Dinner Service


She got out of the shower and he dried her down, rubbing her back, then her legs, and gently caressing her breasts with the fluffy towelling. He led her to the bedroom where, now dry, he helped her into her silk panties and bra set. Then he placed her garter around her and as she lifted each leg slowly rolled up her stockings and attached them to the garter, kissing her leg as he did so. Then taking her hand so she could stand he held the silk dress for her to step into, and helped ease it up her slim but shapely body. She turned round and he zipped her up. He sat her on the bed again and helped her into her 6 inch heels. Then, standing behind her he put the gold necklace he had bought her on, and tied the clasp. He turned her round and admired her. She looked gorgeous. He felt himself get hard.

He left her to do her makeup and hair as he went down to set the table and finish off preparing the dinner. Half an hour later she came down the stairs the swish of her dress sounding incredibly sensual, and she looked stunning and glamorous. He handed her a white wine and took her to her seat at the table he had prepared. He lit the candles.

There was a ring at the door. Napkin on arm and in his black jacket and black tie he opened the door. Her date had arrived. He bowed as the date came in, and led him to his wife. The date took her hand and pulling her forward slightly kissed her on the cheek. The husband held a chair for the date at the table and the date sat down. The husband poured the date a glass of white wine, and returned to the kitchen to serve up. Meanwhile his wife and the date started chatting. He could hear laughter and giggling from the other room.

He brought in the first meal and served first his wife and then the date, then stood to the side silently, ready to top up wine when needed. His wife and the date acted as if oblivious to him. güvenilir bahis They chatted and giggled. He noticed his wife lift her leg to rub her high heeled shoe up the inside of the date’s calf, the hem of the silk dress rising and gliding up her stockinged leg as she did so.

The first course finished the husband brought in the steak main course. The date cut up his steak and offered to feed the butler-for-the-evening’s wife. With a laugh like tinkling glass she took a bite, some of the juice dripping slightly down her lipstick covered lips. She cleared it away with a serviette and they proceeded to feed each other. The husband stood to the side, serviette on arm, cock hard, pushing against his suit trousers.

With the main course finished the husband brought in the dessert. The dessert was crepes and ice cream, he served them both at their seats, but his wife picked hers up and walked to her date, she placed the plate on the table, knelt down, and unzipped her date’s trousers, she pulled out his 9 inch cock, and with a wicked smile spooned ice cream onto it. She held his cock in her hands and then proceeded to lick the ice cream off of his rock hard member. Her blood red lips slowly lowered down over his cock and she worked it going as deep as she could. She kept taking spoons of ice cream, dropping it on his cock and sucking his cock. The date then took held her under her chin, and holding her hand stood her up, his cock engorged and facing forward. He leant behind her and pushed the crockery and cutlery out of the way and sat her on the dinner table, he pushed back her dress, the hem slipping down her legs as she held them in the air, he got to his knees, pulled her knickers off and took some ice cream spread on her pussy and took his turn to lick. She put her head back, her hair tossing, and closed her eyes, holding the date’s head to her crotch. Letting türkçe bahis out a moan.

Then she turned to her husband held out a near empty glass and asked him to fill it, she looked at her husband as he filled the glass, but her eyes kept rolling back in pleasure. Then the date stood up, his cock still hard, and held his cock to her pussy. He rubbed it against her pussy slightly, covering his cock with pussy juice, and then he slipped the head in. She let out a little gasp. He slowly worked the cock in another couple of inches, as she gripped the sides of the table, her dress having fallen back against her waist, her stockinged legs and heeled feet gripping her lover close to her, pulling him in deeper. She was starting to pant now, and he was grunting. With a few more thrusts he pushed all 9 inches in and she let out a cry of pleasure, and grabbed her lover around his back as he started pounding her, withdrawing more than half way then ramming his cock deep back all the way in, she started to let out a long moan. The harder he fucked the more the table rattled.

The husband stood there to attention, with the napkin still on his arm. His wife and her lover fucked harder and harder and then with a groan and shudder from his wife and one last thrust from her lover he came deep inside her. They kissed for a while, and then without ceremony her lover withdrew his cock, put it away in his pants, zipped up his trousers, fastened his belt and turned to the front door. The husband helped him with his coat and held the door open for him as he left. The husband closed the door and returned to the dinner table. His wife was still lying there, with her legs apart, a smile on her face, her head tilted back. She ordered him to come to her and told him to get to his knees. He knelt there facing her pussy, a gleaming pearl of come dripping down. His wife gripped his head and güvenilir bahis siteleri pulled him in towards her. He ran his tongue along her pussy lips licking off the surface cum, and then sent his tongue deep inside her, feeling the mixture of her pussy juice and the lover’s cum drip into his mouth. He stayed there tonguing her for a while, as she groaned. Her pussy was loose and quite juicy.

She then yanked at him to stand up. He undid his own trousers, and his cock poked out 6 inches but hard. He positioned his cock at her pussy opening, and then slipped it in. She was so loose that it when in easily, he could feel the sloppy seconds as he started to fuck, for her it was the second time that evening. He couldn’t fuck with the vigour of her lover, so he was gentle and loving and she stroked his face as he fucked her. He ran his hands over her breasts under her dress. As she lay on the table that he had served her and her lover, and on which she had been fucked hard just minutes earlier. She held the back of his head as he fucked her asking him whether he had enjoyed seeing her get fucked. Telling him how much bigger her lover’s cock had been how hard he had thrust, how much she had enjoyed it. She asked him whether he had enjoyed seeing her orgasm, and as she said that he came inside her, adding to the plentiful juices already there. They kissed as she had kissed her lover. He too withdrew his cock, put it away and zipped up his trousers. But then he held out his hand which she took, helping her to her feet.

He held her hand and led her upstairs. He gently took her clothes off and helped her into her nighty. He helped her to bed and then took his own clothes off and climbed into bed with her. Again he went down on her, spending twenty minutes giving her cunnilingus, and then he gently fucked her again.

After lying there for a while she rolled over to go to sleep. He turned the light out and held her until she was asleep. He would do the dishes in the morning, get up early, make her breakfast, get her clothes ready for the day. Then they would plan the next date.

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