Debauchery Cornucopia Ch. 03


Chapter Three: She Told Me To Hurt Her

It was kind of awkward explaining things to the kids Sunday morning. Finding their father in bed with a strange woman that wasn’t there the previous night had them feeling a little uneasy. I let Amy sleep in while I made pancakes for the kids and myself, saving a plate for Amy when she awoke.

She left shortly there after feeling awkward around my kids, and I couldn’t exactly blame her, my kids being overly-friendly, she didn’t know how to handle it. “Besides,” she said, “I have to go pick up my little girl from her daddy’s soon.” Then she was gone.

What sucked is that I had thrown away her phone number two months ago thinking that she didn’t want anything to do with me. Driving past her parent’s house where she was living when I had visited her over two months ago proved fruitless as she had moved out. I’m you’re average working class guy, living almost from paycheck to paycheck so going back up to the Adult Sports Bar to see her was out of the question, at least until maybe the end of the month when all my bills are paid and I can figure out how much extra money I have to play with.

So there I was for the next few days, relishing the memories of our weekend together and hoping against hope that it just wasn’t a two-night stand, and that she would try to get a hold of me sometime during the week.

I was sleeping soundly when the doorbell woke me. I rolled over blinking several times until the red numbers on my digital clock came into focus. The time read three-oh-seven. The doorbell rang again. I struggled out of bed and clumsily put on a pair of lounge pants. The doorbell rang again. I didn’t feel like yelling out that I was coming as I shuffled down the stairs gripping the railing like a life line. I unlocked and opened the door to see Amy standing there like she had last Saturday.

She pushed past me. “About fucking time!” she yelled at me. She made her way up stairs and after closing the door I followed, slowly waking up.

She went straight to the cd tower and pulled out one cd after another. Soon Marilyn Manson’s ‘Mechanical Animals’ was playing way too loud. She was wearing tight white shorts, low heeled black chunky shoes, and a tight black Misfits tee shirt. I went to the fridge and grabbed us each a beer, popped the tops and joined her in the living room.

“You know my downstairs neighbors are probably trying to sleep. It is after three in the morning.” I said groggily. My kids were at their mothers so I didn’t mention them waking up.

“I don’t really care.” She said with disdain, taking the beer from my hands and downing a good third of it in one sitting. She walked to the love seat, “Come, sit,” she said. I took a drink of my beer and did as I was told.

“So,” she began sounding very eager. “Have you missed me?” she asked.

“Yes, yes I have. Very much so,” I said. I was about to go on about not having her phone number and not knowing where she lived, but she quickly took control of the conversation.

“You know,” she said, tracing a finger through the hair on my chest. “What you did to me last time has been driving me nuts! Absolutely nuts!”

“What was that?” I asked finishing my beer.

She leaned in close to my ear and spoke in a whisper while Manson boomed through the speakers, “When you licked my ass,” she emphasized this point by licking my ear lobe, “My dirty little ass,” she licked my ear lobe again.

I was getting an erection. “Really,” I purred out. “You liked that?”

“I loved it!” then she bit my ear playfully yet painfully illegal bahis at the same time. I winced.

“Well, I loved doing it. It’s a fetish of mine you could say.” I explained.

“I want you to do it again,” she said and looked into my eyes with a desire and a hunger and a lust that I had never before seen in any one woman. “But first, I want to return the favor.” She said.

“What, you want to lick my ass?” I asked dumbfounded. I was always a giver, never a receiver.

“Among other things.” She said cryptically, again trailing that finger through my chest hair to playfully tug on the hairs around my nipples. I winced again. “Get up and strip.” She told me. I got up and before I could get my hands on my lounge pants she gripped the waistband and yanked them down along with my underwear leaving them wrapped around my thighs. I was only half erect but Amy took it in her little hands and played with it for a while until it throbbed, then she took it into her mouth. She sucked it until it throbbed on her tongue. Then she licked it from the tip to the balls, taking each testicle individually in her mouth and rolling her tongue all around the textured surface of my scrotum.

She paused and looked up at me. “Surprised you didn’t I?” She said as she stroked my cock.

“Yes,” I hissed out between my teeth.

