Devina in trouble


Devina in troubleDevina’s in trouble.I woke up with a start and leaped out of bed.”Oh god I thought, my Wife is due back tomorrow, and I better clear upthis mess before I go to work today.”The mess was actually quite a lot of womens clothes spread across thebedroom floor. You see I am a cross dresser, in private I loved to dressin Womens clothes, slutty tarty clothes, I loved to be dressed as aslutty whore. But my biggest fetish was to wear Macs and raincoats, allsorts, any kind, but especially PVC Macs.Before I was married I used to dress and occasionally go out dressed asDevina (my girlie name) and had even met a few men. After I had gotmarried I stopped the going out and meeting as it was just toocomplicated, however I do keep some clothes hidden and dress when I can.I just go online and talk to Dom men, I loved the humiliation of beingused and abused by them, even if it was just on-line.Anyway for the past few days my wife had been away on a business trip, soI had taken full advantage of the, “free” time. I had been dressed everynight in high heels, stockings, Basque and knickers, a very short PVCskirt and various Macs. I had also had the time to put on full make-upand wigs too.Last night I was wearing one of my wifes Macs and having a fewconversations with online Masters and a few drinks too. Late at night oneordered me to cum on her Mac and then send him a pic of it. Of course,like a stupid slut I did. He even made me upload the pic onto my profilepage on the web site we were chatting on. I must remember to go anddelete that soon.Anyway I now had to get up, put away and hide all my, “clothes, make-upand wigs; and fold and hang up all my wifes clothes that I had worn andthen of course take her cum stained Mac to be cleaned.I rushed around with my head pounding from the bottle of wine I had drunklast night and tided up the mess as best I could. I then tried to spongethe worst of the cum stains off her Mac, without much success. I wasrunning so late I just had to drop the Mac into a plastic bag and rush tomy local dry cleaners, I ran into the shop and quickly explained that theMac in the bag need an express clean but I was in a rush. I left them mybusiness card and home number and ran out of the shop. They promised tocall when it was ready.The following morning I got a call from the guy who runs the Dry-cleanersto say my express clean was ready to be picked up. I was thankful it wasready before he wife got home later that afternoon. I headed straightround to pick it up.When I arrived in the shop it was busy, the guy at the counter asked meto wait for the boss. At the time I didnt think too much about this. Inabout 5 mins the guy who runs the shop came out of the back office. Hewas a fat balding guy, quite well built but gone to seed for sure. Anywayhe came over to me and said.”Hello Mr Jones could you come through to the office as we have a slightproblem.”I followed him though, wondering what the hell they had done to my WifesMac and how I would explain this to her.I followed down a few corridors and into what was his office. He shut thedoor behind me and asked me to come over to his computer screen. This allseemed very strange.”Why?” I asked.”I have something I need to show you.”I walked behind his desk and nearly fell over in shock. Up on his screenwas a web page, Devinas web page, showing me wearing the Mac covered incum.”What, what is that?” I stammered.”Oh I think you know Devina,” he sneered at me.I regained a bit of composure and replied, “I am sorry, what the hell isthis.””You see David or is it Devina, or both,” he laughed, “you left a pieceof paper in the Mac pocket, you asked us to clean for you. You left theshop so quickly my assistant could not check the pockets before you left.He passed the paper on to me and being the inquistative type I checked itout..”As we shared a computer at home I kept the web address I used, when Iwent on-line as Devina, on a piece of paper which I always kept hidden.Also stupidly I had the password on there for various sites too. Oh God Igroaned inwardly.Still I tried to bluff him out.”That is not me,” I said.”I think it is, look that is exactly the same Mac as this one,” he saidproducing my wife’s Mac from a cupboard, and the stains we had to cleanlook exactly the same as those on that picture. He then brought up manyother pics of me dressed in various Macs.”I also know that is not your wife, I would recognise her as she comesinto the shop and I know she does not dress in such a tarty slutty waylike you have in these pictures.””No,” I replied. “But that still does not mean it is me in those pics.””I think it does David, same Mac, same stains and look at the profile. Asissy, slutty cross dressing TV tart. I think that is you David,” helaughed.”Look he said,” in a much kinder tone, “all I want is a bit of fun, andlooking at your profile on these web sites so do you,” he laughed.I was now very much regretting putting some of the comments on theseprofiles now, however true they may be, about being a sissy slut, lovingto suck