called from upstairs.”What?” I yelled back, not taking my eyes off of the Christmas-day footballgame on the television.”I need help!””Can’t Mom do it?””She’s already headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s to help get ready forChristmas dinner.””Okay, be right there.”I flipped off the television and headed upstairs. Larry could give me afull replay when he stopped by later.*****”What’s the big…?” My voice trailed off when I crossed the threshold ofmy parent’s bedroom and saw Dad spread eagle on the bed with a big red bowtied around his cock and balls. Make that his hard cock and plump balls.”Think you can help me?” he asked with a laugh.”I think so,” I said as I crossed the room. I quickly took off my clothesas I moved, so by the time I reached the bed, I was as naked as Dad, and mycock was just as hard.”Well, go ahead. Unwrap your present,” Dad said with a wink.He didn’t have to tell this horny eighteen year old twice. I dove betweenhis legs and pulled on the end of the ribbon. Dad’s cock bounced around,but the bow didn’t come loose. I tried again, but with the same results.”I guess it’s harder than you thought,” he laughed.”Did you tie a fucking knot in it?” I asked, obviously disappointed.”Might have. I guess we’ll just have to wait until things go down and theribbon will just slip off.””Wait. Yeah right,” I laughed before leaning forward and licking the headof Dad’s dick.”I guess we can pass the time like that if you want,” he smiled.”I definitely want,” I said before I wrapped my lips around his cock headand my fist around his shaft. I then began to give my dad his Christmasblowjob.”That’s my boy,” Dad laughed. “I thought you lost interest in my tube steakafter you got your Thanksgiving fill.””Never,” I paused long enough to say. “Just busy.” And then I quickly wentback to sucking his cock and savoring the taste of his sweet precum.”Busy? With Larry, I’ll bet.””MMMhhhhmmm,” was all I could say with my mouth full of daddy cock.”I thought so. Lucky Larry. Mmm, that feels so good, Son,” Dad sighed.As my saliva ran down over my hand, I had a sudden idea and I decided toact on it.”Oh fuck,” Dad exclaimed when I reached under the ribbon and quickly ran asaliva-covered finger up his ass. “A little warning would be nice, Son,”Dad laughed. “But I’ll forgive you this time, since it feels so good.Dad began to work his ass on my finger, so I decided to double his pleasureand add another finger.”Yeah, work my ass, Son.”I pulled my mouth off of Dad’s cock and looked him in the eye. “Do you wantme to give your ass a really good workout?””Go for it. Merry Christmas,” Dad winked.I quickly moved to the nightstand to grab the lube I knew he kept fethiye escort there forMom or anyone else who happened to find themselves in his bed when he washorny to fuck some ass. In no time at all, I had his ass lubed and my cockslicked up. I teasingly swirled the head of my cock around his asshole,which eagerly opened and closed, begging to be penetrated.”What are you waiting for, Son?” Dad asked, looking between his raised andspread legs. “Give your old man what you know he wants for Christmas!””You got it,” I grinned as I pressed the head firmly against hisasshole. With no effort at all, the head popped in and I paused.”Quit wasting time. Fuck me, Son.”I took Dad’s ankles firmly in hand and obliged him by thrusting my cockdeep up his ass.”Oh yeah, Son,” Dad moaned. “Fuck Daddy’s ass good and hard.”I obliged with some hard fucking action. My balls slapped against his ass,and the ribbon around his cock tickled my stomach.”Only two months since our first Halloween fuck, and you can’t get enoughof this dick you helped create,” I laughed.”Shut up and fuck!” Dad ordered.I continued pounding my cock up his ass and taking great pleasure from thefeel of his ass muscles clamping firmly on my cock as it penetrated andwithdrew. Wanting to give his cock the same kind of pleasure, I took theshaft in my firm grip and began to jack him off in the same rhythm as thefuck I was giving him.”Oh yeah, Son, play with my cock. Play with your Christmas present.”I was focused on watching my cock slide in and out of his ass, but when Dadlet out a deep moan, I looked up and saw that he was working his nipples.”Twist ’em, Dad,” I encouraged.But Dad didn’t need much encouraging. He let out another deep moan as hetwisted his nipples roughly.”HO, HO, HO!” filled the room.I quickly snapped my neck around to look toward the doorway behind me, andDad quickly struggled up onto his elbows so he could look around me. Wethen both just stayed motionless, with my cock still up his ass, as westared at Santa standing in the bedroom doorway.”Looks like I’ve just discovered two naughty boys,” Santa laughed…and hisbelly really did shake like a bowl full of jelly inside his red suit. Thetassel on the end of his hat bobbed around as he stroked his thick whitebeard and adjusted his wire-rimmed glasses.”What the…?” Dad tried to object.”I’m not sure you deserve any presents now,” Santa said as he placed hisbig red bag on the floor and opened it up. When he stood back up, he had apresent in his hands and a hard cock tenting the front of his red trousers.”Please, Santa,” I said, “I’m a very good boy.” I couldn’t help laughing.”He sure is,” Dad said, joining the laughter. “And I should know,” headded, winking at me and wiggling escort fethiye his ass around my still-hard cock.”Well, if your dad says you’re a good boy, then you must be. Here’s you’represent. But what about