“Here,” she said getting up, “Sit.” I sat down. She took off my lounge pants and underwear. Then kneeled on the floor between my legs and looked at me smiling. “Let’s get down to business,” she said, taking my cock in her hand again and lowering her pert mouth onto it. She was quite talented with her mouth and was incapacitating me with euphoria so much so that I barely registered her mouth leaving my cock and raising my legs to spit on my spread asshole.

“Here, hold these,” she said pushing my legs higher, and I did. She went back to sucking the shit out my dick and after a few moments pressed a well manicured fingernail at my ass. I tensed up. But she sucked me until I relaxed again. Then the finger was knuckle deep inside me. She paused in her blow job to lick my ass with her finger still in it. She jacked me with her other hand and began sawing the digit in and out of my filthy hole.

I’m not gay, I told myself over and over as she continued to finger-fuck my asshole and alternately jack and suck me off in-between rimming me. Soon she had two fingers penetrating me. I thought that this was all wrong, it was supposed to be me fingering the girl and eating her out and thumbing her clit and rimming her ass as I pushed two fingers in and out of her tight, pink hole. But damn, what she was doing felt so fucking good!

“Are you ready to cum?” she asked. I couldn’t speak. I just feverishly nodded my head as I panted. Her fingers sawed inside of me, her hand jackknifed up and down my cock. “Good, cause I want you to cum all over my face.” I nodded my head again.

“Don, look at me,” she said. I looked down at her sweet face; the swollen head of my cock was brushing against her lower lip as she fisted it. “Cum all over my face. I want to feel how hot it is, your dick throbbing in my hand as cum drips down my cheeks … Ah!” She gasped loudly when I started to ejaculate all over her face. She smiled and laughed pulling the three fingers from my asshole. Then she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and cleaned my cum off. I yelped at the sensitiveness and Amy just laughed at me. She leaned in close to me and asked me very politely to clean her off please. I was so in shock from the most perverted and powerful orgasm illegal bahis siteleri of my life that I did as I was told and I licked my warm cum from her face. When I was done she stood up.

“Now my dear, let us go to your bedroom so you can have your way with me.” Amy turned and walked to my now familiar bedroom. I took a deep breath to collect myself, took a look around the apartment to make sure I was awake and not dreaming, and then followed Amy into my bedroom, Marilyn Manson still played too loudly on the stereo.

By the light on in the living room I could see her lying naked on the bed, her shorts, shirt and underwear lying in a neat pile at the foot of the bed. Her legs were splayed like butterfly wings and her pussy was slightly open and very pink, and very wet. I walked into the bedroom hypnotized and climbed onto the bed between her soft thighs. I curled my arms around her legs and lowered my mouth and tongue to lick her. She had a strip of hair on her mound and I ran my fingers through the short curls. It’s odd; I love a clean shaven pussy, but I also love running my fingers through pubic hair. Amy gave me my happy medium.

My tongue threaded its way between the lips of her pussy, licking and tasting. Amy let out a deep sigh. I went for her clit and flicked it with the pointed end of my tongue before flatting it to lap at the sensitive area. I opened her labia with my fingers and licked up and down each in turn before plunging my tongue deep inside her as far as it could go. I went back to her clit and started the process all over again, flicking then lapping, up and down the labia, taking the plunge and wriggling my tongue around inside her, repeat.

She writhed beneath me. Her hands found my head and her fingers worked their way into my hair, grabbing fistfuls of my locks and pulling me into her pussy. My tongue traced up and down her pink lips, then focused on her pert little clit. Soon she was pushing her hips up into my face as she silently orgasmed, soft moaning purring from her mouth.

“Okay, now it’s your turn,” Amy said and pushed on my shoulders indicating that I should back up. I did and she rolled over and onto all fours. “Lick it. Lick my ass, Donny!” I crawled forward and took her ass in my hands and opened her up. She groaned as my tongue licked her from pussy to asshole and back again. I dipped deep into her pussy, tasting her fresh cum and brought my tongue to her relaxed asshole and stabbed at it. “Oh, I love it! I love it!” she cried into a pillow. I licked and sucked at her ass thoroughly coating it with my saliva.

