Delilah’s Desert Descent Ch. 01


Our First Day

Delilah’s flight from Pune, India was set to land at 18:30 Phoenix time that Sunday evening and my too-frequent looks at the flight status in the British Airways app kept giving me the same information again and again, that her flight was 8 minutes ahead of schedule. There were no weather issues I was aware of, so the rest of her flight should be smooth.

I had been impatiently waiting for this day to arrive for a couple of months now, with my anticipation having reached its peak several days prior. We had officially started talking the night of September 24th and now it was early December, one of the best times of the year to visit Phoenix.

I stood alone in the terminal at Sky Harbor, lingering around the security checkpoint and pacing now and again to try to tamp down my nervousness. It didn’t work, of course, but it helped ever so slightly to help me pass the time while I waited for her to arrive. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the podcast I had been listening to as my thoughts were all concentrated on meeting Delilah.

Finally, the time arrived with the British Airways app telling me she was here, and I stood continuously now, knowing that it would take some time in order for her to deplane and go through the customs checkpoint, but I didn’t care. I could no longer bear to sit.

I scanned the distance again and again, at times seeing women that I thought resembled Delilah, but none of them were her. I sighed each time with disappointment until suddenly, a woman wearing a bright blue summer dress with long, black hair appeared. Somehow she managed to see me first and began waving exuberantly, and I felt like I left my body for just a moment before coming back to reality, waving back with a huge smile. My heart rate surely doubled.

She was here. Finally. Fuck, now what was I supposed to do?

I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep, cleansing breath. I gathered myself and remained still as she quickened her pace, closing the distance and walking through the final set of exit gates.

I thought of running to her but it seemed like such a cliche, something that only happened in romantic comedy movies, but nonetheless found myself doing exactly that. I ran to her and crashed into her with open arms, picking her up slightly as I squeezed her tightly.

I had rehearsed what seemed like a thousand opening lines for days in advance just to have them all be instantly tossed aside and forgotten.

“You’re here,” I whispered into her ear.

She melted into me and pulled me in tighter, saying nothing. I took her in, my senses filling to their bursting points with her clean, sweet scents. I felt the warmth of her body and the swell of her breasts pressed against me and felt completely overwhelmed with joy.

When several minutes had passed, we finally relaxed our embrace, backing up enough to see each other’s eyes, and there was no doubt as to what was to come next. I leaned in, with her mirroring my movement, closing the distance between us until our lips met. I’d had actual dreams about kissing Delilah, and now it was actually happening.

Our first kiss felt as though it lasted for an eternity, but in truth it probably only lasted a few moments. Everything I had imagined about kissing her had been completely wrong. My imagination of the event paled in comparison to the myriad of sensations and emotions I felt, my body and mind responding in ways I could not have foreseen.

When the kiss finally broke, she backed up and said, “Hi James, I’m Delilah, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

She grinned for a brief moment but then composed her facial expression and held out her hand in a professional manner. I couldn’t help but to laugh hard and grabbed her hand and pulled her back in close. I said, “I guess you’re funny in real life too. And yes, it’s so nice to meet you too.”

She giggled infectiously and said, “Let’s go find my bags. I’m so ready to leave this airport and go somewhere more private.”

At the mention of leaving I quickly wondered whether she had chosen to wear her sexy babydoll dress underneath her other dress. Before she’d left we had talked about it, but she ended up saying at the last minute that she wasn’t sure whether she would and would instead make it a surprise. Not knowing was even better and more exciting, I had to admit.

I remembered something and said, “Oh, I have something for you.”

Earlier in the afternoon, I visited a local flower shop and the florist had helped me select a small bouquet of red and pink roses mixed with yellow marigolds. I picked up the box from where I’d been sitting and handed it to her. She lifted the lid and saw the arrangement and covered her mouth as she gasped.

“Oh James, they’re so lovely! You shouldn’t have. I love them. Thank you.”

