Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 03


When she got back to her room, Lara was anxious to get out of her clothes, wash up, and then pass out. She was beyond tired from the day’s activities.

Because of how aroused her make-out session with Emil had made her, Lara could only guess what a mess her panties looked like at that point. She slowly slid them off. Just as she predicted: wet, wet, wet. Jesus, they were drenched in her juices.

Down the hall, Emil was in bed staring up at the ceiling. Lara’s pretty smile, soft hair and heavenly breasts were still fresh in his mind. He was far from having had his fill of them.

There it goes again, Emil observed. It seemed he was hard most of the hours of the day. Judging from the feel of his boner, Emil knew he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep before jacking off first. He slid off his pajama pants and slowly started stroking, picturing Lara’s incredible tits. Ooh, her nipples had tasted so yummy, and they felt so soft and tender in his mouth. Then they got nice and hard, and he couldn’t help but tease them with the tip of his tongue. Dear Lord, he wanted to fuck her so bad… he couldn’t wait to ram his cock into her juicy pussy! And just like that, Emil shot his pent-up wad onto his stomach.

After already having cum, Emil still couldn’t fall asleep, so he reached under his bed and grabbed his good old reliable sketch pad. He also pulled out the pencil box containing all his drawing tools, and fished out one of his favorite pencils. Whenever inspiration seized him, Emil could do nothing but draw. In fact, that night, his hand had taken on a life of its own, and the drawing he envisioned seemed to take shape effortlessly. But then again, most of Emil’s creations had come into being at lightning speed with minimal effort on his part.


It was looking like it would be a White Christmas indeed, from the look of things outside. The poinsettias in the Beauchamp’s foyer were especially fragrant that early morning, and the coffee brewing in the kitchen had the whole downstairs smelling like a bustling Starbucks.

Mr. Beauchamp put on his coat, scarf, and hat to leave for his construction company. Despite it being less than a week until Christmas, contractors were still expected to meet the deadlines promised to their clients, and Emil Beauchamp’s successful business was built on his hard-earned reputation of always “delivering the goods” on time.

He walked back into the kitchen to finish his morning coffee, and saw his wife already busily preparing for the day’s lunch.

“Kate, you know what Junior asked me yesterday?” Emil, Sr. inquired.

“I don’t know, Cheri, what?” she responded, peeling the potatoes to eventually prepare her family’s favorite dish, Poutine.

“He asked me to take him to work starting New Year’s.”

“Really… now that’s a first! I wonder where all that came from, all of a sudden… “, Kate wondered out loud.

“Well, I’ll bet it’s got to do with Lara, because he’s never so much as shown an inkling of interest in his old man’s business before.”

Kate wiped her hands on a dish rag, and then tapped her chin a few times, looking up in the air. “Well, honey, he IS done with high school now, and hasn’t shown much interest in those adult education or job training programs his counselor told us about. Remember, we brought home all those brochures about the occupational certificate programs and those new CPT programs? But he’s not even remotely curious about what any of them has to offer. So I think it’s nice he’s showing an interest in working at your company.”

“You think he’s serious about coming to work with me? I mean, after all, he could just be asking on a whim”, Mr. Beauchamp said to his wife thoughtfully.

Mrs. Beauchamp suddenly grinned at her husband. “Well, dear, now that I think of it, I’m remembering when I first brought you home to meet my parents. My father was hassling you about needing a good job in order to support me when we got married, remember that?”

Once he started recalling the day he met Kate’s stern father over twenty years ago, Mr. Beauchamp heaved a heavy sigh. Now making the connection between the motivation behind his youngest son’s actions and his own back in the day, he rolled his eyes in an aggravated manner. “Oh, Tabernac, you’ve got to be kidding me. The kid’s not even out of his teens yet…” was all he could manage. He then glanced at his phone, gave his wife a quick peck on the cheek, and swiftly headed out the door.


It was barely 9 am, and Tom and Meredith had already arrived to spend more time with the Beauchamps. Meredith was eager to observe Tatie Kate performing her culinary miracles in the kitchen, especially that Poutine she was so famous for. Tom, however, could admire a work of art as much as the next person, but he didn’t need to see it being created. In no time, he and Michael ended up in the family room playing X-Box, which they could actually do for hours on end.

Now that they were by themselves, the two young men, more like brothers, started to shoot the breeze. For some illegal bahis reason, it was easier for them to talk about stuff while playing video games, than if they were just sitting across from each other at a table drinking coffee.

“Dude, where’s your bro? Isn’t he up yet?” Tom inquired, while setting up the gaming system.

“He’s up, but he’s still in his room. He’ll probably come down once Lara’s up”, Michael pointed out.

“Speaking of Lara… “, Tom started somewhat hesitantly.

As the consummate easy-going, laid back dude he was, Michael waited patiently for his cousin to finish the sentence.

