David’s French Tutor Ch. 11


(It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. My name is David Shaw and I was there to learn French conversation under the tutelage of Miss. Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part eleven of my tale.)


The three of us lay on the bedroom carpet in the twin’, our hearts beating as fast as mice. My breathing took several minutes to return to normal speed, and I noticed that Sarah’s hiccups had stopped.

It was time for bed and I looked forward to seeing the young eighteen year old sisters naked once again.

Sarah and Anna divested themselves of their clothing. I watched with curious fascination as both helped each other out of their ball gowns and then out of all their petticoats. I counted sixteen petticoats in total, each one unbuttoned, untied and hung up on separate wooden hangers. Their wardrobes were full of white, rustling silk and lace by the time they had finished and I just lay there on the floor admiring every curvaceous, girlish giggling movement which surrounded me.

“Mister Shaw what a rude and outrageously audacious young gentleman you are to lie there naked and watch us genteel and delicate young sisters standing here in only our underdrawers, chemises and stockings; shame on you and your horrid disgraceful thoughts,” said Sarah, grinning like a kitten.

It was true that I lay there, almost nailed to my place on the carpet, taking in the lewd and erotic tableau which the sisters had enacted for me. I had noticed that at every removal of a petticoat layer they had turned their backs to me and shimmied deliciously, pouting and wiggling their bottoms like lively young whores, fresh from the country.

I marveled at their cheekiness, coquettishness and flirtation as they stripped off their clothing. judged their effect on me by both length and girth of my penis which lay laterally along my stomach.

When they had removed their chemises they strutted about their bedchamber like nymphettes, shaking their firm nubile breasts at each other deliriously happy and giggling with joy. I saw them as free spirits unleashed from the heaviness of their long dresses and petticoats.

“Which one is the prettiest?” asked Anna standing astride me wearing only her pink stockings and white crotchless bloomers. She frowned and put her finger to her mouth and swayed her hips from side to side.

“I am aren’t I?” said Sarah standing in front of her sister and directly over my face.

I watched Sarah’s hairy cleft between her lacy bloomer legs as she sat on me, straddling my chest smiling down at me. Her vagina seemed to smile at me too. Anna placed her hands on Sarah’s shoulders and blew kisses at me as I watched both girls’ breasts wobbling seductively above me.

“I think that you are both very plain,” I said, not wanting to pander to their vanity.

“What a rude and ungrateful young gentleman you are Mister David Shaw,” said Sarah edging herself forcefully forward onto my face. “We will never forgive you will we Anna?” she said placing her open thighs over my mouth.

I laughed aloud and Sarah pulled at my hair and pouted.

“You will pleasure me with your tongue for being so rude and discourteous towards young ladies of impeccable breeding,” she said as I wiggled my tongue up and down her moist hairy cleft, the familiar strong odour of ripe vagina assailed my senses and once again I felt my penis extend stiffly, almost painfully.

Anna stood up and slid a chamber pot from under the bed and squatted over it and then urinated energetically into it. For some unknown reason the sounds of her pissing appeared to affect the strength of my erection and felt it harden even more noticeably. Anna noticed it too and remarked upon the fact to Sarah who was eagerly enjoying my tongue wriggling in lazy circles deep inside her vagina.

“Our young gentleman enjoys the sound of our bodily functions Sarah,” she said and Sarah laughed.

As she did so her vagina muscles gripped me hard. I looked up into her eyes and watched her staring into space with her mouth partly open and her tongue hanging out. Sarah, I thought, was the more responsive sister when it came to oral pleasuring and I took my time with her ensuring that every lick and tongue movement stimulated her to perfection. Above me her nipples stuck out and pointed to the ceiling; the slight curve of her young belly rippled as I tongued her further.

“Oh goodness, oh goodness me,” she sighed as I tongued her deeply feeling her intricate labial folds and her body heat against my mouth, cheeks and nostrils.

Soon little Sarah was jerking herself heavily and rhythmically over my face screeching loudly while her sister told her keep quiet. Clearly the last thing we wanted was Miss Marie to be disturbed, burst in and witness our lewd, salacious acts. I lay under her for many minutes while she extracted güvenilir bahis her pleasures from my upturned face which now was covered in her sticky slimy spendings. I smelled ‘cunt’ and smelled of ‘cunt’ and I smiled inwardly to myself, joyfully.

