Discovering Natalie


Natalie sat on the floor of her bedroom painting her toenails a deep candy apple red. She had been dating Jim for a few weeks now. Before meeting him, she had no idea that men would be attracted to her feet. As Natalie finished painting her toes, she took a few minutes to admire her feet. She had always liked her feet and enjoyed making them look attractive. This idea that some men were sexually attracted to her feet was easy to understand. She brought her right foot into her lap and stroked her sole with her fingertips. She had always taken great care of her feet and body. So it stood to reason that her feet would be extremely soft.

Natalie eyed her closet thinking of what to wear that day. On the floor of her closet she had a large collection of shoes for her size seven and a half feet. Natalie reached up and selected a short khaki skirt and a pink tee shirt to wear that day. She stood up in front of a full length mirror and looked at her body. Her long blonde hair was pulled up behind her head. She turned sideways to look at her butt which she always thought was too big for her petite frame. At 5’5″ tall and 125 pounds, Natalie’s ass was ANYTHING but too big!

Being in college was a lot of fun, but it also required that Natalie give up a few weekends of going out. This was just such a weekend. Natalie stepped into her skirt and wiggled it up and over her hips. Pulling her pink tee over her head and finally making the all important shoe selection. She wanted to show off her fresh polish job, so she selected a pair of black flip flops with a stacked sole. Sliding her young feet into her shoes and grabbing her book bag, Natalie was ready to go do some studying.

She climbed into her sporty little silver car and headed for Barnes & Noble to study. For a Sunday afternoon, the place was pretty dead. Natalie walked to the back and found four overstuffed chairs sitting facing each other with a large table between them. Dropping her book bag Natalie got settled in for a long reading session. As she always did, Natalie kicked her shoes off without thinking anything about it. She was sitting deep in the chair with her now bare feet resting on the side of the table.

As Natalie sat reading, Carl wheeled his large pick-up truck into the parking lot. Carl, now in his late fifties, took every chance he could to observe young girl’s bare feet. Living in a college town, this was pretty easy to do. Barnes & Noble had always proved to be a great hunting ground for fresh young feet. Carl wasn’t shy about his fetish, but he also knew that the was way too old for these young girls and was happy to just sit and watch their feet. After checking his balding head in the rearview mirror, Carl decided it was time to go “hunting for some fresh feet”.

Carl ordered a large coffee from the Starbucks and began to stroll around the shelves of books. Sadly he noted to himself that the place was pretty empty at the time. Combing each row Carl searched for a good foot show. Walking, slipping his coffee, Carl suddenly found himself at the back of the store looking directly at this sweet young girl with her bare feet on the edge of the table. She hadn’t noticed him at all and he loved it. Carl found a place to hide so he could observe Natalie’s feet.

He tried to think of the last time he saw such a perfect pair of feet in his life! The skin on this girl’s legs and feet was SO creamy looking. Her toes had his favorite color on them and she wasn’t hiding them at all! He watched as she shifted in her seat. Natalie extended her legs straight out in front of her. She had them placed together at the ankle and flexed her feet around a bit. Carl watched with trembling hands as Natalie would spread her toes, then point them. Natalie’s foot show continued for a good while. Carl couldn’t look at anything else, nothing else even existed except for Natalie and her amazing feet. To make matters worst Natalie’s mouth was working on a large “blow-pop” sucker as she read. Carl was in a position to notice that she had a small mouth and it was really stretching to accommodate the dark red sucker.

Carl counted himself lucky. Not only were Natalie’s cute feet in plain view, but he could also watch her slowly work that sucker in and out of her mouth. Natalie had nice full, soft looking lips. Carl watched with a painful erection as Natalie’s lips slowly slid back and forth over the sucker. She even made a point to stick her tongue out ever so slightly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to drag the blow pop down the tip of her tongue. It seemed that Natalie’s mind was somewhere else as she worked on that blow-pop. Carl wondered what lucky bastard was able to take control over that mouth and those feet!

It was now time for a closer inspection of Natalie’s feet. Carl wondered over and sat down in the chair directly to her left. Natalie looked up from her book and they exchanged polite glances. As she continued to read she got the feeling that she was being watched. Carl sat there with a book open in his lap, pretending to read it. Natalie, looking out of the corner of her eye finally got confirmation that she was in fact being watched. The funny thing was that he wasn’t trying to look up her skirt as she would have expected. In fact it seemed that he kept looking at her feet. Natalie thought that she must be imagining it and didn’t move her feet from the table.

Then she remembered a conversation she had with Jim a week or so ago. He was asking her if any other guys had ever paid attention to her feet. Natalie told him no, except for the one time one of her guys friends sucked her toes after a long night of drinking. Jim had tried to explain that there were a lot of men out there who would love to see her feet. He also explained that the majority of them were very shy about their fetish and if she was going to catch them looking, she’d have to really pay attention.

