Dressing Room


He’s so cute as he does his best not to stare at me. There isn’t a lot of space here in this dressing room, not many places you can avert your eyes to and not be obvious about it. You got your mirror on the back wall so he can’t look there, the bench to my left which has my clothes in a pile at one end as well as the clothing and lingerie I’m going to try on spread across the rest, then to my right a mostly empty wall with a rack of hooks to hang clothes from.

He was staring at me before. When I first stepped into this shop at the mall, I felt his eyes on me. Taking all of me in right now is a challenge, I’m seven months into my pregnancy. My body has changed so much I barely recognize my reflection in the mirror. Sometimes it makes me cry, all the hormones and my cute little clothes not fitting as my once athletic frame has changed can be overwhelming. Today is one of the other days. His eyes go from my fuller face down to my large breasts barely contained in a bra that fit nicely before. They must be putting on quite a show as they jiggle with each step. My milk hasn’t come in yet but my mom assures me that I won’t have any trouble feeding my babies with these new boobs. If they didn’t rest on the high swell of my belly I probably would have broken this bra. I’m carrying twins and my once flat stomach has bubbled out in front of me like a beach ball. I’m carrying high, which I’m told means at least one boy on board but I don’t put a lot of faith in that old wives tale. It does mean that my pregnancy is very quickly noticed and his eyes move from my breasts to my belly and I can see him take a deep breath.

I know that look now. He likes pregnant women. Some men are repulsed by it, my boyfriend certainly was, but not this guy. His eyes caress my body’s new, lush curves as he thinks I haven’t noticed him yet. When he moves directly into my line of sight he’s all warmly professional eye contact, tells me his name is Peter and he’d be happy to assist me. As I said before some days are crying days with all the new hormones. This isn’t a crying day. I had this outing planned for a while, knew I needed some new clothes for my last three months, didn’t expect to wake up wet and horny as fuck. Peter is maybe four inches taller than I am, lanky, and has an easy smile that I’m finding sexy as hell right now. I decide then and there I’m going to have his cock in me.

I tell him I need maternity clothes, its painfully obvious but he plays along like he didn’t realize I was pregnant till I said something. He asks if he can help or if I would prefer a female associate.

“I’m a love the one you’re with kind of girl. Besides, I think I’d like a man’s opinion.” I give him a big smile. He swallows hard and his eyes drop down my body and back up to my eyes so quickly I almost miss it.

We make small talk as we move through the store. I grab a couple robes and some nightgowns, two dresses and some shirts and pants. He’s doing well, keeping things professional, he doesn’t notice me catching him stealing glances at my ass or breasts or bump. I’m so wet I worry I’ll slosh when I walk. I tell him I need lingerie as well. His voice falters for a second but I can see the excitement in his eyes.

“I’m going to need nursing bras. Maybe some even bigger than the ones I have now. My milk hasn’t come in yet so I don’t know if the girls here are done growing. I used to be a modest c cup but now I don’t even know. It’s like I got two watermelons growing on my chest. Even with the nursing bra it’s going to be hard feeding my babies when I’m out. It’s not like I’ll be able to hide what I’m doing. What is the store’s return policy on clothes?”

His eyes had moved to my chest as I spoke, mesmerized by the cleavage I had on display. His mouth worked silently, he must be a breast man imagining my small hard nipples in his mouth, until his brain finally registers the question. He averts his eyes and dry swallows as he goes into the patented store response. I take the moment to look him up and down, I can see the tent in his pants. It takes all of my willpower not to drop to my knees and free him of his pants and suck him right here.

“Where are the dressing rooms?” I ask.

He leads me through about half the store to the far right corner of the building. There’s no one else over here. He unlocks the door to one of the rooms and hangs up my selection of dresses and lays the other items gently on the bench.

“Will you stay here? You know, just in case I have any questions.” I ask and reach up and move a lock of hair out of my face and put it behind my right ear.

“Umm, well, uh, it should really be a different attendant. Store policy, and I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable talking to a guy about, well, uhm…”

I reach out and put my hand on his shoulder and squeeze, give him a reassuring smile, and let my hand slide down his arm. “You don’t have to worry Peter, I feel very comfortable with you. You have already bağdat caddesi escort helped me so much. Besides, what if there is an accident? I’d need a strong man like you to help me if I should fall. Please stay with me, it would make me feel better.”

