Discovering “Back There”

Wind-blown rain tapped against Carrie’s dorm room window the first time she tried it. Boyfriends had asked for it, online porn was filled with girls doing it, and she decided it was time to try it at least once.

Carrie doubled checked her dorm room suite, making sure her suitemates were gone. Sure, she had her own bedroom, but it still felt creepy masturbating while someone was rattling pots and pans or watching the big TV in the main room. Carrie preferred being lost in her world without interruption.

She started with stories read from her tablet. Wasn’t that how it always started? She was an unashamed creature of habit. Step one, make sure the suite was empty. Step two, start reading porn. She had her favorite online authors, her “go-to” material that always jump started her libido. She skimmed over the exposition. Damn, why did so many erotic authors spend so much time describing place, characters and motivations? She preferred the stories that started closer to the action and weren’t afraid to describe it all in exquisite detail. That’s what her favorite authors did.

She read fast, as if reading faster would get her excited faster. Her favorite stories were like porn movies, quick to start using words like “fuck, suck, pussy, tits,” and more importantly for today’s fun: “ass, butt, asshole, and butthole.” Reading was her education and she was ready to be informed.

Carrie waited until she felt good and tingly down there. She enjoyed the way her clit would throb with a need to be caressed. She liked how hard her nipples could get. She slipped her fingers over her breasts, teasing her nipples with tiny circles in the way she did but none of her lovers had ever done. Her left nipple was her favorite. As it grew stiff, she pinched and pulled on it, enjoying how the fabric of her t-shirt raked against the sensitive point as it slipped out of her fingertips. She showed her right nipple some love to keep things equal and didn’t realize how she was squeezing her thighs together until her clit ached for attention, too.

She wore a t-shirt, no bra, and panties. She hadn’t showered yet that morning. Rainy days shut her down. Rainy days were best for curling up with hot, sexy stories and fingering fun. She pulled Mr. Wiggles from her underwear drawer. She wasn’t ready for the slim vibrator, not yet, but maybe later? Having the sex toy on the mattress next to her was enough. She didn’t always use it. She liked how Mr. Wiggles felt against her clit but hated his buzzing sound. Why couldn’t someone invent a vibrator that buzzed quietly? She didn’t know.

A crack of thunder rattled the window right before bigger drops became a sloppy drum roll against the glass. Carrie jumped, not expecting the thunder and smiled. She was safe. Only a thunderstorm. Soon, she would be giving her body a thunderstorm of its own. Did that make sense? She didn’t care, sloppy metaphors never bothered her and besides, didn’t an orgasm sometimes roll through her like thunder echoing against buildings? She went back to the story at hand, forgiving typos and dropped words on her quest for sexy ideas that would build her storm.

When she squirmed, she felt her wetness. If she touched her pussy, she would find it wet and slippery, like the characters in the story she read. The female characters were always big breasted, with narrow waists and oh-so-typical blonde. She lightly skimmed over the descriptions offered by authors unafraid of offering cliches. Why shouldn’t the characters be built on a scale match Greek gods? Porn stars augmented their bodies with enough silicone and collagen that they looked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri like cartoon characters. Mainstream Hollywood actors bleached their teeth white enough to glow in the dark. It was okay if the lead male in the story she read had a cock big enough to qualify as an extra appendage. She wasn’t going to fuck that impossibly big dick, only her fingers and, maybe, Mr. Wiggles.

Carrie slipping her fingers inside the elastic band of her panties, slowly slipping her hand from side-to-side across her pubis as if her hand belonged to an unsure lover. She loved that first, tentative caress from an unsure lover feeling his way. She liked when he would test her willingness by slipping the tips of his fingers inside her pants, so cautious and tentative, testing the waters, checking to see if she would welcome his caress or reject it while he did his best to hold her captive with their lips pressed together. Did guys think kisses would distract a woman away from where their hand had roamed or did they realize that good kisses opened knees like strong winds could blow open unlatched doors?

