Email from Cindy’s Box #03-02


I’d noticed a peeper this morning as I was running on the treadmill. The normal response would have been to cover up my meager sports bra and thin silky panties, but then, I’m anything but normal. After taking advantage of my audience to put on a bit of a show, I’d managed to casually “notice” my neighbor Mike and invite him over. Now he was waiting in the living room while I took a shower.

I washed off quickly, then decided to do my hair. I soaped it up fairly well when it occurred to me I’d forgotten to grab a towel. What luck!

“Hey, Mike?” I yelled out to him as I worked the shampoo in, “Can you grab me a towel?”

“Uh, sure?” I heard him say after a second. I tried to squint through the soap, but I couldn’t see if he’d actually come in yet.

“In the closet across from the bathroom… Just put it on the toilet here.” I yelled out again. He’d hafta cross the bathroom to do that. I made sure my hands were still up in my hair as I turned to face the mostly transparent curtain. I squinted through the soap again, but couldn’t really see anything.

“Where, uh, do you want this?” I jumped a little at his voice. I couldn’t see anything, but he was clearly in the bathroom, standing right in front of me. If he hadn’t peaked before, here I was, totally naked. My heart raced.

“Oh, just set it on the toilet, thanks!” I smiled broadly, turning and bending back to start rinsing out my hair. I squinted through the water and saw him as a blurry blob. I wondered just how much of a blurry blob I looked like to him. Hopefully not too much…

“Uh, no problem I guess.” The soap washed off now, I looked over and saw him start for the door. Keep him here!

“Ug, long hair is so troublesome!” I said off-handedly, quietly enough that he had to take a step back to hear. I peeked over at him again and saw him stop right in front of the shower now. Small talk should work. Get him talking too. “I guess guys don’t really have that problem, eh?” It shouldn’t be this much trouble keeping a guy in the bathroom while a naked young girl showers!

“Well, no, not really.” He sort of stood awkwardly in the middle of the bathroom now. Good. He might not be able to make out too much detail through the curtain though…

“I suppose you have a more troublesome part to wash elsewhere, eh?” I smiled, standing to face him now and bending sideways to rinse my hair maybe a little unnecessarily. How much more did I really want here?

“Oh ya?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I dunno, I’ve never washed a guy’s cock.” I smiled at the word. “Is it troublesome? Does it get hard when you wash it? Is it harder to wash when it’s hard? Do you have fun washing off when it’s hard?” I giggled at him, my breasts jiggling slightly with the movement. All clean now, I was just standing there naked, half hid behind the shower curtain, playing with the water with my hands.

“Well, it’s not usually hard when I’m washing off…” I saw him smile at the direction he thought this conversation was going. “Do you have fun washing off in the shower?”

“Oh, yes, of course. But, back to your cock, is it actually hard right now?” I slid the curtain over as I asked, the water still splashing down on me as his eyes scanned my now unobstructed naked body. I bit my lips while his eyes paused on my chest as I calmly got down on my knees. “Can I see it?” I smiled up at him as sweetly as I could, my hands reaching for his zipper.

“I’m not sure that would be appropriate…” He stared down at me as I fumbled with his pants.

“Oh ya?” I managed to unzip his fly and open the front of his boxers, reaching in to pull out his very-hard cock. “This from the guy who came over to watch a young girl do stretches in her underwear? And then watched that same young girl get naked and shower? The girl who’s holding your big, hard cock in her hands?” I pulled it out and licked my lips, grinning. It was bigger than I’d anticipated. What had I anticipated? And just how much further was I going to go with this?

“Well, as long as we’re acting inappropriately…” He swallowed a little nervously as I gently ran my fingers along his soft skin. His eyes flashed as I stroked the head of his cock and I almost giggled again at the look on his face. I don’t think he would have appreciated giggling right then…

“Would it be ‘inappropriate’ for me to see how it tastes?” I eyed it. It was big. It looked bigger in front of me than I’d expected, and felt bigger in my hand than it looked. Considering putting it in my mouth made it seem just that much bigger again. I licked the end and it writhed just a little bit in my fingers. I smiled up at him. “It’s a bit bigger than I’m used to…”

“At this point, it might be inappropriate not to…” He gently touched his fingertips to my cheek and I licked my lips. Here goes.