He nods and steps out of the dressing room so I can step in and close the door. I strip out of my low cut v-neck blouse and work my way out of the knee length skirt, watching myself in the mirror as I do. I can smell my sex before I see the drenched panties in the mirror. Definitely glad I went with the skirt instead of the sweat pants this morning. Those panties had been bright red before, but now they were dark and damp. I reached a hand down them, feeling my way through the hair of my bush down to my molten center. I let my fingers play around a bit, moan softly to myself, plunge two fingers in deep, then withdraw my hand and bring those sopping wet digits up to my mouth. I taste sweet but earthy and watching myself in the mirror as I do this is turning me on even more.

Practical things first, I really do need to try on these clothes. So I tell my libido to wait and speed through trying on the shirts and pants and dresses. Well speed probably isn’t the right word but you know what I mean. They all work well enough if not exactly flattering. Why doesn’t anyone try to make cute sexy things for women to wear? Then I try on the robes and nightgowns, all good there too. I strip back to just my bra and panties and look at myself in the mirror. I run my hands under my breasts and lift them up off my belly, watch as the mounds of flesh strain against the cups of the increasingly too tight bra. I lower them back down and rub my hands over my belly, enjoying the feel of my hands on the taut skin. The twins must be asleep right now, I haven’t felt any movement or kicking. I trace my fingers over my stretch marks and bite my bottom lip, I hope he won’t mind these. They always get makeup to cover them over or airbrushed out of the glamour shots of pregnant women. Still, if he likes pregnant women the way I think he does, I doubt its a problem. I turn to the side as I run my hands down my thighs and curve them behind to grab the swell of my meaty ass. I’d never had much of an ass to speak of before but the weight gain had changed all that. I kneaded the ample flesh back there, being a big girl now felt good.

I reached up my back to try to unhook my bra, then stopped. My reflection gave me a devilish grin. “Peter? Are you still there?”

“Yes maam.” Came his reply. Such a polite man.

I turned around and opened the door, standing there in just my red underwear as he turned to look at me. His head tilted back and his eyes found the tile ceiling very interesting. “I need your help Peter. I want to try on these nursing bras but I can’t get this one off. I was able to get it on fine this morning, I guess they have grown since then.” I say in my most innocent girl voice. And yeah, it’s a stupid, bald face lie, but his eyes leave the ceiling and check out my breasts for just a second as his cheeks blush at the thought of my tits still growing. He steps inside and the door closes and locks behind him.

I turn my back to him and pull my hair aside so he can have easy access to the clasp on the back of the bra. I’m watching his face in the mirror as he struggles with himself. Like I had said at the beginning, there’s not a lot of places to look. His eyes dart to the ceiling, to my back, then to the mirror where he is looking at my chest. Finally he reaches out and I feel his hand on my back and can’t resist a small shudder at the sensation of his skin on mine. My breasts jiggle in the mirror and his eyes catch every movement. His fingers fumble along my spine as he tries to find the clasp with his eyes elsewhere. At last his fingers find their goal but my wait isn’t over as he struggles with the clasp. Great, another man who is hopeless with a bra. Just as I’m getting frustrated enough to do it myself, he gets the job done and the bra springs free and I let it fall to the floor.

I can’t help a small moan escape my lips as the restraining garment is discarded and my breasts are no longer confined. The cool air and my arousal turns my nipples into hard little pebbles that just crown my small areolas. I make no move to cover myself and Peter can’t help but be completely mesmerized. I lean back till I’m resting against him, “You want to hold them?”

He looks confused and hesitant for a second but then biology takes over. His hands come up and gently cup my breasts, feeling their weight, absorbing their warmth, then he uses them to press me fully against his body. I can feel his erection pressing against my left ass cheek as he begins to play with my tits. I moan as he lifts them, crushes them into me, squeezes them for all they are worth. His fingers knead into them like dough as his mouth starts kissing just behind my right ear bahçelievler escort and down my neck. I can’t stop the high pitched cry that rushes out of my mouth as I feel his teeth press into my neck as he grips my nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pinch hard.