“Emil’s got it bad for her, you know that, right?” Tom finally managed.

“Yeah, I know”, Michael responded nonchalantly, helping with the set up.

“I’m sure Lara’s noticed it, too, like, how could she not?” Tom continued.

“Yeah, she knows”, Michael answered, again with little emotion.

“Dude, does Emil realize what he’s in for? I mean, Lara’s gonna let him down gently, right? She’s not the type to go around breaking hearts, right?” Tom’s voice did little to mask his concern for his cousin’s emotional well-being.

“I don’t know, man, it’s none of my business”, Michael stated neutrally.

“Man, are you serious? You know how your brother gets. Once he fixates on something, it’s like, forever and ever… so does Lara even know what she’s doing to him? I mean, he’ll be obsessed and pining away for her, and she’ll be long gone, back to the university”, Tom indicated.

“Hey man, my name is Wes; I’m not in this mess”, Michael stated, to which his cousin couldn’t help but chuckle.

Still laughing, Tom added, “Hey, Dude, who can blame the poor kid? I mean, Lara’s pretty cute, not to mention that nice ass, and those big tits, Jesus… “, he paused while picturing Lara’s hot voluptuous body in his head. “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed…”

“Yeah, sure I’ve noticed. But she’s more like a little sister to me”, Michael pointed out.

“Like a little sister, with those huge jugs of hers? You gotta be kidding me… I mean, personally, I would find it hard not to stare at them if I hung out with her as much as you did”, Tom shared.

“I don’t know man… it’s always been like that with me and her… She’s cute and all, but I’m just not into Lara in that way”, Michael confided to his cousin.

Tom knew when to leave well enough alone, so he dropped the subject.

In the back of his mind, Michael was still lusting after Karen, the other girl in their tight-knit group. Karen’s tits were every bit as big and luscious as Lara’s, only Karen had those amazing long legs, and those gorgeous green eyes, and the way she shook her ass when she walked…Oh Lord Almighty. In fact, Michael had also invited Karen up for Christmas, but she declined.

After some lighthearted joking, Tom and Michael proceeded to play some serious X-Box, expressing the occasional exclamation to various maneuvers, shots hit, and shots missed.

Truth be told, however, Michael was indeed worried about how the whole situation might pan out. He knew all too well how obsessed Emil could get, not to mention how sulky he became when he was disappointed. Michael secretly crossed his fingers and hoped that minimal damage would result from this fixation Emil had on Lara; even though she indicated she was interested in Emil.

Lara’s declaration of interest in his brother notwithstanding, Michael had difficulty wrapping his mind around the notion that an intelligent college student would want to date a mentally-challenged person, no matter how handsome and normal-looking he was.


The next morning, even though she woke up around 6 am, Lara couldn’t quite bring herself out of bed.

The guest bedroom she was staying in actually used to be Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp’s master bedroom. A few years ago, the mature couple decided to move downstairs and use the bedroom down there for convenience. Upstairs, the two boys ended up keeping their own bedrooms, simply out of habit, and so the master bedroom was eventually converted into a guest bedroom. The family didn’t use the guest bedroom; nor did they use its adjoining bathroom. They simply reserved it for guests.

Around 10 am, Lara finally woke up again and dragged herself out of bed. What she needed was a good hot shower. She had been too exhausted to take one last night, so she was determined to enjoy the spa qualities of the shower this morning. Actually it was not her first time in it, but after what transpired last night with Emil, she was suddenly in the mood for a long sensual shower this morning.

Already completely stripped, Lara walked into the bathroom and immediately adjusted the dimness of the lights to her comfort level. Thanks to Mrs. Beauchamp’s impeccable taste, an exotic white orchid plant was sitting on the gray marble sink counter, easily setting the mood for relaxation. Nearby were three gigantic lavender-scented candles, set on a wide black-lacquered bamboo tray. Next to the candles were jasmine-scented incense sticks illegal bahis siteleri spread out next to a cigarette lighter. Even though she would only be staying a few nights, Lara’s accommodations had apparently been labored over carefully by Mrs. Beauchamp, in order to ensure her a most enjoyable stay, not to mention an exquisite one.

The pressure from the shower’s faucet was quite strong, as the hot water endlessly flowed. Not used to the luxury of so much space in a bathroom, Lara marveled at the huge shower tub; it was obviously built to accommodate two people. The dark brown and gray pattern of the shower tiles hearkened back to the days of the Roman bath, and the large glass door had apparently been polished sparkling clean, clearly looking out to the calm and serene setting of the flower and candles.