Carl continued to stare at Natalie’s feet on the table. A million ideas were running around in his head about her. Carl’s foot fetish ran from just smelling and licking feet all the way to bondage, tickling, and foot torture. If it had to do with feet, Carl loved it! He started off just looking at her soft soles and thinking of how good they must smell after a long day in sneakers. Carl also imagined Natalie flat on her back with her legs in the air. He was making love to her as she moaned and screamed his name. He thought of her naked body laid out in front of him. He could almost see her facial expressions as he thrusted deep inside of her. Her cute face contorting with each stroke. That would be heaven for him, especially if she was naked except wearing Keds without socks. He would raise her shoe-clad feet to his face before he came inside her. Jerking her sweaty sneakers off he would bury his face in her moist soles and inhale deeply as he flooded her with his cum. Carl’s erection was about to split his pants as he snapped back into reality.

Without either of them speaking a word Natalie knew this older man was definitely looking at her feet. She could also tell by the look on his face that he was extremely turned on by her feet. That was the same expression Jim had while he was playing with her feet. Natalie’s feelings about this older man were mixed. On one hand she was a little creeped out that this complete stranger was getting off looking at her feet. The other idea she had was what a great story she was going to be able to tell Jim about tonight! With a nervous stomach, Natalie decided to continue the foot show.

Natalie’s next position was to put both feet flat on the floor and then cross her right foot over her left knee. Normally she wouldn’t leave her foot up on her knee like that because anybody sitting in front of her would have a clear panty shot. Since the seat in front of her was empty, Natalie left her right foot on her knee. The sole of her right foot was facing directly at Carl’s face. Natalie knew that she needed to do more so she began to slowly rotate her foot around at the ankle. After several minutes of doing this she again pointed her foot, then flexed and spread her toes for this older man. Over the next thirty minutes Natalie changed into a variety of positions. She wanted to see which position attracted the most attention from this guy. Natalie decided to turn sideways in the chair and drape her legs over the arm of the chair facing Carl. She knew that this offered him a close up view of her soles. Natalie looked at Carl and said, “If my feet bother you, please let me know and I’ll move them.” Carl was so shocked that she spoke to him about her feet that all he could do was stammer and nod.

“What an IDIOT I am!” he thought to himself. He also knew that he had been sitting there for over an hour getting the most amazing foot show EVER! It wasn’t going to be long before he either had to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri leave or run into the restroom to masturbate! This girl was making it too easy for him. He noticed that her head was behind a large book in her lap. She couldn’t even see his face which allowed him to look directly at her soles. Resting only about three feet away he was able to really inspect them. She had a medium arch and a very narrow heel. Her toes were aligned perfectly and it looked as if she had never gone barefoot outside a day in her life.

Natalie laid the book down over her chest and closed her eyes to rest for a second. Carl loved the kidnap and tickle torture fantasy. Of course he would never act on it but, it was still very erotic to think about. He knew Natalie would be any foot tickler’s dream girl. Young and innocent looking with a petite body and perfect feet. He could only imagine what her laughter would sound like. Not to mention how erotic it would be to hear her BEG and PLEAD with him to stop torturing her feet.

Carl watched Natalie taking a little nap and had his second fantasy about her. He imagined he worked there and was the only person closing that night. Somehow everybody had overlooked this sleeping beauty and they were now alone in the store. He imagined finding her in that exact position. He would creep up slowly behind her with a pink ball gag in hand. Grabbing her quickly with his strong arms he would force her to open up and accept the gag in her mouth. Pinning her in the chair he would secure the straps behind her head and get to work making sure she couldn’t escape.

Carl saw himself turning her back to a normal position in the chair. Natalie’s wrists would be bound together over her head and her arms pulled back to expose those smooth armpits. Of course her narrow ankles would be bound together as well and stretched back out on the table. He would have Natalie so well secured that escape would be impossible. He loved thinking of her small mouth stretched to the limit to accommodate the pink ball gag. Maybe even a little drool escaping from the sides of her sweet mouth.

It was easy to imagine the look of fear in her eyes as her mind raced about her fate. He would of removed the ball gag and told her to scream all she wanted. In his fantasy he would have had a large variety of tickle devices handy to torture this poor girl’s feet. The first device was his favorite to use, that device being his mouth! How wonderful it must be to be able to lick the soles of her helpless feet. Feeling every wrinkle and line in her soles as he slowly slid his tongue up and down her 21 year old feet. He knew that would tickle the crap out of her! If it didn’t he could always chew on the balls of her feet lightly with his teeth. That was a sure-fire way to make Natalie scream and laugh.

He loved watching her sleep and thinking of her body bound helpless but still struggling against the ropes used to secure her. “God, how fun would it be to tickle her until she passes out from laughing only to revive her by licking and sucking her feet again.” he thought to himself. If he were to capture such a young lady he’d torture her all night long! Poor Natalie’s face all flushed red with hot tears streaming down her creamy cheeks.

