Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 04


I’ve noticed an increase in demand for Muslim girls and women wearing Hijab (headscarf) and I wasn’t sure whether to offer it or how to offer it. But I have received a request from a client who wants a one-day girlfriend experience. He specified, that he wants me not to dress too conservatively, but in relatively modern and fashionable clothes, but with Arab style simple Hijab. I put on jeans and a long-sleeve shirt and a full face of make-up with a white hijab, which conceals my hair only. I slide into heals to and set-off to meet him. I turn up to his hotel and am directed up to his room, when I arrive I knock and he unlocks the door and I enter.

“You must be the gorgeous Soraya, very nice, exactly what I wanted. I’m Daniel.”

I move in and Daniel kisses me on both cheeks and I greet him. “Iraqiyya, Kaman. Shakumaki? (Iraqi too, how are you?)”

“Oh you speak Iraqi Arabic, how?” I detect a South African accent and tall, strong, blonde hair and blue eyed Daniel had an amazing smile.

“I was out there, in Iraq, I mean. I was a security adviser and I worked with Iraqi forces. I must say, I’ve been looking forward to this. I have a thing for Muslim and Iraqi women, out there, I use to take them to bed. Amazing bodies, amazing women. I use to have a proper girlfriend out there, she wore Hijab too, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I love how innocent Iraqi girls are publicly and naughty they are privately. And you look amazing.”

I blush at him “thank you.”

“Let’s go out for the day, I would like you to hold my hand, remember I want to full girlfriend experience.” Daniel says.

“Why of course, I’ll do anything you want.” I reply

I extend my hand and he grabs it and we head out of his room and the hotel “I’m going to take you shopping, I plan to spoil you rotten,” Daniel says. His grip is firm and very masculine, which next to my soft delicate hands, makes me feel I have found my protector.

“So who did your work for and what exactly did you do in Iraq and why?” I ask Daniel as we are walking hand in hand in the streets.

“Well, I use to be an officer in the Recces or The South African Special Forces Brigade, as we are formally known. But I got out in 2004 and like many of my fellow soldiers, I went into private military work and the company that employed me had large contracts in Iraq. The money was good and the challenge exciting and so I went. I did all kinds of things out there, protected important figures and later on help train Iraqi forces. I helped train the Iraqi Special Operational Forces. We taught them everything from counter-insurgency, rapid response and special reconnaissance.”

“That sounds interesting, how was it and what did you think of Iraq?”

“It was very interesting, I mean obviously it was not the best time to be over there. Iraq is a war zone and you didn’t know who you could trust. I had running battles in the streets with Iranian forces, including an Iranian unit that had infiltrated one of the local security forces, who were meant to be on our side. I lost a lot of good men in that fight. But despite this, I did grow to love Iraqi culture and as I told you, I especially liked the women.”

“Yes, you said you had an Iraqi girlfriend, tell me about her. Who canlı bahis şirketleri was she and how did you meet her?”

“Yes, her name was Farah, she was a cute girl. I met her through another Iraqi girl who I was screwing. Our interpreter, Fatima, she was a beautiful and very horny woman. Great body, olive skin, big curly hair and one of the most passionate women I have ever experienced. Fatima was married and very experienced in the bedroom, but her husband had lost interest and so she would look elsewhere for her pleasure. The amount of times, I came on her face, gosh almost criminal. Anyways one day, her friend Farah was visiting her at our base. When I first saw her, I was struck by how beautiful she was, even in Hijab. I got talking to her and after we first met, we kept in contact and our relationship bloomed from there. She told me about her dreams and we had lots of dates together. She lost her virginity to me and she became quiet kinky. She loved to suck and fuck and I would give her porn films and erotica literature to help her learn some more. I like to think, I opened her pussy and her mind. We came so close to getting married, but in the end our cultures and the nature of the war got in the way.”

“I’m sorry,” I reply.

“Anyways, that’s enough about me, I want to know more about you. How does an Iraqi Muslim girl end up working as an escort?”

“Well, I’ve always been deeply in-touch with my sexuality, and I always knew I want to enjoy myself and have fun. Plus, I’m student and I needed the money and some friends recommended this to me. It’s been good, it has allowed me to experiment with my sexuality and I have done things, which I will never forget.”

“But hasn’t this cause problem for you and your family? What about culture and religion?”

“My culture and religion still matter to me and I consider myself a spiritual person, but I do not want rigid orthodoxy, because I consider it oppressive. I think of myself as open minded. My family don’t know I do this. And they can never know.”

While walking in the streets, people stare at us, a big strong white man with his hijabi Muslim girlfriend holding hands. It was the sense of control, he had over me, which many observers on the street seem to be fascinated by. We would go around shop to shop and Daniel would buy me things. We’d walk through parks and we’d kiss on the streets like a real couple. Later that evening we had dinner and I impressed him with intellectual conversation. Eventually, we headed back to his hotel where the real action would take place.

“Okay, Soraya, I think you know what I want to do. I know you’re apt at domination and so I want the treatment. You can go through to the bathroom and change into your evening outfit.” Daniel said.

I move into the bathroom, and I added my strap-on on. I am still wearing tight blue jeans with black belt and long sleeve white top and white hijab. My strap-on is large, 13 inches, pink and I tie it around me very tightly. I can’t wait to try some South African cock, especially someone as manly as Daniel. I leave the bathroom, “Do you want me daddy?” I say as I move towards him, but Daniel is so aroused he can’t form a full coherent sentence. I decide to tease him some more, “Mmmm.. filthy infidel canlı kaçak iddaa cock. Uncut, dirty infidel cock. I may be wearing a white hijab and it may cover my hair, but I want some other white thing to cover my hair. I can’t help it, I’m Iraqi, and we love big strong men and large cocks. Our men are jealous, because they don’t measure up.” I am now standing face to face with him, and my fingers run down his face and onto his chest. My head is titled upwards and he can feel my breathe, I stare at his lips and into his eyes. I move in and start kissing him, my lips brush his lips, and he gradually opens his mouth wide enough for me to slide my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues are in a dance with one another, my tongue brushing his tongue and his tongue brushing mine. He places both his hands on my ass and squeezes it. He cannot move in any closer, because my dildo is pushing into his crotch area.

