Eating Cum


Eating CumI LOVE eating cum! I eat my own pretty much everyday, and whenever I blow a guy I prefer he shoots in my mouth! Cum is like pussy, it all tastes a little different, but it all has that distinct flavour to it! I am fortunate enough to have found a regular fuck buddy that loves feeding me his cum!I met Kyle online and he’s married, has a couple k**s and has only been with one other guy besides me, his cousin and him used to fool around when they were younger. Now when I met Kyle he was shy, a bit nervous, but horny as hell! I had invited him over to my place and after getting him relaxed I went down on him. What a surprise I got when he started leeking his pre-cum! At first I thought he had cum, and stopped and asked him how he liked it and he said he loved it. I got up and thanked him for giving me his load and he kind of chuckled and told me he didn’t shoot yet, that was just his pre-cum! He was still hard, and massive amounts bakırköy escort of pre-cum was oozing from the tip of his 6″ boner! I licked my lips and went back down on him, slurping up all his prejizz. He was like a faucet and every couple seconds more would leak out into my mouth. I brought him close a few times, but held him off to milk more pre-spooge from him and started tonguing his nuts and letting his precum ooze down the shaft onto his balls where I’d lick it up! He finally said he needed release so I deepthroated him and as he shot moved back until just his head was in my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of his hot load shooting into it! Afterwards we talked and he told me he always had a lot of precum, and that he sometimes wore his wifes panty liners as it would leak out and leave a noticable stain on his pants! I looked at his underwear and seen huge white stains on them and asked beşiktaş escort if I could lick them. He said sure and then surprised me by asking me if he could suck me off. Now when we had talked online, he said he wasn’t sure if was into sucking, and I of course had told him how small I was and sent him some pics, but he told me how he fantasized about sucking my little nub! I stripped down and sat back on the couch with his undies and proceeded to lick his dried precum from them as he blew me. He was awkward and had obviously not sucked a cock in a long time but I enjoyed it nonetheless! I told him I was going to cum and he stopped sucking and jerked me off with his thumb and finger. I shot and wiped it up with my finger and ate in front of him! We got dressed and he left vowing to hook up again. He did call me the next week and he popped by after work for a quick blow job and brought me a couple beylikdüzü escort pairs of his cum stained undies for me to enjoy after he left!Since our first meeting we’ve hooked up quite regularly and it’s always hot to milk his precum from him and gobble it up! He really enjoys fucking me and I’ll usually milk his cock for ten or fifteen minutes before bending over and letting him take me. He usually cums in my ass but sometimes I’ll turn around quickly and catch his load in my mouth! Recently he’s been bringing over his wife’s dirty panties and sits across the room from me and slowly strokes and watches me as I sniff and lick his wife’s crusty undies! He’ll let his precum pool on his balls and leak down his butt crack and when there’s enough I’ll go over to him and lick it all up before bending him over and rimming his tight firm ass! He loves when I eat his ass and sometimes gets me to jerk off on it and makes me lick all my cum from it, while he milks his cock into a pair of panties. After he shoots into them, he enjoys watching me clean them up, licking up his cum mixed in with his wifes pussy discharge! I’ve got a few pairs of his underwear here and right now I’m going to lick his dried precum from them and jerk off!

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