you, young man?” Santa said looking at myDad. “Have you been a good boy?””My Daddy always said I was,” Dad said, and I would have sworn it was hisseductive voice. I looked up from unwrapping my present to see Santa leanin and kiss Dad!”When was the last time you showed him what a good boy you are,” Santaasked, standing up straight and unbuckling his wide black belt.”Hmmm,” Dad thought. “Last Father’s Day?””That sounds about right,” Santa confirmed as he pulled a nice thick cockout of his pants and pointed it at my dad’s mouth. “Well, Davey, aren’t yougoing to open your present?” Santa asked.I’d forgotten that I was even holding a present, but with the reminder, Iquickly tore it open and discovered that I was now the proud owner of athick eight-inch dildo. “Wow,” was all I could say.”When your Daddy’s present isn’t around to play with,” Santa said, noddingtoward the bow around my dad’s cock, “you can pleasure yourself with that.””Thanks, Santa,” I said gleefully. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m a littlebusy.” And with that, I started fucking my dad’s ass again andconcentrating on the overwhelming joy it gave me.”Yeah, Son, fuck my ass. That’s what it’s there for.””And your mouth?” Santa asked.”Just waiting for your North Pole, Santa,” Dad laughed as he wrapped hisfist around Santa’s cock and drew it into his eager mouth.”Yeah, suck Santa’s cock like I know you can. Get it good and hard, so Ican fuck this boy of yours again.””Again?” I said with a slight pause in my fucking motions.”Did you forget the Halloween party so quickly?” Santa asked with a heartylaugh.”That was you?” I asked, remembering that I’d been fucked by Santa, alongwith a whole host of other costumed people.”How many boy-fucking Santa’s do you know?” he asked with another jollylaugh.”Just one, I guess.””I should hope so,” Santa said as he continued to face fuck my dad.”But there’s only one way to tell,” I said with a grin.”Okay,” Santa said, pulling his cock out of my dad’s mouth. “Open up, boy,and I don’t mean your mouth.”I leaned forward over Dad with my cock buried up his ass and put my own asson display for Santa.”Nice,” Santa observed as he grabbed up the bottle of lube and slicked uphis dick. He then lubed up a couple of fingers and started exploring myasshole.”Oh, Santa, that feels good.””Wait until you get my entire North Pole up there,” Santa said with a slapon my ass. “Then you’ll know what it is to feel good.””I can’t wait,” I laughed.”Neither can I,” said Santa more seriously.”Merry Christmas, Son,” Dad fethiye escort bayan said, and I leaned in without even thinking andgave him the deepest kiss I’d ever given him.”Merry Christmas, Dad,” I said. “Oh fuck!” I yelled as Santa shoved hiscock all the way up my ass in one swift move.”Ho, ho, ho!” he called out, matching each syllable with a deep thrust upmy ass.”Well, son?” my Dad asked.”Oh, sorry,” I said, before I started to fuck Dad’s ass again. My body wascompletely overwhelmed. My ass was enjoying the assault from Santa’s thickhard cock, and my own hard cock was enjoying the sensation of Dad’s asssucking me into his body. To give Dad the same simultaneous pleasure Ireached down and began jacking his cock again, while it leaked precum allover the red ribbon.”Fuck me, Son,” Dad moaned.”Fuck me, Santa,” I begged.”Ho, ho ho,” Santa panted.”Oh, Dad, I’m not going to last much longer. The feel of my cock in yourass and Santa’s cock in my ass is just too much!””Go ahead, Son. Fill me with your Christmas icing!””Yeah, fill your dad while I fill you, son,” Santa called out.”Oh, I’m gonna cum, Dad. Oh fuck. I love you, Dad!!!!” I bellowed as Ithrust my cock up Dad’s ass one last time and unleashed a torrent of cuminside him.”Shit!” Santa called out as my cock clamped down on his cock. “I’m cumming,Davey!” He thrust into me and started filling me with his Santa cum.”Me too, Davey!” Dad called out as he took control of his cock and beganjerking frantically.”Come on, Son,” Santa called out. “Show us what you’ve got.””Oh fuck!” Dad screamed, and then he began to blast stream after stream ofcum over his stomach. “Oh fuck,” he signed as the loads dwindled to adribble.I leaned forward and pressed my body against Dad’s. “Merry Christmas,” Isighed.”Merry Christmas, Son,” my dad said softly as he wrapped his arms aroundme.”Merry Christmas to all,” Santa added, as he leaned in and kissed me on theshoulder.”Merry Christmas, Dad,” my dad said.”Grandpa?!” I blurted out as I turned to look at the grinning Santa.”Merry Christmas, Davey,” Santa said as he swept off the hat and beard andrevealed that it was indeed my grandpa behind the costume and up my ass.”You didn’t know, Son?” my dad asked with surprise.”I didn’t even think about it,” I admitted. “I guess I never thought aboutGrandpa being into guys.””Where do you think I learned all I know?” Dad asked with a laugh.”You’ve taught me a few things too, Son,” Grandpa laughed, as he leanedforward to embrace both me and my dad.*****Boy, was Larry jealous when I called and told him not only that I’d beenfucked by Santa but that Santa was my own grandpa. Needless to say, heinsisted on me arranging his own session with Santa, and Grandpa was morethan willing to oblige.As it turned out, Larry and I had plenty of fun Christmas gatherings withSanta and our dads over the years, and the happy events didn’t all takeplace in December.Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fuck![THE END]

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