Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 02


Part Two – Delta Gamma

It was a Friday afternoon and classes were over for the day, which meant it was Letters Night at The Pub. All the brothers, even us pledges, gathered at the local Greek hangout dressed in clothing that reflected our affiliation. It was a typical meat market and an excuse to hookup with a bed partner and drink lots of beer. Oh the greatness of college life!

I sat with my pledge brothers over three pitchers of Budweiser when I saw her walk in. She was average pretty with blonde hair, but what really caught my attention were her tits. They stretched her Delta Gamma sweater out like nobody’s business!

My mates gave me the business as I stared at her and challenged me to go up and talk to her. I didn’t need the encouragement as my hardening penis pointed the way. She sat down at the bar with two friends and ordered fuzzy navels. I sauntered over and said hello. She gave me a big smile and returned the greeting. Her two friends turned around and scanned the room, leaving us to get acquainted.

“I’m Joe. What’s your name?”

“Diana. Nice to meet you, Joe.”

We quickly dispensed with the usual college getting-to-know-you questions like hometown, major, and such. She was from Los Angeles, her father was an entertainment lawyer, and she was majoring in chemistry. The drinks flowed and her two friends left, leaving us alone.

After the third round and kissed her, and she returned it. I put my arms around her and we continued, tongues fighting it out until the bartender told us to get a room. We laughed and said we would. I paid the bill and we got up to leave.

We walked down the alley toward my car when she pulled me close to her up against the wall. Our hands wandered all over each other and she started rubbing my cock through my slacks. I grabbed one melon in my hand and kneaded it, caught up in my hormones and passion. I knew it wouldn’t bakırköy escort count if I fucked her here in the alley so I suggested we go back to my place, as it would be more private.

I drove about ninety miles-an-hour back to the fraternity house and, as we pulled up, she made a confession.

“Joe, I know all about your contest. Don’t worry, it’s cool with me. It kind of turns me on that all your brothers will be watching us fuck.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I sure wasn’t going to turn her down, either! She also told me this was the third year she had been on the scoreboard. I made note of it and vowed to myself that I would have to check out the tape library for her past performances.

Diana said hello to several of the brothers as we went in, a couple of them gave me winks as we passed. I found an empty room and lead her in, locking the door behind us. We kissed again, groping at each other like animals. She could tell I was fixated on her breasts, and she grabbed them and shook them for me.

“You like my 34E’s, big boy? I can’t wait to feel your big cock sliding between them!” With that, she pulled her sweater over her head, revealing her globes to me. Her blue lace bra barely contained them and all I could do was stare, helpless before them. I reached for my belt and started getting undressed. She took off her skirt and pranced around in her underwear, giving me a seductive dance. My cock was ready to explode as I struggled out of my clothes.

I went to her and licked the valley between her tits as she grabbed my cock and began stroking it. I stuck my hand into her panties and found her clit. Her pussy was already dripping juice. After very little stimulation she started humping my hand and I felt her cum.

I stopped her from rubbing me, as I was about to cum already. I reached behind her and unhooked the bra and she beşiktaş escort removed her now-soaked panties. We went to the bed and she took me in her mouth.

“You really are a ‘big boy’ aren’t you Joe?” She scooted around so I had access to her pussy. I lapped away and her beautiful cunt, so pink and ready to be fucked. She was certainly a natural blonde as well!

Several times she brought me to the brink, then stopped. She was a grandmaster of cocksucking and I was the lucky recipient of her talent and skill. She came twice on my face, which must have looked like a glazed doughnut from all the juice.

Finally, the time had come. She turned around and, in one motion, sat on my penis, taking all nine inches in one motion. She humped up and down with a fury, her huge boobs flopping in my face. I grabbed them hard and sucked each nipple in turn as we wildly fucked each other.

“Get on top, Joe.” I instantly obeyed, sinking my cock back into her pussy. I alternated slow and hard strokes, loving the sight of her. Blonde pubes mingling with my black ones and her tits bouncing all around. I felt like the biggest stud in the world!

When she sensed I was about to cum, she told me to pull out and fuck her tits. I slid my cock, slimy with her juices, between those beautiful tits. She pushed them together, making a tunnel of flesh for my engorged pole. It only took about five strokes before I came, covering her face, neck and hair with my sperm.

Exhausted, I rolled over and reached for a cigarette. She indicated she wanted one two so we lay there, smoking in each other’s arms. With her other hand she stroked my balls, then slipped a finger into my asshole. My cock jumped (oh how I missed the five minute reset of youth!). Seeing that I had no problem with anal play, she stuck a second finger into my and violently finger-fucked me.

“You beylikdüzü escort realize, don’t you, that I am going to have to fuck you in the ass now?” She smiled and nodded.

“Fuck my ass with that horse cock, Joe. Fuck me til I bleed!”

I reached into the nightstand and took out some lube. She got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air, ready for me. I greased my cock and then stuck my lubed-fingers into her back passage. Once I had loosed her a bit I guided myself toward her. Slowly I inserted my cock into her. She was obviously experienced at this, as I met little resistance, soon burying all nine inches into her.

I pounded into her ass with no mercy, and she screamed with pleasure or pain or both. I grabbed her ass cheeks hard as I thrust, leaving red imprints of my hands. All the while Diana reached back and rubbed her own clit, bringing herself to another orgasm.

My balls started to ache from slapping against her so I slowed down. Even with this, I felt another load building up so I pulled out and stuck my cock into her pussy. I loved the sight of her big tits shaking with each thrust so I reached around and fondled them, paying special attention to her pink nipples.

“Cum with me!” she screamed. “Fill me up!” I needed no more encouragement. My second load of the night came screaming out into her womb. When I was finished shooting I turned her over and dove for her pussy. With practiced experience I ate her out, taking my own sperm back out of her. After she’d orgasmed yet again, I rose to share my sperm with her in a cum-flavored kiss.

We held each other and basked in our subsiding orgasm. Totally spent, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A couple of hours later we awoke and got dressed. We shared a final kiss before I walked her out. Completing the ritual I went to find my pledge trainer, but one of the brothers told me he was already in the video room.

I knocked on that door and was let in. Inside, almost the entire house greeted me with a loud round of applause, handshakes and pats on the back. The pledge trainer came up to me.

“Very well done, Joe! Let’s go chalk this one up on the scoreboard.”

Two down. Seven to go.

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