Carl’s other favorite fantasy was foot torture. He imagined escorting Natalie to a dungeon he had made. He would ask her to kneel on a large wooden bench. Once in position Natalie’s hands would be handcuffed and a rope run between the handcuff’s chain. Attached to the ceiling would be a large eye bolt which the run could be run through. This would allow him to really make her arms stretch up by pulling on the rope. Once her hands were secured he would kneel down and remove her sneakers and her white cotton ankle socks. In fact he thought, she’d look much better stripped naked and kneeling like that. Natalie’s wrists were handcuffed and stretched far above her head. Her narrow ankles were tied with rope too. Just to secure her extra tight he would have tied ropes around her knees too.

In his fantasy she would have to be whipped for having such pretty and sweet smelling feet. Also, in his head, Natalie would WANT to be whipped and would fully understand his reasons for doing so. Selecting his favorite “cat o’ nine” he would begin to whip her feet. He didn’t want to damage her, just hard enough to make her face wince. “SMACK” was the sound of the leather güvenilir bahis şirketleri making contact with her soft soles. Natalie’s eyes closed tightly and her feet scrunched by curling her toes. He loved hearing her “yelps” as he whipped her soles and bare ass. Natalie’s constant whimpering made Carl pick up one of her sweaty cotton socks and stuff it deep in her mouth. A piece of duct tape was used across her mouth. He liked knowing that she was forced to both smell and taste her OWN feet!

That fantasy was so hot that when Carl snapped back to reality he knew he had to go release the pressure. He started to get up, but the sight of Natalie sleeping was too good to miss. He laughed as her mouth had slowly opened even further. She was dead to the world! Almost two hours had passed since he had sat down. This girl had been sleeping for a pretty good while. Carl wanted so badly to lean over and smell her young soles. He knew if he was caught that it would be ugly, so he decided against it. He knew he had to smell and taste those feet!

Looking down Carl noticed Natalie’s sandals laying on the floor. He reached out with his foot and brought them over closer. Looking around he saw that they were really alone in that spot. Carl’s heart raced and his whole body shook as he reached down and picked her sandals. Again looking around he saw the coast was clear and he snatched her sandals up and ran to the bathroom. Locking himself in a stall Carl looked at his prize. “What the hell am I doing!?” he thought to himself. He just knew she was going wake up, notice her missing shoes and call security. He put her shoes down and slowly opened the bathroom door. He could see her sitting out there, still dead to the world. The knew if he was going to actually do this in real life, he’d have to be quick about it.

One hand cradled both of her sandals as the other released his cock. He looked down at himself and knew he had never seen it so hard before in his life! He studied Natalie’s sandals, especially the insole. He could make out her dark little toe impressions in them! He raised them to his face and smelled the toe area. The scent wasn’t very strong, but there was one. It smelled a little like a shoe closet mixed with the fresh smell of her salty foot sweat. He licked the toe areas of her sandals as well as the entire insole. His tongue picked up little pieces of dirt and lots of old sweat.

Images flashed through his mind like he was watching a pornographic movie starring he and Natalie. One second she was bound on her knees as he pounded her from behind, the next second he was holding her head steady as she sucked him deep in her mouth. Whatever the image was Carl could always see her feet in them. Whether they were on either side of his head or whether her soles were all scrunched up as he thrusted in her doggie style. Carl masturbated his cock faster and faster until his hand was almost a blur. Raising one of Natalie’s sandals to his face he started to lick the insoles with long, broad strokes of his tongue. The other one of Natalie’s sandals was supporting his cock as he slid it up and down the length of her sole.

Carl felt the cum welling up inside of him and he held both sandals out in front of him as if Natalie was lying on her back pointing her toes under his cock. Before he knew it cum erupted from deep inside him and shot out in thick ropes of cum all over her sandals. Panting, he looked down to see his cum dripping off her shoes. “Damn, I have to get this cleaned up now!” he said franticly wiping them clean.

Carl returned happily to find Natalie still sleeping soundly. He put her damp sandals back, just as he had found them. A few minutes later Natalie awoke and looked around with her big eyes still full of sleep. She noticed that the older man who had been watching her feet looked as if he had just run a marathon! Looking at her watch Natalie turned and slid her naked feet back into her sandals. She instantly knew that something had happened, but she couldn’t imagine what. Natalie got up and said goodnight to Carl as she walked out of the store. Getting inside her silver sports car Natalie removed one sandal and brought her bare foot up to her nose for a smell. “What is that smell?” she wondered. She knew she had smelled it many times before. She drove home wondering why her feet smelled like sex.

Carl wobbled out of the store a few minutes later and saw Natalie driving away. “Hey, I’ve seen that car before!” he thought to himself. Then it hit him, Natalie lived in his apartment complex! Carl smiled as the thought of the possibility of having her feet for real. Who knows what his next move is. If anybody is interested, let me know and we’ll see what happens to sweet Natalie and her soft, ticklish feet!

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