I was greeted with another warm kiss on the lips, something I hoped would continue happening frequently during her şirinevler escort weeklong visit with me.

She looked on her app and found which carousel her bags should be on and we began walking there, with my arm draped across her back to stay as close to her as I could.

When we’d collected her bags I asked if she was feeling hungry and she looked into my eyes and smiled. “I am. For you.”

I could feel the blush as it heated my skin. I didn’t really have a comeback for that and instead took in the sight of her and said, “You are so beautiful.” Her wide smile was the only response I needed.

We made our way outside and caught a shuttle to the lot where I’d parked my car, and in about fifteen minutes we made it there. The shuttle driver helped us bring down the bags and I handed him a tip, and within seconds he was back aboard and driving away.

I loaded Delilah’s bags into the trunk of my car and we got in and I began backing out of the spot.

“Wait,” she said.

I looked over and saw her expression and pulled back in and asked, “Something wrong?”

She got out of her seatbelt and got up and climbed over the center console and embraced me again, more tightly than ever. I pulled her in and again my mouth was on hers, kissing her deeply and insistently.

My hand quickly found her breast and I rubbed my thumb across where I knew her nipple was hidden underneath. She leaned back and said, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

“I know, I can’t either.”

She ran her hands through my hair and caressed my face softly. Finally, she took a deep breath of her own and said, “Okay, I just needed that before anything else happened.”

I laughed as she got back into her seat and we set off. The hotel we’d chosen for her was about 25 minutes away from the airport, so the tension really had time to build as we drove.

I had already stopped by the hotel earlier in the afternoon and managed to get the room keys before check-in time, so all we had to do was go straight to the elevator. Our room was on the seventh floor, and when the elevator doors closed, we pounced on each other, kissing fiercely and roughly, with our hands exploring and groping each other as our passions doubled, and then doubled again.

She pressed firmly up against me, my painfully-hard erection pressed into her abdomen. She moaned slightly and announced, “I’m so wet. I want you so much.” I wanted her too, very badly.

After what seemed like an eternity, the slow Otis elevator got us to the seventh floor and the doors opened. Our room was all the way at the end of a long hall that branched down to the left, and we half-ran until we got to the door.

I fished the card key out of my pocket and held it to the sensor, the welcome beep and green flashing light a relief. Now was not the time to be locked out. I pressed the door handle down and pushed the heavy door open, letting her enter first as I pulled her bags in behind me.

The door closed with a loud crashing thud behind us, and we were finally alone and in complete privacy.

When she turned back to face me, her expression had changed. She looked flushed and her eyes were filled with arousal. She said softly, “Come to me.”

As I approached, she surprised me as she slowly sank to her knees. She looked up into my eyes and started unbuckling my belt, followed quickly by undoing my pants and pulling them down along with my boxer briefs in one smooth motion.

She looked at my hard cock and said, “So nice to finally meet you too.” She giggled softly and took it in her hand, feeling it and experiencing it for the first time.

She leaned forward and licked the bit of precum from the tip and breathed hard out of her nose appreciably. She took the tip fully in her mouth and began licking the sensitive underside, causing a huge wave of pleasure to rush through my body.

I was already on edge since we’d agreed days earlier to abstain from coming until we were together, and I didn’t want to lose it like a hormone-filled teenager and accidentally fill her mouth in the first five minutes of being alone with her. I wanted our first time to last.

I decided to pull her up from her kneeling position. “Wait, baby. Let’s slow down just a little.”

She protested. “But I want it now. I’ve been thinking about this moment the whole way here on the plane, and even before that.”

I didn’t answer directly but led her to the king-sized bed. On the way there I remembered how her mouth felt on my cock and already missed the sensation, pushing aside any thoughts about making things last.

I laid down on the bed on my back and she crawled up beside me and again took me into her mouth. Her lips and tongue felt exquisite and soon once again I could feel my orgasm taking hold.

