Elaine’s Dirty Knickers Ch. 05


(NB. This story contains graphic descriptions of a female bowel movement. If you are in any way put off by this please do not read further.)


During my 12-month relationship with Elaine, I was lucky enough to have explored many of my ultimate sexual fantasies and I’d like to think it was the same for her.

Lucky for me it was that Elaine was such a sexual woman, first and foremost.

Secondly was that Elaine was very accommodating to the dirty nature of my fantasies.

She was often happy to surrender her body completely to me, meaning that there was nothing taboo.

Given that our relationship was founded by me being caught playing with pairs of her discharge-stained panties, we were always going to have an adventurous and often dirty relationship.

It’s fair to say that I’ve never been with any one person since who fulfilled so many of sexual fantasies as Elaine.

I often miss that even to this day.

Right from the beginning Elaine and I constantly explored each other orally -something that we both loved. First it started with genital exploration and then led to exploring each other’s anuses, first with fingers and ultimately with toys and tongues.

Elaine was also completely comfortable going to the toilet in front of me — initially it was peeing and wiping but before long, she was changing tampons in front of me.

This eventually led to her emptying her bowels in front of me on several occasions — something that I had often fantasised about but had the real experience under Elaine’s watch.

And of course, there was constant access to her dirty underwear and Elaine had plenty of that.

On most days, Elaine would stain her underpants amply, so for someone with as rampant a panty fetish as myself, it was a dream come true.

I would help myself to them as often as I could, raiding her hamper or washer but almost always without Elaine finding out, although she more than likely knew what I was doing.

Her undies were always a great subject of play during sex as her they turned me on so much and I would always go for the stains on the inside.

Elaine would never object and in fact played to my fetish more often than not by leaving her dirty knickers lying about the place after work and also offering me the soiled crotch panel during sex, encouraging me to sniff and lick the gusset straight from her unwashed crotch to take in the full odour and flavour of her pussy discharge and always with her watching.

These are experiences that I will never forget and ones that intensified my panty fetish more than anything.

They are memories and images that I masturbate over to this very day.

My favourite sexual activities with Elaine could be listed as follows (in order of preference):

1.69’ing straight after work with her openings completely unwashed and the dirty crotch panel of her underpants visible and available

2.Watching and helping Elaine complete her important toilet activities — peeing, pooing and changing tampons

3.Finding any pair of her dirty knickers lying about on the floor or in the washer which included licking/sucking the dirty, stained crotch panel

4.Licking her anus, especially when she was on her period

5.Masturbating each other whilst looking at porn

If there was a crowning glory of our 12 months together however, it was the ongoing threesome that developed with Elaine and her hot sister-in-law, Simone.


Simone was Jewish and had married Elaine’s younger brother who was a pilot.

I had met Simone a few times at family get-togethers and couldn’t help but be turned on by her.

She wasn’t “glamourous” in the traditional sense but rather she possessed an array of natural assets that were literally to die for.

With no disregard to Elaine, I had begun masturbating over Simone immediately after I met her.

Big tits, long dark hair, pale complexion and a demeanour that utterly oozed sexuality, contributed to a package that was impossible to ignore.

But it was the day she squatted down in front of me (possibly intentionally) and I caught an extended view of her floral-patterned white cotton panties as her short summer skirt lifted nicely and revealed directly between her legs.

From that moment I was entirely seduced.

So not only was I having raucous and dirty sex with Elaine but also now masturbating vigorously now over both Elaine AND Simone!

Having seen the outside of her white undies, I then began wondering what the inside was like.

I imagined lots of brown and yellowish staining, just like Elaine. And what did it smell like? Musky? Fishy? Like pee and sweat? I wondered what kind of vagina Simone actually had. Did she have pubic hair around it? If so, how much? And what colour was it? What colour was her anus? Pink? Brown perhaps? What did it look like, smell like, taste like?

I imagined Simone on her period and changing tampons as she sat on the toilet, reaching illegal bahis down in amongst her pubic hair with her stained white cotton panties around her knees and pulling the used tampon out from between her legs and then pushing a fresh one back up inside her.

