Deep Kissing In Arm(pit)s


A little later in the Cristmas-eve private party, entered Kathy’s best friend Yvonne, a middle aged flirtatious lady. John knows her. But his eyes traced the gym-toned contour of her upper arm, from her elbow to the armpit area, then the smooth and tanned shoulder skin. The luscious curve of her shoulder made him hot. He wanted to kiss and suck those shoulders. He was also watching the folds of her skin in her armpit area, made by her heavy rounded arms hanging by her body. A few jet-black strands of hair were jutting out from the armpit folds. Her nose is sharp and sensuous.

Yvonne lifted her both arms to tie her hair. Her wide armpits were covered with sweat, tiny droplets were gathering in the creases. The dark jet-black hair made her armpits very sensual. Yvonne deliberately lingered in this pose to show her armpits to all three.

Within the concave landscape of her armpit cavity nested the crop of her underarm hair, thick and jet-black, about an inch long. If dry, they would stand out like the soft bristles of a brush; but now the hairs were soaked with Yvonne’s armpit sweat, glued to her skin. Tiny sparkles of sweat glistened beneath the hairs; the light also caught the wet trails left by salty droplets that had slid down to the wet armholes of her light blue sleeveless blouse.

“Come, Kathy and Brenda, won’t you give me a nice hug?” asked Yvonne with her nice arms outstretched, making her armpits invitingly visible.

“Sure, I would like to squeeze you tight,” said Kathy.

” I want a nice cuddly embrace,” said Brenda.

Yvonne initially engaged in a tight welcome embrace with Kathy. A lusty slippery kiss was the natural outcome, which lasted for about ten minutes. This heated up Brenda, and she cuddled up to John in a lusty illegal bahis tight embrace, trapping his head in her right armpit. John licked and sniffed Brenda’s armpit.

But Yvonne pulled Brenda away from John, and gave her a lusty embrace with her left armpit pressed on her face. Brenda sniffed Yvonne’s underarm with loud sound, and suction kissing of the soft flesh.

After disengaging from the embrace, they changed partners. Yvonne eyed John, and signaled him to come to her, while Kathy and Brenda fell into a lustful body-squeezing embrace with armpit kissing. They fell on a big sofa and were wriggling in the embrace with lots of underarm kissing.

Yvonne was clamping her both hands over her head, enticing John. He put his nose near her armpit, and inhaled slowly. He caught the slightly musky scent of her flesh. In the wet hairs of Yvonne’s armpit, the smell was pungent, arousing. It was truly **** raising. In this pose, they walked to a bedroom.

As soon as they entered, Yvonne held John’s head and pulled it to her right armpit. John was mad on sniffing the smell. But Yvonne was not in a hurry. She sought out his lips, and engaged in a tongue kiss, their tongues entwining each other in an embrace inside their joined mouths. As their noses fought with each other, Yvonne’s nose could not stand the tickle, and forced out a big load of snot.

“Don’t wipe it, ” said John.

And then he sucked up part of it by his mouth, and devoured the salty taste.

“It is so tasty,” he said.

The other part of the snot he held by his fingers and spread it in both her armpits, and licked it from her smelly underarms. The taste of her snort mixed with her underarm sweat and grime was too delicious to John. After lapping it up from her underarm, illegal bahis siteleri John took her entire sharp nose in his mouth and gave her nose a deep suction, sucking it with all his might. Yvonne enjoyed it very much, and for a long time she could not free her nose from his sucking. Then she pulled it out with a strong pull. Her nose was dripping with John’s saliva.

” You really know how to suck a nose. I want more of it later,” she said.

” I will eat up that beautiful sharp nose, and suck all the snot from inside,” he said.

“Fine with me,” replied Yvonne.

John again concentrated in her armpits, and this time sniffed and sucked real hard. Yvonne closed her eyes, aroused at the deeply intimate attention to her armpits. She felt his hot breath on the skin of her armpit.

He sniffed again and again with deep sniffing sound, his lips moving gradually on the skin of her armpits, breathing deeply, and tasting her musky, salty sweat. He alternated between both her armpits again and again.

Yvonne asked him to take off her leather shoes, as she wanted to be comfortable. She sat on a sofa and raised her feet on a low table nearby. John took off her shoes and socks one by one and sniffed the aroma inside each shoe. The smell was highly intoxicating.

Yvonne thrust her one foot towards his mouth, and he kissed her shapely foot on all sides – top, bottom and sides. Then he licked the bottom and sniffed and licked in between each pair of toes. The smell between her toes was heavenly. John was bursting at the seams. He spat in between her toes and licked.

Then Yvonne thrust her other foot to him and he sniffed, smelt, licked to his heart’s content. He took all the toes of each foot at a time and licked and canlı bahis siteleri licked, cleaning up the grime and sweat.

Yvonne pulled up John to her breast, and gave him a tight embrace, raising her left armpit for a deep kiss and lick. John obliged gladly. He licked her both armpits like mad, munching her wet smelly armpit hairs.

“Grrrrrhhhrrrrrmmmmm… your tasty armpits are full of sweet honey. Let me taste those luscious hairy pits with sweet honey,” John said with his face buried in her armpit.

“Aaaagrrrrraaarrrrrmmmmmgggghhhhhmmnnnmmm…suck it up, fill it with your tasty saliva, and let me taste the nectar of your armpits,” she said.

They both engaged in mutual armpit sucking, sniffing and licking. John spat in Yvonne’s armpit and licked the saliva mixed with her sweat. It was very tasty to him.

Yvonne then spat heavily in John’s armpit, and licked and sniffed hard. It smelt great with spit and grime in his armpit.

Yvonne and John got engaged in a game of spitting heavily in each other’s armpits, then smelling and licking it up.

John took Yvonne in a lusty tight embrace in his lap and started a slow quickie. They enjoyed with lots and lots of armpit sniffing with sound, licking and nibbling, biting. They slowly reached the peak, and stayed there for long. They crossed the peak in the midst of frantic mutual armpit kissing, nibbling, sniffing, biting, licking and sucking after they spat heavily in each other’s armpits.

Meanwhile, in the other room Kathy and Brenda were devouring each other’s armpits like two mad persons, in frenzied action. They spat heavily in each other’s armpits and then were licking each other’s smelly armpits with slow long strokes of their tongues, gradually quickening to fast short strokes. Sometimes they were crushing their faces and lips in each other’s underarms. Soon Kathy was in Brenda’s lap, with their heads buried deep in each other’s smelly slippery armpits.

(Reader’s feedbacks, with real life experiences, welcome)

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