Derailed Ch. 02


After helping rid me of my clothes, Amelia took my hand and led me to her bathroom. The shower, as promised, was huge with eight spray heads and a bench. I washed her first, applying gobs of shower gel to smear and spread over her body. She wriggled with glee in my paying extra attention to her breasts, rear cheeks, ass and slit. Rinsing off the lather, I planted kisses all over her body.

When it was her turn, she enthusiastically returned the favor leaving my crotch for last. Kneeling, she lathered my balls and cock and worked them thoroughly with her hands. I stiffened and after the water rinsed the suds off, she glanced up and took me into her mouth.

She greedily sucked, nibbled and flailed me my hard cock with her tongue. She paused then slowly took in my full length. I closed my eyes at the sensation of the ridges of my domed head passing into and then out of her throat. Releasing me suddenly, she rose then bent over with her legs spread and hands planted on the bench inviting me to, “Take me from behind.”

I stepped up and ran my domed head up the length of her heated, slick slit and a deeply hidden primal instinct in me rose. I clutched the sides of her hips, firmed my stance and jabbed my full cock into her. Amelia yelped from the stabbing invasion of her pussy.

Filled with a primordial desire, I took her hard in the spraying shower completely overwhelmed by my own want. I viciously banged away nearly lifting her body up with my thrusts. My consciousness faded, muting her moans and screams echoing the sound of shooting water.

I was shocked back with the first jolting spurt of my release. I froze pressed against Amelia’s quaking ass, my cock spewing cum deep inside her convulsing pussy. The spraying shower waters brought us both back with our hands braced on the shower walls for needed support.

Only after I’d shrunk and fallen out, was she able to move. Instead of being angered, by my brutal assault of her body, she embraced, kissed and thanked me profusely. On shaky legs, we’d cleaned up again, dried off and staggered to her bed where we’d collapsed and fell immediately asleep.

It was still night when I woke. Spooned against Amelia’s backside, pressed against her warm nakedness, inhaling her scent and feeling her breathing. My first thoughts were those of the previous hours – vivid images of Amelia and I with our sounds and our two bodies linked in passion. I held onto them as long as I could before succumbing to rising awareness.

Fucking Amelia had to be THE most incredible sexual experience I’d ever known. That she’d seduced me into our first coupling and encouraged our second in the shower was beyond my wildest fantasies. I’d broken my ‘no personal relationships with clients’ rule, but hadn’t the slightest regret. She was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever met, let alone fucked.

Opening my eyes, the lights from the city below streamed through the curtain-less window casting an incandescent glow on the room. I lifted my upper body, planted my elbow on the bed and propped my head up in my hand after bending my elbow. The pale light gave the gentle slopes and valleys of Amelia’s supple body a soft glow that I found irresistible.

I lifted my other hand from her limp grasp and brought it gently to her waist then swept it over the top of her smooth upturned hip, down her leg and back up to her top breast. Lightly using my fingertips, I brushed the kush edges of her breast and swept in small circles to slowly close in on her nipple. Amelia cuddled back against me sleepily murmuring, “Ummmm, Enjoying yourself?”

“Very much. Do you mind?” I continued my feathery strokes, sweeping through her chest’s valley to her other breast, sınırsız escort continuing my feathery stroking.

“Not in the least. Your hand is warm and your touch is so gentle.”

When her other nipple puffed against my fingertips, I swerved down over the ridge of her ribs, crossed her stomach and scaled up onto her rise below in replying, “Good I’m glad. You’re the most incredibly beautiful and sensuous woman I’ve ever known. I feel guilty about the way I took you in the shower. I never lost control like that before. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I REALLY did enjoy it. I’d of stopped you if I you were hurting me. Being fucked that rough was a surprise. I wouldn’t want it that way everyday, but as a change of pace, it added some extra pleasure.”

I listened with my head turned to Amelia’s face while swathing over her smooth mound, reversing direction when touching the two points of hipbones. “I still feel the need to make amends…prove to you that I can be tender lover too.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I’d like you to just lay back and let me explore your gorgeous body with my hands and mouth.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, that sounds delicious. Can I touch your body a little at the same time?”

“That’d be fine, but let’s both try to take it slow and easy.”

“I think I can do that.” She said in turning over and drawing her far leg up to plant her foot down on the bed. I ran my hand up her velvety inner thigh and felt her fingers brush my stirring cock and delve lightly down to cup my balls.

