Derek Pt. 03


Everybody was decked out in cowboy boots, jeans, and bandannas at the afternoon barbecue. Of course, Derek with his sleeveless button-up shirt, tight jeans (with a big buckle belt), and cowboy boots looked like the Playgirl cover model for the cowboys issue. Everyone watched him swagger around the patio. Karen gave him a cowboy hat, and every gay guy and straight girl came a little.

It was a really warm day and some folks decided to get into the pool. Derek didn’t get in the pool, but he had taken his shirt off. He was laid out on a lounger, his boots crossed, while Karen rubbed oil onto his bulging chest and rippled belly. The oil made his thick chest hair glisten in the sunlight. He tipped his hat forward stretched his arms back behind his head like he was asleep while Karen ran her hands over his body. He didn’t try to hide the fact that his huge fat cock visibly snaked down his thigh.

After making his body shine with oil, Karen whispered something to Derek and lay back on her lounger. She put on her shades and held out the oil. Derek didn’t budge. Karen sat up and took off her shades.

“Fuck you!” She shouted at him as she got up and walked away in a huff into the house.

I started talking to Ben and Ray. When I looked back, I saw Chris sitting on the lounger beside Derek. Derek had pushed his hat back and had his hands on his chest. Chris was wearing some skimpy bathing suit with his hair in a ponytail. He had a towel draped over his neck, the ends falling over his nipples. To complete his look, he had a bandana tied around his neck and was wearing a pair of colorful cowboy boots.

Chris was obviously flirting with Derek, and Derek was enjoying it. Chris, with his long blond hair and soft twinky body, could always get straight guys do a double take. Chris had the coy flirty gestures down pat and Derek was paying attention. After my encounters with Derek, I don’t think Chris had to try very hard.

After a bit, Karen came back and whispered something to Derek. She looked at Chris; her lips curled and she tossed her hair to the side. She slyly slid a hand across Derek’s thigh. Chris put on his shades and laid back. Karen grabbed Derek’s hand and pulled on him. He leaned toward Chris and said something. Chris just waved to him without stirring. Karen then dragged Derek away.

A few seconds later, Chris walked after them.

Ben and Ray had walked off arguing, so I walked inside to find Chris. I couldn’t find him anywhere, so I just decided to just walk around.

On the other side of the house were a group of outbuildings – a shop, a barn, and other assorted little structures. The barn looked locked so I walked around it and found a cracked door and walked inside. It looked like an empty stall or storage area. I started to leave when I heard moaning. There was a large gap between boards in the wall and I peered through it.

There was Derek, shirtless, looking like a hot porn model. His tan oily muscles bulging, his hairy chest flexing as he pounded Karen’s pussy. He was still wearing his tight jeans, his massive cock protruding from his zipper. He was fingering his hairy nips as his hips ground hard into her pussy. But he wasn’t even looking at Karen whose head was thrown casino oyna back and who was softly moaning as the thick meat stretched her snatch. He was looking up at the hay loft.

Chris was in the hay loft butt naked except for his cowboy boots and bandanna around his neck. He was leaning back against a stack of hay bales while sitting on another. His legs were on either side of the bale as his ass was exposed. He was fingering his ass with one hand as he jerked his small cock with the other. He was fingering his ass as if it were the sweetest pussy on Earth. Derek and Chris were staring directly at each other.

Derek was fucking Karen at the same tempo as Chris fingered himself. As Chris’ finger disappeared into his tight ass, Derek sank his fat cock into Karen’s pussy. Chris nodded his head as he stared at Derek who himself licked his lips, his mouth watering as he lecherously watched the twink pleasuring himself.

Somebody yelled for Karen outside the barn. I slipped deeper into the shadows, as I heard them get closer. Karen sat up and pushed Derek away, his hard cock shiny from her wet pussy. She grabbed her panties and adjusted her skirt. She hobbled to the barn door, trying to put her panties on; finally she just shoved them in her pocket and left. I looked out a crack in the wall to the outside and could see Ray waving his arms and pointing to a plume of smoke out where the grill pit was located. Then they both ran off.