real men”s cocks, wanting to be used and humiliated by Dom men.Oh god…”All I want you to do is this, take your, “David,” clothes off and go antput Devinas Mac on, then walk around the room a few times for me.””What if I don’t?” I replied aggressively.”Well, I have you name, address, work place, mobile, home and worknumbers and also your Wifes name, would you like all those added to yourprofiles too? I have the passwords remember, you have no choice Devina,”he said as he handed me the Mac and pointed to a small side room.”You can change in there.”He gave me the Mac. I walked through the door, realising I had no choiceand hope all he wanted was a little fun.I took my clothes off and laid them on a chair in the small room. I thenput on the Mac, mmmm it did feel good and I could not hide my excitement.Oh god how even more embarrassing. I buttoned the Mac up, tied the belt,pushed the collar up and slipped my hands deep into the pockets. It was amid length coat, just above my knees. Cream in colour made from shinnypolyester, so it rustled as I walked. For some reason I checked how Ilooked in the mirror, picked up my mobile phone and slipped it into theMac pocket, took a deep breath and opened the door.I walked out into his room, to a flash of light and an kadıköy escort electric wurr of 3or 4 camera shots.”Walk David walk,” he shouted as he continued to take photos of me.”Please stop taking photos,” I pleaded.He just laughed.”Right,” he said, “Get your sissy cock out, I want to see what made sucha mess on that nice Mac.””What,” I exclaimed.”Do as you are told David.”I undid the belt, unbuttoned the Mac and let it fall open.My cock was very hard and erect.He just laughed and laughed as he fired off another 6 or 7 shots.”I think someone is excited,” he mocked.”Right, enough,” he ordered. Do the Mac up and go and stand in the cornerDavid. I buttoned the Mac up and retied the belt and humiliated I walkedto the corner.In what seemed forever but was probably only 5 mins he ordered me to lookround.He had turned around his desktop computer screen and I could not believewhat was on there. He had uploaded all the pics he had just taken up tomy various Web site profiles. It was obviously me David Jones dressed ina womens Mac, showing my erect cock. Oh Christ how bloody humiliating.All the other pics on my profile did not show my face clearly and I wasalways wearing a wig and lots of make-up too. Oh god, what could I do.Laughing he then should me my profile biography. Were he had revealed myreal name, work place, wifes name, and all my phone numbers.”No no no,” I cried, “you said you wouldnt do that.””Calm down David,” he smiled. “If you do one more thing for me I willremove them all and change your password back too.””What?” I pleaded, “what?””Well to be honest you dressed as David does not really turn me on, so goback into your little room and change into the clothes on the chair andfollow the instructions left for you..”What did he mean? And what choice did I have?”Ok,” I mumbled.”Ok what David?” he snapped.”Ok Master.””Good boy, you are learning.”I walked back into the little side room and yet again was shocked withwhat I found. All my male clothes were gone, replaced by a pair of blackstiletto heels (at least 5in high) a pair of fishnet stockings, a red PVCBasque and a red PVC knickers. Also on the chair was an auburn wig, in abob style, very similar to the one I wore in the web site pics, somebreast forms and lots of make-up. Attached to the mirror were theinstructions.You have 30mins Devina/David. Shave your legs and body, put on theclothes including your Mac if you wish, apply the make-up and wig andreturn to Masters office. Knock on the door and wait. Any more than30mins and the pictures will remain on that web site forever.Oh god I mumbled what a mess I was in. It was only then I realised thatthe room had another door, obviously how the clothes got into the room.Could I escape? The door was probably locked, if not somebody outside, Ihad no mens clothes anyway and he still had all the pics, oh god I willhave to do as he says and hope I can get out before my wife returns.I shaved, got dressed, slipped in the breast forms (they were a largesize) applied the make-up (in my usual style – lots of it and very tarty,luckily I was in practice) and then the wig, put on the shoes and thenthe Mac. I looked in the mirror, god I looked like a slut and that got meall excited again. I had 2 mins left. I buttoned and belted the Mac up,took a deep breath and knocked on Masters door.”Enter Devina,” he called.I stepped out to another barrage of light and camera noise. Many morephotos were taken.”Right Devina,” he ordered, “walk around the office on your heels, undothe Mac, hands in pockets, smile, pout,,” these instructions went on forages as he took what seemed like 100″s of photo”s of me.”Corner again please you little slut,” he ordered, “and hands out ofpockets Devina.”I stood with my hands behind my back, humiliated and wondering what wouldhappen next. Hopefully he would soon let me go.I sensed someone walking