Dressing Up


Dressing UpMy name is Brian and I would describe myself as bi curious with a heels and stockings fetish. 57 years 210 lbs. with a 7″ shaved cock that I like to think I know how to use. Stockings and heels are my thing, so much my thing that I have a couple of pairs of heels some garters and nylons and love to wear them when I jerk off. Sadly my wife is not into my desires in any way… My favorite fantasy is to meet a couple and have all three of us dress up in nylons heels and garters…Then “help” them have sex. Insert butt plugs for them, guide his cock into her pussy and ass and finally have the wife take pictures while we 69 each other to orgasm. Just picture this, two guys dressed in garters, 5″ stripper heels and black stockings giving each other blow jobs with vibrators sticking out of their asses. And a good looking woman dressed in nylons heels and white stockings egging them on and taking pictures. I was at Barnes and Noble one day looking at some books and noticed a great looking lady who looked to be in her fourties. Brunette, not all that pretty but great haircut and wearing 5″ clear stripper heels with a skirt just long enough to show the hint of the top of an opaque white nylon stocking. Normally kind of shy I am feeling bold today and start looking at the books next to her and say “sorry to interrupt you but I couldn’t help but notice your shoes, they are fantastic and you look spectacular.” She looks at me and smiles then says “well thank you, I really appreciate a man who knows style when he sees it, would you like to join me for a coffee?” Catching me totally off guard, For some reason (probably because I hadn’t jerked off in a day) I say sure. We go over to the coffee shop section and get a coffee. We introduce each other, her name is Alice when seated at the table her skirt hikes high enough to see the spot where her nylon ends and her leg begins. I am nervous as all hell but hard as a rock. We make small talk for a minute then she says “oh, here comes my husband”. A reasonably fit relatively plain looking guy about 50 maybe 6′ tall dressed in jeans an a polo. His name is Paul. We make some small talk about the weather and I find out that they just stopped in to get some books to read on a plane trip. We find that we are just relatively normal people living and working in the area at local businesses and factories. Then Alice drops the bomb. She says, so Brian how bout telling us a deep dark secret about yourself. I say, well, the truth of the matter is I just die for women dressed in garters and heels and I saw your outfit and had to say something just to pay you a compliment. I’ve never seen a woman dressed in public like you before. Paul says, “Yeah, I love heels and stockings too every once in a while when we go out Alice wears her “bedroom clothes” out in public for a little preview of my coming attractions. She loves wearing them as much as I love looking at them. I say” Paul you are one lucky man”. Then out of the blue I say, “Paul have you ever felt the soft caress of nylon on your legs”? Paul turns bright red then says “No, but I cant say I haven’t thought about it”. Alice is just looking at us with a small grin, not saying a word. I say, “Paul, I’ve got some stuff that will probably fit you I would love to have Alice and tuzla escort you watch me dress up in nylons garters and heels then I would love to dress you up, lube your cock, lead you over to her and gently guide your cock into her cunt. Then I would love to take pictures of you fucking her with you both dressed in nylons and heels. With me there photographing in my “outfit”. Alice finally leans back and says “Brian, do you by any chance like to play with toys and boys?” Paul here is a virgin and I’ve been looking for someone for him to suck? I say, “I’ve never been with a man but Paul in black hose and clear heels? I’d suck him down to his cock root”. Alice says, It’s settled then get your “stuff” and come on over. We agree to meet at their house in one hour. I run home and go to the attic and get my entire stash, 3 pair of stripper heels, red, black and clear. one white, one black, six string garter belt, and red, black, and white opaque nylons. And two butt plugs, one small, one medium, some lube and a couple of cock and ball rings. I arrive at their house almost dizzy with anticipation. As I enter I see that both are still dressed the same. Alice says, lets head to the bedroom, I can’t wait to see this. We arrive in their bedroom and they both sit next to each other on a small couch. Alice says, Brian show me what you got. I clumsily undress and my cock goes limp here are two people sitting on a couch watching a 57 year old man undress in their bedroom. I look at their faces and Alice has a small smile, Paul is straight faced I can’t tell if he is grossed out or not. I quickly open the paper bag with my stuff in it and grab my silver cock and ball ring. I can easily slip it over my flaccid dick so I put it on. Next I fasten on the white Garter belt, and slip on the black Nylons. As I am sitting on the edge of the bed fastening my red 5″ heels on I look over and notice that Alice is rubbing a medium sized boner inside Paul’s jeans and she is smiling. I stand up a full 6’8″ with the heels on and now my cock is standing straight out at attention. Alice is grinning at it and Paul is looking a little scared. Alice says, “Brian you sissy train this guy!”. I take three steps toward them and reach for Paul’s arm. I kind of pick him up and start pulling off his shirt. Alice pulls out her phone and starts snapping pics. I get his shirt off then untie his shoes and have him sit down while I pull off his jeans then his underware. He is there on a chair with a small unshaved cock (I can tell it wont be a monster when its hard but not a pencil either, maybe a 6 incher with a nice head.) I slip off his socks then I look over and realize that Alice has taken off her clothes. I take pause, she is spectacular in a black satin garter belt, opaque white nylons, and clear stripper heels. She has a shaved pussy with a little landing strip of hair above it and tiny tits with pierced nipples that have little barbells in them. Not an athlete by any means but the outfit completely over rides any physical flaws in my eyes. My cock is at full attention, but Paul is still soft. Alice says, “Hey what are you looking at, I see a limp dick there, that’s not gonna do me any good’. I quickly get out the white belt and fasten it on Pauls waist, I pull out my red nylons and slowly work them tuzla escort bayan up his legs. Fastening the six straps to pull the nylons tight. Then I have him turn around and I straighten his seams. For contrast he wears the black heels. He turns around and faces Alice. She snaps a picture of us and turns the phone to show us. We look kind of ridiculous but kind of sexy. Alice comes over and grabs his cock and starts stroking. She says to me, “what we gonna do next big boy?”