Dot Cum Ch. 02

Double Penetration

As she stroked me she told me about how amazing it had felt when I came in her. She’d never had anyone do it before bareback and she told me the feeling of my cum filling her had sent her over the edge. I knew I’d cum a lot in her as between the buildup and my decision to hold off masturbating before I picked her up I was painfully full.

I slipped my fingers down between her legs and slide two inside of her pussy. Pulling them out covered in our cum I moved them to her lips. At first she was surprised, seeing my cum on them, but curiosity turned to arousal as she closed her lips around my fingers and sucked the juices our combined juices off my fingers. Just when I was about to go back and repeat the experience she moved her hands past mine and did it herself. Her fingers sliding in and out, getting coated in cum, watching her play with herself was causing my erection to return faster than expected.

Knowing she wanted to keep playing with her pussy I slide down lower so my cock was behind her pushing against her ass and pussy, her hands kept moving in and out as I listened to her breathing increase. I whispered beşiktaş escort in her ear, “Let me fill you”, she moaned back, slipping her fingers out of her pussy and making room for me to fill her. I grabbed her hips and pulled forward, returning my cock into her wet cum filled pussy.

She tried to push back against me, to force me to fuck her, but I had other ideas. Watching her play with herself was a huge turn on, especially given all the nights I had listened to her do it and imagined how good it would look. I slid my tongue across her neck and nibbled on her ear, whispering in it, telling her to play with her clit while I filled her.

She slid her hands down and resumed working her clit, alternating between running her fingers over and around it and stroking her lips and my cock. I tried to limit my movement, making her do all the work. I wasn’t ready to fuck yet, but being used as a dildo was definitely something I could handle, as each time she moved her hips and pushed back against me I buried myself deeper in her.

Her movement was timed perfectly to the moans coming beşiktaş eve gelen escort from her mouth, her fingers bringing her to the edge as I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy contracting around me. I reached down and gently smacked her ass as she fingered herself faster in anticipation of her orgasm. Her pussy was throbbing around my cock, which by this point was dripping precum inside her already full pussy.

Her movements on me were making our cum leak out all over my cock and balls, and I could even feel it running down my legs. Her body went tense and she screamed out my name, her pussy squeezing my cock so hard I couldn’t move. As she came down from her orgasm I went back to sucking on her neck and squeezing her tits, knowing she was still sensitive from her orgasm I decided to roll her onto her stomach and tease her gently.

Sliding her to her side I made sure to keep my cock buried in her. Once she was on her stomach I sat up and began slowly thrusting deep in her. Her initial response was shock, but that was quickly replaced by ecstasy as I thrust beşiktaş grup yapan escort myself in and our of her. My hands roaming over her ass, spreading it apart so I could see my cock head entering her over and over again. I slide my pinky between her cheeks, gently teasing her ass while I pushed into her. We’d discussed anal before, and while it was definitely on the table now was just time for me to test the waters and see what happened. My pinky slide into her ass, gently opening her up for what may happen later while my cock filled her.

I felt her hands on my balls and realized she had returned to playing with herself while I fucked her. Having just cum I could usually last longer, but after making her cum inside her I was dying to fill her again. I began thrusting faster and faster, timing my fingers in her ass with my cock. Her moans increased, and I felt her fingers matching my pace. I was throbbing and new I was about to cum. Leaning down I moaned into her ear, telling her how close I was. She whispered back, begging me to fill her and that sent me over the edge.

I pushed deep inside and let loose my 2nd load of the day, as I slowed my thrusting I felt her pussy contracting on me and she let out a deep moan and told me she was cumming. Our breathing was ragged after all this time so I laid down on top of her and we both feel asleep, our naked bodies intertwined and covered in cum. We’d wake up later, but that as well is another story.

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