Saliva exchanges between our two mouths and we both swallow each other’s fluid. Tasting his saliva, might give me an inclination of what his hot cum and sperm, might taste like. I must say, it’s a good sign so far. But, I must put an end to this kissing session and resume the role of Muslim dominatrix, I bite his lip and he screams. “So, foreign pig! You were in Iraqi killing my people and fucking my women, well it’s time I taught you a lesson. You’re going to be a sex slave for a Muslim girl, how does that sound slave?” Daniel grunts and I slap him and tell him to “shut up.” I now aggressively lick his face and kiss parts of it. I lick around his neck and bite it in places. He scream, but I continue and I start licking his t-shirt and around his nipples area, I then rip his t-shirt off and start to tease his nipples. I lick and suck his nipples and he groans, but just to make sure he’s not enjoying it too much, I bite his nipple from time to time. Every time he lets out a scream, I hit him. But despite this, he’s a very good slave, he doesn’t talk unnecessarily- unlike most clients- must be that military discipline. I love military men.

His muscular body starts sweating and I make a point out lick up all his sweat. I force him to lift up his arms and I lick his armpits. I lick around his body and come from behind him. I push him towards the bed and force him to bend over. I undo his pants and underwear, and lube up my dildo, and tease his outer butt cheeks with my dildo. “You got a cute butt.” I now shove my dildo into his colon and he cries and screams. “Ahhhh..What’s the matter, can’t big strong guy like you take it? Shall I call your mommy? Hahahaaaha.” I say cruelly, he pleads and claims he can take it, “Good,” I say. I now push the dildo all the way up his anus and am now fully inside him, “There, there. Now that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” I say laughingly, as he tries to regain composure. I lean over his back and breathe air down the back of his neck and tease it with my finger. I kiss the back of his neck and then I begin humping his ass off. “Yeah, you like having cock in ya, don’t ya?” I pull my dildo out and go back in again. In and out and again and again, I can see that I’m really stretching his asshole and it will open up. Pain and pleasure are the same thing, so I tease him a little bit. While fucking his ass, I place my hand on his penis canlı kaçak bahis and gently stroke it.

But of course, I don’t stop there, I use my nails to scratch his cock too. Meanwhile, I start aggressively pounding his ass and his butt cheeks turn red. He’s screaming his head off and I am enjoying it. I fuck his ass for ten minutes and then I pause and start to give him a hand job. Jerking his hardening cock off, will give him a false sense of hope. He is nearly ready to cum and then I withdraw my hand and grab his neck and throw him onto the floor. “Hey, you. Kiss my heels, now!” Daniel moves over and starts kissing my heels and shoes. “Now, suck my heel!” Daniel complies and starts sucking my heel the way I suck cock. He teases the heel with his tongue and slowly tries to swallow the heel. He takes one inch in and then two and then three. He has an aroused look on his face. He seems to be enjoying this, a little too much, “Stop,” I cry. “You’re enjoying that a little too much, aren’t you?” I barely wait for a response “Turn you body over, so that your chest is facing the air.”

Daniel turns his body over and I place one heel on his chest and press down. Daniel starts wailing and crying, but I don’t let up. I jump onto his chest and don’t bother to listen to Daniels cries and I start strutting on his body. I rub my heal up against his cock and jerk him off. Daniel doesn’t know what to feel and so I stamp on his cock leaving him in no doubt how to feel. I taunt and tease him as I walk up and down his body. I then get off his body and command him to sit up. He does so and then I order him to kiss my dildo, which he resists, but I grab his head and force him to kiss it. “Just for that, I will make you suck my dildo.” I squeeze his nipples and he opens his mouth, I slide my dildo into his mouth, I push the dildo in all the way to the back of his throat. “Close your mouth!” He does so, “Now, start sucking!” Daniel struggles but starts to suck, a few moments into it, I take command and start pulls my dildo in and out of his mouth. I push the back of his head forward and try to throat fuck him.

Daniel gags and chokes, but I don’t let up. “Ahhh yeah, you like that ha? Good boy, mommy would be so proud of you!” Time passes and I grow board of him sucking my strap-on dildo, and so, I withdraw from his mouth. “Get onto the bed, now!” He struggles to get up and limps, but he makes it onto the bed. I pull my starp-on off, and take my shoes, jeans and underwear off. I then crawl onto the bed and make my way up Daniel and I sit on his face. “Lick!” Daniel has no will and starts licking my pussy. Feeling his tongue sliding his way into my pussy makes me feel powerful. I sit on his face and can feel my nipples becoming hard and my pussy moist and soft. Suddenly, I feel a little tinkle and then some cum, comes oozing out. Daniel swallows every drop and then more cum flies out. I redecorate the inside of his mouth and face, my cum goes everywhere. But I stay on Daniel’s face until he has cleaned my pussy out and swallowed every drop. Finally, he’s done, but he is now so weak that he’s unable to have intercourse.

But, I don’t leave him hanging. So I place my pussy onto his cock and start humping him and riding him. Up and down, I’m like a cowgirl and then after he cums in my pussy, I remove my pussy from his cock and sit back on his face. I force him to swallow his own cum and I make him get every drop. Once he has finished swallowing himself, he is clearly too weak to continue and so he pays me and I leave.

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