up behind me. Suddenly both my arms were held ina vice like grip and I felt the cold steel of handcuffs lock around eacharm.”Oh no, what now,” I cried. I felt a slap across my legs.”Do not speak until you are spoken to slut,” said a deeper voice that Idid not recognise.Next I felt the collar being attached around my neck, and being locked inplace.Then a pair of big rough hands entered the pockets of my Mac. My mobilephone was taken out.”Here it is boss,” replied the rough man.”Well done Steve,” Master said.I was then pushed by this man into the middle of the room. He undid mybelt and then the buttons on my Mac to reveal me dressed in just myBasque, stockings, knickers, high heels (and my Mac). Another round ofphotos followed.Then he pushed me to my knees.”Oh god no,” I cried.I felt a slap across my face, then another.”Shut up you sissy faggot,” Steve ordered.He then moved round in front of me and stood within centimetres of me andunbuttoned his fly.His huge hard cock escaped from his trousers and slapped me round theface.”Beg for it whore,” he demanded.I said nothing, and immediately got 3 more slaps.”Beg whore.””Please my I have you cock Sir,” I mumbled.He slapped me again.”Louder and sound as if you mean it, cos we all know that a sissy faggotwhore like you love to have real mans cock.”I could hear Master laughing in the background.Just as I started to speak I saw the video camera had started to shot…Oh god no.”Please can I suck you lovely big hard cock,” I asked, totallyhumiliated.Only if you tell me what you are and your real name,” he replied.Taking my lead from what he had called me earlier I replied, “My name isDavid Jones, I am a sissy faggot whore who loves to suck real mens cocksSir.””Good,” he laughed.And then forced his huge cock deep into my mouth. I nearly gagged a fewtimes but he did not stop.Finally I got into a rhythm, and my red painted lips moved around hishuge shaft and started to make their way up and down his massive rockhard cock.Finally he grabbed my head in his massive hands and started to move myhead faster and faster up and down his shaft. Moaning and moaning as hedid this, I sensed he was enjoying it. Finally after much savage facefucking his legs started to tense and I knew what was coming next.”Oh yes you sissy faggot oh yes, I am going to cum all over you littleslut.”He then shot 2 or 3 loads into my mouth, quickly removed his hugethrobbing dick and üsküdar escort sprayed another load or 2 onto my face.”Swallow it all you slut,” he ordered. I could feel the hot salty cumdrip down my throat and the cum on my face started to drip onto my Mac.Finally I managed to swallow all the cum be had deposited in my mouth, hethen shoved his now flaccid cock back into my mouth with the instruction.”Clean it all whore,” I did as I was told. He then fed me the rest of thecum from my face. I was exhausted. They left me kneeling on the floorwith my hands still cuffed behind my back as both men went over to thecomputer screen and the cameras.”Oh god what are they doing know?” I wondered.”Master, please let me go know, you have had your fun with me,” Ipleaded.The both turned and laughed.”But Master my wife is due home soon,” I begged.At this last plea, Steve walked over to me and slapped my face. He theninserted a huge red ball gag into my mouth.”Shut up slut, we are working.”After a while, the men turned round to me.Right Devina, a little bit more fun then we will be finished with you,”Master told me.Thank God I thought.I looked up to notice the desk top was now clear. Steve walked toward me,slipped a dog lead out of his pocket and attached it to my collar; hethen yanked me up to my feet and pulled my PVC knickers down. He put themin my Mac pocket as he dragged me over to the desk, where he pushed medown onto the desk top.I was gagged, collared, hands cuffed behind my back and in real trouble.We walked in front of the table I was laying on and showed me a 4 footlong leg spreader; he was totally enjoying my fear and humiliation.”Do you know what we are going to do with this?” he asked.I shook my head as best I could.He laughed, “Oh I bet you do you little sissy slag.””You are going to have you legs spread apart, so you are totally helplessand then various men are going to fuck you senseless you little whore,”he continued.”We have read you web profiles and we know it is what you want so donttry to pretend it isnt,” he continued.I tried to shake my head rapidly side to side, pleading with them not todo this to me.I then felt one leg then the other being locked into the spreader and wasnow totally, totally helpless. Oh what a mess I was in.Master was now behind me. He slid his fingers inside my sissy clitt andannounced that he was, “lubricating my sissy fanny.”He then walked in front of me, wearing no clothes, just a leather maskand a huge erect cock… “Oh my god,” I mumbled through my gag.”As you can imagine my sissy whore, we are recording this for posterity,maybe to post on u-tube or various web sites or to send to your wife,” helaughed.”Oh also I have invited my many on-line