Dream Lovers Ch. 06



For the first time in years, Janet, 40, truly enjoyed her life. The younger Lucy, 28, turned Janet’s lesbian fantasies into wondrous reality. They fell and remain madly in love.

A healthy diet and jogging three times weekly gave Janet the body, looks and energy of a woman half her age. She and her transsexual daughter Christine were often mistaken form sisters. Her daughter fell in love with the kind of man every mother dreams of for their daughters. She enjoyed a happy in contented life Nonetheless, deep in her soul, Janet is emotionally conflicted.

Janet loves Lucy from the bottom if her heart and would never even consider a return to her old straight life. Nonetheless, she never quite buried her craving for cock. She remembered how Christine’s father enthusiastically attended to all her needs and desires. She loved the attention and responded in kind. She could not imagine a better sex life. They mastered oral sex. Janet loved his cock in her pussy, ass and especially her mouth.

Sadly, for both, their diametrically opposed views over their son’s feminine nature became their Achilles heel. Janet accepted Chris for who he was, a girl in a boy’s body. His father could not wrap his head around the idea that his son was really a girl. Constant bickering eventually ended the only possible way, in divorce.

It took a great deal of counseling for Janet and Chris to shed their guilt over the break up, accept the reality of Chris’ biological imperative, and continue her transformation to the beautiful Christine.


She was thrilled when Christine fell in love with Matt and found herself imagining sex with the handsome hunk. She confided her lust for Matt to Lucy who enthusiastically gave her support. Just as Janet supported without reservation Lucy’s lesbian conviction, Lucy understood and accepted Janet’s underlying bi-sexuality.

Her wish for Matt’s cock came true following the transsexual show at Women’s Cave. Janet eagerly accepted Matt’s invitation to share sex in her bed at the same time Christine was introducing Leslie to transsexual sex.

They undressed each other and stood still quietly admiring each other’s body. “It is easy to see Christine in you,” Matt praised. “You are incredibly beautiful.”

Janet blushed and told Matt how happy she was that Christine found such a handsome, intelligent and caring man. ‘Take in from a woman who has been around the block a few times. All prejudice aside, you two are the most perfectly matched lovers I have ever known. “The moment we met each other during Christine’s hospital stay, I could see your love for each other and prayed you would accept my daughter difference. As your love grew, I came to love you like a son and admit I have wanted you since the day we met.”

Truly touched by her kind words, Matt took Janet in his arms and gently kissed her. maltepe escort Matt’s kisses are soft and tender, never forced. He caressed her back and fondled her ass. Janet moaned with pleasure. His warm embrace stoked her fire and she returned Matt’s kiss fervently. Their mouths opened wide and locked together in a wanton tongue duel.

Matt loved the feel of Janet’s firm 36″ breasts pressing against his muscular chest. As the ecstasy grew from Matt’s kisses and the mashing of her sensitive areolas intensified, Janet’s legs grew rubbery. She wrapped her arms around Matt and spread her legs to regain her balance.

Janet unexpectedly felt Matt’s hardening cock between her upper thighs in a very new erotic experience. Passion filled her mind and soul. Her sweet pussy juice lubricated his shaft and he fucked between her thighs, rubbing her pussy and asshole.

The sensations grew almost unbearably. Her mind filled with supercharged ecstasy. Her protruding clit throbbed as Matt’s cock sawed between her tightly closed thighs. Janet breathed hard. She threw her head back. Her lust took control igniting her first orgasm of the night. She lost control and her body turned to jelly as the orgasm coursed thru her body.

Matt gently laid the limp Janet on her back and looked into her smoldering deep blue eyes. He held her head steady and tenderly kissed her ruby red lips running his hands thru her lovely auburn hair. Janet regained her senses and returned Matt’s kiss. Both burned with mutual desire.

Janet’s breasts pressed into Matt’s large firm pectoral muscles. Her nipples hardened. She hugged Matt running her hands up and down his back.

Matt broke their fervent kiss. Before Janet could protest, she felt his tongue on her left nipple as his hands fondled her luscious boobs. He alternated left to rght sucking and tweaking her nipples. Janet raked Matt’s long blond hair and massaged his head and ears.

Matt caressed Janet’s ass slowly and moved toward her hot juicy pussy, licking her tight abdominal muscles. He licked slowly up and down, driving Janet crazy. Her nerves jangled and drove her to another orgasm. She thrashed in ecstasy, wrapped her legs around Matt’s thighs, gripping the bed sheets tightly. Matt found Janet’s quick orgasms enjoyable but baffling.

Before he turned strictly to transsexual lovers, he fucked many women, none as easily turned on as Christine’s mother. Janet was equally surprised she reached orgasm so easily, chalked it up to being without a man for 15 years and decided to ride the wave for all it was worth.

Janet did have to wait long for her third orgasm. After she calmed, Matt licked from her pussy slit to her asshole repeatedly, He tongued beyond her outer lips to the flesh of her vagina. His technique was incredible, almost as good as her lover Lucy was. She bathed Matt in continuous flow of sweet hot nectar.