She slipped her hand inside her panties and touched herself, feeling the soft down-like feel of her pubic hair. Carrie was glad she stopped shaving, preferring trimming over shaving. She had used a comb like a hairdresser to pull her curly hair away from her body before clipping it shorter with trimmers. She still shaved away the curly hair her panties wouldn’t cover, but that was all. Maybe she’d meet a man who could convince her shave again. She doubted it. Shaving was a hassle.

She felt her internal warmth, surely no more than 98.6, but still warmer than the rest of her skin. She welcomed the wet, slippery sensation of being aroused. She ran her finger around her clit a couple times, teasing herself, making a promise of more to come soon enough before sliding her hand up her body. She slipped her hand beneath her t-shirt, cupping her breast before fingers rocked her stiff nipple. Oh yeah, that felt good. Her clit ached for a repeat caress she didn’t give and that felt even better.

More thunder made Carrie jump and her heart race. Or maybe her heart was already racing from her caresses? She didn’t know or care. Carrie listened to the rain for a long moment. She listened for movement beyond locked door of her bedroom, making sure the suite was still silent before she got naked. She heard only fat rain drops seeking entry strong glass wouldn’t allow.

She pulled off her t-shirt and panties. She didn’t always pull off her panties. Sometimes, she kept her panties on, wiggled her finger in the ways that felt best and didn’t think twice about it. But not today. Not this time. She needed the greater access for what she had planned and panties simply wouldn’t do. It felt good being naked on top of her fluffy comforter. A gust of mixed air caressed her nakedness as the heating and cooling system kept her room at precisely seventy-three degrees.

She went back to her story, jumping to the good parts where the heroine arched her back and offered her pert, tiny ass to her lover. She liked how this particular author lingered over sex descriptions, carefully describing how body parts fit together while still maintaining the narrative of the story. She fingered her pussy as she read.

The sex wasn’t superfluous for this author, it a crucial element of the story, a character of its own. Filled with eager dread, the heroine offered her ass while her lover tenderly prepared her backside, making her want the unwantable. As she read about his cock finally entered into güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her puckered backend opening, Carrie followed along. She moved her wet, slick finger farther between her legs and did the unthinkable. She pressed the tip of her finger inside her asshole and gasped when her world didn’t explode. She slipped her finger deeper, to its second knuckle and felt her ass squeezing around the intrusion. Her ass felt warmer than her pussy, obviously tighter, and it felt good!

Carrie slipped her finger in and out of her butt a several times, exploring and enjoying the new sensation and wondering why she had ever resisted doing this before. A finger felt good back there. Yes, her rear entry was tighter than her pussy and it triggered a different set of pleasure receptors. It felt wrong, no, naughty is a better description. Enjoying the sensation made her a very bad girl. She smiled. Sometimes, being a little bad could feel very good.

She had bought the smallest tube of KY jelly she could find, knowing an artificial lubricant would be important. She flipped the lid, applied a dab of the clear jelly on her fingertip and gazed at it for a second. It looked like a frozen raindrop, crystal clear and innocent looking. She reached between her legs once more, smearing the lube against her puckered opened and enjoying the sensation. Her finger slipped inside her butt with slippery ease. She knew that description was redundant and didn’t care. Sometimes, being redundant told the story best. She pushed her finger inside deeper than before and gasped again. She was doing it! She was finger-fucking her ass!

Her clitoris ached. She sort of hated when writers said a woman’s pussy ached. Her pussy never ached, her clit did. Maybe other women’s pussies ached? She didn’t know, she knew her pussy and no others. Regardless, she needed both hands and that required adjusting her setup. She propped her tablet up in the arms of her big stuffed teddy bear leaning against the wall. He was never afraid of thunderstorms that came too late in the year. He was never afraid of the dark or living so far away from home.

Like most things in her life, she had pre-planned this part of her solo afternoon by loading a series of pictures on her tablet inside a special folder. She began a slide show of girls enjoying it up the ass. Pictures were a lame substitute for words. Carrie preferred words, she preferred knowing the circumstances behind the picture, she wanted to know who was doing what and why. Porn pictures only wanted to shock and surprise with their graphic explicitness. But she was armed with stories in her mind. She had matched every picture with pieces of stories well-read and read again. The pictures were hieroglyphs for those stories and a few of her own.