It was hard not to keep imagining Simone sitting on the toilet and doing her business, squirting out a long, hissing jet stream of pee out of her bladder and then wiping herself through her pubic hair, across her vulva and labia and maybe even as far down as her anus.

I loved imagining her anus going to work, excreting her long, thick and smelly faeces with a nice “slap” as it hit the bowl or a gentle “splash” as it hit the water below. And the smell – what would this have been like?

Just the thought of Simone pooing was incredibly overwhelming by itself. I couldn’t really have imagined what having the real-life odour in my midst might have been like.


To my complete surprise one evening, Elaine came home and presented me with a white cotton g-string.

She urged me to inspect it — which I did — and immediately found it to be quite well soiled on the inside.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“WOW!!” was my only reply. “Is this yours?” already knowing that it wasn’t.

“It’s Simone’s,” she responded. “I was around visiting them earlier and found it lying about in the bathroom. I thought you would like to see them.”

“You thought right baby!!” I gushed.

My heart began to thump wildly as I excitedly peeled back the intimate material and inspected more closely.

The crotch panel was heavy with yellowish-brown staining and if it really was Simone’s then it was more than I could have ever wished for!

Upon even further inspection, I could actually see some definite brown stains around where the anus would have contacted with the material inside the panty.

“Hey look at this Elaine,” I offered. “You can all see her discharge stains in here.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Elaine then took a closer inspection herself. “They look like bum stains to me,” she said pointing to the offending marks.

“Why don’t you have a good sniff and a taste then?” she continued. “I don’t mind if you want to. I might actually go and grab a pair of mine and we can compare notes if you want!!”

At this, Elaine disappeared briefly and then returned a minute or so later with a pair of her own soiled undies, as promised.

Immediately I had a pair of dirty stained panties from both women in each hand.

As I turned the gusset of each outwards, I began to carefully inspect the discharge stains of each woman individually — Elaine’s frilly white bikini briefs with dirty brown stains from the previous days’ wear which smelled of her typically sweaty, musky and more than slightly fishy vaginal opening. On this occasion, to my delight, a single golden brown anal streak was also evident just adjacent to her vaginal stains.

Then there was Simone’s stained g-string — incredibly musky and sweaty and yellowish-brown in colour, similar to Elaine but without the familiar fishy tang that Elaine’s very mature and hairy vagina was so capable of producing.

More importantly I was most interested in sampling the anal odour of each woman.

Both were similar as it turned out, with only a faint faecal odour remnant on each.

What now remained, as far as I was concerned was a very discerning taste test.

I first placed Elaine’s stained crotch panel into my mouth, closing my eyes and sucking gently on the gusset as she lovingly watched. To my surprise, Elaine actually took Simone’s dirty g-string and began sucking on the crotch panel herself!!

“Nice and tangy!!” Elaine declared. “But not nearly as fishy as mine!!”

I was a bit too engrossed in taking in the flavours from Elaine’s discharge to actually acknowledge what she was doing herself, but as I briefly opened my eyes and noticed her with her own eyes closed and sucking on another woman’s soiled crotch panel, I was incredibly turned on.

My urge was to ask Elaine to lie back and spread her legs for me at that point, so I could enjoy looking directly up inside her pink wide open vagina set in amongst all her pubic hair, whilst sucking on the discharge that it had produced.

There could be nothing more sensual right then and there than seeing that hairy, mature vagina spread wide apart in front of me and emitting its pungent, sweaty, fishy aroma whilst the stale, musky fishy flavours of her previous day’s discharge filled my mouth and senses.


Over the next few weeks, Elaine had taken the opportunity of sampling some more of Simone’s used underwear for us both to enjoy.

It was clear that Simone wore a variety of different underwear and her vagina and anus were actively leaving stains inside it on a daily basis — I was completely surprised at the variation in colour and texture and amounts of vaginal discharge and anal skid marks inside Simone’s panties. illegal bahis siteleri

I was thrilled when Elaine brought home a pair one evening that even had one of Simone’s black curly pubic hairs stuck inside the stained crotch panel.

