Diary of a Rose Ch. 04


I was setting up my gear to take photographs of the sunrise the other day when it absolutely poured down with rain, catching me out in the open. I hid my camera underneath my shirt as best as I could, grabbed my tripod and bag and ran for cover. I found a tree to stand underneath until the rain eased up a bit, as my car was about a kilometre away. I tend to park my car and walk around, familiarising myself with the scenery when I take photos, as I find that you can explore the area better on foot.

I packed my camera away in my camera bag as quickly as I could and stood underneath the tree waiting for the rain to stop. I looked out towards the ocean and watched the drops of rain hit the water’s surface. It looked so peaceful. The rain started streaming down more heavily and I realised that I was getting absolutely drenched. My hair was dripping wet and my shirt began to stick to my body.

I had to make a choice. I could make a run for it back to the car, stay standing where I was, underneath the tree, in the hope that my camera bag didn’t get too wet and ruin my camera, or I could find somewhere else to hide out for a while. I decided to make a run for it back to the car.

The rain came down even more heavily as I jumped over puddles and avoided slipping over in the mud. I saw a bus shelter up ahead and decided to make a dash for that instead. When I reached it, I placed my camera gear on the seat and wiped the water off my arms and face.

I sat on the seat next to my gear and laughed at the circumstances that had lead me to be sitting inside a bus shelter, alone in the dark. It was 5.00am, still dark and pouring with rain. I got up extra early that morning illegal bahis and drove for an hour to find a suitable spot, thinking that I could at least get some shots in before the rain set in, but it turned out that I was wrong. I didn’t even get to take one photo before I had to pack up and leave the area.

I thought about how beautiful the ocean looked with the rain making patterns on its calm surface and decided to make light of my situation. I stowed my camera bag and tripod underneath the seat in the corner of the bus shelter and walked back out into the rain again. I headed down towards the beach.

When I reached the edge of the water, I took off my wet shirt and jeans and threw them onto the sand. I slowly waded into the ocean. The water was warm despite the rain and I dove into the water headfirst. I swam underwater for a while, listening to the rain hitting the water above me. I came up for air and floated on the surface. The cold rain splashed around my face and hit my breasts and legs. I up-righted myself and listened.

It was so quiet here. The only sound that I heard was the sound of the rain and the waves, quietly crashing on the beach. I looked around and noticed that the sky was slowly becoming lighter on the horizon. The clouds had a tinge of both pink and yellow to them. It was a beautiful sight. So peaceful. The rain eased a little, but continued to fall in patterns on the water about my face.

I scanned the beach to see if I could see anyone walking about in the dark. The rain was the only movement that I saw. I was completely alone here.

I thought back to memories that I’d had in the past, of wanting to have sex out in illegal bahis siteleri the rain. Here was the perfect opportunity. Did it matter that I was by myself? I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t finally get the opportunity to live out one of my fantasies.

I looked around again to make sure that there wasn’t anyone watching me and I slid my hand slowly inside my knickers. I could feel the small amount of pubic hair tickling the inside of my palm as it gently moved backwards and forwards with the current.

My clit was already hard, as I was very aroused at touching myself, so out in the open, even when there was absolutely no one around to see me. My finger glided across the top of my clit, through my lips and back towards the hole of my pussy where I inserting it deep inside myself.

The water caressed my skin inside my knickers and it felt so good that I had a sudden urge to take off my underwear and swim naked. I headed back towards the shore, unhooking my bra on the way back. My breasts were now exposed to the cool air as I stood up and tossed my underwear onto the beach alongside my other clothes. As I was standing up out of the water, I felt a small wave rise up my leg and softly hit my bare pussy lips. How amazing!

I felt so free. There was absolutely no one around and I was standing naked on the beach as the sun was slowly coming up. Another wave hit my pussy. I remembered seeing a porno once that had a couple having sex on the beach and recalled that they were positioned right on the edge of where the waves were breaking on the sand. I decided to indulge in my fantasy of having sex in the rain and laid down on the sand positioning canlı bahis siteleri myself where I remembered the couple being.

I faced the ocean, so that I could watch the sun rise and also so that the waves could continue slapping freely against my pussy. I rested my head on one of my hands and put the other one between my slightly parted legs. The rain continued to fall, landing on my now naked body and I slowly stroked my clit.

The waves crashed around me and I felt myself gradually sink into the sand each time the wave retreated. I watched the sun slowly make its way above the horizon and I watched my nipples become hard as the rain drops landed on them. I rubbed my clit and thought about the waves hitting me and the rain landing on my chest and I had never felt so alive!

I rubbed my clit faster, as I felt the cool wind skim over my naked body and the warm water rush up between my legs, covering my pussy with it’s warmth. I felt the wave retreat and I was lying on the wet sand, exposed to the cool breeze again.

The sun was almost about to clear the horizon when I felt the urge to come. I tried to relax and enjoy the orgasm that was escaping my lips, but a wave came up and surrounded my whole body, slapping against my clit one last time before I came and my whole body stiffened. I curled my toes up and straightened my legs out, crying out with pleasure. The wave retreated and I let my body relax again. It was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my whole life!

I sat up. I had sand in my hair and all over my stomach, but I didn’t care. I stood up and picked up my clothes. My whole body was still tingling. I slid my jeans and shirt back on, without bothering about my underwear and started walking back towards the bus stop where I had left my camera. Hopefully it was still there, waiting for me to return. I was glad that I had finally lived one of my fantasies. Even if I was alone.

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