Like I had thought before, though, I didn’t want it to start out this way. I wanted to be inside şirinevler elit escort her. I pulled her up and she sighed again. She said, almost whimpering, “But you taste so good.”

I answered with my thoughts from a moment before. “I want to be inside you.”

That made her moan softly, and I had her stand so that I could start slowly lifting her dress over her head. When it was partially off I gasped as I saw that she did in fact wear her babydoll dress underneath her other clothes and she looked incredibly sexy in it. The only funny thing was that she still had on a bra and panties with it and it made me smile.

She sensed my thoughts and said, “I couldn’t have my nipples showing, now could I? And there’s no way I could be as wet as I’ve been and not have on underwear.” She smiled and looked slightly embarrassed.

I didn’t care one bit and slowly took everything off of her, and stood in awe when she was standing before me, completely naked. I took my shirt off and tossed it in the vicinity of where my pants were and pulled her in close.

My cock nuzzled in between her thighs as we embraced tightly, and I could feel it pressing against her baby-smooth, waxed vulva. The sensations were warm and electric as our skin touched, and again we kissed deeply and passionately. I couldn’t get enough and put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her even more firmly into me.

She broke the kiss, and once again I could see a conspiratorial smile in her eyes, an expression I was quickly growing to love seeing. She made a motion and pushed me back until she had me on the bed again and on my back.

Her mouth was right back on me, taking me deep, but I could tell that she wasn’t trying to make me come this time. After a few seconds, she moved up and straddled me, lining me up with her opening.

Again her eyes were filled with lust as she took me in her hand from behind her leg and slid me up and down along her labia, spreading her slick, warm wetness onto me. She moaned again as the pleasurable sensations coursed through her body, just as they were through mine.

Finally, she moved back and took the tip inside her pussy, all the while looking intently into my eyes. “I’ve wanted this from almost the moment we started talking, love,” she said in a voice that was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard.

“I’ve wanted it too. So much.”

She pushed back more firmly and I felt my cock sink more deeply inside her. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly. Nothing that would ever happen for the rest of my life would likely top this moment as the greatest of my life.

The differences in experiencing Delilah in person were immeasurable against having experienced her through a screen and having talked to her over the phone when we could sneak in moments to do so.

It was different, though. When we texted each other, we could say things we’d likely never be able to say in person. We could make ourselves vulnerable and reveal secrets that no one else knew, and that aspect of online communication was very liberating and enticing. We could become intimate with each other in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do otherwise.

All of these thoughts were running through my mind as I looked up into her eyes, as we were finally physically connected and together as one. When she began grinding against me, I waged what I knew was going to be a futile battle to keep from coming, and I already knew that this was going to be over very soon.

I tried to stall and said, “Come here, baby.”

She leaned down and I raised myself up, capturing her breasts in my hands, squeezing and kneading them, then pulling them closer so I could lick, suck, and bite her soft brown nipples. Her grinding slowed but didn’t stop as I attacked her nipples with what seemed like a volcanic level of passion.

She moaned loudly and tried again to increase her movements to grind her pussy against me. I could feel her rhythmically squeezing her internal muscles around my shaft and it didn’t help at all with me trying to prolong things.

I pulled her down even more on top of me and kissed her deeply. These kisses were wet, messy and hot. We were both breathing raggedly as we continued our love dance, reaching ever closer to the point of no return as each second passed.

As the kissing continued to intensify, I could hear a low groan from her starting to build, starting deep from her diaphragm and ending in my mouth. I could feel her body tensing more tightly and wondered how amazing this was feeling for her. I felt that I had no power left to stave off the inevitable, having completely surrendered myself to her, mind, body, and soul.

All at once she pulled away from me and her eyes flew open, a wild expression having appeared on her face as if something had scared her. I feel a sudden rush of heat in her pussy as she shrieked with passionate intensity.

