Daydreams about Night Things


Sandy was exhausted after a very trying week at work. It was Saturday morning and she vowed that she would do nothing but relax with a good book for the whole day. It was cloudy and rainy, and a perfect day to do just that. Sandy was also feeling hard done by because her husband Dean had been called in to work to complete a project that was due for presentation on Monday morning. Sandy had hoped for some intimate time with Dean, and she had been looking forward to it all week long. Now she had to accept that it just was not going to be in the cards for today.

As she pondered her sorry state, the telephone rang. Sandy answered the phone and it was Dean. Her mood perked up immediately as she thought he was calling to tell her he would be home early. It was quite the opposite. Dean told her that he would not likely be home before 11:00 p.m. and that Sandy should not make dinner with him in mind. Dean added that he needed a favour as well. He said his boss’s best friend was in town, and since Dean and his boss were working, the boss had asked if Sandy could entertain him for the day. He also asked if they could be kind and put him up for the night. Sandy was furious, but she knew she couldn’t say no. This was after all Dean’s boss requesting it.

Later that morning the telephone rang and a man introduced himself to Sandy as Holt. He said he was told to call by his friend Marty (Dean’s boss). Marty had told him he would not be home over the weekend, and to call Sandy’s number regarding a place to stay so he would not be alone, and he would have something to do. He told Sandy that he was very appreciative that she had offered to spend some time with him, as he knew no one in town. He said that he would understand if Sandy changed her mind, as he had talked to Dean who had told him Sandy had had a rough week at work and was tired. He offered however that if she were game, he would organize a fun day for both of them. He asked Sandy if she had ever been to an erotic art exhibition as there was a renowned collection at the local art museum on display. At first Sandy was shocked, but Holt assured her that this was not demeaning pornography, but rather erotic art. Sandy agreed to go and arranged to meet Holt at the gallery that afternoon.

The art show was all that Holt said it would be-and Holt was a charming well-heeled man, good looking, who immediately put Sandy at ease with his comfortable demeanor. Sandy was able to relax and to enjoy the displays, which consisted of paintings, short films, statuary and drawings of the full range of sexual activities that one could ever imagine. True to Holt’s description esenyurt otele gelen escort however, the images were not gross or obscene, but stimulating, erotic, and thought provoking.

After the museum, Sandy and Holt returned to Sandy’s home where she busied herself preparing dinner. During supper Holt asked Sandy how she had liked the exhibit, and she told him that she had been pleasantly surprised to find that sexuality could be displayed in such an erotic yet tasteful way. Holt said he had enjoyed it immensely too, and that he was glad he had Sandy for company, as he would have felt uncomfortable attending the show alone.

At about ten o’clock that night, Sandy apologized to Holt, saying she had had a very long and stressful week and that she was quite exhausted. She showed Holt to the guestroom and retired to her own bedroom. As she undressed, Sandy noticed that her panties were just soaked and sticky. Talking with Holt she had been vaguely aware if some mild excitement, but seeing how wet her panties were, showed that she was far more aroused than she had thought.

Sandy went to bed and tried to read before going to sleep. She couldn’t. Her head was filled with visions of the sexual acts she had seen depicted that day, and she couldn’t help but notice that going with a relaxed, good looking stranger heightened the eroticism and her now rapidly growing passion. Sandy’s pussy began to swell and feel flooded with warmth. It began to flow with her juices, making her squirm with pleasure. She closed her eyes, pulled back the covers on the bed and began fingering herself while allowing her mind’s eye to fantasize the acts she had seen at the museum. She was so excited that her fingers made slippery noises as she played with herself.

At one point Sandy opened her eyes and she was horrified. She noticed that she had left the bedroom door slightly ajar, and that she was clearly visible reflected in the hallway mirror. In the mirror she also saw Holt mesmerized and staring at her. Sandy was mortified, but she knew that she could not stop masturbating immediately because Holt would catch on that she had seen him watching, and that would have been too embarrassing to face the next day. Although her excitement had abated entirely, Sandy continued to fondle herself for a minute or two, after which she feigned an orgasm. She then turned out the light and pretended to go to sleep. She glanced to the mirror and saw Holt’s reflection surreptitiously retiring back to the guestroom.

Sandy tried hard to fall asleep but her heart was pounding esenyurt rus escort and she felt humiliated. Oddly though, that humiliation was mixed with extreme arousal now that Holt had returned to his room. Sandy tossed and turned for what seemed to be an eon.