friends to watch via the web camover there, so enjoy,” he exclaimed.Standing back behind me he then announced, “Welcome to my little webcast, today I have the pleasure of using and abusing a little tranny slutcalled Devina. Actually her real name is David Jones but she wont wantyou to know that,” he laughed.I was totally shocked, could not believe he could be so cruel andhumiliating.”Anyway on her web profiles she tells us that she love to be used, abusedand humiliated by real men, well today her dream is coming true,” hefinished the introduction…”Relax sissy whore or this will hurt. The first time is always thehardest,” he laughed as he forced his huge hard cock inside me, deep intomy sissy clit. I was in tears; it felt like my little sissy clit wasbeing torn in two as he started to thrust himself back and forth insideme.But he didnt stop. He continued to pump deep into my sissy clit. I wasmoaning and and screaming in pain into the ball gag, but no one elsecould hear or even less care. I was begging him to stop, but he stillcontinued. The pain became so great I thought I would pass out. He stillcontinued to pump me deep into my sissy clit.He continued for what seemed like hours but was probably not; Masterfucking my sissy clit. Finally however I realised I was thrusting myselfback into him and moaning with pleasure not pain.”Thats it you whore, join in and fuck me. My you are a quick learner,” heshouted as I could fell his balls bashing against my Mac.”Look,” he shouted, “the little whore loves it.” I was moaning for more.I couldnt believe what had happening to me.Almost on queue I felt a sudden jerkiness in Masters movements followedby a sudden explosion and then a hot stream on cum shooting up my sissyclit. He kept going for another 5 mins though until he had exhausted allhis sack of cum.”Wow that should be a big hit in cyber world,” he laughed.I was left exhausted on the table, the cum starting to slip down my legsand into my stockings.Master came round to the front of the table, removed my ball gag andforced his cum stained cock into my mouth with the instructions, “Cleanit whore.”I did as I was told. When it was clean he replaced the ball gag.Both Steve and Master left the room, and I was left with cum slowlytrickling down my stockinged legs.I was exhausted and very uncomfortable, cuffed, gagged and legs spreadapart. I was desperate for them to come back and release me from thishell as they had promised. My wife was due back in only a few hours.Finally they returned to room. Master spoke to me, “In future you willrefer to me as Master David and Steve over here as Master Steve. Is thatunderstood?”In future I was thinking.”Well slut?”I nodded.”Now you little sissy faggot, it is my turn to have you,” sneered MasterSteve.He didnt even bother with the lube; he just forced his hard cock deepinto my sissy clit and started to pound away at my already sore andabused sissy hole.As he started to take me, I started to join in with him too, I could notexplain why; just what seemed natural to me.As he continued to fuck my sissy hole Master David started to speak.”Now Devina, you have made such a good little sissy whore, and the webpictures and webcast have got such a good response we have had a smallchange of plan.”I looked up in horror… Master Steve kept pumping away at my sissy clit.Master David opened his laptop and showed me a web site called DevinaSlut. On here appeared to be all the pictures they had taken of me, thevideo of me being fucked and of course all the personal information theyhad got from me.I tuzla escort had now stopped fucking Master Steve, although he was still poundingaway deep into my Sissy Clit. Suddenly I could feel his legs tense, hisarms pulling in my Mac to force his hard cock deeper into my sissy hole.Then again the explosion of cum into my sissy hole, wave after wave, toomuch to stay in there, so as he withdrew his cock more and more cumstarted to drip down my leg.”You are such a sissy slut,” Master Steve exclaimed.”Now Devina, back to you new life,” chucked Master David, “but beforethat we need to finish you old life as David Jones don”t we.”I was shaking my head, screaming, “No No No,” into the firmly placed ballgag.”I have here your phone, I have set it up to send a message to everybodyin your address book,” he laughed.It read – Hello friends, just to tell you that I am no longer DavidJones, secret cross dresser, but I am now Devina John, slut, tart andwhore, who belongs to Master David. If you wish to keep up with my newlife please go to had tears pouring out of my eyes; I was trying everything to escape allthe shackles I was in, but to no avail.”Let me send this message to all,” laughed Master David. I watched himpress the button, and the message start to be sent to everybody I used toknow, oh my god, I was in tears and complete shock as my life lay inruins.”We will leave you for a while so you can get used to your new lifeDevina,” he called as they left the room. “Enjoy your web site.”They left the video running…I while later the door opened and into the