I opened my mouth wide and moved my head forward, sliding onto his cock. It was much bigger in my mouth etiler ucuz escort than it had been in my hand. I felt it run through my lips, and I wrapped my tongue up and down the sides, feeling his heartbeat pulsating against me. The warm water still ran down my naked back as his hard cock pressed into me.

I had trouble sliding it into the back of my throat. It was already as deep as I’d ever had a guy go into my mouth, and it still had a good inch or two left. I pressed against him and felt his whole cock twitch inside my throat. It tickled me and pressed up against top of my mouth, making me smile and let out a little giggle. It came out oddly muffled with a cock in my mouth, which just made me smile more. This was fun. A lot of fun. It would definitely go further!

I slid off his cock, pulling my head slowly away from him, and teasing the end once more with my tongue. I pulled back into the stream of water and closed my eyes for a second, wiping off my face.

“Can’t fit it all?” He asked as I looked back up at him and licked the flavor of his cock from my lips.

“Surprisingly no! I guess I’m not as experienced in this as I should be!” I smiled sweetly up at him.

“Well, I guess practice makes perfect.” He smiled back. I looked at his cock, still right in front of my face, and noticed that I’d gotten water all over the front of his pants.

“Oh gosh! Your clothes are all wet! You’ll have to take them off and let me put them in the dryer!” I undid his pants the rest of the way, and pulled them down, taking his boxers down too. His cock sprung up in front of me as they came off. “Oh, I’m sorry! Did that hurt?” I look up at him, worried, gently gripping his hard member in my hand.

“No, not at all.” He just grinned down at me as he pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his pants.

“Good, I wouldn’t want any harm to come to it.” I softly began stroking him as I stood up. “You know, you had a nice, big surprise for me…” I paused and just stroked him a little for emphasis before I ran a finger along the side of my breasts, which I feel are fairly large on my slight Asian frame. “Are these a nice, big surprise for you?”

“Well, I suppose, just to answer that question, it might be appropriate for me to see how they feel,” He slid one hand up my side, placing the other on my waist. He ran his fingers along the smooth skin of my breast before gripping it gently, squeezing it with his fingers as I sighed. He traced an extremely enjoyable circle around my areola and said “Maybe I should see how they taste as well?”

“Oh, definitely!” I smiled, a shiver tickling my spine as he bent forward and ran his tongue in a circle around my now perky nipple. His cock pulsating in my hand while I stroked him, I realized how badly I wanted him inside me. So I stopped. This could be even more fun…

“You know, I’m all clean now, I really ought to dry off!” I pulled back from his grip, turning off the shower and stepping over to the other end of the tub. I pulled the shower curtain open from that end and rang out my straight, black hair.

“Oh ya?” He raised an eyebrow at me as I smiled at him, grabbing the towel off the toilet.

“Ya,” I dabbed the towel over my face, mostly ignoring my hair for now. I ran it over my arms and breasts, and looked up at him. “You’ll just have to suffer, mister!” I smiled, lifting a foot onto the side of the tub, spreading my legs and exposing my bare, clean-shaven pussy more than ever. I was going to go for more. That’s for sure.

“Well, I would hardly call this suffering.” He watched as I turned my back to him and bent down to dry my other leg, showing off my ass and arching my spine to give him another shot at my pussy. I felt my lips pull apart as I bent down further, baring my very wet little hole and burningly eager clit. Just the feeling of the air on my wet slit sent a shiver up my spine. I needed that cock, but just telling him to fuck me, where’s the fun in that?

“Well, let’s go toss this laundry in the dryer, ya?” I stepped out of the tub, rubbing the towel into my hair to try and dry it up some, and scooped up his clothes before heading out of the bathroom.

“You’re really going to put all my clothes in the dryer?” He asked, following me down the hall. “Just leaving me totally naked in your house with no way to cover up?” Oh ya, like he was so worried!

“Oh, it’s not that wet, it won’t take long to dry.” I looked back at him, smiling at his still hard dick following my naked little butt through the house, “Unless I toss this towel in with it, that is.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want your towel to stay wet.” He smiled at me as I came up to the dryer. I bent down rather theatrically to put the clothes in, pushing my ass up as I opened the door, and smiling as I looked back at him. I closed the dryer and started fiddling with the knobs. It’s old and the one to make etiler üniversiteli escort it go can stick. I was lucky, and it stuck this time.

