Easing into Swinging, Of Sorts: My Experience


Easing into Swinging, Of Sorts: My ExperienceMy wife and I used to have a turbulent relationship at the beginning of our dating process. We used to judge each other on what we “might have done” or thought rather than otherwise. After a year, we moved in together, got settled, and calmed down. Well, sort of calmed down. I was always attracted to other females at work, and we wound go out during the work days. Pretty soon, this developed into something more physical with several. This went on for a couple of years until I married my girlfriend, to whom I found out later that she was doing the same thing in her job.At first, we were not happy about it. Yet after awhile, the two of us came to the conclusion that this is who we really are. We love each other, yet we wanted something more, even if it meant not being monogamous. My job required a bit of travel, and we agreed that if I wanted to have sex with others on the road, then I would have a hall pass to do so, provided that I used protection. In being fair, I offered the same in return for her.For me, the thrill wasn’t so much in having this sort of inhibition: it was that both of us were able to have an additional freedom that wouldn’t strain our marriage. Also, it was kind of a turn on, of sorts. Kind of like competition in a way. When we had sex with bakırköy escort each other, we had an emotional attachment. When we had sex with other people, it was fucking for pure physical enjoyment.She would take me into local strip clubs and pay for girls to give me lap dance upon lap dance, while I did the same with her. This was ok, yet we decided to up the ante by visiting couples bars. We went to a couple of swingers events locally. The first couple, she was somewhat uncomfortable, and the two of us did more talking with couples more than anything about the lifestyle and other aspects of relationships. On the third one that she went to, she met this guy by the name of Paul that seemed to be pretty cool. His wife was nice as well. We exchanged numbers, and agreed to hang out. Paul’s wife didn’t really have a connection with me in the same manner that my wife did with him.I continued to do my regular work travel while my wife would be consumed with work. On occassion, she would call me and ask if she minded going out with Paul for lunch, which I didn’t mind. During the next swingers event that was out of town at the a 3-level home of a private owner, we both became more comfortable in becoming more active. I was able to play with 2 slightly older ladies for the beşiktaş escort first time in front of my wife, while she was with a slightly older guy (40ish) who probably came within a span of 5 minutes. We both laughed at that one later.We noticed that Paul and his wife had showed up at the party as well. Paul happened to have been in another room fucking someone and was surprised to see us there. My wife and I said our hellos, to which I asked where his wife was. He mentioned that she was in another room with someone. My wife didn’t say much yet was focused on him removing the condom from his now-flaccid dick, which was somewhat full of semen. Paul asked me if he could chill with me wife, to which I told him that I didn’t mind. She looked at me sort of gleefully and asked if I was sure, and I told her that I was cool. Paul held out his hand and then proceeded to escortt my wife into a room down the hallway, she only wearing a robe while Paul started to get hard again.I looked for Paul’s wife, to no avail. I figured that I would at least try her goods. I was intercepted by a fine blonde chick this time, and we had a good time for a good 30 minutes. I went back down the hallway to see if my wife was ok, to which I wasn’t surprised to seeing her on all fours while beylikdüzü escort Paul was slamming his dick in her from behind. The two of them were facing a window, so I just saw nothing but Paul’s ass pumping my wife with powerful thrusts while his balls kept hitting her clit. Seeing that got me hard again, and I just stood in the door and watched. Another girl came from across the hallway and saw me holding my now-growing hard on and asked if she could take care of that. Of course, I said. I stayed long enough to see Paul take the condom off and splatter cum all over my wife’s ass cheeks.The other girl, a dark-skinned Cuban girl that was probably 25, was incredibly wet so I went in very easy in the missionary position. This was my third girl of the night and I was actually surprised at my stamina. Having seen my wife getting fucked gave me a thrill. I wanted to fuck this girl really hard! I turned the girl on her side and raised her leg, noticing that my wife was standing in the doorway rubbing her pussy. I looked at her and just smiled, as did she. I came about 5 minutes later and I don’t know if I came because of the girl’s wet pussy or just by seeing my wife get off watching me fuck her. Both of us left the party after a good shower. We talked as if we had just seen a good movie. I felt more comfortable with my wife in experiencing sex like this, as did she. I never did find Paul’s wife that night, but no matter. My wife and I had fun. We had one major ground rule: we have to keep each other informed when we go out with others. This we both agreed to. Should be a fun time during the next adventure.

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