Desert Oasis Ch. 02: Squared Up


Apparently I needed less than four or five hours.

I woke on the terrace sofa. A warm desert breeze blew over, rustling the towering palms and yuccas. An occasional bird swooped across the villa grounds, chirping as it flew. We slept spooning. My left arm ran along her side then plunged at the elbow, draping over her abdomen, my hand burrowed between her right waist and the cushion. My right arm was sandwiched between the seat cushion and the side pillow where we rested our heads. I nuzzled my face into the back of her neck. I drew in her hearty feminine fragrance with each breath.

Realizing where I was and the state we were in, my cock reacted immediately. As I smelled her sweetness and felt her softness, my penis hardened, pressing into her left thigh. Though the strain of my cock pointing down along her leg started to become painful, I didn’t want to move. She felt too warm, too smooth, too soft, too good. I also didn’t want to disturb her. I pressed my body closer into hers.

Uncertain if it was my wriggling next to her, or my shaft pressing into her leg, or perhaps both, I felt her stir. She inhaled deeply, then let it out contently. Her lone movement, beyond her cresting and falling chest: she lifted her left leg. My straining cock slid along her thigh until it was freed, springing up and thudding against her Venus topkapı escort gates.

More comfortable, I began to drift again. In that dozing haze, I noticed the pressure of her thighs restricted the blood exiting my cock. Feeling my shaft captive against her still hot sweaty sex, knowing that her lips were locked in a lingering kiss along the top of my erection, only increased my blood’s entrance. Feeding on the feel, I kissed her neck. I extricated my left hand and slid it up her body to her right breast, cupping it needingly. I was floatingly desirous. I didn’t need to be inside her; enjoying her body in this way was enough.

My first bead of pre-cum must have rolled out and cascaded through the crease of her upper thigh. I felt a slicked fingertip feather along the ridge of my glans that was exposed between her legs and lips. The pad of her finger glided along cleft of my corona, then dove down along the underside until her rich thighs prevented her from proceeding. She reversed, her finger extracting more of my essence. She massaged the oil into my displayed cockhead. The feeling of her focused attention on the limited revealed surface area at the tip of my cock was piquant.

The scene began to unfold like a song. Her fingertip lilting on the head of my cock set the structure of the song, türbanlı escort her movements sketching the melody. Next came the rhythm: with a steady beat, she flexed the cheeks of her ass, methodically gripping and releasing my cock as her hemispheres pressed into the front of my hips. The song pulsed on through time, making its way to its crescendo.

She remained focused on tracing little circles on the head of my cock. She never parted her legs. She did the opposite, in fact: the clenching of her thigh and butt muscles gave me a dull milking sensation. In sharp contrast, her fingertip danced only at the vortex where the two ridges of my corona yield to the thick trunk of my staff below my penis’ egress. The care paid to the high concentration of nerves at that small point enflamed my cock, engorged my glans and swirled my mind. I curled my back and exhaled a ragged breath on her neck. I pressed my open mouth to her nape, pushing my teeth into her skin, not biting, but making her just aware of the edges of my incisors.

Her pace quickened. My breath shallowed. I pushed my pelvis against her ass, hoping to expose more of my cock to her touch. I felt three fingertips cup my cockhead and mash it into her folds, sliding my cock perpendicularly across her clit. Adrenaline burst through me: This little tüyap escort diversion wasn’t solely for me; she was aroused by it too. She needed to quell her kindling clit; that she was using my turgid penis to masturbate engulfed me in desire.

She returned her to attention to me. By now all the recipe’s ingredients had been added. I could feel my muscles begin to coil, my orgasm begin to roil, deep within. I pulled my left hand up and grabbed her left breast harshly, gripping it for dear life. I could feel my cock distend; I longed that, as a tribute to her, she too could feel it swell between her thighs and against her sultry entry. With an arrhythmic breath and a nasally “Ngha!” I came hard. My body stiffened. The intensity almost made me black out. She continued to run the pad of her fingertip across my overwhelmed tip as my shaft pulsed. I could not imagine that I released much cum, as she well drained me earlier that morning, but the orgasm she gave me pulled all of the energy out of my body through my cock. My entire body went limp.

As my exhausted erection retreated between her thighs, I snuggled close to her. I released her left breast and returned to right, caressing her puckered nipple with the pad of my thumb. A receptive “Mmmmm” escaped her throat.

“I owe you one,” I said.

“No, you don’t. You gave me two before, remember?” She reached her left hand up over her head behind her and ran her fingers through my hair.

“True. I wasn’t keeping tabs, though. But I’m not complaining that you squared up. Your money’s always good here.”

“Then I will come again.”

“I was hoping so.”

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