Intent on staying controlled, I blocked out her touch and leaned in to give her a short tender kiss on the lips while gliding my hand down her to lightly swipe between her legs. Bending in with wetted lips, I gave each nipple a pecking soft suck and then rose to my knees beyond her reach. She remarked, “This could be harder than I thought.”

Savoring both budding nipples with my lips and tongue, I stroked her warming slit. I pulled away to suggest, “I’ll try to make it easier on you. Roll over for me. Show me your lovely backside.”

“Yes, sir,” she said in obeying, crossing her arms over her pillow and dropping her head .

Starting on the backs of her calves, I made one slow caressing stroke up her thighs, smooth cheeks, back, neck, shoulders and upper arms. I gently kneaded her shoulder muscles and she asked, “You giving me a massage?”

“Sort of like one, but one I plan to enjoy giving just as much as I hope you’ll like receiving.”

I spread my fingers and veered out to skim the edges of her flattened breasts then drifted down over her back stopping at atop the twin smooth rear cheeks. I plied the plush pair, lowering my mouth to kiss and suck in several small tufts of skin with my lips. Amelia released muffled purr of approval, “Ummmm”.

I slid a hand between her legs to find what I’d hoped for. She was warm, yet not yet puffed and damp. I gently patted her pussy then lifted away to hobble sideways down to her feet. I grabbed one, lifted it to my mouth and slowly licked the bottom. Bending it back, I sucked each toe. In repeating the process on her other foot, Amelia tossed back, “That feels so good. No one’s ever sucked my toes before. Do you have a foot fetish?”

I smiled in answering, “Not really. I just wanted to feel and taste every inch of your body.”

“Every inch?”


“Sounds heavenly.” she cooed as I dropped her foot and spread her legs to run my hands up the backs of her legs and thighs. I stopped, unable to resist a second fondling of her ass cheeks. I pulled a cheek aside, whetted a finger and touched her puckered anus. Amelia winced at my touch, “Be careful.”

I taksim escort pulled away, “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“No, it’s OK”

“Go ahead, just be do it slowly. I’ll tell you if I don’t like it.”

Doing as told, I amply rewetted my finger and smeared around the wrinkled rim of her small hole. Increasing pressure with each swirl relaxed her surrounding muscle and I inched my fingertip in up to the first knuckle. As I delicately twirled and worked my finger in, I bent over to kiss her cheeks, the backs of her thighs and knees. . When I tried a slow withdrawal of my finger, Amelia clench it tight and protested ” No! That feels good. Another finger would be even better.”

“Some other time, lover. That’s a promise. It’ll give us both something to think about for next time.”

“Damned, Garrett! You’re such a tease! You sound sure there’ll be a next time.”

“I REALLY hope so. Being with you tonight has…er… IS wonderful. I hope there’s a next time.”

“I do to.” She relaxed and I pulled my finger out causing her moaning objection of, “Awwww”

Not getting any promise, for the future, from Amelia served to encourage my resolve to remain controlled and make the most of the present. I repositioned my legs and arch my back to kiss my way up her smooth back while lowering my hips to rub my stiff cock and balls around and over her ass as I kissed her neck and shoulders. Amelia gasped, “Oh god, Garrett.”

Her response of enjoyment strengthened my resolve to pleasure her more. I lifted up and off her telling her to, “Roll back over”

I lay down on my side next to her and twisted my body in to kiss her. She leaned into me, pulled the back of my head, press our lips together and jabbed her tongue into my mouth to thrash mine. I felt her hand snake between us to fondle my balls and cock.

Our kiss grew urgently hard as her tongue flailed in my mouth and her hand started pumping my cock hard. My control threatened, I broke the kiss and wrenched away to trap her right nipple with my lips, suck it and stretch it up. Amelia’s loud groan echoed of the walls.

Releasing her one nipple with smack, I suckled her twin in the same manner before laying a trail of kisses down the center of her body. Amelia emitted whimpering pants. I purposely halted my trail at the mound below her waist, shuffled back down, grabbed a foot and kissed the top.

Recovering control, I leisurely worked my lips and hands up one leg savoring the taste of her skin. Catching the strong musky scent of her arousal, I glanced up to see she was plying her breasts with her hands and taunting her peaked nipples. I backed down and repeated my ascent up her other leg.