room came Master David.”Now I hope you have come to understand your new life, you will work forme here in the laundry during the day, and work as a whore for me in theevenings. We will also be making lots more of Devina”s adventures on toDVDs and videos. So you see my little Sissy Slut who will have what youasked for on all the web room profiles you wrote,” he told me.He took out my ball gag.”What do you say slut?” he asked.”You complete bastard,” I spat at him.He took his belt off and whipped my ass over 10 times.”Every time you cross me you will be punished and the punishments willonly get worse you tart, now what do you say,” he asked again.”Thank you Master,” I mumbled.Sorry cant hear you,” he shouted, and then whipped me again, this timeover 20 times. The agony and pain was unbelievable.”Again slut, what do you say?””Thank you master,” I replied.”Better,” he said.He left the room, to be replaced by 6 very large men and Master Steve.”Hello whore,” he said, “we promised a few friends they could fuck asissy faggot today.””Enjoy boys,” he laughed as he left the room, after setting the video andweb cam running.I was still lying on the table, wearing my basque, stockings, high heelsand my Mac. My arms were cuffed behind my back and my legs kept spread bythe leg spreader.One of the men moved in front of me and took his now hard cock out of hisjeans and forced it into my mouth.”Suck that whore,” he ordered as the others cheered.Then while I was sucking on his hard cock another went behind me handforced his cock into my now very sore sissy clit.I was used and abused for hours, each of them fucking my sissy hole anddepositing loads of cum, they each had their cocks sucked too, until theyhas all forced cum down my throat and all over my face. Finally they allstood over me and wanked over me until they all came over my Mac.They all cheered again and left me alone. I was such a state, covered incum from head to toe, cum all over my Mac, and my whole body aching andso very sore.Master David and Master Steve reappeared. I got another 5 lashes fromMaster David, “we only cleaned that Mac yesterday you filthy tart,” helaughed.My legs were released, my hands uncuffed. I was forced to my feet. Mybody was so sore from all the abuse that I collapsed onto the floor.”Get up you whore, you will need to get used to this,” he ordered.I just about got to my feet.”Take that Mac off, it will need cleaning again,” shouted Master David. Islipped it off.”Put it on the floor and lick it clean,” he ordered.I got to my knees and started to lick up all the cum that was on the Mac.Both men laughed as they took more photos of me.”Stop,” Master David ordered.Master Steve walked behind me and recuffed my hands behind my back.”Now get on with it you tart,” he said.Master Steve put his large foot onto my head and forced it down into allthe cum that was floating on my Mac, “Get licking whore,” he laughed.Again many photos were taken.After half an hour of licking cum off my Mac I was ordered to my feet andun-cuffed.”Right Devina you have 10 minute, go and have a shower.”I stumbled out of the room, into the small side room where I wasdirected. I spotted a small shower cubicle in the corner. I had 10 minsof quite hot water trying to relax my body and try to understand mypredicament.”Out you get slut,” ordered Master Steve.I got out and dried and stood before him naked.Firstly he grabbed my cock and put it into a tube and then locked it.”You won”t be needing that again,” he laughed, as I realised he had justlocked me into a chastity device.Before I could think, he had placed some sticky liquid around my breastsand then forced the extra large breast forms onto them.”That should hold then in place,” he chuckled.Then he did the same with the Wig.I now had an auburn Wig attached to my head, which could not be removed,large breasts and my cock in a chastity belt. After all that hadhappened, nothing seemed to surprise me anymore.Put on that underwear and your make-up he ordered.He had left a pair of red high heels, black seemed stockings, black PVCknickers and a black /burgundy PVC Basque. I put all these on then re-applied my make-up.He walked back into the room caring a white uniform., “This is what thegirls wear in the laundry,” he said as he threw me the white uniform.It was a short white uniform with button down the front, two sidepockets. He also gave me a thick red PVC belt wear around it.The uniform was at least one size too small for me, and had the top 2buttons removed, so I was wearing a short white uniform which nearlycovered my stocking tops, with a thick red PVC belt and my new breastforms on show as the top buttons were missing.”Hurry up you faggot,” called Master Steve, “you need to go to work inthe laundry, this Mac needs cleaning before tonight, otherwise you willget very cold walking those streets,” he laughed as he threw my cumstained Mac at me.I looked in the mirror; I really did look a complete slutty tart, mindyou after today I guess that was what I was now…

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