Her şirinevler escort pussy convulsed rhythmically around my cock and I came, unbelievably hard, unleashing a torrent of cum deep inside her. For a long moment, I felt as though I was leaving my own body and occupying hers, and in a small way I was. The spasms and muscle contractions continued for nearly half a minute as we mutually orgasmed.

She was still rocking back and forth slowly on my now-softening cock as she fell forward onto me, finally coming to a stop with me still inside of her. I saw that there were a few tears forming at the sides of her eyes and reached up and wiped them away.

“Are you okay, honey?” I asked, a little concerned.

She nodded very firmly and said, “I told you a long time ago I never orgasmed during sex, but somehow I did with you. I can’t believe that just happened!”

She nuzzled her head against my neck and heaved a deep sigh. Within a few moments she drifted off to sleep with us still joined together. I felt her deep, regular breathing and just held her close to keep her warm as she dozed. She had been on an incredibly long and difficult journey to make it to me and she did everything she could to stay awake so that we could be intimate together right when she arrived.

I felt a huge wave of emotion wash over me and knew that my connection with Delilah was now even stronger than it had been before.

After she had been asleep for a while, she woke up and we had sex again, this time with me on top. She didn’t manage to orgasm this time, but she did get very close.

I couldn’t possibly leave her with any frustration from not having come and moved down between her legs. I had been dreaming of the moment when I would finally get to taste her, and now that moment was finally here.

I gently pushed her legs up a bit to open her up more widely and just took in the sight of her. I used my fingers to caress and massage her clit and to spread open her outer labia, revealing the deep pink colors of her vagina. I had already come inside of her twice, but it didn’t matter as I moved forward and slowly let my tongue glide from the bottom of her dripping pussy all the way to where her clit was protruding prominently from beneath its hood.

I wrapped my lips around her clit and gently sucked on it, causing moans from her each time I did. Her taste was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My senses were being pushed to the maximum as I felt my cock starting to harden a bit again.

I started licking against her slowly, savoring her taste and her scent. She arched her back and hissed, “Yes! Like that!”

I took note and continued what I had been doing before, using quick, short strokes up and down over her clit. I could tell that it was having a nice effect because she was arching her back and closing her thighs around my head involuntarily.

I didn’t much care if I couldn’t breathe at this point because I wanted so badly for her to experience pleasure.

A few more moments passed until suddenly she held her breath for several long seconds and then exploded with another orgasm, her legs shaking violently and nearly crushing my head. She cried out loudly and pushed my head harder into her pussy with her hands.

I reached up with my arms and forcefully pushed her legs back and down but didn’t take my face away from her pussy. I let my tongue come to a stop but never lost contact with her clit.

When a minute had gone by, I tested her and began sucking again. This time she said, “Ohhh!”

I took that as a sign to continue and in another few minutes she was coming again, this time with only slightly less intensity and shaking as the time before. Being able to see and experience her reacting this way made me feel incredibly grateful as well as mentally aroused.

When I didn’t break contact with her pussy again, she sighed and said softly, “I think I’m done, hun…”

I really didn’t want to move from that spot. I wanted to stay right there and pleasure her forever, but I could tell she was exhausted and needed to sleep. Her home in India was twelve and a half hours later than Phoenix, so it was going to take some time for her to get adjusted to the huge time difference.

We got up and got cleaned up by taking a warm shower together, standing in the warm spray and kissing while tightly embracing. We somehow did manage to wash each other’s bodies and collapsed back in bed a short while later.

I turned off all of the lights as she got into bed and then joined her, snuggling up behind her. Not even five minutes had gone by until I heard her deep, regular breathing start again. I couldn’t possibly imagine how tired she must have been.

I lay there awake next to her for a long while until the darkness and the sound of her breathing finally got the best of me and I drifted off to sleep as well. Before I did, though, I thought ahead to the next days of her visit and did not want them to get here quickly. I wanted to make every day of her week with me a day that she would never forget, and I never wanted her time with me to end.

I tried my best to not think about her inevitable departure just as sleep overtook me for the night.

To be continued…

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