Eventually Sarah reached her climax with sixteen massive cruel crushing thrusts using my nose as if it were a dildo. She screamed and Anna managed to cover her mouth to stop her shouting the house down. All three of us froze and waited for Miss Marie’s footsteps from the floor above, but they never came.

I lay back on the floor while Anna bathed my face as her sister kneeled off me.

Anna fished the chamber pot from under the bed and placed it on my chest. I held it there while Sarah eased her bloomers off and squatted over it. Suddenly I witnessed the slow dribble of warm aromatic urine into the ‘potty’ and my penis stiffened once more. The young girl appeared delightfully self conscious and avoided eye contact with me as she finished with one last spurt. She arose and took the potty from me and slid it back under the bed without saying a word.

Anna smirked at us as if deriving a certain pleasure from watching us both as she pushed her bloomers down and stepped out of them. I observed both sisters were now only wearing their pink silk stockings secured with white garter ribbons trimmed with Alencon lace.

“Time for bed,” said Anna, now looking very tired and anxious for sleep.

It must have been midnight by the time all three of us snuggled together. I lay naked on my back on the large bed with Anna on one side and Sarah on the other. They lay on their sides and kissed and licked my neck and ears while weighing my heavy hairy balls and massive distended penis in their cool slim long fingers. Their hair lay over my shoulders as they nuzzled me and purred like kittens. I even felt their eyelashes tickle my cheeks as they peered at me in the dim light from the window.

We fell asleep in this position and I dreamed of Miss Marie.


I awoke early the next morning nursing a colossal erection. To my bleary sleepy mind it appeared so large that it filled the bed. I was determined to drain it with the help of the twins but they were still fast asleep across my shoulders and chest.

Both were linked to me with little strings of saliva which had seeped from their mouths as they dribbled out their dreams in the cool morning air.

“David?” said Anna opening her eyes and moving her fingers across my chest. “What time is it?” she said and tried to focus on the small clock on the mantelshelf. “It’s only six o’clock,” I told her and as she slid her hand down to my penis.

“Mister Shaw, you are so perky in the morning. I shall have to give Mr. Penis a good morning kiss,” she said sliding down the bed.

Before I could quite take in what she was doing she had my erection between her lips while squeezing my testicles. Her mouth was warm and soft as she started to suck my shaft. It felt that this was the ideal way to wake up and I would have recommended it to any red blooded male, were he to enquire.

I lay looking up at the ceiling, smiling like a demented wolf. Anna sucked away mercilessly with clearly only one thing on her mind. After just ten minutes of furious licking, tonguing and milking I exploded vigorously into her mouth. I gripped her head as I spurted, and jerked out five thrusts of ‘love juice’ and she made approving gurgles as I squeezed out every last globule between her soft lips.

By now Sarah was awake and admonished me for disturbing her. “What a very rude young gentleman you are to wake me up; have you no manners Mr. Shaw?” she said as she began kissing me in the French style.

To be blunt this led to further kissing from Anna and my semen was passed from mouth to mouth. Sarah sat on my face and I was obliged to tongue her noisily. Then Anna straddled my face while Sarah sucked my penis back to life. There then followed more kissing, face sitting, fanny licking and penis sucking. By eight o’clock I felt completely ‘shagged out’ and honestly yearned for another night’s sleep.

I took advantage of the hiatus in the proceedings to grab my clothes, unlock their door and tiptoe back to my room. I understood that lessons would begin again at ten o’clock and I did not wish to keep Miss Marie waiting or rouse any suspicions.


After breakfast the two twins and I wandered into the schoolroom at the rear of the house overlooking the lake.

I had almost forgotten what the room looked like as it felt as if it had been absolutely ages since the night of the storm.

The room was sparsely furnished but had a very large round table at the centre, covered in a thick green velvet tablecloth. and had dining chairs around it. There were pencils and paper in a little pile in the centre. The floor was covered in an ornate Persian carpet and there were two sofas next to a wall. There was Miss Marie’s table and chair in front of the window.

