David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 24


(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’ one Friday. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called ‘pervert’ but I could not prove it as I was caught with a pair of binoculars.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional ‘Punishment Rules of the School’ as applied to ‘Peeping Toms’. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the ‘whole’ school. This is part twenty four of my sorry tale.)

* Early Tuesday Morning in the Japanese Girls’ Dormitory.


“Mr. Tom, we have no longer any toilet paper left and we need to dry ourselves,” the doll-faced Japanese girl said laughing hysterically, “and you will have to lick us dry or we will tell Miss Wiff-Naseford,” she exclaimed once again smiling and sniggering with glee.

She told me, by pointing and gesticulating, to place my upturned face on the bottom corner of the bed, which I did. I was now resigned to the fact that I was to take the place of toilet paper for all these Japanese women who had already made use of my face as a dildo or something similar. I now felt as if I was servant and that these young women could use me at their whim. Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, I felt my penis stiffen like it had never stiffened before.

From nowhere several pairs of hands appeared and tied me down to the bed using scarves, belts and rope, from goodness know where. My arms were tied together under the corner of the bed, while my ankles were pulled tight towards the headboard bed knobs. My head was lying exactly over the narrowest corner of the single bed and I could not escape. I was in the worst position I could possibly find myself in. Not only was I tied down, but tied down by a group of girls who hardly spoke any English in a part of the school isolated from any form of rescue. I really doubted that I would make it through the night.

Once I had been secured the bed side lights went out one by one. The girl who normally slept in my bed was nowhere to be seen. Presumably she was bunking-up with someone else, who knows. The only light in the dormitory shone from the bathroom door positioned at the end of the dormitory. By turning my head slightly I could see if anyone was using it.

I lay there staring up at the ceiling and wondered what the night held for me. Tried to sleep but there was too much whispering and giggling in the room.

In the darkness I heard two pairs of slippers walk past me and two tiny girls scamper into the toilet cubicles. I heard the flush of one, then two, lavatories, and then heard the same footsteps approach me. This was the moment I had been dreading.

Without ceremony, and certainly without any words, one of the girls pulled up her nightdress and sat astride my face. I was faced with a dripping mass of curls and I licked her as best I could, swallowing as much as her urine as possible.

To my horror she squeezed a few more drops more out of her pee-hole and I was forced to swallow this as well, and completed the licking and drying with my tongue.

The other girl backed over me and lifted her long nylon nightdress. The smell was horrendous as she had dribbled urine down the inside of her thighs. She held one, then the other, thigh over me while I attempted to lick her dry. She then sat astride my face and I cleaned her up between her legs as best I could. In the darkness I could see her smiling and within seconds she was off me and padded quickly back to her bed.

Out of the gloom another girl trotted to the bathroom. She wore a pale cream cotton nightdress with white lacy hems. I heard the toilet flush and she suddenly appeared over me with her buttocks in my face and her nightdress pulled up to her waist. Again I licked as much of the moisture off as possible which left my mouth tasting of salt and found it difficult to swallow. It was clearly going to be a long uncomfortable evening.

All through the night these undersized girls kept using the toilets. One or two of them, I thought, just wanted my tongue inside them as they were not particularly damp, not with urine at least. At about three o’clock I fell asleep only to be woken at 7.30 am by another damp pussy in my face under a pale blue nightdress. She dug me in the ribs and pointed to her vagina opening.

“Lick clean please, hurry, hurry,” she said as I opened one eye then the other. My arm sockets ached and I my mouth felt dry and stale. She dug me in the ribs again and I began licking her dry. She lifted her tiny rounded arse over me illegal bahis and I was forced to clean her perineum and lick the sweatiness from her thighs. She tasted disgusting but my penis began to expand. Soon I had my usual early morning ‘hard-on’ and I thought that it looked particularly impressive, particularly to these pint-sized Japanese girls.

Another pair of legs inside a pale pink cotton nightdress with lace edging straddled my head. She lowered her cunt onto my face and squeezed my cheeks. She blurted something loudly and quickly in a squeaky voice and slapped my face. Clearly she was impatient to dry herself and as she got off me I saw that several girls were dressing even though it was only 8.00 am. From my position flat on my back, naked, with my head at the extreme lower corner of the bed I watched, unable to move or masturbate at the sexually exciting sights surrounding me.

