Dr Walsh Helps a Teen and Her Boss

“If this does not solve your issue Patrick. I swear to God I am going to fire you as soon as you get back.”

“Yes, sir.” Patrick muttered as he hung up the phone. Patrick was sitting in some therapist’s waiting room. He looked around at the cream-colored walls as he debated reading Newsweek. He decided against it and his mind wandered.

‘This is all her fault’ he thought to himself, ‘This job was at least bearable until she was assigned to me. She is such a brat, why don’t they understand it’s not my fault that we can’t make it work. If I hear what a genius she is again I’ll save them the trouble of firing me. I can’t believe I’m gonna lose my job because of some bratty college intern.’

Ashley was her name and she was already a junior in college despite being only 18 years old. Patrick was a pretty bright guy himself, which is why Ashley had been assigned to work with him in the first place. However, Patrick had become accustomed to working alone, and he had not taken well to having a sidekick.

‘I wonder if she’s even going to show? Maybe that would show them how irresponsible she is.’

“Patrick?” a defiantly dressed, middle-aged woman asked while she looked at her clipboard. Patrick nodded and the woman continued, “I am Dr. Walsh and I am here to help you out today.”

Patrick could not help but stare. The woman had over tanned skin and dark brown hair that was tied back in business-like manner. She wore a revealing, dark business suit that hugged her trim figure. She wore 4-inch heels that pushed her to almost 6 feet tall and made her black stockings look perfectly erotic. Her short skirt came about a third of the way down her thighs, struggling to cover the top of her stockings. Her skirt looked ready to rip while her generous backside jiggled inside it. Her breasts were very perky and round; they were obviously fake and looked to be around 34 DD in size. The four inches of cleavage sliding out of her jacket were enough to make any schoolboy cum in his shorts.

“Follow me.” she ordered as she turned and walked down the hall. Patrick’s eyes were glued to her jiggling bottom.

“I though Ashley was supposed to be here as well?” Patrick questioned.

“We’ll get to that, come in here and have a seat.” Dr. Walsh spoke. They walked in to a room with several chairs pushed close together but with no table. There was a king sized bed in the center of the room. She quickly shut the door behind him and she took a seat opposite him. “Listen to me Patrick. I am very unorthodox but if you do not do as I say I will tell your boss to fire you, ok?”

“Yes, ma’am” he muttered as his eyes went to the ground.

“Now you are good looking man, Patrick.” said Dr. Walsh as her eyes glazed over his lean, tan body. “I want you to tell me three things that make you sexually superior.”


“You heard me, and do not cross me.”

Patrick smiled like a jackass. “One: I have a 8 inch dick. Two: I cum a lot, I mean more than any porn star I have ever seen. Three: I can cum several times without getting soft.”

“Well that certainly is impressive. Now take off your clothes.” Dr. Walsh gave him a look like she meant business.

Patrick stood up and stripped off his shirt, then slipped his shoes and socks off. He noticed that it was very cold in here. Colder than a movie theater. He undid his belt buckle and realized that his flaccid penis was probably all shriveled up. When he slipped his underwear down, he heard Dr. Walsh laugh in his face.

“Ashley, come in here!” Dr. Walsh cried while her eyes stayed locked on Patrick’s now shrinking penis.

Before Patrick had time to react, Ashley walked into the room and began laughing as well. “8 inches huh? That thing looks like it couldn’t even get to 8 centimeters if I told you to put in my ass!” Both the girls laughed and Patrick turned a bright red.

He tried to concentrate on Ashley in an attempt to get his flaccid penis to grow. She had a slim build and lightly tanned skin. Her light brown hair was neck length. She was wearing a slutty tank-top that had her 34-D tits pouring out of it. She had a firm, little ass that was illegal bahis tucked away in some short, semi-see through skirt.

It did not work, Patrick’s dick shrunk even more. The girls continued to mock him.

“I was kind of excited when he said he could spew buckets of cum! I love getting my face plastered with loads of hot cum. Guess he won’t be doing that today though, huh?” Dr. Walsh squealed as she pinched his soft penis between her fingers.

Ashley laughed. “I know it. That pathetic dick over there couldn’t pleasure anyone on this planet. Maybe that is why he is so cranky all the time.” Ashley’s eyes turned to Patrick’s, “Look at the bright side, every woman in the world can deep throat you! Though throat is giving you too much credit.” Ashley walked over and cupped his entire manhood in the palm of her hand and shrieked with delight.

“Go lay down on the bed over there ‘big boy’. Lie on your back with your feet on the ground.” Dr. Walsh said, emphasizing the phrase big boy. Patrick did as he was told, laying on his back but keeping his feet on the ground so that his butt rested on the edge of the bed. The two women crawled up onto the bed, one on each side of him, resting on their knees as they hovered over him.

Patrick’s dick had stopped shrinking and was responding to the fact that Ashley had just grabbed him and was now positioned in a way that allowed him to gaze down her shirt.

