Defrosting My Marriage Pt. 02


This will take several chapters. I’d suggest that you read each part in order. If you like this, please vote or leave a comment. Thanks for reading it.


The alarm went off at 6:30 am. Although both Ellen and I felt beat up but well satisfied after last night, we both had to get up and rush out to work. And work was not the usual fun it usually is. I mean, I was in great spirits but I was emotionally and, subsequently, physically drained from our night before. Oh, but it was worth it.

Over lunch, one of my coworkers, Zach, said, “She wore you out last night, huh?”

I responded, “Actually, we wore each other out!” I thought I was pretty glib.

Another coworker, Alfie, chipped in, “Yeah, you should see the other guy!”

That brought a great laugh but I was thinking, ‘they should only know!’ And that led me to think about which of the people I know I would be comfortable to be uninhibited and be in a bisexual threesome. Zach was definitely out: too fat and hairy. Alfie was out, too, as he was nerdy and not-at-all my type nor hers, whatever that was. In my mind, it was a penis, not a type. That’s all – a penis, no face. I seemed to be fascinated about this object. Alas, I was projecting. I spent the rest of the day going through all the people I knew. Several scored, most did not. I realized that, on this one, I’d see where Ellen led. And, I was very curious to see where she was coming from today, to say the least.

Of course, this being Friday afternoon, something came up at the last minute and my team had to deal with it. It was nearly eight when I dragged myself into the house.

“Hi, honey.”

Now that was greeting I hadn’t heard in a while. “Hiya, babe.”

“When don’t you settle down for a while. I have dinner whenever you’re ready.”

I knew if I lay down I’d never get up. “Do we have anything planned for tonight?”

“No, no. It’s just us chickens.”

First, I walked into the kitchen, kissed her hello and handed her a bouquet I picked up outside the train station on my way home.

“Oooh. Thank you. We should fuck like that every night!”

“Now there’s an idea!”

“Go change, get loose. Get out of here.” She shooed me away as she placed the flowers in a vase..

I walked into the bedroom to change. A shower would be good, too. Help bring me back to life. After refreshing myself, I walked into the kitchen in a pair of gym shorts and a tee. I kissed her again. “So, what we got?”

“I picked up a whole bunch of Chinese. A veritable pu-pu platter.”

Ellen was chipper as she brought out reheated containers. “I left work early today. I was home by four. I just couldn’t stay there anymore. I mean, everybody was cool and all, it’s just that my head wasn’t there.”

“Boy, do I hear that! As the late Baba Ram Dass might say, “I was an unwise mind.” I laughed at my own joke and Ellen giggled, as well.

“You tell me what you thought about and I’ll tell you what I thought about. Today, you go first.”

I told her how my conversation at lunch had turned my brain on into cataloging other men and what they might look like naked. I also told her what I had eventually determined; that it wasn’t other men, per se, but just a penis I desired. I told her everything honestly and straightforward. After all, the stakes were raised last night.

“Wow. That’s interesting. You aren’t interested in emotion but a displaced dick. Very interesting. Not unlike my day, I thought about where we go with this and in a million directions. If and how, we would really go through with satisfying our fantasies. Could we live them out or leave them in our bedroom. Fortunately, Rita, the girl I told you about who came on to me, and I went to lunch in an out of the way place. I had told her that we saw a therapist yesterday and she wanted to know what happened. I told her about our appointment and then I told her of our conversation. I told her about how erotic it was. She could see how drained I was and it was she who laughing suggested I skip out of work. I took her seriously. Anyway, Rita, suggested that she be our first threesome and that she would make it great for both of us. I told her that I would talk to you about it. Then she said that maybe we’d prefer if she brought a guy friend, someone she has known for years and who is bi. This way, we could clear out a bunch of fantasies in one swell foop. I’ll tell you, ever since lunch, my pussy has been dripping. I had to put a panty liner in my panties.”

“Gee, what an image! There’s a lot of there there! However, I decided to let you drive and so I’ll go wherever you want; I won’t be a backseat driver. What do you want to do?”

“Thank you. I would like to lead us, even though we have separate paths. Yet, this is a road we’ve chosen to take, as a part of our personal therapy.We’ll dip our toes in together. We’re on the same side of the road, so to speak. Do you know what I mean?” I nodded. “So it’s good that you’re totally open, because I was thinking about calling her otele gelen escort and asking them to come over tomorrow night.” I kind of choked on my egg roll. Ellen quickly jumped back in. “You’ll love Rita. She’s Hispanic-Asian and beautiful. She’s a little taller than me and with an amazing body of curves. She said that she was going to send me some pictures. Let me go check my phone.” But first, she waited for my response.