His left hand leaves my breast and comes up to my mouth, for a moment I think he’s just going to cover it but then he shoves two fingers past my lips. I’m sucking the two digits like a cock, moaning as he inches them towards my throat as his mouth moves down to kiss, suck and nibble between my shoulder blades while his right hand slides down to caress my belly. I look at us in the mirror. My face is changing colors as my eyes bulge from trying to breathe as I’m sucking his fingers for all I’m worth. His other arm curving around my belly as his fingers press into the taut flesh, I feel like a wanton slut and it feels amazing. His hand goes down the curve of my belly and around to my waist and he begins to pull down on my panties. My last article of clothing is practically glued on from all my juices so I reach down to help him take them off. They peel off with a wet sucking sound and I carefully step out of them once they are around my ankles. I can feel his hand on my thigh, slowly curving up to my molten core. He’s moving achingly slow. It feels nice, but that isn’t what this mamma wants.

I reach up and pull his hand from my mouth, gasping for air as his fingers leave my throat glistening in the fluorescent light. I step over to sit down on the bench and lean back into the left corner, stretching myself out so he can see me from head to toe, then I spread my legs. My hands trace down my huge stomach, down my waist and through the dense hair of my bush, down to my sopping wet pussy. His eyes don’t miss a thing as I pull my labia lips apart to reveal my bright pink center.

For an eternity he’s just standing there mesmerized. I’m beginning to feel self-conscious being so opened to this stranger. Maybe he doesn’t like to eat pussy? My clit hardens and swells in the cool air, extending a bit beyond its hood and I can feel it pulsing with my heartbeat. “Eat me!” I say in my most commanding tone.

My words break him out of his trance and he disappears from my sight, hidden by my large belly but soon I feel him push my hands away as his fingers replace mine on my engorged labia lips. He lightly pinches and stretches the tender flesh before I feel the wetness of his tongue press into my clit. I bite my bottom lip hard to keep a scream of pleasure from escaping as his mouth and fingers work my most sensitive parts. I feel his lips close around my clit as he gently sucks on the nub before letting it go to trace his tongue all around the skin of my center. His left hand comes up to play in my forest of pubic hair. The sound of his fingers moving through my course fur as he tangles it between his fingers and gently pulls on it adds to the slurping of his mouth and the moans escaping my lips to assault my ears. I’m writhing in place, my hands desperate to find purchase on the walls so I don’t fall off as his tongue finds my hole and dives in. His right hand comes up and grips my left ass cheek, helping to keep me steady as I begin to involuntarily buck against him. My moans and sighs are occasionally interrupted by words but I couldn’t tell you what I said as my vision clouded over with explosions of colors as my thighs clamped around his head and I lost myself to the ravages of a powerful orgasm.

I floated incoherent for what felt like a long time as my senses slowly came back together after having been blown apart. One hand was still playing against my venus mound, massaging the fatty tissue into my pubic bone while the other gently stroked my belly and his lips kissed the tender flesh that was stretched so tightly by the lives growing in me.

“Help me sit up.” I said after watching him play along my stomach for awhile as my strength came back. He stood up and bent over me, taking me in his surprisingly strong arms and getting me to a sitting position.

“Now take off your pants.” He didn’t need to be told twice. Normally I like to stare and admire a man’s throbbing erection, but Peter had already triggered my oral fixation earlier with his fingers so I barely even saw where it was before I had him gripped hard in my right hand and his bulbous head was in my mouth. There was no slack in that hose, that I know, he was already so hard it made my stomach clench just thinking about that shaft ramming my pussy as I worked my mouth down quickly. My nose had just touched his pubic hair when I felt myself start to gag. My left hand came up to play with his balls as my right hand pressed into his left hip to help steady myself as I worked up and down his hard cock with my mouth and tongue. I felt the veins through his skin, tasted the salt and earth of him as I delighted in the warmth that radiated out of bahçeşehir escort him. His fingers found their way into my hair as he moaned and gently rocked back and forth, slow fucking my face. I felt him swell even more, his thrusting becoming more urgent, so I pulled myself off of him.