.The sexpot in me says, we need to work on you… I reach into the bag and pull out the medium butt plug. Paul sees it and his eyes and cock grow at the same time. I say bend over girly time for you to get plugged. I lube up the plug and gently lead Alice over to the bed where I tell her to get on her hands and knees. I gently work the butt plug into her ass then have her get off the bed and walk around the room “plugged”. I notice that Paul has taken the phone and was snapping pics of the entire “Plugging” process. Alice walks over to Paul and he hands me the phone. She goes down on one knee and starts sucking and hand jobbing him. He gets hard in an instant. I am ready to pop, here it is my fantasy come true a good looking chick with pierced nipples dressed in garters nylons and heels sucking a guy that is dressed the same way. To top it off I can just see the base of the butt plug that I put in her ass. Paul is moaning now and I think he might cum. I don’t know if he sees me or not but I don’t want this to end early so I place my hands on Alices shoulders and say “over here now sweetie”. I lead her back to the bed slowly, one arm around her waist the other hand gently orbiting the butt plug. Paul hasn’t said a word the entire time. I lay her on her back and say to him” Paul, its time to service this beauty”. His cock was just as I figured a little under six inches not real thick with a nice head. I take the Alices legs and prop them up then Paul takes a picture of her. She is stunning, her pussy is gleaming and she is stroking her clit. The butt plug stayed in the whole while. I grab the phone from Paul and lead him over to the bed. He crawls up and prepares to mount Alice. As he is getting in position I grab his cock and gently guide it into her pussy. He slips in like nobodys business and starts pounding. I get Alices legs behind his arms so her heels will bounce with each thrust. I look at the sight before me, A guy in garters and nylons is pounding this outstanding chick also dressed in nylons heels and garters. I then do the only thing I can. I put the phone down after one last pic and start giving Paul a rimjob. I cant believe how great his ass tastes. The lube is close so I lube up my middle finger and put it in Pauls ass. He is moaning uncontrollably now and had stopped pounding Alice. She is just laying there moaning and has started working the butt plug in her ass in and out while her and paul French kiss sloppily. There is cunt juice puddling on the bed I bet she has come at least six times. I go to two fingers in Pauls ass he is squirming now. Alice yells, “Paul Off me now!!” in an angry tone. I kind of snap out of my trance that I’m in rimming and fingering his ass. She says, “Its time for you two to finish. Paul pulls out and she slips off the bed. There is a giant escort tuzla wet spot where her cunt was. She pulls the butt plug out of her ass and licks it off. Then she orders Paul on to the bed on his back, she says to me “You, cock over his head so he can suck you off and get down there and blow him” I quickly obey. Paul pulls my cock behind me and starts giving me a blow job, first just the head but slowly I notice that more and more of my dick is being sucked. I turn a little and see that Alice is there guiding his head onto my cock forcing him to suck my cock down to the root. For my part I am sucking Paul like there is no tomorrow. His cock hair smells of pussy and I am waiting to drink his cum. I am starting to black out being ready to cum myself. Then I feel something in my ass. Alice has pulled a big vibrating dildo from a dresser drawer lubed it and stuffed it into my ass. She pushes it in about 3 inches just enough to hit my prostate, then she says “pull off him and make him come on your face you whore” ! I get up off Pauls cock and he disengages from me My cock is purple and swollen from the cock ring and my ass is searing from the dildo that was inserted without any prep stretching. Paul stands up in front of me and I start stroking him giving him the handjob of a lifetime. He is moaning and I can tell a spurt is coming so I open my mouth and stick out my tongue like any good porn star would and he blows on my face. Three big spurts. Alice comes over and wipes the cum from my face with her finger and sticks it in my mouth and says “don’t swallow”! she then grabs me unger my arm and picks me up then gently pushes my head towards Paul. We French kiss like two sixteen year olds,his salty sticky cum mixing in our kiss. My Ass stretched, my cock ready to explode. Then Alice says” “Your time now sissy boy”. She pulls us apart and puts Paul down on his knees in front of my cock and has him assume the “pornstar cum position”. She puts the phone on a dresser to get the rest then she starts jerking my cock with one hand and working the dildo with the other. I cum harder than I have since I was 15. I groan and I hear the splat the force of the cum makes on Pauls face. Alice puts his hand on my cock to keep milking me and picks him up with the other. She keeps me impaled on the didlo and pushes me towards Paul saying “Clean him”. I eagerly obey. I lick the cum from his face and hold it in my mouth. Then we embrace like torrid lovers and French kiss again. I’ve got the dildo hanging out my ass and Paul and I are standing there in nylons heels and garters kissing like high schoolers. Alice is snapping pictures like wild. She finally pulls the dildo out of my ass and orders us to clean it. We share the rubber cock like porn stars licking the shit and lube like it was nectar. After the dildo is clean Paul and I share one last French Kiss the he and Alice look at each other and share the most passionate kiss I’ve ever seen. We remain “dressed” and watch the pictures and video on their television for the next hour or so. Paul and I jerk until we can’t any more, Alice lays next to us working the butt plug in her ass and the dildo in her cunt, I bet she was in a constant state of cum for 30 minutes or more. The cunt juice was just dripping down their couch. Of all the sex we had that day my favorite image is that of me standing there kissing Paul both of us dressed in garters, nylons and 5″ heels, with the dildo sticking out my ass my own pecker hard and ready to spurt.

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