“Welcome türkçe bahis back Anna, Sarah and David,” said the tutor sweeping into the room in her long skirt and white blouse. She moved her tall desk stool from behind her desk and placed it in the centre of the room. She sat down and spread her black voluminous tweed skirt around and in front of her.

“Today we will write an essay on the ‘stormy night’ and you have exactly one hour to write one page of foolscap, double spaced, if you will, please,” she explained in a cheery lively voice.

Anna was the first to sit down then Sarah, leaving a chair between them for me. No sooner had I sat down that I felt their little delicate shoes resting on mine as the girls touched me under the table cloth. Anna was also first to consult the large French English dictionary which also lay on the table while Miss Marie paced slowly around the room like a caged tiger.

After many feeble attempts I managed to fill almost two thirds of the page by spreading out my handwriting with exaggerated spacing and flourishes at the end of each word. After an hour I noticed that both girls had managed to fill their paper with tiny scratchy handwriting. I was of the opinion that, although mine scarcely filled the page, at least it was quality stuff and not the driveling offerings of mere silly young girls.

“Time is up,” said Miss Marie, gathering the sheets. Sarah’s fingers secretly stroked my erection through my trousers as we all three sat back and watched a heron fly over the lake.

Miss Marie put on her glasses and a squinted at our essays. She smiled as she read Anna’s version of the ‘Stormy Night’.

“So you and Sarah clung to each other all night with Mr. Shaw sitting by your door in the passageway. How very touching, and indeed a noble act Mr. Shaw.” she said turning to me and smiling.

I wondered if the word ‘GUILT’ was written across my face because I suddenly turned beetroot red. I pushed Sarah’s hand away and watched her pout like a spoilt child.

Miss Marie then read Sarah’s text.

“So you were frightened by the thunder Sarah? Did you not invite David into your room to hold your hands?” said the tutor looking over her thin metal glasses.

“Oh no Miss Marie; that would have been very improper and, anyway, it was just a comfort to know that he was there should the house be struck by a thunderclap,” she said.

“The word is ‘lightning bolt’ Sarah,” said Miss Marie correcting Sarah’s loose terms.

I gulped hard wondering whether Miss Marie would read anything suspicious into my account.

“You say here David that you stood manfully outside the twin sisters’ door all night and only fell asleep at dawn when the storm was safely passed,” she said “…and you do not describe the storm in any detail or whether you toured the house, searching for damage; your essay is so short that it was not really worth writing was it? In short it is rather miserable and pathetic.”

“No Miss Marie,” I stammered as if I was back at my public school.

“Very well I shall award points as follows. To Anna I give nineteen marks out of twenty; your French is perfect and you have used some very descriptive adjectives. To Sarah I award seventeen marks; your French is very good and you have mastered the past tense. To Mr. David Shaw I award only seven marks; your French is simplistic, slipshod and carelessly written. There is hardly any description in your narrative and you clearly do not care what you write or how you write it,” she said pushing her chair back away from her desk.

“What have you got to say about yourself?” she barked in a screeching tone. She sat on her high desk stool with her feet firmly on the floor. I was surprised that she did not storm about the room as she normally did when faced by incompetence.

“I, err, I am err very sorry Miss Marie,” I said whimpering like a hurt puppy.

“Saying sorry just isn’t good enough,” she said, “You will now be punished. Stand up and walk towards me,” said the tutor suddenly behaving like a harridan. Miss Marie stood up and I heard her silk petticoats rustle against the inside of her tweed skirt.

I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I felt both ashamed and confused that I had kept the twins, and Miss Marie, ignorant of the others’ relationship with me. I felt like blurting out the truth to clear up any misunderstanding, but decided to keep quiet. Nevertheless I now had to appear shocked for the twins’ benefit.

“I’m truly very sorry and I apologise from the bottom of my heart,” I pretended to sob as Miss Marie pointed to the carpet in front of her.

“You will kneel on the floor here at my feet and sit back on your heels,” she shouted and I did as I was told. The Persian carpet felt thin to my touch; it had clearly been used in other rooms in the past and was no doubt destined to be cut up and eventually used in servants’ bedrooms in its final threadbare condition.

“You will remain in place until güvenilir bahis siteleri I have covered you up with my skirt as none of us wish to see your miserable face. Do you understand?” said the French woman shuffling forward so that her feet touched the outer sides of my knees.

