Dinner and a Moaning


I called you on my way from the airport, I’d been traveling for a few weeks and despite the late nights of naughtiness on the phone and video I longed to taste numerous parts of your body. I told you to be ready outside at exactly eight, we were going somewhere nice so I instructed you to put on one of the dresses that show off your ass and thighs and that wearing anything under it was absolutely unacceptable.

Traffic was light so I arrived at your house a little early and after a passionate kiss at the door I excused myself to freshen up in your restroom. Knowing my plans for you this evening I decided after splashing some water on my face to lose my boxer briefs, besides it had been a long day flying back from London and I needed a little breathing room. I slipped them off and noticed being the presence of you had been enough to start the blood flowing to my cock. I debated walking out and taking you right then over your couch but decided as I had gone to all the trouble the urge could wait a little bit.

I walked out of the restroom and you were looking out the window, I stepped up behind you and placed my hand on your thigh just below the hem of your dress and started to slowly slide it up your leg. As I moved higher and reached your ass I knew you had followed directions, and rewarded you with a kiss on the back of your neck. I could feel the heat from your crotch on my hand and knew tonight would be one you wouldn’t soon forget.

I walked you out to the car, opening your door for you. This was both because my mother had raised a gentleman and I wanted to catch a glimpse between your thighs as you slid into the passenger seat. Your eyes caught mine as you sat down and I knew I had been caught, but rather than object you reached down and straightened your dress, “accidentally” pulling it up enough to show me your freshly shaven pussy. You smiled as I closed the door, and I caught your eyes traveling to my crotch, which was now showing the initial signs of my growing erection.

The drive was a short one, I’d made reservations as a restaurant in a new part of town and while maltepe escort we’d never been there it had come highly recommended by a friend who said both the food and privacy were second to none.

We were sat at a table in the back, a nice round booth where we could end up next to each other. The table was covered with a long white tablecloth and lighting was romantic and the music soft. Our waiter introduced herself to us then left us to review the drink menu. You asked me what was good and before you could finish I slipped my hand onto your thigh under your dress. Before I could respond the waiter returned and I ordered us a bottle of champagne to celebrate our reunion. The waiter walked us through the specials, while my hand continued to tease it’s way higher and higher up your thigh, stopping just short of your pussy.

She asked if we had any questions and you opened up your mouth to ask her one just as I moved my finger across your lips. A moan interrupted your question and you put your hand to your mouth covering for it with a tiny cough. You took a drink of your water and tried the question again only to find my finger returning its way to your lips. You got it all out this time although your breathing was a little short, but the waiter answered and took our orders and was off.

As soon as she turned her back you turned to me and asked what I was doing, after all the waiter was right there. I looked you in the eyes, never taking my fingers off your lips and told you that it had been weeks since I had you and tonight I was going to remind you that you were mine, as I said that I slipped my finger between your wet lips and pushed into you softly. You must have been wet from your earlier show as I slid in with no resistance and only your eyes betrayed your enjoyment.

I saw the waiter approaching out of the corner of my eye with some rolls and I softly rolled my finger across your clit. I heard you sigh as the waiter came near and continued to move it back and forth slowly, knowing how hard it was for you to not betray the pleasure you were feeling mecidiyeköy escort as she stood only feet away talking to us.

She walked away to deal with other customers and my fingers slid back inside you, your pussy now soaking and allowing me to slowly fuck you with my fingers. You looked me in the eyes and I knew you wanted to cum. Leaning over I whispered in your ear, telling you that you were not allowed to cum, no matter how much you wanted to. I slowed my fingers, leaving you to feel my presence inside you.

I could feel your hips trying to move against me, your body searching for a way to get a little more without giving away your secret to the rest of the restaurant.

The food came and by now I had you on edge as the waitress asked us about our meals. You were filling your mouth with food to avoid the gasps that my fingers were causing, clearly enjoying both the meal and my penetration. After the waitress left I lifted my fingers from you and licked them clean, pretending to get some barbecue sauce off of them from my meal.

I immediately put them back in your crotch and started rubbing your clit hard and fast while I watched you eat. Needless to say your appetite was not what it usually was and I could tell you were more worried about how wet you had become and the need to throw your head back and scream out lout then you were about finishing your meal.

I took my fingers out of you and licked them clean another time then reached down and took your hand and had you unzip my zipper. Your face had a look of surprise when you found me without underwear and after 40 minutes of driving you crazy I was quite hard.

I placed your hand on me and let you slowly jerk my cock up and down while I finished my meal. At one point I could feel you coating your hand with my precum and then watched as you put those covered fingers straight into your pussy. It was then the look on your face let me know you couldn’t take it and you whispered into my ear that if I wouldn’t let you cum you were going to go take care of yourself and you merter escort got up and walked towards the restroom.

While I usually can keep control of you I knew I might have gone too far tonight after so long apart and that you would likely finish yourself off leaving me alone with the screams you’d make echoing from the restroom. I put my cock back in my pants and walked towards the restroom behind you. You were just in front of me but hadn’t noticed I was behind you. As you closed the door to the single person restroom I pushed it open, forcing you against the bathroom wall.

You were startled and confused but before you could understand what was happening I had closed the door and locked it. I took you and pushed you up against the floor length mirror and pulled your dress of your shoulders, letting it drop to a pile on the floor. You had gone braless tonight so you were left naked body pressing against the mirror unable to move. I reached down and lowered my fly, taking my now fully erect cock out and placing it against your ass. You gasped and pushed back against me.

I grabbed your arms and spun you around; landing your ass on the sink with your legs spread wide open. Without saying a word I slipped all the way into you. As soon as I pushed all the way in I felt your orgasm begin, your pussy covering me in cum as I slowly slip myself in and out of you.

I felt your body quiver you softly slump down against the mirror. I flipped you around again with your elbows up on the sink and your ass back against me. I begin fucking you hard and fast deeper and deeper. Your orgasm seemed to continue as I arched my back and filled you with cum. Your gasping continued as I slipped out of you and zipped up my pants.

I leaned forward and whispered in your ear to hurry back as I ordered dessert. I walked out leaving the door unlocked and you shaking in exhaustion and desire while the combination of your cum and mine leak out of you.

Minutes later you reappeared at the table, your dress back in place there is no hint of what has just happened to you outside of somewhat rosier cheeks. I handed you a glass of wine and watch you eat your desert, which you assure me is the best tasting thing you’ve ever eaten.

In the car on the way home you tell me it was an amazing night and I reach into my pocket and hand you a blindfold, explaining that the night is nowhere near over…

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