Personally, I had never had more fun sexually as I was able to take advantage of having such a sexual, dirty woman in Elaine as my partner.

I just loved being given access to the dirty vaginal secrets of not just one woman, but TWO at once!!

The next development however was one I may have dreamed about but could never have imagined being realised.

Elaine revealed to me that she had found out from Simone that she had actually done some naked internet modelling about five years earlier to allegedly help pay for her college costs.

On first consideration of course, my immediate response was that Elaine was winding me up completely.

This couldn’t have been so.

Five minutes later though, we were sitting down at the computer and logging onto the website that Elaine had been told about by Simone.

It seemed that Elaine may well have had her doubts about all this as well and my own doubts were not lessened by the fact that the site being quoted was actually quite high profile.

Sure enough though, as we started filing through the models individually, my heart nearly leapt through my chest when a thumbnail of Simone appeared right there in front of us under the moniker of “Natasha”.

As we double-clicked and entered “Natasha’s” profile page, it was undeniably her – albeit 5 years younger and with shorter hair.

“Natasha” appeared before us resplendently in a series of 8 galleries — her main profile photo was a topless pose with her looking sensually down the camera and her large milky breasts exposed, one cupped in her right hand with the nipple being pinched in between her thumb and index finger.

It was my first time seeing Simone’s naked breasts and even if it was on the internet, they were INCREDIBLE!!

My heart was now racing and my penis totally erect inside my pants — I just wanted to see MORE!

Unfortunately, the website did require membership to be able to view the full galleries, so I joined up immediately.

Each of the 8 galleries was now able to he viewed — there seemed to be approximately 150 photos in each which indicated that I was hopefully about to see Simone in some very detailed and graphic imagery.

I opened the first gallery entitled “Natural Natasha”.

The first page showed Simone fully clothed in a white singlet top and denim skirt.

By page 2, she had removed her top and revealed her huge breasts inside a black lacy bra.

By page 3, she had begun opening her legs for the camera to reveal that she was wearing a black cotton g-string underneath the denim skirt.

By the end of page 3, she was removing her skirt which proceeded to a series of shots of her just in her underwear.

Page 4 saw her remove all her underwear to have her posing completely naked, showing both her large milky breasts and what I could now see was her full triangle of black pubic hair.

Page 5 led to Simone opening her legs wide apart and exposing her vagina for the camera and towards the end of the page, the photographer had her spreading her vagina apart with her fingers as the camera moved in for some very graphic close-ups of the inside of her pink vagina.

The vaginal close-ups continued onto page 6 with some VERY intimate internal shots which clearly revealed her pee hole and her clitoris.

Page 6 also revealed Simone’s anus to the camera for the first time and by the time I clicked onto page 7, the camera had zoomed in for some extreme close-up detail of her spread wrinkled brown poo opening.

The camera explored her anus in very close detail and even better was that the images were available in hi-res as well as standard. The hi-res images afforded an extreme view in very precise amounts of detail. This revealed the intimate colours of the wrinkled brown flesh around Simone’s anus and the much pinker flesh inside it. It also revealed a VERY clean anus devoid of any faecal residue. The other thing that was very obvious to me were the little black and brown hairs that seemed to grow so naturally around Simone’s anus and perineum.

I felt extremely excited to learn about this very private part of Simone’s body.

The final page continued with some more graphic shots of Simone pulling her ample vaginal flaps apart with one hand whilst placing the middle finger tip of her other hand up against her anus.

It was characterised at this point by the closed-eye, head-pulled-back look of orgasmic ecstasy on Simone’s face as she feigns climax within herself and urges the same towards the viewer as her vaginal lips spread wide apart for the camera and her finger provides some stimulation against the rim of her anus.

I had been rubbing my loins with increasing intensity as the shoot progressed which had not gone unnoticed from Elaine. Her canlı bahis siteleri hand had replaced mine as the climax ensued and I came freely with the camera looking deeply into Simone’s pink vaginal opening — black pubic hair and thick brown flaps spread asunder to reveal her wide open urethra and shiny pink clitoris poking out and erect from beneath the folded, wrinkled flesh of her clitoral hood.