I stuck a finger in her ass a few minutes later. She pushed back against the digit and it slid effortlessly into her bowels. I finger-fucked her and rubbed her clit until she came all over my hand. I pushed a second finger into her ass and finger-fucked her, making sure she was relaxed enough for a third and final finger. I shoved my fingers deep into her ass and she came once more all over them. I pulled the digits from her ass and licked them clean.

I reached for the familiar tube of KY jelly and poured a generous amount on her asshole. Amy let out a soft “Ahhhhh.” I poured a generous amount over my cock and worked it up and down the shaft with a few deliberate strokes. I closed the tube and tossed it to the side and worked my way behind Amy’s taut behind. She told me to go easy when she felt the strawberry-like head press against the tight muscle. I pushed inside her slowly, loving how her ass gripped every inch of me. With the help of the lubrication I bottomed out inside of canlı bahis siteleri her, my balls resting nicely against her wet pussy.

“Slowly, until I get used to it,” she told me. I pulled out until only the head was inside her, and then slowly pushed back in. She gasped as I bottomed out a second time. After several more strokes she told me to go a little bit faster. I grabbed her petite hips and dug my fingers into the soft flesh as I eased out then back inside her tight ass.

“Oh, it feels so good!” she cried out. “A little faster! Fuck me faster!” she cried out to me, and I did. I grabbed her sides near those perky tits and thrust my cock deep inside of her bottoming out as my balls slapped her juicy pussy.

“Oh God, Don! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she pleaded. My hands moved to her shoulders and pushed her back onto my cock as I shoved it deep inside her tight, pink ass. I watched in awe as her muscles gripped me when I slid in and out of her.

“Don! I want you to hurt me, Don! I want you to hurt me!” Amy yelled. “I want you to hurt me-e-e!”

My hands went instinctively to her head and my fingers clenched fistfuls of hair and roughly pulled her back into me. Her spine arched beautifully. I looked down at where we merged and I could see by the light from the living room that her asshole was red and swollen. I untangled a hand from her head and smacked her ass. She squealed and told me to do it again. I slapped her ass several more times as I pushed in and out of her tender little asshole.

“Oh God, Don! I’m about to cum! I’m about to cum!” she cried out. Then as I held her arched back she let out a gut wrenching, murderous scream. Her asshole clenching my cock so tight it hurt.

“Don! Cum inside me! Cum inside my hurt little asshole! Oh Don, hurt my little asshole, hurt it, hurt it!”

I let go of her hair and threw her down to the bed. She instinctively grabbed a pillow and forced it into her mouth as she let out another gut wrenching scream. I dug my fingers deep into her hips where I knew they’d leave a bruise and thrust hard and fast and deep inside her tightly clenching asshole. I came a few moments later and it hurt as stream after thick stream forced its way out of my urethra. My hands steadied themselves on her sweaty back as my orgasm faded. It was then that I realized that I myself was dripping with sweat.

Amy looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes dreamy with that post-orgasmic glow. She brushed a few stray locks of hair from her face. “Don, could you clean my hurt and dirty little asshole?” she said sticking out her lower lip. If that wasn’t the cutest thing I ever saw a woman do I don’t know what is.

“Sure!” I said.

“With your mouth?” she said batting her eyes.


“Goodie! I’m going to try and squeeze all of your hot cum out of my sore little butt, and I want you to eat it all up, okay?” I nodded in agreement and pulled out of her ass and leaned down to perform my task.

I licked at her juicy pussy then up over her gaping ass, pushing my tongue inside of the tender hole. Slowly, as her asshole relaxed, she was able to squeeze out my cum. With a hand on either cheek I pulled her open and ate my cum out of her asshole, tasting it for the second time that night, and it was good coming out of her. I ate her asshole, occasionally stabbing my tongue at her dripping pussy. Eventually she was satisfactorily clean. As I finished up she shuddered with a small orgasm.

“Thank you, Don,” she said as I got up from behind her.

“You’re very much welcome!” I said enthusiastically. I noticed that Marilyn Manson had stopped playing sometime near the end of our fevered fucking.

We lay down together not bothering to clean up and fell asleep holding each other. When I woke up early the next morning Amy was gone.

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