I was surprised at the speed in which acted. Here, I thought that we’d talk some more and that it might be a while before we did anything. But no, she was good to go. I took my time chewing a piece of a boneless spare rib. Finally, I could no longer take holding her off. I said, “If we’re going to do this…well, Hell! Go big or go home. Let’s go big! Go for the gold! You go, girl!” I couldn’t think of anymore slogans.

She squealed and ran into the bedroom to get her phone. She returned gasping. “Oh my. She certainly did send pictures…” she fiipped through them, “quite a lot of them. And here’s her friend, too.” She handed me the phone. Yes, Rita was hot and gorgeous. Her face was very Asian but her body was clearly Hispanic, all curvy and plush. What a combination!

The first few pictures had Rita dressed to the nines. The next few had Rita in lingere. The last series were nudes and yes, my eyes popped out. Her tits were this side of magnificent, bigger than Ellen’s nice rack. Her nipples seemed larger, too. Her booty wasn’t big but it was nice. And her shaved pussy had my dick twitching. She also sent a few pictures of her friend, a very handsome black man. Unfortunately, there were no pictures of his dick.

“Wow Wee, they are hot, that’s for sure.”

“I’m disappointed that she didn’t send a picture of his thing, you know?”

“We are of one mind, m’ dear. We’ll just have to let our imagination go until tomorrow night. Why don’t you make that call.”

“Do you really think I should?”

“What does our happiness need? I say, let’s do this and we move on. We only come this way once and right now, I think you’re champing at the bit.”

In a flash, Ellen called Rita. I munched on my dim sum listening.

“Oh, too bad, not tomorrow night? Maurice isn’t available and you’re going to your mother’s house. Awww. I’m disappointed. Here I am, all ready to pull the trigger and…oh, yes, we loved your pictures. Yeah, both of us said you were hot. But we were disappointed that there no penis shots…really?…really! That’s so cool…You want us to do what? Okay, I think that’s possible…No, it isn’t…before and after?…okay…let me ask him. How is Sunday night…or Sunday afternoon when the game is on?”

I nodded yes.

“Okay, Sunday afternoon it is then. I can’t wait…uh-huh…uh-huh…okay, I’ll talk to you then. Bye.”

“So, what did she say?”

“So, there are no penis shots because they’ve never been together. She knows him since Middle School. He’s always wanted to play with her but she never let him. They’ve been flirting forever. So, she’s never seen his thing either. Anyway, she asked him and he agreed. I have a feeling that this is a big thing for them, too. She also said she was going to try to get a penis shot.”

“Interesting that they’ve never has sex.”

“Yeah. Best friends since Middle School and that’s it. And, apparently, they love each other. They talk all the time and they are both aware of their sexual dynamics and don’t care. Oh, and she also said that she wants us to take some pictures and send them to her. She said that she likes to go down on women who are shaved and that I should shave mine and that I should send her before and after pictures. And they’re coming over Sunday afternoon. Whew!”

“Excited, huh?”

“Yes, aren’t you?”

I stood up from the table and my dick was tenting my gym shorts. “‘Nuf said?”

We ate the rest of meal smiling and giggling. We talked about what we’d like to do and see and giggled some more. Afterwards, while we cleaned the kitchen, we kept copping little feels.

“We’re doing this as a unit, right? No jealousy, right?”

“That’s a good plan. I told you, I’m in whole hog.”

“Good, let’s go take some pictures for Rita.”

We literally ran into the bedroom. She’d left a couple of joints on the dresser just waiting for me. “Okay,” she said, I’ll take a bunch of you. Let me take one now.” I was still wearing my shorts and tee. “Now, take off the shirt.” She snapped away at the phone camera. “Now, off with the shorts.” I was semihard and hanging nicely. I played with my balls and stroked the shaft. “Ok, let’s see it.” She snapped a few and then said, Let’s check them out.”

I sat on the bed next to her and damn, if I didn’t look good. My cock looked good, my ass looked good, my gut was flat. “Those are good shots of me. You’re a good porn photographer.”

She gave me an elbow. “Your turn.”