“Maybe if you lick his little dick it will get a little bigger?” Dr. Walsh said to Ashley. Ashley nodded and bent down and licked his dick without using her hands. Meanwhile, Dr. Walsh tied his hands to the bedpost. She then buried Patrick’s face in her cleavage. Patrick was so smothered that all he could do was take it in.

Ashley started to lap at his balls while his dick slowly began hardening. She was getting a little rough as she popped both testicles in her mouth and sucked hard. She then started teething at his now nearly hard dick. Because she refused to use her hands, this was a very sloppy procedure and she had a hard time corralling him. She tried to use her face to pin down his cock but it would often just slide along her now moist face, forcing her to start over.

“He’s hard now, and he is big!” Ashley proclaimed.

“Good, now lets she how he likes this. Climb up here honey, and sit on his face.” Dr.Walsh ordered.

Ashley did as she was told, she straddled Patrick’s face and hiked up her skirt, revealing a perfect ass and no underwear. She shimmied onto his face.

“Now eat her out!” ordered the woman in charge. Patrick obediently followed suit as he lapped at her dripping pussy. Ashley was moaning with delight as she slowly rocked back and forth on his face. Her asshole was pushing against his nose as he sloppily licked her pussy. Meanwhile, the Dr. Walsh climbed between his legs and forcefully wrapped her hands around his rock-hard cock before plunging her mouth over every inch of him.

This went on for a few minutes; Ashley began to cum as Patrick feverishly tongued her throbbing clit. Ashley came quietly, as she was too lost in her own sexual ecstasy. When she came, her pussy gushed itself all over Patrick’s already soaking face. The woman in charge alternated between deep-throating him, smacking him, and playing with his balls.

After she came, Dr. Walsh ordered her to suck on his cock while staying in the same position. She told Patrick to eat Ashley’s puckered ass. He took his time as Ashley bent over to take his manhood deep in her mouth. He stared at her tight, little butthole. He thought about all the times he had pleasured himself at the thought of licking this girl’s ass. Finally he began to lightly tongue at her while she squealed with delight. It was quite obvious that none of her boyfriends had ever worked up the courage to please her in this way.

Eventually he became more forceful as this became a full-fledged rim-job. Ashley was in heaven as she sucked hard on his cock, moaning with intense pleasure. Her teeth often dug into him since she was lost in her own world. However, Patrick did not mind this girl’s teeth on his throbbing cock while he had his tongue illegal bahis siteleri planted on her asshole.

“Sit up young lady.” the woman in charge ordered. Ashley obeyed, trying to catch her breath, as she smothered Patrick beneath her teenage butt. “I am going to put your cock in my ass young man.” Dr. Walsh proclaimed.

He licked Ashley’s bottom with all his might; he felt a firm grip around his penis. Eventually, he felt an immense rush of warmth on the tip of his cock as Dr. Walsh began sitting on his dick. He moaned with pleasure as Dr. Walsh’s sphincter wrapped itself around his cock. It was obvious that the doctor had done this before because her ass was not as tight as he expected.

Soon, the woman in charge had the tip of his cock comfortably lodged inside her butthole and she began to shimmy down his 8-inch length. She sighed with delight every time her generous butt swallowed another inch of his cock. Soon, her slightly flabby ass cheeks were resting on his pubic area and she began to rock back and forth, enjoying the monster cock in her ass.

Ashley slowly grinded her ass on Patrick’s face at the sight of this, wondering when it would be her turn to have her ass plowed. She was loving every second of this rim-job but her fantasies went far beyond this. Little did she know that Dr. Walsh was about to make one of her most secret fantasies come true.

“We need more lube hon.” the doctor said as she slowly pulled her ass off of Patrick’s hungry dick. Without a moment’s hesitation, Ashley bent over as Patrick continued to feast on her ass and enveloped every inch his cock. Before she knew it, she was sucking as hard as she could with a cock halfway down her esophagus. Patrick picked up pace as he pleasured Ashley’s ass at a furious pace with nothing but his tongue.

Ashley exploded into her second orgasm at the thought of chocking on this man’s cock straight out of woman’s ass while her salad was tossed. Her lips were wrapped around the base of his penis as she dug her teeth in slightly to prevent her gag reflex from expunging this cock from the throat. She used her tongue to lick everywhere she could reach as her body shook with pleasure. After a 15 second orgasm she let Patrick’s throbbing cock slide out of her mouth as it was now covered in her saliva. After sitting up she heard Patrick proclaim, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Come here, honey!” the doctor ordered as Ashley scampered between his legs. She stripped off her shirt and positioned her flushed face and heaving breasts in the line of fire. The woman in charge stroked his cock and soon enough a heavy stream of hot cum plastered Ashley’s young face. It hit her forehead and dribbled down her face. The next stream was a little less forceful and landed on her cleavage and Ashley wailed with gratification under his hot cum. After several torrents of semen, Ashley looked like a girl from a bukakke movie with her face and tits covered in cum.