Another moon-faced girl in a lime green gingham nightdress slipped her leg over me and sat astride my head, and dropped her hem over me. I stared up at her breasts as she wiped herself over my face. I licked off every drop of warm urine from around her vagina, but she remained sitting on me when I had finished cleaning her up.

“Pussy delight, pussy delight,” she said in a tiny high-pitched squeal as she pushed down on me. She pushed down on me again, this time reaching behind her and squeezing my penis.

“Pussy delight, I want, yes,” she said squeezing my penis again.

“I give ‘Pussy-delight’ if you give me ‘Percy-delight’,” I said hoping that she would understand.

I was pretty desperate for a wank, it had to be said.

“Ooah, yes pussy delight now,” she repeated this time holding onto the top of my head through her thin cotton nightdress. I now concluded that she did not understand and I was destined to have my face ridden by this miniature Japanese ‘nose-jockey’.

After ten minutes of frantic jerking, during which time my hair, nose, cheeks and lips were plastered with thin colourless slime, she came with tiny ‘eh, eh, eh,eeeeeh,’ shrieks. I lay their staring up as she slid off me and went to the bathroom, presumably for another wee.

There was now a queue of girls next the bed. Some were still in nightdresses, some were wearing bras and panties, and some were in full school uniform. I was faced with small slim bare legs and legs in white stockings.

I had an enormous erection.

The girls straddled me and goaded me into performing the required cleansing of their vaginas and surrounding areas. Some were quite rude and slapped me, but I was in no position to argue. I did think about biting them, and drawing blood, but at the back of my mind I did not want to give Miss Wiff-Naseford any excuse for calling the police. I just had to grin and bear it.

“‘Percy-delight’ please, yes?” I said to the more astute of the small girls, but no one appeared to understand. I looked down at my swollen knob end and smiled at them.

“Percy-delight?” I said, aware that a small string of precum was hanging off the end.

A distant bell sounded and the room suddenly emptied and I was left alone lying in the morning sunlight with the shadows of trees flitting around the room. I was also aware of the sound of birdsong. I surveyed the dormitory. The beds had crisp white duvets on them and despite the apparent recent reckless burst of activity they had left the room comparatively neat and tidy. I concluded that they were clearly well organised compared with the British contingent of the school.

* Doris the Cleaner


After twenty minutes or so I began to wonder whether they would return to the room soon to untie me. I was now almost numb with discomfort and my shoulders and wrists hurt like hell. Panic gripped me as it dawned on me that they may have gone straight to their lessons after they had breakfasted. Another ten minutes went by and then I heard a sound. The door opened and someone walked in. I heard slow heavy footsteps and a cleaner, probably in her early sixties, wandered in with a box of toilet rolls under her arm.

“Well who the bloody fucking hell are you?” she asked uncouthly, standing next to my bed, putting down her box.

I explained that I had been caught in the school grounds on Friday and had been mistaken for a Peeping Tom, and had had to endure terrible punishments in the head teacher’s study over the past three days. I also told her that I had been forced to perform oral pleasuring on all the girls and that I had had to act as a ‘toilet slave’ to all the little Japanese girls. I stared up at her with my ‘little-boy-lost’ innocent eyes and asked her to untie me.

She looked at me intently and then looked around the room. Without saying a word she returned to the door and locked it.

She was a stout grey-haired woman and wore a pale blue faded knee-length floral dress which buttoned down the front. Her shoes looked old and worn and one of her dark tan stockings was laddered. illegal bahis siteleri As she approached the bed she picked up the box and walked into the bathroom. I heard her distribute the toilet rolls amongst the four cubicles. I also heard her cleaning the toilets and flushing them out. She also spent some time attending to the washbasins and showers. She also used one of the toilets as I heard her urinate cough and fart.

“Well young man,” she said as she reappeared next to me, “you can bloody well tongue-fuck my pussy while I’m here, and you’d better do it well or else they’ll find you with no bollocks when they all get back at lunch time.”