She stood up and struck a pose. She was also wearing shorts and a tee and no bra. Her tits hung nicely behind the shirt; pendik escort her nipples were sticking out. She was excited. I snapped a few. “Like a cover model…”

“Yeah right! More like an uncovered mode.”She slipped off her tee and shorts. She was wearing normal white panties. “Wait a sec…” She ran over to the dresser and opened her panty drawer. Dropping her whities, she pulled out a black lace thong and put it on. It was a gift I’d gotten her a couple of years ago and it was maybe a year since I’d seen it on her. She looked very hot. It rose from her mound in a perfect vee. She struck a few more poses. Then she slipped it off, I took a few more of her nude. “Take some close-ups of my pussy for the “before” shots.” I loved her pussy just the way it was. While her hair on top was jet black and curly, her pubes were soft and silky, not very ‘bushy” at all. She sat on the bed and stretched out on her back, slightly spreading her thighs and splaying her legs over the side. I was more than happy to shoot some nasty, close-ups. “I must look like some porn cunt.” I leaned over and kissed her cunt.

“No, not now. After I shave it.”

“You’re really going to shave it?”

“Yeah. When it starts to grow back and starts to itch, maybe I’ll wax it. We’ll see. Do you want to do the honors?”

“I’d love to. Stay here and I’ll get everything.” I raced into the bathroom and collected my shaver, shaving gel, my barber scissors, a few towels and filled a washbowl with warm water. When I went back into the bedroom, I saw Ellen looking at her phone.

“Wow. Rita sent some more pictures. Here’s some closeups of her pussy. Look at how swollen and red it is. This turns me on and makes me just want to lick it. And this is her friend, Maurice.” She handed me the phone. Hmm, Maurice had some beautiful cut cock, semi-hard and laying atop shaved pubes. It was about my size,…nah, bigger but not as thick. It was indeed a handsome slab of meat. “How do you feel about swallowing that? Especially in front of me?”

“In for a penny, in for a pound.” How many more could I come up with? “Now lay back on top of a towel.”

I began to trim her pubic hair with the scissors, catching all the little wild and unruly hair. When I was suitable pleased, I washed and began to shave her, very slowly and very carefully. First, I shaved off her pubic hair. It was a lot easier than I thought. I went over it a few times to make sure it was clean. Then I traveled down to her lips and carefully the little hairs along the edge. She was getting turned on. She was getting very wet and I began to smell her vagina heating up.I love that scent. I did her crotch where her thighs meet her vagina. I’d never explored my wife’s pussy in such detail and it was a thing of beauty. I wiped her clean and handed her a make-up mirror for her to look at it.

“It looks so cute. I look like a little girl. It’s so pretty.”

“It feels so soft. Feel it.” She ran her palm over her snatch and her fingers entered her folds. She moaned. “Not yet. Not done. Turn over on your knees and spread ’em.”

“You going to do my asshole?”

“You bet!” I spread her cheeks and shaved around her asshole down to her taint. When I finished, I washed and dried her and then applied lotion all around her nether region. She was still on her knees. I leaned in and began to tongue her ass.

“Oooh!” She wiggled her ass at me and I continued, sticking my tongue into her as far as I could. “Oooh!” This time, she shivered. I slowly brought her legs down and turned her over. I got between her thighs and proceed to lick every square inch of her. Her scent was like aromatherapy. I moved up on the bed and pointed my cock at her love canal.

“No, save it. I want to shave you now. Then we’ll fuck.”

“You’re going to shave me?” I wondered incredulously.

“Yes, I want you nice and clean for Maurice. His picture looked so cool with his shave. You need to be manscaped a bit.You could use a trim. Also, I think it would be nice not to get hair in my mouth for a change.”

“I don’t know about this,” I said warily.

“Oh, come on. You’ll love it. Come on, you said ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.’

“Okay, okay. But be careful! Don’t do a Loreena Bobbitt on me.”

She laughed. “Hell no, I need that dick! Now, on your back and spread ’em!” It was positively inspirational to see Ellen so randy! I swear, somebody flipped a switch.

I got on my back and spread my legs wide as she refilled the washbowl. She returned and positioned herself between my thighs.

“First, I snip!” She started in on snipping my bush from below my navel, along my treasure trail downward. My pubes were another story. Taking her time, she snipped my short and curlies so they weren’t anymore. The towel was filled with hair. “That looks nice. Take a look.” I looked different. I had a short-pile carpet.

“Okay, lay back. Now is time for the razor. I’ll be careful.” I laid back and closed my eyes while she washed me down and applied shaving rus escort gel copiously. She applied the razor slowly and carefully and soon she was making long swipes and getting me down to bare skin. “Oh, that looks lovely,” she said admiring her work. She washed me down again and applied gel between my upper thighs and my ball sack. “Wider!” She commanded and I did as I was told.

