They had been exchanging text messages often, most often discussing what their fling might be like. They had met at a concert and kept in touch after a few sparks went off between them. She went to college in a different town and she was going back for her semester break. She invited him home to a party she was having. The plan was to break the dry spell and more importantly for her to deflower him.

The party was excruciatingly long and boring. They were conversing with their eyes the whole time. She was wearing a blue silk dress that was crunched up slightly higher on her right thigh then the left. He glanced at her thighs often discreetly imagining sliding his hands up and down them. He was wearing a full sleeved white shirt and a red sweater. She had picked it out for him after she saw an image of him wearing the same on facebook. It took for ages for people to leave or pass out.

Hesitantly and rather shy, considering this was the first time she had planned out a ‘session’, she walked towards her room, signaling him to follow her with her eyes. They were quite drunk having had more than enough beer. As soon as they entered her room, almost instantly he grabbed her and began to kiss her passionately. As they kissed, they walked towards the bed, he lifted her and put her on the bed and got on top of her. Hands everywhere, running up and down her uncontrollable legs, he tries to take her dress off, but she stops him. Instead, pushing him up, she starts to unbutton his shirt slowly pressing her lower body against his. Once his shirt’s off, he tries to take her clothes off again only to be pushed back. She kisses him while she unbuttons his jeans and unzips them; without taking them off she goes back to lying on her back. He starts to run his hands up her legs, up her thighs, up her waist casino siteleri lifting her dress up. He unhooks her bra and as he goes on to lift her dress and play with her breasts, she starts to push his jeans away with her feet. Eventually, he gets them off and now only in his boxers and a hard on, he gets back to his meat.

Lying on top of her, folded knees on either side, he continues to undress her, kissing, nibbling whatever he can get. The dress is off in one swift move and the bra off next. While he’s at this, she plays with his boxers, tugging at them pulling his body closer to hers. Ruffling his hair, she continues to get into the tongue fight. While he plays with her breasts occasionally kissing them and sucking on her now so hard nipples, she thrusts her lower body up against his. Grabbing the hint, he starts to lick her ear, biting it slowly. He kisses her neck, and then going down he kisses her breasts, licking her skin now and then down to her waist and then her lower stomach along her panty line. With his hands pressing her thighs softly, he tugs at her panties with his teeth. Then he takes them off. At the look of her biting her lip at this, it’s what she’d been waiting for. She puts her legs around his neck. He starts to kiss her lower stomach, lower and lower, softly planting little bombs of kisses all over her vagina. He then squeezes her buttocks and starts to alternate the use of his tongue and fingers over her vagina. She takes one leg off his neck and puts it into his boxers and starts rubbing her toes up and down his already hard cock.

He finds her spot and treats it like a toy, playing with it with his fingers and tongue — she starts to get really wet. Getting the feeling she’s having all the fun; she stops him and pushes him down, lying on top of him. She slot oyna starts to tongue him but abruptly stops and starts to kiss his neck, moving down his chest, licking, kissing and sucking on his skin all the way down to his boxers. She then takes his boxers off and starts to kiss his crotch almost ignoring his 8 inch cock standing erect. She plays with his balls, tickling them with her fingers. She starts to lick his cock and kiss it a little. She then sucks the top, teasing the tip with her tongue and then puts his cock completely in her mouth and slowly takes it out leaving her saliva to stick around it.

As she continues to give him a blow, his hands get everywhere. Saving the best for last, she slides down next to him and starts to rub his cock with her hands up and down. They start to kiss again and he starts playing with her cunt which is already quite wet. He starts to rub two of his fingers about, then putting one finger inside her vagina. It goes in effortlessly sliding through the wet walls, so he tries two fingers and that follows the same. He starts putting them in and out and she starts to moan a little. He tries using three fingers but it hurts a little and she tugs at his hair with her left hand. He puts his fingers in his mouth lubricating them and continues to rub her cunt, inserting his fingers in her. Three fingers go in and she gets ecstatic thrusting her lower body in the air. She gets up and lies on top of him. They kiss as they sit upright and hold each other. They continue kissing as he reaches for his wallet for a condom. She starts to bite his neck as he puts it on.

He then lies down on her softly kissing her, then spreading her legs, lubricating her vagina even more. He moves closer in effort to insert his cock in her and she helps by raising her lower body canlı casino siteleri in the air. He puts it in really really slowly pulling his arms towards the side of his torso like he was feeling an exotic change in him. He stops kissing her, concentrating on inserting himself in her. As he slid higher into her, she pulled herself higher and closer to him. He kept pulling back and going further like the scenes from Memento. Occasionally, he looked at her and smiled a sheepish losing boyhood smile. She responded by pulling him closer and kissing him. They started slow and that’s how she liked it. They experimented; He raised her upwards towards him while still in her and kissed and caressed her. She was no virgin but she was reliving her first time because of the pace. She enjoyed it and bit his neck and ears softly now and then. Putting his legs one by one of the bed, he laid her down leaning on to her.

She put her legs around his neck as he started to go in and out faster. The faint sound of his phallus sliding through her juicy vagina started to get louder. They began to sweat and pant and moan. As they began to speed up, resting himself on one arm, he lifted her with the other. He was still inside her, quickly he turned to the wall and pushed himself into her hard making her let out one sweet moan and pulling his hair in excitement. He was going really fast. She had been with men before and was amazed at how this newbie could hold on for so long. He pushed her hands back, speeding up, putting his tongue in her ear and biting it now and then. He was almost there; she was scratching his back in agony. With one leg in front, leaning towards her clutching her waist, he let out an aggressive moan as he came in her. She wasn’t done yet. Realizing he struggled to keep it going and reached for her cunt with his hands. Like a trigger, with his fingers, she climaxed holding a lock of his hair and pulling him closer to her. They stood for a moment frozen in awe of what all those text messages and harmless flirting had ended in.

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