Driver Instructor


Driver InstructorYou might say I’m a bit older than average to learn to drive, I’ve just never got around to it… turns out I was damn lucky to leave it this long cos I met the most incredible sexy man I’ve ever seen on the day of my first lesson!He pulled up outside my house on a fairly bleak Thursday afternoon, I was so nervous as you can imagine (cast your mind back to your learner days!) but immediately he put me at ease. He had the most incredible sexy voice, which coupled with the position of authority made him almost irresistible from the word go!He was one of those guys whose hair goes grey young, but this wasn’t grey, this was silver. Kind of average to look at until you got to his eyes.. The most intense blue eyes imaginable. I found it hard to look at him too directly, as meeting his gaze took my breathe away. He was beautiful. At first we were quite sedate. well, I was concentrating hard. But after a while I got chatting with him, we relaxed in each other’s company and the conversation started to flow. He told me he wasn’t married, never had been and was single. I was the same. And in time he began to really loosen up in my company. I can pinpoint the moment when our talk turned to more than flirtation. I’d mentioned having a large mirror in my bedroom and he laughingly teased me about being a bit naughty and enjoying “watching the action”! I couldn’t help but be so turned on, I was longing to take it further but the lesson had come to an end. Needless to say, when I got back home I had to make myself come with my favourite vibrator, imagining his hard cock inside me.So, this all went on week after week. The two of us mercilessly flirting, getting more and more explicit. Talking about sex has always turned me on and this was driving me insane! The tension in the car was reaching fever pitch. Although the problem was we couldn’t act on it until I’d taken my test for fear of him losing his job. Which strangely made it even hotter. Finally the day came for me to take my driving test.. Fortunately it all went according to plan and after I’d finished I made my way to the building were I knew he was waiting… he was outside leaning against sarıyer escort the door.. Those eyes boring into mine as I told him I’d passed. I can’t help but throw my arms around him and I can feel his breathe on my neck so fast and hot.. . our bodies totally crushed together with nothing between us but the material of our clothes. Of course we’re still around his colleagues so nothing can happen here! I whisper “thank you” into his ear and allow my lips to linger against his cheek. I suddenly realise that he’s growing so hard against me, I pull back slightly from his strong embrace and look deep into those incredible piercing blue eyes.”Take me home?” I whisper. He seems unable to speak and his lips are drawing closer and closer to mine. One of his friends walks towards us and the moment breaks, although we both know only for a while.. This can’t be stopped. And so we make our way back to the car and drive to my home in virtual silence.When we arrive I invite him in. he needs no persuasion. The moment the door is closed behind us he throws me up against the wall. And finally the kiss that I’ve waited for for months is about to happen. He stops sheer millimetres from my lips and softly whispers “I’ve wanted you from the moment I met you” and then it happens.. His lips brush mine gently at first but then the desire takes over him and his mouth crushes mine, his tongue fiercely parts my lips and entwines with mine. He’s hard against me again, I can feel his erection pulsing against my stomach.Then we can’t hold back any longer and we literally tear at each other’s clothes. We’re still standing in the hallway and I can’t stop myself from ripping his shirt open to reveal his strong chest, I run my fingers down through the hair, softly grazing my fingertips over his nipples. I drop to my knees now and undo his belt and trousers letting them fall to the ground where he expertly kicks them and his shoes off. I finally let myself look at him, he’s rock solid now, his hardness straining to be released from the material of his boxers. I reach under the waistband and touch him for the esenyurt escort first time, he’s throbbing, silky to the touch but so damn hard, like satin covering steel. Now the time has come to look at him, I tug the material down over his thighs, he’s absolutely beautiful, a tiny teardrop of semen appears on the sensitive tip, I look up at him, he’s leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed and an expression of total lust on his face. I delicately lap at the throbbing head with the very tip of my tongue, he tastes so good, and before I can help myself I take the full length of his thick cock into my throat, at this he moans with pleasure, this only serves to spur me on, I suck at his penis, licking softly at the underside of it at the same time. One hand circles his erection and the other cups his hot, heavy balls. I gently press my fingers against the sensitive strip behind his balls, this gives him even more immense sensual pleasure and his moans get louder.By now my pussy is so wet and open and my clit is pulsing. He begs me to stop, he’ll come if I don’t. So I stand up and look into his face, I can’t risk not having him inside me. His pupils are dilated with lust and he whispers ” where’s your bed?”, not wanting to wait any longer I drag him up the stairs to my bedroom.We fall together onto the bed kissing madly now. He’s already stripped me of most of my clothes but now he gets to work on my bra, when it falls away he hungrily takes in the sight of my breasts, my nipples have never been this hard, and he reaches down with his mouth and sucks each in turn into his mouth. He gently bites at them, which makes them even harder, it feels like electricity running through my body.I watch him as he plants delicate kisses down over my stomach and down to my thighs.. By now I feel dizzy with lust. My skin feels on fire wherever his touches mine. Finally he gets to my pussy, I’m completely waxed and he softly says “god, you’re beautiful.”He delicately eases my pussy lips apart and breathes in the scent of my arousal, and then with the tip of his tongue he caresses my clit. My whole body is writhing with avrupa yakası escort ecstasy now, it’s almost pain it feels so good. My fingers are entangled in his silken silver hair as he sucks my clit into his mouth, expertly lapping at my pulsing clit. His fingers slide into my wet hole, sending me into paroxysms of pleasure. He curls his fingers upwards inside me, I’ve never felt anything like this and I can’t help but cry out as the first orgasm flows through my body. He’s groaning as well as he loves the feeling of making me come and drinking my sweet juices. It takes a while for me to stop trembling and relax back onto the sheets. He crawls back over my body and gazes into my eyes. We both know that the time has come to fulfil the desire we’ve both felt for so long. He rolls between my thighs, and I feel his thick hard cock pulsing against my open pussy. We look deeply into each other’s eyes, and it happens. the very tip at first slips just into me and then with a cry he slides his full length inside me. I greedily suck him into my tight wet hole. I can feel every inch of him throbbing, embedded deep inside. We have become like one person. He starts to move, slowly at first, barely moving. But then as the wanting takes over he starts to thrust harder, faster. I lift my hips off the bed to meet this onslaught. Every frenzied thrust hits m g spot and soon I feel another climax building.He’s no longer the gentle sweet man who was my teacher, he’s an a****l. Pounding himself into me harder and harder until I can hardly take it anymore. I can feel him tensing, his balls which have been slapping against me are lifting, hardening. He’s getting so close now. The sweat on his skin drops on to me.And finally I know it’s going to happen. He’s almost screaming now in ecstasy, this beautiful man I’ve wanted for so long is losing control on top of me.And now the moment is upon us, he pumps so hard, arching his back and pinning me to the bed as the first wave of his orgasm surges through him, he cries out my name, and then I feel him tense as his hot semen jets into me, so much come has been building up waiting for this release that even as he’s still coming it’s spilling out of my pussy everywhere. I can smell his spunk and it tips me over the edge, my final climax rages through us both and then as one we lay wrapped in each others arms back down onto the bed…. when we’ve recovered he gently looks into my face and with a soft kiss it’s his turn to whisper to me.. “Thank you…”

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