Ashley fell back on herself and licked her lips tasting his cum. A fully-dressed Dr. Walsh wasted no time and wanted to see if this man could live up to his third promise. True enough, his cock was still rock-hard. She hiked her skirt up, turned around and once again sat on his cock. As she bounced up and down on Patrick’s shaft, she watched the beautiful young girl squirm with delight after being covered in cum.

“Get up her and eat me out!” she cried out. Ashley dutifully got to her knees and placed her cum-blasted face where she could feast on the doctor’s pussy. Ashley licked a woman’s clit for the first time and it almost immediately pushed the doctor into a frenzy. She pulled at the back of this girl’s head giving her no choice but to eat her out as the doctor’s ass slid up and down on Patrick’s thick cock.

Once again she slipped Patrick’s cock out of her ass. This time she did it more quickly as his dick flung forward. Ashley pulled her mouth from Dr. Walsh’s pussy and began to suck on Patrick’s cock. After slobbering on it for a half a minute, she pulled it out and slid it back into the doctor’s hungry ass.

Ashley went back at the clit in front of her and soon the doctor was beginning canlı bahis siteleri to orgasm. She bounced up and down on Patrick’s cock while this girl submissively tongued her clit. Her body shook as Ashley maintained her pace wonderfully. At the peak of her climax she thrust Patrick’s cock deep within in her ass and let Ashley’s cum-covered face carry her over the edge.

After it was over, she took Patrick’s cock out of her well-pounded ass and tried to gather herself. Meanwhile, Ashley hustled around the bed and untied Patrick.

“My turn.” she pouted. Patrick stood up and Ashley assumed the submissive portion of the doggy-style position. Dr. Walsh took her top off, licked her finger and penetrated Ashley’s tight asshole. Luckily, the rim-job she received earlier lubed her up well. The doctor continued to finger the young girl’s butthole as she climbed on her knees. She swallowed Patrick’s cock. His dick had become slightly softer since being buried in her ass, but it quickly stiffened up in her mouth.

She pulled her finger out and popped his length out of her mouth. Patrick took over as he rested the tip of his cock on Ashley’s engorged butthole. He let it sit there for a second before he slowly slid the tip of his cock in. Ashley moaned with a mix of pleasure and pain. Patrick went slowly as Ashley’s sphincter became used to his thick cock. The woman in charge sat herself down on the floor, facing Patrick, but in a manner in which allowed her to pleasure Ashley’s dripping pussy.

Eventually, Patrick had pushed the base of his cock right up against the young girl’s stretched sphincter. He held it there as Ashley felt Dr. Walsh’s talented tongue on her clit. Ashley had never experienced anything like it before, Dr. Walsh certainly new what she was doing. Moaning with pleasure, she felt Patrick begin to start thrusting. It hurt at first but with the tongue lashing her clit was experiencing, pleasure soon took over.

After three minutes of an intense ass pounding, Patrick slid his cock out of Ashley’s ass and choked Dr. Walsh with it. The doctor feverishly fingered herself as Patrick throat fucked her with a dick straight from some young slut’s ass. Patrick unloaded another batch of cum down her throat. She chocked and tried to pull away but Patrick, with his hand on the back of her head, forced her to take all of it. She was grateful.

Ashley waited patiently for Patrick to finish what he started. Finally, Patrick penetrated her again this time with a fervor she could hardly imagine. Dr. Walsh was renewed after having a monster load being forced down her throat; she feasted on Ashley’s clit once again.

Patrick pounded her virgin ass ferociously for several minutes until the young girl came to her most intense climax of the night. She shivered as both the doctor and Patrick rhythmically pleased her. She shouted at the top of her lungs as Patrick thrust his still hard cock as deep as it would go. Eventually, her climax retreated along with Patrick’s cock.

Ashley turned around and took a seat next to the doctor. Her still cum-covered face moved forward as her mouth began engorging itself on more cock. After Ashley’s mouth backed away, the doctor’s engaged. Patrick moaned as two beautiful women were now competing to swallow his cock.

The woman in charge pulled the cock from her mouth and slid it between her tits, giving Patrick his first tit-job. He could not have asked for a more perfect set of tits as his 8-inch cock was fully enveloped by these babies. Eventually Ashley followed suit, sliding his cock between her perky, large, cum-slicked breasts. She looked up at him and smiled before moving her mouth back over his cock.

After this display, Patrick grabbed his cock and began beating off over the girls. They squealed with delight as they looked at each other and smiled in anticipation of their cum shower.

“Make me look like her” Dr. Walsh pleaded motioning towards Ashley and her cum-covered body. With that Patrick aimed towards the doctor and unleashed a stream of cum that went from Dr. Walsh’s forehead all the way to her tits. The next stream went to Ashley whose face was begging for more semen. After it was all said and done both women were plastered with cum.

“Well, I guess you two will keep your jobs, but I am going to need to see you next week!” Dr. Walsh said as she licked the cum from her lips.

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