Early Morning Fuck Ch. 02

Big Boobs

Chris pulled a bottle of water out of his jeans, swigged, then offered me some. I guessed he had been out clubbing too. He told me he had been to the Fridge with some mates, but decided to walk home. I smiled at him and told him “Snap”. Looking directly into his face in the daylight, I could tell from his pupils that he had been taking something other than alcohol. I asked how much he had taken and he told me just one. As we walked down the hill to my place, I found out that he moved into this part of town last year and was at the art college. He lived about 20 minutes walk from me. Even though it’s a big city, London can feel very small.

We got to my place. I was hoping my flat mate had picked up and gone back to their place, leaving Chris and me to our selves. I knew how much stuff Craig (or Lulu as he likes to be called) had taken in the club, and the last thing I wanted was him perched on the end of my bed talking incessantly as he came down (which he often does).

We got in, I called out his name and there was a blissful silence.

Chris said he had a tab left and asked if I wanted to share it. As I had abstained in the club, I thanked him with a yes. He bit off half and popped the other bit in my mouth. The bitterness hit my tongue, but this was washed away with a hit of his water. Chris had the most gorgeous big brown, almost puppy like eyes with a smile that could melt the coldest heart. I pulled him to me and kissed him deep. He was a good kisser. I told him I was going to shower and told him to join me.

In the bathroom, I was adjusting the water so it was flowing out strongly and nice and warm. When I turned round, there was Chris, totally naked, his clothes in a heap illegal bahis on the floor. I saw a dark damp stain in the crutch of his jeans, obviously where he had leaked my cum from his arse. In the dim light of the cottage, I hadn’t fully appreciated his body. He was very lean, not worked out, but naturally nice and tight. His body was smooth down to his cock, but then I noticed that his legs had a nice covering of soft downy dark hair. I told him to get under the shower while I pissed. He told me to wait till I was in the shower. As he got under, I saw that the hair from his legs spread up and covered his arse in an even softer lighter covering. I loved the sight of this. I prefer my guys to have some body hair, so when I saw this, my desires increased.

I got under the shower behind him. My cock was begining to get hard and the need to piss was still with me. Chris reached back and pulled me close to him. My cock was now pointing up and nestled along the crack of his arse. He told me to put my cock in him. I told him I needed to piss and he said..

“I know.. put your cock in me” I stood back and pointed my cock at his hole.

I felt the head slip in. It was still nice and moist from our session half an hour ago. I was now kissing the back of his neck, he asked me to bite him, which I did. He obviously loved this. As my teeth sunk into his flesh in playful bites, his hands moved onto my arse and pulled me into him. My cock slid right into him like a hot knife into butter. I reached round and gently played on his nipples and let one hand slip down onto his now rigid cock. This boy was sure fucking hot and knew exactly what he liked. I started to slide my cock slowly in and out of his illegal bahis siteleri arse in short strokes. I told him that I really did need to piss now, and started to pull out of him. His hands clamped onto my arse and pulled me back into him. I got the hint. I pulled him back onto me, and could feel my cock go deep into his arse. I felt that feeling start and tried to control it. I let out a small dribble of piss, which turned into a short stream. Before I knew it, I could feel my bladder emptying up into him. I had never done this before and was really getting off on it.

I pulled his face round and kissed him as deep as I could. This was too much… Here I was, under a heavy shower, with water falling all over my body, with a gorgeous young guy who had my rock hard dick in his arse while I pissed in him. He was loving every moment of it. He pulled his face away and told me to stop pissing. I just looked at him quizzically and tried. It was difficult but I managed it. He pulled himself off my dick and knelt in front of me and smiled. He reached up and tried to pull my cock down to point at him. I couldn’t hold back any more, the sharp pain in my bladder wouldn’t let me. My piss came gushing out of me; the stream arched and fell onto his face. He was really enjoying my hot piss and the water from the shower on his face. To my surprise, he then opened his mouth and let it fall in. I could see my piss filling his mouth and running out over his bottom lip.

My stream began to dwindle and he moved his mouth closer. Soon he had his mouth around my cock lapping up the final few drops. I could feel his tongue darting all over the piss slit as the last of my piss flowed. He pulled his head canlı bahis siteleri back; let the shower run into his mouth and slooshed. He stood up and kissed me. My mind was reeling. He stood up and told me he had to sit on the bog and not to go away. As if!!!

I stood under the shower recalling this experience feeling my cock getting more engorged. The water was running down my back and along the crack of my arse, making me feel really good. A few minutes must have gone by before I felt his hands wrap around my waist and his lips kissing me on my shoulders. I turned and kissed him passionately and deeply, pulling him as close to me as I could, wrapping my arms tightly around him. I sunk to my knees and started to kiss his balls and licking the underside of his stiffening cock. I pulled back to watch it grow harder and to see his foreskin slide back over the darkening head. My mouth went straight for it, taking it into my mouth in one movement, feeling it at the back of my throat.

In the back of my mind I thought I heard the front door bang too, followed by footsteps up the hall. What I heard next, told me I wasn’t dreaming. Lulu was shrieking out my name and asking if I was alone. Before I could dislodge my self from this beautiful cock, I saw a face at the bathroom door and heard “Ooh girl, you vegetarians are all the same, given the chance you always tuck into a nice bit of chicken” He then laughed but didn’t move. I could tell from the size of his pupils and the grinding of his jaw that he was still “up there”. I told him to fuck off and go make some tea.

“Aren’t you going to introduce this little home wrecker?”

“Lulu … FUCK OFF “

He disappeared, giggling all the way.

I stood up, Chris was laughing, and I was laughing.

“Come on…let’s get a cuppa, get him off to bed, and then carry on”

We got out of the shower, wrapped towels around us and went into the lounge.

To Be Continued…

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