Drunken spandex seduction


I imagine crashing next to you after a night of heavy drinking together in just my spandex briefs and shorts. As you woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak, you found me still fast asleep on my side and unresponsive to your prodding probably due to the state of drunkenness i am in. Feeling horny and gutsy at the thought of having a straight friend in your bed that you have always wanted to seduce and touch indecently since you were friends many years ago, you decided that it is now or never.

You stripped down to your briefs and started spooning me with one arm underneath my side, feeling the smoothness of my back upon your chest and caressing my nipples with the your fingers. Hugging me close to you, you nuzzled my hair with your nose and breathe in my manly scent, the scent that you have always yearn to take in at such close proximity. Taking your time with this helpless knock out state of your friend, you slide my shorts down to my ankles with your leg and rub your legs along the length of my smooth thighs and expose my spandex briefs.

You gasp at the pure sexiness of feeling the material of my spandex briefs for the first time and instantly, your erection is confirmed. Positioning your brief covered erected member in between my ass cheeks, you started your slow rhythm of enjoying your dry humping by gyrating your hips in a slow and steady fashion. You ran your fingertips teasingly along my cock and balls, feeling the contours and outline of what is still hidden beneath my briefs, the smooth material adding on to the mysteriousness of it.

I stirred a little and you felt some reactions from me whenever illegal bahis you run fingers along my balls and cock head. Sensing these areas to be my pleasure points, you felt encourage to keep up with your foreplay and torture. Unknowingly to you, I’m also slowly awakening to the seduction that is taking place right now. My erection is starting to grow as my body doesn’t lie to the pleasures that is taking place right now. The slow teasing rubs are starting to get to me. My eyes remain closed as my blurred drunken mind is struggling to gauge the situation right now, trying to understand where all these pleasures are coming from.

You like it that my body is reacting to your seductive actions. My member has awakened and you can now feel the hardness of my cock and the veins along my shaft bulging uncontrollably.

Getting bolder, you held my now erected member in your hand and started to slowly jerk my cock through my spandex briefs, the material feels so good to hold and rub. You continued to do this for a good 5 minutes or so as you felt my cock throbbing and seemingly close to orgasm, you decided to cool off just a bit, not wanting the fun to be over so soon. You stop to run kisses down my back as you move down towards my prized assets.

By now, I am actually totally awake already but just pretended to be still asleep, also not wanting this fun to be over. The new sensations that you are giving me is so much better than what my girlfriend has been giving me and I am yearning to know what lies ahead, my mind knowingly trying to suppress my conscience from taking over and stopping these pleasures that now courses through illegal bahis siteleri and taking over my nervous system.

Once you reached my ass, you took your time smelling my manly scent all over my ass, loving the musky sweaty smell of my briefs that has soaked up my whole day of action. You tease me by sucking and licking my ass cheeks, making those dirty slurping sounds as you go along, you don’t care even if it makes my briefs wet with your saliva.

Opening up my ass cheeks, you located my asshole with your finger and just brush at it slowly, using your saliva along the way to make it smoother.

Opening up my legs, you aim your tongue at my ass crack and started rimming my dirty brief covered ass hole, all the while tickling my balls away with your fingers. I also willingly open up my legs wider for you to access deeper into my ass hole with tongue, hoping for more pleasures. You absolutely love the flavours that are coming in and you feel so dirty, so fragrant, so sexy as you eat my ass hole out.

In what was 5 minutes of ass eating, you already knew you had me in your clutches as you sense me grinding my asshole ever so slightly onto your tongue. You switch quickly between tickling and massaging my balls to rubbing my wet spandex covered cockhead with your fingertips, gathering up my precum and rubbing it back onto my cock head. You prepared me for what is to come.

Positioning me in your final attack position, you took a breather to look at the scene before you now. My prized asset is just inches away from your face right now and you just wish to savor this moment before going for the canlı bahis siteleri final kill.

You smell my crotch deeply all over as your traced your tongue in every crevices you can find. Your ran your tongue along the my balls before licking up to the top of my shaft. Using the tips of tongue, you tasted my oozing precum for the first time through the briefs and got very excited. It was delicious, just as you have imagined it to be.

I squirmed a bit as your mouth engulfed my brief covered cockhead. You then attacked me with a ferocity of quick licks and sucking. Slipping a hand through the sides of my briefs, you propped my cock higher and more direct into your mouth as you sucked me even harder. I am now squirming and moaning uncontrollably at the ecstasy level and bucking my hips into your face. Rubbing my shaft with your hand, you continue to suck and lick my cock until you think you have teased me enough and you know I want it.

With a swift motion, you pulled down my briefs and foreskin and took my throbbing cock into your mouth, relentlessly inflicting multiple lashes onto my cock head and making me squirm even more. You are in your final end game now. Building up a steady rhythm, you gave me blowjob like no tomorrow, all the while playing with my balls. When you sense my orgasm is nearing, you wet your finger and insert into my anus in one smooth action!

This pushed me over the edge as I cummed heavily into your hungry mouth, emptying my treasures down your throat as your finger continues to nudge at my prostate to coax out any remnants of cum left in my tank. Finally, I was empty, you are filled with warm cum in your stomach and you cuddled me from behind again as both of relaxed in the after glow of the orgasm that i had.

Smiling to yourself, you knew you have unlock me and totally looking forward to what other things you could do to me.

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