Matt mecidiyeköy escort inserted two long fingers into her vaginal opening. He easily fond her G-spot and rubbed it gently. Janet’s ejaculate built quickly demanding release. Her clit rose from its sheath. Matt softly flicked it with his tongue.

Janet arched her back, grunted and pounded the bed with her clinched fists. Long, arching streams of clear fluid shot from her urethra. Matt caught and swallowed what he could. The rest showered both their bodies.

They licked a great deal off each other and shared a sloppy kiss swirling the liquid back and forth before gulping it down.

The pungent aroma of perpetration and pussy juice filled the room.

Breathing deeply, the insatiable lover’s kissed tasting Janet’s exquisite essence. Janet fell in love with the taste and scent of women the first time she and Lucy made love. She loved female ejaculate even more and was thrilled to taste and drink her own.

While still kissing, Janet reached for his cock. She jacked it slowly as she lowered her body, gazing intently at the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. None of her high school lovers or her husband compared to the thick 9-inch monster standing stiff before her eyes.

She swirled her tongue around the head, gobbling up a nice share of pre-cum. She loved the taste of his thick, creamy and salty sweet cum. She tenderly caressed Matt’s balls as she ran her tongue up and down his thick shaft. She took each of his balls in her mouth and hummed. The buzz in his balls stiffened his cock even harder.

After her hum job, Janet spread his buns and buried her tongue in his ass. She easily probed deep as Matt’s well-experienced sphincter relaxed. She found his prostate and felt Matt’s cock twitch in her hand.

She then gave her undivided attention to his cock.

She opened wide and closed her lips just below the sensitive head. More pre-cum flowed in her mouth. It combined with her saliva and slowly covered Matt’s cock in slick lube.

Janet mastered cock sucking long ago and never lost her exquisite touch. She took his entire cock deep in her throat. She held it down and moved her cheeks in delightful munching movements.

She slowly munched her way up and began some serious cock sucking, bobbing up and down rapidly. She stuck a long finger in his ass and jiggled his prostrate. Matt’s balls tightened. His cock grew harder. Janet removed his cock from her mouth, held it with both hands, aimed the head at her mouth and jacked Matt’s cock hard and fast.

Janet was unprepared for the huge volume of Matt’s ejaculation. One shot blasted into her mouth. Before she could swallow, another spurt covered her face. Another covered her breasts running down her valley. As his flow subsided; Janet took his cock in her mouth swallowing his final shot and sucking out merter escort any residual cum.

Matt pleasantly surprised Janet by carefully licking up all his cum from her body and sharing in a one cream-pie after another. The frothy cum swapping kisses grew longer with each feeding. The hot kissing continued long after the last drop slid into their belly.

They lay next to each other and kissed madly. Janet straddled Matt, sat on his chest and took his cock in her hands. She lifted her ass, leaned forward and took Matt’s semi-hard cock in her mouth. She marveled how fast it grew harder expanding her lips and crawling down her throat.

Janet turned facing Matt and impaled his cock deep in her tight soaked pussy. Every nerve ending on her vagina sparked, sending jolting spasms throughout her body. She immediately exploded in a continuous earth shattering multi-orgasmic rage. She howled like a banshee. Her pussy twitched repeatedly and tightened its grip on Matt’s cock.

Matt’s appreciation for Janet’s propensity for quick orgasms grew to amazement and a bit of concern, wondering just how muck her body could take. Much as he hated it, he thought it best for Janet’s sake to end their sex as quickly as possible.

Matt’s balls ached, begging to release his boiling cum. Janet finally relaxed and smiled contentedly at Matt. Love filled her eyes. She started bouncing up and down his cock in earnest. Her pussy felt the same surge her mouth experienced earlier. Matt’s orgasm filled Janet to overflowing. It poured out of her, covering his balls and pubic mound.

Janet removed his cock from her pussy and took his last shot in her mouth. She drizzled it into Matt’s mouth and gathered the cum from his balls and mound gulping it down the hatch several times.

They exhausted lovers helped each other to the shower. They could not keep their hands off each other. Sexual intensity retuned. Janet lubed her ass with slick suds and bent forward offering Matt her asshole. Matt grew hard and almost reluctantly plunged his cock up Janet’s ass.

Her final orgasm of the night echoed nosily off the shower tiles as Matt filled her ass with cum. Janet could not believe Matt sucked his cum out of her ass and shared his load, relishing in the depravity. She realized that when it comes to sex in her new world, anything goes.

Janet and Matt rested quietly in each other’s arms. Matt expressed his concern for the effect of the intensity and number of her orgasms. “As amazing as they were, I am not sure I could stand any more,” she admitted. “The only explanation I can see is your amazing talent and that I have not had a cock in 15 years.”

Matt understood completely and promised she could come to his bedroom as often as she liked.

Janet almost asked, “Even with Christine?” but bit her tongue.

She remained firm in her desire to make love to her daughter and decided to remain patient for her night of incest. After this night, she craved not just her daughter’s cock, she wanted her body, mind and soul, and to live as lovers, not just as mother and daughter. The fact that Christine is the most beautiful woman her eyes ever feasted upon is a lovely bonus.

To be continued…

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