Dr. Sexy Dermatologist


It’s always been a dream of mine to become a doctor. There’s just such a prestigious feeling to it. After graduating from Columbia University in NYC with my doctorates in dermatology, I opened a cozy practice in the suburbs of New Jersey. The office is beautiful. Nice and spacious with windows on each wall and plenty of sunlight to shine on everything within. There are two exam rooms, a cutesy waiting room and my office, which is in the back of the space itself.

It took a few months to get going, but quickly I was seeing 50 plus patients per month and really started to get into my doctor groove. On a cloudy day at 9:00 AM, I unlocked the door to the office and into the gloomy feeling waiting room. My assistant and front desk person, Patricia would be in within the hour, and the first office visit wasn’t until 11:30 AM. The patient I would be seeing is new, and he wanted to inquire about cosmetic dermatology services. According to my colleagues, this is where the real money is.

The morning breezed by and I went out to the waiting room to pass folders to Patricia and find Thomas flipping through a magazine in the waiting room. Man, he was beautiful. Why would he want cosmetic work done? I try to remember that I’m a professional medical doctor now and that I need to keep my cool. Sexual thoughts are so unprofessional, and I have way too much debt to have my practice ruined or my license to practice taken away.

“I can take you in my back now.” Holy crap, did I just say that? “In the back exam room now!”

He took it in stride and adjusted his collared shirt as he stood up. His dark jeans, light colored plaid shirt and oversized silver wrist watch were a perfect combination. The scent of his cologne started to waft my way. Keep your cool, Dr. Malens.

I collected his height and weight and asked him to remove his shirt and undershirt in exchange for the paper gown. While he changed, I took a big sip of tea and straightened up my hair. Back in the room, I started with getting to know him and his concerns and then proceeded to the exam portion.

Parting canlı bahis the paper gown to the side, I revealed his sculpted back and luscious shoulder blades. Part of me wanted to run my hands down his back and grace the skin gently with my nails. Thomas was looking for laser scar removal for the scars that acne had left when he was a teen. Completely doable. Thomas got dressed and met me in my office to talk payment, procedure and set up future appointments.

“I know this might be slightly unprofessional and please forgive me if I’m out of line. But I’d love to take you out to dinner tonight. There’s this great taco place just a few blocks away, and they have excellent margaritas.” Thomas said while fidgeting his hands to calm what I can only assume is nerves.

I was quiet. YES! My internal self wanted to scream. Take me here on my desk, right now! No tacos needed. This internal dialogue with myself went on longer than expected.

“That’s fine; I totally get it. Forgive me, and I promise I won’t speak another word of it. Strictly laser treatments.” He smiled.

“No, I — I would love to. Did you say tonight? I have evening hours tonight from 7-9…” Like a good boy trying to impress my father, he promised to have me back at the office in time. Just like that, I agreed. Tacos and margaritas for happy hour it would be.

The conversation was great. We laughed, spilled silly confessions and had so many geeky interests in common. The tequila surely helped but I loved hanging out with him. Could I date a patient? We got our check and hoped back in his nice SUV to the office.

By the time we pulled into my lot, there was almost an hour of awkward time before office visits began. I thanked him for a great night and then proceeded to gather my purse and jacket.

“Wait — don’t you have about an hour before you open again?” Thomas was inquisitive.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal. I’ll just do some billing and paperwork.” There was always something to do for the office.

“I’ll come in and keep you company. At least bahis siteleri until Patricia gets back. It’s dark out, and you shouldn’t be in there alone.” Thomas was such a gentleman, and I’m now blushing at the fact that I obliviously missed his initial hint.

He followed me into the office and into my back office. I sat down at my desk and told him that he’s welcomed to make himself some tea. I rustled through some papers and pretended to look like I didn’t care. Thomas took up my tea offer and was now waiting for the water to heat up.

I jumped to the feeling of his hands on my shoulders as he moved my hair to the side. He commented on my style and said that there were so many beautiful ways about me. I turned in my chair so my body was facing him, and he pulled the rolling chair into his body and now crouched to his knees.

Our faces were even together, and it was time for me to make a move. Without thinking twice, I gave him a single lingering kiss on the lips and put my arms and legs around his body. He picked me up and held me as I wrapped around him. Moving to the wall, he still held me like I was absolutely weightless. Muscles and all he kissed me deeply. I felt secure and sexy… This was something out of a movie. Tonight, I was feeling rough and playful. I pulled my head back and gave him a little slap. You could see the passion flow through him as he came back in aggressively and bit my lip. My hands pulled his hair, tilting his head back as I then unbuttoned his top two buttons and bit his chest.

“Grr,” I cooed into his beautiful, tight chest. Thomas sat me down on top of a chest I had and playfully pulled my hair back. I slapped his face, and he picked me back up again, bending me down.

“Will you behave now, Dr. Maci Malens?” One eyebrow was arched, and he had this stupidly sexy half smile on his face. Maybe I’ll behave… but if I don’t will you get naked? I kept my words to myself.

I wrangled out of his arms until I was free, collapsing to my butt on the ground. Without skipping a beat, I got to his pants and undid bahis şirketleri his button and fly. He backed up to the wall, but I sexily crawled forward.

His beautiful cock came free, and I kissed his tip gently as I popped it into my mouth. Slowly, all of his manhood entered my mouth, and I could feel him touch the back of my throat. My soft moaning sent vibrations throughout his shaft, and he began to hum with pleasure as well.

Every part of his penis fit my mouth in exquisite ways. I glided him in and out of my mouth as I massaged his balls with my hand and reached around to grab his tight ass. As I had desired to earlier, I dug my nails into the lower part of his back only to quickly feel goosebumps.

Thomas’ energy screamed that he couldn’t take it anymore. I quickened my pace and focused my efforts on his perfectly circumcised cut tip. My hand slid up and down his cock, and I sucked and swirled and pulled all of him into me. This was all I wanted right now, every part of him. It was so damn good.

“Don’t stop” He said.

Fucking hell that was even sexier. I kept going and began to deep throat him more as he pulled my hair and screamed. His orgasm was hot. The sweet taste of his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed with pride and gently licked the excess off as he begged me to stop.

Suddenly, I heard the creak of the front office door opening, and it was Patricia. Had an hour gone by already? We looked at each other like panicked teenagers as I got to my feet to straighten myself up and he zippered back up and fixed his hair.

I stuttered out a greeting to Patricia as her footsteps came closer and closer to my office door.

“Thomas forgot his coat earlier, I heard the door open, and I thought it was you!” she laughed and he laughed and apologized again for startling me before.

“We’ll see you next Tuesday, Thomas!” Patricia said with enthusiasm and picture perfect customer service.

All was well.

I put his folder back while Patricia was making a future appointment for my 7:00 PM and grabbed his cell number.

Earlier today I noticed some scratches on your back, be careful about those once you start treatment, Thomas. –Signed a concerned Dr. Malens

He replied right away. “I always follow doctor’s orders.”

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