“Lay down.” I said and he complied. There was just enough room for him to stretch out. I crawled over him and he held out his hands to help me get into a squatting position. He held my left hand in his right to keep me steady as our other hands let go at the same time. His to grip his cock and hold it steady, mine to reach down and spread my pussy wide. That first touch of his warm cock to my hot cunt sent shivers through me and there was no thought of teasing by either of us as he raised his hips up as I plunged down, sheathing him in one movement. We both moaned out as he completely filled me, our free hands found each other as I began to ride him.

I felt so happy being a woman in that moment, as his eyes took in my body as I rose up and slid back down, the wet sounds of our body parts moving together filling our ears. He took in my hair cascading behind me, my breasts bouncing up and crashing down against the full swell of my belly. There was a deep lust in his eyes that caused my pussy to clinch him even harder. I let go of his hands and grabbed the bench behind me to try to get more leverage and pound him harder, I needed it harder. His hands caressed my belly for a moment before sliding around to grasp my hips firmly. He took my weight in those surprisingly strong arms and helped me rise and fall faster.

My orgasm was building but I just wasn’t getting there, my body had a thick sheen of sweat from my exertions and my legs and thighs were getting weak despite Peter’s help. I slowed to a stop and gingerly extracted myself from him. I turned around so that I was on all fours facing the mirror, my belly and nipples touching the rough, thin carpet on the floor. “Fuck me hard.” I wanted it to sound like a command, to be the bitch in charge, but I was so spent from riding him that I sounded more like I was begging. I saw him come up behind me, felt his hands on my back as he rubbed my weary muscles. It felt good despite the fact that it wasn’t at all what I told him to do. He massaged my back, then down my ass and thighs, working the muscles I had strained earlier till they relaxed. He reached on hand between my thighs and fanned my clit, drawing out a high keening noise from me as my pussy ached to be filled. Then I felt him spread my ass cheeks wide and was surprised as I felt his tongue circle my asshole before attacking it. I’d never had anyone eat my ass before and I’m at a loss for words to describe all the sensations that surged through me at the same time as his tongue worked my ass while two fingers slid into my snatch. He probed into me till he found my g spot and then worked that bundle of nerves as his tongue worked itself into my other opening. I moaned and writhed against his face. I was close, agonizingly close, but I needed more.

I guess he sensed it because next thing I knew he was behind me and our eyes met in the mirror. “Pound that shit into me! That’s your pussy! Stretch me out, make me yours, give me that dick!” The commanding tone I wanted was back and he obeyed. He slammed into me forcefully and set a blistering pace. I let out a deep moan as his fingers wove into my hair against my scalp and gripped hard pulling me into him as he crashed into me. My breasts were swinging wildly, occasionally coming up to smack against my chin, his eyes watched them dance in the mirror.

Suddenly he stopped and I felt his weight press against me as he covered me with his whole body. He kissed my spine up between my shoulder blades to the back of my neck and I felt his left hand on my belly, caressing it as he followed the curve of me down between my legs to play with my clit. His right hand let go of my hair and reached down to knead my tits as he kissed up to my right earlobe. The whole time he was in me so deep and I squirmed against him, enjoying the attention but also wanting the release that his hard fucking had been building in me.

“This is the best day of my life. I never thought I would be with such a beautiful woman. I want to take you home with me, chain you to my bed and just worship your body till you’re ready to give birth, then get you pregnant again. Your beautiful body has me so hard, I’m not going to last much longer, where do you want me to cum?”

It was difficult but I turned my head around enough that I could kiss him. Our tongues danced together as he ground into me, his hands playing my body like a cello. I wanted this moment for forever and the idea of being a kept woman to this complete stranger was an erotic fantasy that was as powerful as the thrusting had been earlier. He broke our kiss and there was urgency in his face as we looked at each other. Again he asked me where I wanted his cum.

“Do I look like a girl who lets a guy pull out?” I asked with a devilish grin. He gave me a huge smile and gave me a quick kiss before grabbing my arms roughly above my elbows and pulling me into more of an upright position, pushing out my magnificent chest and bulging belly as he fucked me even harder than before.

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