“I’m nervous!”

“Trust me?”

Slowly and delicately, she shaved my scrotum bare. She went back around the base of my shaft and then back up to the taint. She washed and rubbed lotion all over me. “Okay, and a pretty nice job, if I do say so myself. Now, turn over and let me do your ass.”

“And you think I’m going to get fucked? That’s not on list of things to do.”

“Why not? A lot of people like it. Why not try it?”

“I’ll ask you the same question?”

“Okay, point taken. Except for a finger, I’m not crazy for anal either. But, I want to shave it anyway, so you look good…and maybe you’ll have some ass play, too! Now, shut up and turn over!”

“Okey-dokey,” and I turned over onto my knees. Again, Ellen washed me and then coated me in gel. She shaved around my asshole and along my crack back down to my taint and up to my fruit basket.

“There’s some strays here, hold on.” She put gel all around my asshole, shaved the strays and suddenly, shoved her finger past my sphincter and then all the way into my ass. I gasped. “Ooh, I can feel your prostate gland!” She began to rub and put pressure on it. “Does that feel good?”

I had to admit that it felt great. It was a whole new physical sensation. My cock stiffened up immediately.

“You do like it! Now, I have a new trick to use on you. Goody!” She withdrew her finger and washed me. I exhaled loudly as I felt a bit empty. I think I missed her finger there. Go figure. I never even considered anal but now,…well, who knows? “Follow me into the shower and then we’ll take some more pictures.” She gathered up the shaving gear and headed into the bathroom.

I considered the new situation. A few days ago, I was depressed and super-mega-horny. Today, my wife and I are going to have a bisexual fourway. And I’m shaved and bare and I miss her finger up my ass! And we are taking naked photos of each other! I can’t wait to see what’s next! This was one hell of a reversal. But I liked it so far. This was fun, like team sports. We were going down the rabbit hole together.

“Come in here, Ray!”

Her call broke my reverie and I headed into the shower. Sliding open the door, I stepped into the warm water. Ellen was washing her hair. I took in her body and it was something else. I mean, it was great before but now, wow! I leaned against her back and ran my hands along her curves. Her bare mound was exquisite, as was the feeling of my shaft between her cheeks.

“You’re not thinking of slipping that in there, are you?”

“Ssh, I’m having ass play.”

“Wise guy.”

She washed her hair and then began to soap me. “You know, your penis looks bigger. Do you know how big are you?”

“I don’t know. An old girlfriend once measured it at seven and a half. Why? You want to measure it?”

“Maybe sometime but not now. Come on, lets dry off.”

We headed into the bedroom, Ellen with her phone. “Here, take some “after” pictures of me.”

“Okay, stand by the mirror and angle yourself toward me.” I stood opposite her at an oblique angle and snapped off a few shots. The flash didn’t bounce enough to ruin the image. She looked pretty damn good. “Okay, now lay on the bed.”

She looked into the mirror. “I look damn good. I really do.”

“I agree. You are a hottie. And your shaved woofer is the bomb.”

As she got on the bed, she was giggling. “Look at how silly we are! It’s fun…like being little kids again.”

“Before puberty.” I arranged her legs together – snap, snap, then spread them – snap, snap, close-up, snap, snap. “Now, lift your knees up to your chest and spread them a little. Good, hold it.” I framed the close-up so you could see all the goods. Close up – snap, snap, snap. “Ok, hold it.”

I slipped onto the bed and inserted my cock into her pussy. I wasn’t quite hard but our mounds rubbing together facilitated the job. Slowly, I slid in and out.

“How does that feel, babe?”

“Like amazing. Don’t stop. Give me that cock. Fuck me good.”

Never keep a lady waiting, especially when she talks dirty. This was one great fuck. We were rolling around and grunting. It was primal. It was animal. We must have bounced a hundred times. Her scent was thick. She started to pant rapidly, a sure sign that she would soon explode. She was on her back with her legs bent above me. I held her butt cheeks as I piledrove. I slipped a finger into her ass and she squealed. She rolled up and grabbed my cheeks, doing the same thing. Fucking like lunatics with fingers up our asses was a little to much for me to take. Her fingertip rubbed my prostate and I began to shoot and shoot and shoot like it would never stop. She was convulsing and arching her back. She let out a guttural sound and flooded me in her essence.

I was still in her vagina when we settled down. I pulled out and flipped her on top of me, my tongue now replacing my dick. I ate her and cleaned my cream pie until she came again. Then I collapsed.

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