I spread Amelia’s legs and pushed my chest into her heated, now wet core and rubbed. I laid another trail of kisses down the center of stomach in retreating back, halting with my nose a mere few inches above her pussy. I gazed at her puffy darkened groove, now glistening with seepage.

Stabbing my tongue tip deep into her drenched entry, I twirled it around before dragging it up through her crease. When my nose touched something hard. I lifted my head and brought my hands up to part her fleshy folds with my thumbs. My nose had bumped into Amelia’s clit that was larger than any woman I’d ever been with. Swollen hard, it rose up nearly full inch. Thrilled with my discovery, I stuck my tongue full out and circled it with the tip then lashed across it. Amelia’s body shuddered and she groaned, “Oh…yes…Garrett…yes.”

Taking the stiff nubbin between my lips, I inserted two fingers into her slick entry below and made a dual attack of pumping my fingers and tesettürlü escort slathering her love bud. Amelia’s writhed furiously in response and her loud guttural shrieks echoed off the walls, “Ohhhhhhhh…gaaawwwd…I’m cummming!”

She clamped my fingers when her hot juice gushed out on my two buried fingers. I redoubled my dual assault, plummeting her clit with my mouth and sped up my pumping fingers. Amelia let out an ear-piercing scream with her second bed-shaking orgasm. I pulled my sticky fingers, licked off and swallowed her salty flow before drilling my tongue into her to greedily gather more.

Feeling fully redeemed, I straightened up and shuffled forward lifting her leg to rest on my shoulder. I pulled on her leg to bring her hips off the bed, bent my steely hard cock and guided it to her entryway to slip the mushroomed head in. Amelia, propped up on her elbows, glared down and exclaim, “Yes, Garrett. FUCK ME! “

No longer needed for steering, I set my hand down on her pelvis and stretched my thumb out touch the tip of her clit peeking out between her puffed ridges. Very slowly, I pushed into Amelia’s heated velvety channel. Her spongy walls parted easily, clinging to and soothing the stretched skin of my cock as it pressed in. Unable to move her body, Amelia stared intently down to watch my shaft fully disappear until her damp puffy pussy lips squashed against my body.

I paused. Her upper body and head dropped back as she said, “You cock feels soooooooooo good.”

Amelia whimpered when I started to inch back out. Pinned down by my hand, she tried following by scooting down but I was the stronger. She abandoned resistance, allowing me to fuck her with slow and easy thrusts. I taunted her clit with one hand and used the other paw and squeeze her breasts. When her pussy clenched my cock on my backstrokes, I pinched her nipples.

I varied the pace of my strokes, watching Amelia writhe in pleasure beneath me. She screamed again as her third orgasm quaked her body and burst over plunging cock. Getting closer to my own release, I increased the tempo and force of my thrusts. Amelia, her body still trembling in after-shock, plead, “Finish in my mouth Garrett!”

I pulled out, let her leg fall off my shoulder and scrambling up over her body on my knees. She bent up from the waist and grabbed my ass to pull my throbbing cock into her mouth just as I felt the burning sliver shoot up my shaft. I fell forward, flinging my hands out against the wall just as my first burst spewed in Amelia’s mouth.

Though it was the third time tonight, my release seemed equal to the earlier two in amount and intensity. The tip of my cock was engulfed in a sticky pool of cum and Amelia’s saliva. Her lips firmly puckered just beneath my cock’s domed head, she took each spurt. Her tongue rubbed my cock’s underside several times as she swallowed. Her thumb and forefinger clenched my shaft, pumping out all I had.

My body ceased jerking and I relaxed. Her mouth told her I was through and she softened her puckered lips as my cock began to shrink. She released me slowly with a little pop as my cock exited her lips. To make sure she’d gotten every last drop, she lapped her tongue over my tip.

When calmed enough, I backed off her and wriggled down to take her in my arms. I kissed her, tasting my own discharge on her lips. We lazed in the after glow, locked in an embraced and kissing until sleep overtook our weariness.

I woke again in the dawn’s early light, prodded by my internal clock and carefully crept from bed and out to the living room. After redressing in my rumpled clothes and gathering up Amelia’s papers into my briefcase; I carried my shoes to the kitchen, found a pen and wrote on a note pad of paper:

‘Amelia, last night with you was amazing.

Thank you,


Leaving my shoes and briefcase near the door, I silently padded back to the bedroom. I laid my note on the pillow next to Amelia’s head and left without disturbing her.

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