“Yes Miss Marie,” I whispered, desperately trying to diffuse her anger. I smiled up at her and smirked. I heard Anna and Sarah gasp in horror as the tutor reached down and pulled up her wide black skirt to reveal the outer white petticoat finished in delicate finely stitched Alencon lace with triple flounces.

“Do you like my petticoats Mr. Shaw?” said the French woman parting her legs even wider. “Well I hope you do as you will place your head under them.”

My penis began to stir.

Slowly I lowered my head to the floor and allowed her to shuffle forward and lift the outer, then the middle, then the inner petticoat and throw them swishing over my head in a sudden flurry. I felt her try to rearrange all the various silken layers over me including her thick heavy black skirt.

“Sarah, help me with my clothing please,” I heard her say and became aware of Sarah’s little footsteps all around me, tugging and yanking at her clothing, covering me up all the way round.

“Anna, I’ll have the tall stool over there; bring it to me please,” said the tutor, clearly enjoying being in complete control of her three pupils and wanting to ensure her own comfort with me firmly trapped beneath her full skirt and silk petticoats.

I heard the tall stool being placed behind Miss Marie. Her hand held my head in place as she sat up on the stool and pulled me into her. I slid forward until my face became pushed into her crotch and once again felt Sarah’s hands pulling Miss Marie’s skirts down all around me. Miss Marie swung her heels up onto the round wooden horizontal brace which connected the two front legs of the tall stool and splayed her knees so that I could be pulled more firmly against her genitalia.

It was then that her odours, the sheer rudeness, and vulgarity of my position, hit me and I felt my penis stiffen inside my trousers. She brought her knees together as far as they would go so that I now became clamped with my face held firmly against her hairy vagina. Under her petticoats I noticed that she wore thin short silk white pantalettes which had a finely frilled and lacy opening at the front. She had clearly put these on purely for my benefit and the mere feel of these against my cheeks made my penis writhe uncomfortably wildly inside my trousers.

“Good, good. Sarah and Anna you may return to your places, and now that we are all comfortable we will carry on with the class,” said Miss Marie.

I could hardly hear a word of what she was saying as she gripped my ears tightly between her clammy smooth soft thighs. My chin rested on the front of the stool and was to some extent cushioned my three heavy layers of silk petticoats and by the thick black skirt she wore over them. I heard Anna and Sarah laugh aloud at something Miss Marie had said and I felt that I had been excluded from the lesson and from their company although physically I could not have been any closer to the French tutor.

Miss Marie evidently had decided to humiliate me in front of the twins. Little did she realise that I had already placed my face between their delightful smooth young legs on numerous occasions during the night of the storm.

By the way the women were talking it sounded as if they had accepted that I would be kneeling with my head up Miss Marie’s skirt for the rest of the lesson. I heard the tutor ask Sarah several questions in French. Strangely I felt the sounds through Miss Marie’s thighs; it was as if her voice was resonating directly through her body. I could hardly here Sarah’s replies except when she laughed.

The threadbare carpet was beginning to make my knees sore and I had to balance myself carefully by gripping the frame of the stool with both hands. I struggled to reposition myself but Miss Marie’s grip on my head tightened. She clearly was enjoying trapping my face between her warm moist thighs.

I have to admit that I found it both exciting and intoxicating having my nose and lips in contact with the French tutor’s most intimate parts. If we were on our own I felt that I could have easily unbuttoned my trousers, extracted my penis and vigorously wanked myself off. As it was the mere presence of the twins was putting me off. I did not want them to think that Miss Marie and I had already been…err…intimate with each other, as it were.

“Sarah, Anna, you will copy out page 125 from your text book please using only the future tense. Is that understood?” said Miss Marie in a somewhat loud stern voice.

“Yes Miss Marie,” said the twins I with a sullen tone, and in unison.

I heard them shuffle about and open their books and begin their copying. The space between Miss Marie’s thighs and under her petticoats and skirt was gradually becoming completely airless and I found myself perspiring profusely. The tutor seemed to sense my discomfort and eased apart her legs slightly but held onto the back of my head so that I couldn’t pull myself from under her wide skirt.

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