At approximately 11:15 p.m., Sandy heard Dean come home. Dean soon came to bed and was surprised that Sandy was not sleeping. Sandy decided that she would tell Dean about what happened in case Holt would tell his boss about what he saw, and that it might somehow get back to Dean.

Expecting the worst – that Dean would be furious, Sandy told Dean what had occurred. Dean asked a lot of questions concerning what Sandy was fantasizing about as she masturbated. She told him truthfully about her thoughts of engaging in all the acts she had viewed at the museum, and admitted that she had imagined doing some of them with Holt. She also said that she had been very aroused at the museum by images of women being fondled, orally caressed, and made love to by more than one man.

Curiously, Sandy discovered not only was Dean not angry at what she had told him, but that he was now sporting an incredibly stiff erection. Dean told Sandy that he wanted to see what Holt had seen. Sandy closed her eyes and began to stroke, caress and to fondle her pussy for Dean.

Dean focused on her with glazed and intensely excited eyes. He watched her for awhile, then fetched a silk scarf which he put over Sandy’s eyes. He kissed her full on the lips and told her to imagine Holt and Dean watching her masturbate. Sandy complied, masturbating with more vigor and allowing her fantasies to soar to the point that she was about to orgasm. Dean stopped her hand and told her to wait a little longer because he still had not seen enough.

Dean said he was going for a drink of water, partially because he was thirsty, but also to allow Sandy’s arousal to abate some, as she was on the brink of orgasm. Sandy languished in the bed while Dean was gone, becoming increasingly aroused again as her thoughts wandered to fantasies of sexual acts, with Dean, and yes, with Holt!

As she began stroking herself again, Sandy heard Dean return to the bedroom. She still had the silk scarf around her eyes, but she felt his hands stroke her breasts as she played with her pussy. She felt his hot kisses on her neck. She marveled at how much more reactive she was to these sensations now that the scarf blindfolded her.

To her sudden shock, Sandy became aware of another pair of hands stroking her leg, then removing her fingers from her pussy. esenyurt türbanlı escort Her own hand was replaced by a hot pair of lips kissing her labia then gently licking at the shaft of her clitoris. All the while Sandy’s breasts were being fondled and her neck was being kissed. Sandy now knew that Holt was in the room, as she was fully aware that two men were making love to her. No one said a word however, and Sandy never was quite sure of who was really doing what. Sandy only knew that she felt she was about to explode with the most powerful orgasm of her life.

The slippery tongue licking her clitoris felt so delicious that Sandy couldn’t bear holding off any longer. At that moment Sandy felt the mouth pull away, and she felt a hard erect penis slide into her vagina. Her slippery juices literally sucked the penis inside of her as the thrusting built to an intensity that matched her own soaring passion. All the while Sandy felt another hand fondling her breasts while her neck was caressed by soft kisses and hot breath. Skillful fingers were fondling her clitoris as the thrusting in her vagina mounted in intensity.

As she neared the brink, Sandy felt a penis pushed into her hand. At the mercy of the intercourse, the fondling and the kissing, Sandy stroked away at the penis in her hand as she moaned and shivered toward the largest and most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Being blindfolded seemed to intensify the experience as she could only use her fantasies to imagine who was doing what to her. Sandy had never been so aroused in her life.

Sandy loved the knowledge that she had two men making love to her. She wanted this experience to go on forever. As she hungrily savored the moment, she suddenly felt the warm gush of sperm spewing from the penis in her hand, while it twitched and spasmed. She simultaneously felt the convulsions of the penis in her vagina as it gushed forth hot juices into her already soaked pussy. The room was filled with loud moans, heavy breathing and the sound of sweaty writhing bodies exploding in orgasm.

As quickly as things had erupted, there was silence once again. After a few blissful minutes of soft kisses on her neck, mouth and tummy, and her breasts being fondled by unknown hands and lips, the night became still. Sandy felt the covers being drawn over her, and a warm body snuggle in next to her. She heard the light switch click, and she felt the blindfold being removed from her face.

In the darkness illuminated only slightly by city lights outside the window, she could now make out Dean gazing at her intensely, and she heard him ask if she was feeling good. Sandy said she had never felt better. Dean said he thought so because she had a smile on her that he had rarely seen in the past. Sandy asked, “what happened?” and Dean replied that she must have had “some hell of a dream”. With a kiss and a hug, Sandy fell into a deep sleep, but not before wondering, “could I possibly have been dreaming?”

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