“Oh darn, this thing won’t go!” I said, pouting. I looked back at him, sticking my tight little ass out as I pulled myself up on top of the dryer, my feet dangling just off the floor while I pulled on the stuck knob. The cold metal was a shock against my stomach, but almost enjoyably so. “Would you be a sweetie and give me a hand?” I smiled. He didn’t need a pretense to press his naked body up against my own, but I certainly enjoyed having one.

“Sure.” As he came up behind me, my toes resting at the base of the dryer door, I felt his cock slide up between my legs and press against my pussy. I sighed, and as he reached over my back to grab the knob, he pushed my breasts down onto the top of the dryer, making me gasp quietly. When he grabbed the knob, he pulled easily and the dryer kicked in, shaking against my suddenly sensitive flesh. I held him in place with one hand, and reached back with the other to guide his cock into my hungry little Asian pussy.

He pumped it in slowly, and it felt incredible. Between the cold, vibrating steel of the dryer against my increasingly sensitive breasts, and the feel of his big, hard cock pushing into me from behind, I was already shivering in pleasure. I moaned as he grabbed my tight little ass in one hand and shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my now pulsating pussy.

“Oh god, Mike…” My whole body tensed with each deep thrust he made into me, I was already straining to hold back from screaming in pleasure.

“I have a confession to make, Cindy.” Mike said coarsely in my ear as he continued to slide his hard cock in and out of me. “I was watching you all morning, watching while you stretched,” He pulled out slowly and slammed deep into me with each sentence, “Watching while you ran, watching when you took your top off, watching while you played with yourself, watching you almost walk outside without that sports bra.” He kept pressing into me, again and again.

“Mike…” I shivered as his cock pressed inside me in another thrust, “I have a confession too…”

“What’s that?” He squeezed my ass a little tighter with his hand, still not letting up.

“I knew…” At that he stopped abruptly, and pulled out of me. I almost cried until he pulled me up and turned me to face him. He reached down and grabbed my legs just below my ass, lifting my slender frame up onto his hard cock. I wrapped my legs around him as I moaned softly, holding back another scream.

“Cindy,” He said turning to press me against the wall in the hallway. With the wall’s help, he held me up with one hand on my ass and used the other to less-than-gently fondle my breasts.

“Yes, Mike?” I managed to get out between his powerful pumping. He held my breast in his hand and ran his tongue in circles around my areola, making me stifle a scream into a moan once more. Him squeezing my ass as he flicked his tongue across my tender nipple turned that spark into a fire and I moaned loudly.

“Where in your house would you hate to love to get fucked?” He grabbed my ass with both hands now, pulling away from the wall but still pounding my eager pussy with his stiff cock.

“Oh god, I don’t care…” I didn’t. “Just fuck me… Go in there, on the dining room table…” I motioned down the hall with my head and he carried me into the dining room, still fucking me as we went.

“Where do you sit, Cindy?” He smiled at me, and I smiled back, his hands pulling my tight little ass apart as he moved my body up and down on his cock.

“Second on the right.” I bit my lip as he carried me over. He pulled my chair out and laid me on my back on the dining room table, spreading my legs and baring my pussy where I had just eaten dinner last night. He pounded into me harder now, each slow, sucking withdrawal followed by a hard slamming which shook the entire table. God, right on the dinner table! I moaned more noisily than I liked once more.

“Cindy, can you do something for me?” He asked, almost casual as I writhed on the table in front of him. He gripped my thighs now, lifting and spreading my legs to guide his hard cock deeper than ever into my hungry pussy. “Something entirely appropriate?”

“Oh god, yes, just keep going!” I felt my pussy tighten on his cock, my spine tensing up.

“Scream Cindy. I want you to scream in pleasure.” He smiled as I did, filling the house with the sound of my sudden orgasm. My whole body tensed up, and I felt every muscle scream with me in the sensation. He kept pounding and it felt like my orgasm couldn’t stop as he sent shock waves of ecstasy through me.

“Oh god, Mike! Yes!” I screamed, writhing on the dinner table, where I’d eaten with my family just last night, and would eat with them again tonight. I shivered as the fatih escort powerful sensation finally passed through me, letting out a very loud sigh of relief. I sat up, wrapping my legs around Mike, whose still-hard cock continued to push into my still-pulsating pussy.