Using both hands made things cluttered down there. She turned on her side and fingered her asshole from behind as the slide show began. That left her other hand free for diddling on her clit which made the finger up her ass feel even better as her slideshow advanced. The first few pictures were girls doing what she was doing, pretty women sneaking a fingertip into their “no” hole. As the pictures advanced, the women in the pictures had clearly decided “no” was more a “maybe, just not too deep.” Except that didn’t match real life. In real life, shoving her finger deep inside her ass felt better than she had anticipated, a lot better. In fact, it felt fucking good. Each time a wave of pleasure surged through her body, she felt her asshole tighten around her finger. She felt the resistance of her intrusion and it güvenilir bahis şirketleri triggered another feel good wave of pleasure.

Carrie grew more curious. If one finger felt good . . . She held her index and middle fingers together and gave it a try. Slowly, ready to stop at the first sign of pain or discomfort, she experimented with two fingers back there, up her butt, inside her ass. First was a deep gasp as pleasure washed over her like another wave of intense rain windblown against her window. Her sharp intake of breath allowed a soft moan, so soft, too soft to ever leave her room. She wanted this.

She wanted this more than she ever thought she would and lost control of herself. She rubbed her clit in tight, tiny circles, pressing hard against it and nearly buzzing with her urgency. She felt her orgasm welling up deep inside her core, frothing, bubbling, building until it exploded inside of her and that felt best of all. Her ass clenched with the rhythm of her orgasm, squeezed against her probing fingers, and she came harder than she could remember with an orgasm that lasted longer than thunder echoing through the city.

“Oh my God,” she told her teddy bear who had watched it all with plastic, unseeing eyes. She wiggled and squirmed on her bed, rolling on top of Mr. Wiggles. She felt the stiff piece of plastic beneath her hip and knew what had to happen next.

The slideshow pictures showed women with toys. Not dildos or vibrators because those pictures had been too graphic for her. Instead, she had saved pictures of girls wearing raccoon tails attached to butt plugs. She had saved pictures showing the jeweled tip of a designer butt plug, and only the jeweled tip, because the rest of the toy was hidden inside a woman’s eager and playful butt. Carrie knew a toy could fit there, in theory. It was time to test theory with practice.

She lubed her toy, coating Mr. Wiggles with a thin sheen of lubricant while comparing his size to her fingers. Compared to two fingers, Mr. Wiggles was bigger, but he was smaller than the girth of three fingers and that seemed okay. Mr. Wiggles had a tapered tip. Carrie pressed that tapered tip against her puckered backside. She pressed and pushed and felt it slipping inside of her before she smiled. She was doing it. She was fucking her ass!

She dared to turn him on while she rubbed her clit again. He buzzed. He buzzed deep inside of her. With a gentle push, buzzed even deeper inside and that made her front side feel good, too. Carrie whimpered as another orgasm approached. Her slideshow restarted and she barely noticed. Those girls tentatively poking their fingers inside their asses were rookies compared to her. She had graduated to the big leagues, from a fingertip to a toy, a real toy, a toy as big as any man she had known.

Carrie arched her back, welcoming the unfamiliar intrusion as Mr. Wiggles buzzed delightful inside her body. She rubbed her swollen clit and kept rubbing until another seized her body with pleasure. Having a toy up her ass felt better than fingers. A toy left her free to notice how her ass clenched and squeezed. She felt full, much fuller than her fingers as she rode her orgasm to its conclusion.

As the storm softened, so did Carrie’s lustfulness. She washed her toy and took a shower before hiding Mr. Wiggles back in her drawer. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror above her dresser. She had found a new way to play and would be revisiting it very soon, but first, she needed to adjust to her slideshow.


Author’s Note: Sometimes it feels good to see if you can write a hot little story in 2500 words or less. I think I did that. I know I sure tried. Your votes, notes, and comments are always appreciated. A HUGE thank you belongs to my editor: patientlee who somehow found the time to give this story a once over though she has a remarkably busy life. Mistakes remain my own and not hers.

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