My heart began to race as I stared at this wrinkled old crone, and at her flabby arms and double chins. She took out her false teeth and placed them on the bed.

“Come on then sonny give us a kiss to get us going,” she said leaning over me, with her eyes shut and her mouth pursed.

She leaned further towards me bending her knees. I tried to struggle and stared with complete revulsion at her mouth and encrusted fragments of food stuck to the corners of her lips. Clearly she had only just had her breakfast and she smelled of tea. Our lips touched and a big loose tongue flapped about and tried to push my mouth apart.

“C’mon son, a big kiss for your Aunty Doris,” she chortled, forcing my mouth open with her fat fingers.

She pinched my nose and I gasped for air. In went her tongue, like a piece of dead fish, and attacked my throat. I tried to pull away but she held me with her huge gnarled hands which gripped my cheeks like clamps.

I felt that I was in serious trouble, very serious trouble indeed. Her toothless gums sucked at my lips and I felt like throwing up, particularly as her breath smelled of cheap scent and general sweatiness. She appeared to be all my worst nightmares rolled into one. Her horrible tongue went everywhere inside my mouth and I felt I was being truly violated.

“More French kissy-wissy with your Aunty Doris, sonny,” she said smiling and unbuttoning the top three buttons of her size 22 dress.

I stared at her white bra which was large enough to hold two footballs. I watched the loose flesh shake as she lowered her cleavage onto my face. She chuckled and cackled at my demise and I could tell that she was going to prolong my torture for as long as possible. She was evidently in no hurry to ‘bring herself off’ on my face.

She slowly dragged her huge lace encased breasts backwards and forwards across my face and I had to breathe in the foul odour of sweat and overwhelmingly sickly perfume.

“Lovely, jubbly,” she exclaimed as her nipples stiffened against my chin.

“Oooooh, lovely jubbly,” she said rubbing herself over me once more.

Her face descended on me for a second time and I was forced to French kiss her again and again. Her hideous toothless smile made her look like a mediaeval gargoyle or a grotesque carnival mask. I shut my eyes and tried to imagine that I was kissing someone else. Anyone was preferable to this witch, even Miss Wiff-Naseford.

All of a sudden she stood up. Clearly she was now completely aroused as she was constantly rubbing her breasts, buttocks and pubic area through her thin flowery dress. She looked down on me, grimacing, and slowly unbuttoned the lower five buttons of her dress to reveal a white nylon waist slip underneath. It was a plain slip and not especially lacy. I could tell that she had owned it for quite a while as it was torn in places and had yellowed with age. She lifted her dress hem and petticoat to reveal her stockings, stocking tops and suspender belt.

“Oh my, oh my,” I muttered to myself as I noticed her thighs above her stocking welts.

They were thick, flabby and bulked out by cellulite. Her thighs actually hung over the tight tops of her hosiery. Her suspenders dug into her flesh and her stockings appeared to be stretched beyond breaking point. She moved up to me so that her knees touched my hair. I stared up at her grinning ‘upside down face’ as she slid her legs to either side of my cheeks.

“You can bring me off through my fucking knickers first young man,” she said watching me, and sensing the fear in my face.

I struggled to pull apart the ties that held my shoulders and head to the bottom most corner of the bed but it was impossible and I lay there looking up. Doris held her dress and slip up to her waist and splayed her legs and then dropped her clothing over me.

The smell suddenly hit me. I looked up to see a huge pair of white nylon knickers. They were loose fitting and had wide baggy legs. They were trimmed with a narrow band of lace and smelled revolting. She reached beneath her and began massaging her crotch. I stared mesmerized by her masturbation and the crude movements she made with her heavy fingers. Above me I stared at her horrible urine stained gusset. It was filthy and had the stench of a thousand toilets.

Under her petticoat canlı bahis siteleri and only inches from my face I watched a stain in her knickers grow larger and darker. She was oozing vaginal secretions and clearly she would soon want me to finish her off.

“Oh bloody fucking hell,” I murmured as she withdrew her hand and allowed me to see the full extent of the dampness between her legs.