“Cindy, Cindy, Cindy…” He smiled as I rested with him inside me, breathless. “Whatever ever are we going to do with this?” He pumped into me again, the motion still sending little shivers up my spine.

“Ooh, I know!” I climbed off of him, slipping awkwardly onto the floor, wetness trickling down my thighs. “You sit right here.” I patted the table where I had just had my spectacular, screaming orgasm, and where I ate dinner every night with my folks. “And I’ll pull up my chair to enjoy something delicious!” I pulled over the chair he’d pushed out of the way and sat down, his large, glistening cock inches from my face.

I smiled, licking my lips and looking up at him. I gripped his cock in one hand, stroking the slippery rod as I watched his eyes and danced my tongue around its wet, dripping tip. He sighed inwardly, visibly enjoying the feeling as I licked the juices from his stiff, hot flesh.

“Can you taste yourself on me, Cindy?” He smiled at me and I glanced down at his wet cock. Those were my juices all over it, weren’t they? They were letting my hand glide up and down its length so smoothly. They were making it glisten so.

“I don’t know…” I looked back up at him, “I don’t really know what I taste like.” I smiled as I ran my tongue along his cock, flicking it on my lips and savoring the sweet, salty taste. My sweet, salty taste.

“Why don’t you find out?” He smiled at me and I looked at him curiously. “You’ve got a free hand.” I smiled back at him now.

“Ooh, let’s see!” I spread my legs to practically straddle my chair, and slid my fingers into my still very wet pussy. I greatly enjoyed the touch on my tender flesh, which was already begging for more attention. Still stroking him with the other hand, I pulled my wet, dripping fingers up and eyed the sticky drops. I looked up at Mike as I ran my tongue along them, flicking it on my lips as I’d done with the juices from him cock.

“Well?” He asked as I savored that same sweet, salty taste.

“That is me on there!” I smiled up at him, “And I want more!” I pushed my head down onto his cock now, gripping its base with the hand that had been stroking, and teasing my still-hungry pussy with the other. My eyes trained on his, I pressed down, caressing the hard flesh with my tongue as it passed, but still couldn’t fit the full length of him down my throat. I pulled off until his head was just inside my lips, and pushed on again, deeper this time, but still not all the way down.

I pulled him out again, all the way this time, and started to tell him I couldn’t fit it when he gently pulled my head forward and back onto his cock. I gave him a questioning look and he closed his eyes.

“Don’t stop…” He murmured, and I smiled, his cock pressing against the back of my throat. I pulled a now-wet hand out of my eager pussy and gently placed it just under his balls, pulling them forward. I tightened my grip on the base of his cock with the other hand and began sliding my mouth up and down his long, slippery shaft. His fingers tangled in my hair.

Each time I pushed onto him, I felt his cock press a little deeper down my throat. I pushed again, and I almost had his whole length inside me. I squeezed the base of his cock, pressing hard onto him, and he let out a quiet moan. I pressed again and felt warm cream pouring down the back of my throat. I pulled off slightly, his head just inside my mouth as I gripped the shaft of his cock in both hands and pumped out his cum, eagerly lapping it up with my tongue.

He looked down at me and I caught his eyes with mine as his cum continued to shoot in little bursts into my mouth. The little bursts stopped and I pulled the head of his cock out with a sucking noise, catching the last drops of his cum on my tongue and flicking it against my lips, savoring its flavor.

I gently stroked the length of his cock with one hand, letting the other wander back down between my still-spread legs and into my lonely little pussy. He sighed again and a little glob of goo squirted onto my cheek. I giggled, still stroking him.

“Gosh, now I’ll need a facial!” I smiled at him, and he smiled down at me, the young Asian girl next door, my tits in full view and his cum on my face as I played with my very wet pussy and gently stroked his cock.

“That may have to wait until tomorrow, Cindy.” He grinned down at me. I giggled again at this.

“Well, I suppose…” I licked my lips, pausing at what I was about to say. God, I’d just had pretty wild sex with this guy, and now I was going to schedule some more. “Tomorrow I might accidentally forget to wear both my sport bra and my panties when I exercise, if you might be able to accidentally glance out your window.”

“I think that can be arranged.” He smiled at me as I wiped the dollop of his cum from my check with a finger and licked it up toyingly. Two things were clear: I’d gotten a bit more than the more I’d been hoping for, and I’d never be able to look at dinner quite the same.

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