I turned back to Derek who had his shirt draped around his neck, one finger hooked in his pocket as he leaned against a wooden pole. His thick hard cock still jutted out of his zipper as he watched Chris throw his swim trunks and towel down from the hay loft and quickly jump down the ladder himself.

Chris picked up his trunks and towel and balled them up in front of his boy cock. He seductively shook is hips as he approached the big alpha stud watching him. Derek was grinning with a bit of straw between his teeth.

Chris ran a hand across the hairy muscled chest and down the ripped abs, almost purring. Derek flexed his arm and Chris leaned in to lick the bulging bicep. Derek grabbed the twink’s long hair with his other hand, pulling him to him and forcing his tongue into Chris’ mouth.

“Suck my fuckin’ big cock,” Derek said, pulling his lips away and pushing Chris to the hay-strewn ground.

Derek, his hand still clutching the long hair, forced the boy’s head back and pushed the head of his cock between the eager lips. But he didn’t stop pushing until Chris gagged on the thick member. Derek pulled back a bit as Chris gasped in a breath, and then he sank his cock back down his throat. Chris gurgled as Derek sneered, sinking further down the boy’s throat. Derek was giving no mercy to Chris as he lodged his cock deep down his throat.

Tears ran down Chris’ cheeks as the massive cock stretched his throat, gagging him. Derek pushed the boy’s head against his hairy crotch trying to gain another inch down the tight throat.

“Fuckin’ throat feels like the best virgin cunt. Gawd, I want to own ya mouth pussy, boy,” Derek growled as he pulled out a bit and sank back in.

Derek began to face fuck Chris. Both of his hands were griping the long blond slot oyna hair, forcing Chris to take all of the hard meat into his throat. Chris was giving guttural moans every time Derek bucked his hips back and forth.

I was stoking my own cock and didn’t notice as Ben snuck up beside me. My eyes went wide and I had almost jumped out of my pants as he slid next to me. He looked down at my hard cock leaking precum and looked out of the crack in the wall at Derek punishing Chris’ throat. As he watched he grabbed my cock and started milking it. He had a finger to lips, gesturing for me to keep quiet.

Ben was a hottie and the youngest in our clique. He was the shortest but the most muscular. He had short but shaggy black hair and bedroom eyes; his lips were a deep pouty pink that you either wanted to kiss or cum on. We were fuckbuddies for a long time before he and Ray began dating. He would come over to my apartment and strip down naked, wanting us to suck each other’s cocks or just fuck around. We’d always end up spooning or cuddling. He still came over if he and Ray had had a big fight.

Ben pulled out his own chubby cock and balls, pulling at the loose skin covering his cock. He glanced back at me and smiled, giving me a wink before looking back at Derek and Chris. Ben’s cock didn’t take long to stiffen up, his cock head poking out red and shiny. I spit in my hand and reached for his really thick cock as he fisted mine.

“Damn, boy, take daddy’s fat cock down that throat. Making me want to shoot cum down that throat, baby,” Derek groaned. “But nah, I want daddy cum leaking from that pussy, baby.” Derek said as he pulled out his raging cock. Chris coughed as Derek patted his tear-stained cheek.

Derek grabbed Chris by the scruff of the neck and steered him to the bales of hay he had been fucking Karen on. He bent Chris over it. Derek spread Chris’ ass cheeks and spit between them. He positioned his cockhead at the winking little hole at the center and pressed it forward.

Ben released my cock and pulled away. He pulled off his shorts and got behind me. I felt his leaking slick cock nestling in my asscrack as he leaned over me watching as Derek sank his big cock into Chris. I felt Ben’s arm encircle me as his other hand positioned his cock. I felt his cockhead stretching my own assring as I watched Chris taking Derek’s plum-sized head. Ben covered my mouth as his cock popped into my chute. Ben’s cock was so thick it was like taking a fist. Ben began to slowly fuck me as we watched Derek begin to pound Chris.