From this one photo shoot, most parts of Simone’s incredible physique were revealed.

Nothing was left to the imagination in the space of 150 images with every intimate part of Simone’s anatomy being revealed to the viewer.

Her breasts, buttocks, pubic hair and all aspects of her vulva are revealed — labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, clitoral hood, urethra and vaginal opening itself – as well as her anus, perineum and buttock crack.

What I found most impressive about Simone though was not just her female “bits”, but more the shape and colour and size of her intimate objects that was so sexually overt and incredibly stimulating.

Starting with her clothing and underwear which built up the anticipation so perfectly and led to some beautiful shots with her legs spread revealing her black cotton g-string and the subsequent close-ups showing a few sprigs of her black pubic hair jutting out the sides.

Once revealed, her black pubic hair is formed in a near-perfect feminine triangle covering her private female parts when standing.

But in sexual position with legs spread apart, her vulva and vagina are fully exposed — her pussy flaps in particular are clearly thick and protruding, surrounded by the perfect frame of black pubic hair against the pale colouring of her soft skin and the combined browns and bright pinks of what lies in between her legs.

Her anus also looks brown and poo-stained and wrinkled from the outside but once pulled apart in many of the photos, it is VERY pink on the inside. Even in super Hi-res, there were no traces whatsoever of any faeces around her anus but clearly there were some nice little brown and black hairs naturally surrounding the anus and perineum which I easily imagined, DO get soiled with poo when Simone goes to the toilet to empty her bowels.

I personally would have been quite happy to see her openings exposed with natural amounts of discharge in and around her vaginal opening and smeared amongst her pubic hair as well as residue faeces around her anus from her last toilet visit.

By far the most eye-catching of the 8 photo shoots for me were firstly the “watersports” shoot; where Simone gradually disrobes herself in a bathroom to all but a white cotton g-string and proceeds to sit on the toilet with her legs apart and the g-string pulled down to her knees. The photographer even had her position the panties so that the crotch panel is completely turned outwards and exposed to the camera and in focus in the foreground with the softer focus on her black pubic hair triangle and 40DD breasts flopping off her chest up above. Even though the panty gusset appears completely clean, the shoot climaxes as Simone empties her bladder into the toilet with a graphic series of close-ups of the urine, shooting out of her urethra catching multiple droplets in her pubic hair on the way out.

The final page of the shoot has numerous shots of her reaching down between her legs with white toilet paper to wipe before dropping into the toilet and flushing.

Finally, the shoot entitled “Natasha: wide open and hairy” featured her stripping from a short, floral summer dress to be naked, but for a pair of large, white cotton granny panties with pink flowers all over them.

What followed were 9 pages of “Natasha” in extremely erotic and lewd posing with the granny panties in various states of removal and exposure providing incredible imagery of her spread, wide open vaginal opening surrounded by black pubic hair — the bright pinks and browns of her “bits” looking stunning set against the black colouring of her pubes and the pale very tones of her skin.

The set drew to a climax with some very graphic and intimate close-ups of “Natasha” bent over and spreading her beautiful anus for the camera — nothing was left to the imagination with several of the shots featuring her gaping anal opening and extremely clear views of the glistening pink internals of her rectum — all this with the inner crotch panel of her white granny panties upturned and exposed underneath.

The only element missing from this mix was some natural vaginal and/or anal staining on her undies, which unfortunately had not featured in any of Simone’s magnificent pornographic photo-shoots.

Having since having had the opportunity to see the real-life condition of some of her undies, I used this as very powerful fodder for masturbation whilst looking through these incredibly graphic and lewd images of Elaine’s hot sister-in-law, Simone.


Having now full access to Simone’s past life via these amazing pornographic images had the effect of souping up my already overcharged and dirty sex life with Elaine.

From here on, we began to discuss the possibility of somehow coercing her brother’s incredibly hot wife of maybe joining us for a real-life threesome at some point.

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