It looked as is if she has pissed in her knickers as they appeared so sodden with her spendings. Slowly but surely she splayed her legs further and bent her knees so that my nose was pushed firmly between her legs. The smell now was almost intolerable. It was like the acrid stench of ammonia mixed with rotten fish, only three times stronger.

She rearranged her dress and slip so as to allow herself plenty of pelvic movement. All around me I was enclosed by her dirty undergarments and blubbery flesh above her dark tan nylon stockings.

“Tongue out son,” she ordered as she placed her hands on my chest to steady her.

I felt my penis lengthen and increase in girth and couldn’t work out why. My body was clearly repulsed by this geriatric hag sitting on my face with her dress over me, but my mind wasn’t, or was it vice versa. I wasn’t sure which part of me was controlling my erection. I only knew that it was bloody stiff and I craved relief.

“I said tongue out sonny,” she said as she gripped my nipple and squeezed it viciously. I pushed my tongue up into the damp nylon and tasted the stomach churning secretions dribbling out of her.

“Lovely, lovely,” she moaned as she dragged her gusset over me. My nose was forced along the cleft between her legs and under her heavy buttocks. She slid herself over me several times as her fat knees creaked and cracked.

“Oh fucking yes, oh fucking lovely,” she grunted like a sow in a mud bath.

I closed my eyes and salivated like fury, trying to dilute the taste from between her legs. The atmosphere inside the enclosed space under her waist slip and dress was now incredibly hot and humid. She appeared to be a naturally sweaty woman and I watched her thighs and stomach above her suspender belt glisten as she continued with her self pleasuring.

I slipped my tongue back into my mouth, hoping she wouldn’t notice, but she did. I felt an agonising grip on right nipple as she chastised me and swore at me once more.

“Get that fucking tongue out you little shit,” she shouted as she pushed her whole body weight down on me.

“Oufff, agh!” I groaned. as her flesh engulfed me.

I pushed it out as far as it could go and allowed her to position her arse over it. Great horrible groans of approval followed as she forced me to tongue her anus through her knickers. She lifted herself up very slightly and slid over me again, hovering above me to allow my tongue to follow the contours of her vagina. Backwards and forwards she moved as I kept my tongue as vertical as possible. I became aware that her clitoris was now so prominent that it was pushing through her gusset. Above me the cleaner groaned and moaned clearly enjoying the apparently delicious pleasure of having a young man’s face between her old legs.

I flicked at her most sensitive part and she ceased her rubbing to the point where she held herself over me and allowed me to stimulate her with my probing and delving. She jerked and jerked again, this time holding my chin through the two layers of fabric. She jerked a third time then a fourth as I flicked the tip of my tongue around and over her clitoral area. My face was now sticky with her lubrication and I marvelled how a woman so old could produce so much fanny-juice.

By now she was jerking over me furiously and from the inside of her rustling petticoat I heard her say “Oh, yes, oh, yess.”

Suddenly she gripped my head even harder and thrashed about wildly until my facial features felt sore with the constant abrasion from wet nylon. I closed my eyes again and struggled for breath as this heavyweight above me swore and cursed.

“Fucking lovely, bloody fucking bloody lovely,” she snorted as she rubbed herself further and further towards her orgasm.

Then when I thought she was almost coming she began bouncing on my face as well as rubbing. Her language became almost incomprehensible as she galloped down the ‘home straight’ with my face squashed beneath her.

“Fuck,” (bounce) “Fuck,” (bounce) “Fuck,” (bounce) “Fuck,” (bounce) she continued, as she mashed my head into the bed. I felt as If my face was being slowly eroded down to bone as her huge damp stinking knicker gusset slid over my nose for the millionth time, or so it felt.

Then from nowhere it happened. I felt it well up inside her as her body stiffened then quivered, then shivered. The flesh and clothing under her dress shook and shuddered. She savagely gripped my head and then I felt her whole body judder as she swore and came, filling her knickers with more cunt juice. I lay there under her, with her enormous buttocks pushing my face halfway into the mattress.


She then decided that she had had enough of me outside her knickers and required my face to have direct contact with her cunt. This was the moment I had feared most.

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