“Fuck I love this pussy. Gawd, your ass feels like some young tight cunt. Fuck, it grabs and milks my cock better than any pussy,” Derek groaned as his cock rammed in and out of Chris’ ass.

Chris was clenching his teeth and grabbing at the old blanket covering the bale of hay while Derek’s cock pounded his round ass. The hay bales rocked as the hunk relentlessly fucked the twink. Derek’s hips were slapping against the round fat ass cheeks, sweat running over his tight hips to the bubble butt making the sound even louder and more aggressive.

“Yeah, hit that boypussy harder, daddy. Fuck me like a slut! This pussy is yours, whenever you want it, daddy. I’ve never been canlı casino siteleri fucked by such a big cock before. Fuck it like a pussy!” cried Chris, grinding his hips against Derek.

Ben was fucking me deep as precum leaked in a stream from my cock. His cock was assaulting my prostate with its thickness, forcing precum out of me. Their filth talk made Ben fuck faster into me. I knew Ben wouldn’t last long.

“You want Derek to creampie that boy pussy, bitch?” Derek growled running his hands through the boy’s long hair and over his smooth back. “You need this manseed breeding that pussy? Tell me you want daddy to nut into that tight boypussy. Fuckin’ tell me, you little slut boy.”

“Fuckin’ breed me, daddy. I’m a whore for your daddy cum. Fill my slutty boycunt,” Chris cried in a sweet femme voice.

Ben had grabbed my shoulders and started bucking his hips against me. I felt his hot load fill my ass as his hips jerked. He pushed deep into me as he spurted his load further into me. I jerked my cock as he leaned into me.

“Gonna bust a nut in that hungry pussy, baby. Take this sperm load up that slut pussy. Gonna breed that ass,” Derek cried and gave a deep moan. He shook as he unloaded into Chris. “Fuck! Take it all, fuckboy!”

I shot my own load as Chris pushed his ass back to Derek. Sweat ran drown Derek’s face and wet his hairy oily chest as he fell forward smacking against Chris’ ass for the final time. Derek pistoned his cock in and out of Chris quickly until cum foamed out of the boy’s ass as a creamy ooze.

Then the muscle hunk stepped back, his cock pulling out of Chris. Creamy cum ran down Chris’ leg. The front of Derek’s tight jeans were wet from sweat, cum, and spit; he pulled at the button on the front of his jeans, they flared open giving his hairy crotch some air. Derek looked so incredibly hot, like a Playgirl model, with his sweaty shiny body, hairy muscled chest, and exposed hairy crotch with his big cock lolling to one side. He stepped forward again in a swagger and knelt down on one knee.

Ben reached around and jerked my still hard cock, his palm running over my cum-coated head. I watched as Derek turned Chris around and started jacking his small cock. Chris moaned as Derek reached up with his other hand and began to manhandle his nipples and chest, grabbing and kneading them in his fist.

“Spurt that boypussy juice on daddy, baby. Daddy likes these sweet boy titties. Give it to daddy. Show muscle daddy some love for giving you his seed,” Derek urged.

Chris was thrusting his cock into Derek’s hand. Precum dangled from the small cock as Chris began to breathe harder.

“Yeah, give me that juice, baby. Give it to daddy, you little slut boy. Show daddy you’re a slut and spurt that boy cum on him.” Derek pinched the boy nipples hard and Chris’ balls tightened.

Derek stuck out his tongue as Chris’ jizz sprayed out, catching some drops on the tip. Cum hit Derek’s face and chest, with one big gob landing in his hairy crotch, as Chris gasped and his body shook.

I grabbed at Ben as another volley of cum shot out of my cock.

Derek stood up, licking his lips. He grabbed Chris and sat him on the bale of hay. Chris leaned in and licked at the droplets of white semen in Derek’s chest hair as the barn door opened.

“What the fuck!” Karen screamed. “What the fucking hell is going on?”

Derek just stood there and laughed as he scratched at his hairy exposed crotch.

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