While she was breathing in the steam emitted by the hot water, mixed with the aromatherapy of the lavender candles burning nearby, Lara closed her eyes and let the agreeable ambiance transfix her, until she found herself in another realm. She let the powerful water beat down on her, massaging her head, neck, shoulders, and all areas of her young body. The water did an excellent job of freeing her mind and relaxing her muscles. Every object in the bathroom looked as if it was now smoldering, as the constant stream of free-flowing liquid transformed into rain. Lara was in her own sensual Heaven.

This was a luxury paradise Lara fully intended to revel in, and her eyes were shut tight, immensely enjoying sensation of the rain pouring down on her naked body. She was somewhere down in the southern hemisphere, in the tropics, experiencing a rainstorm in an open field on a warm monsoon day. At that second, she heard the bathroom door open, instantly snapping her out of her reverie. She opened her eyes to find Emil standing there, immediately locking eyes with him. He quietly stepped into the shower with her, and wasted no time in surveying her up and down. Although Lara was a small girl, she still had a feminine hourglass shape. Her tits were as gorgeous as he remembered from last night, and now he could also see her pussy, which was neatly trimmed; he could see her pink pussy lips peering out.

Lara, in turn, marveled at Emil’s lean body, not an ounce of fat on the young man. She noticed he was still flaccid, but that would change soon enough, if she had anything to do with it.

Emil put his arms around his sweetheart, and bent down to kiss her gently. Right there in the dim, foggy reaches of the shower, Lara found herself wholly receptive to Emil’s advances. She soon felt his familiar tongue lightly touching her lips and then gently prying her mouth open. “Here we go again”, she thought to herself.

After minutes of deep kissing, Lara reached over to a nearby bottle of body wash and pumped out some clear gel, rubbing it between her hands. She then gently massaged it into Emil’s hairless chest, all the while gazing dreamily into his eyes. Emil’s flaccid penis was fast becoming a thing of the past.

“I love you, Lara”, he quietly declared, staring down into her beautiful brown eyes.

She didn’t expect to hear this, not so soon at least; nevertheless, she accepted it, because she knew Emil was simply being his open and honest self. She quickly responded, “Oh, Emil, I love you, too!” She then hugged him tight.

Now it was time to turn up the heat a bit, Lara thought, figuratively if not literally. She reached back to the bottle of soap to pump out some more gel, this time to start stroking Emil’s hard cock.

The young man’s eyes rolled up to the back of his head. He almost lost his balance. Oh Jesus Christ, Lara’s hand stroking his cock felt so good! Emil couldn’t believe how incredibly good it felt. He was experiencing his very first hand job in a hot steamy shower, and it was every bit the amazing feeling it had looked like when he first saw it on a flat screen TV; except in real life, he discovered, it felt better. Lara was careful not to get soap near the tip of Emil’s prick, lest she irritate the sensitive opening. She wanted him to fully enjoy this. However, at the same time, she didn’t want him to cum too soon, as that would put an end to their naughty fun for the morning. So after only a few strokes, she asked him to wash her back, positioning herself in front of him. She peered back to give him a look of mischief.

As she carefully observed the intricate mosaic designs on the tiled-walls, Lara’s back was now all soaped up, all slick and facing Emil’s chest. He now greedily grabbed her creamy breasts from behind, so she tilted her head up so that he could kiss her. He couldn’t get enough of squeezing her full tits.

Before long, Lara found herself playfully rubbing her slippery ass cheeks against Emil’s stiff cock. Teasing him was sheer delight, as she noticed his eyes filled with ecstasy.

Emil was going insane at this point! Lara’s sweet ass was so soft and smooth, pressing up against him like the naughty tease she was. He couldn’t take it anymore! Difficult as it was, canlı bahis siteleri Emil took his hands off Lara’s sweet tits, so he could pull her ass up close to him. With his right hand, he fervently shoved his hard cock into her willing pussy. Lara gasped in shock, as she hadn’t expected him to ram his fully-erect cock into her tight little hole so fast, and so hard. She quickly grabbed hold of the support bar on the wall to balance herself.

Since Lara was so small, Emil easily lifted her up so her hips were level with his. While she firmly held onto the support bar in front of her, Lara’s face was pressed up against the tiled wall, and Emil was soon pumping her from behind.

Oh, Lord Jesus! It felt unreal… Emil couldn’t believe how tightly Lara’s pussy was gripping his cock. Aw man, the feeling was… it was… well, he had no words for it, actually. Never mind. Words were not necessary in Emil’s world. What he was feeling was all that mattered.

Ruled by pure animal instinct at this point, Emil’s breathing got heavier and heavier, while his thrusts into Lara got more and more frantic. Lara’s heavy tits were now jiggling and swinging back and forth at a faster rhythm, while her moans got more and more urgent.

Overtaken by her own lust and desire, Lara suddenly turned into a smut-mouthed slut, “Yeah, baby, fuck me hard! Mm… I want you to shoot all that hot cum inside me! Give me all of it, Emil! I need all your sweet cum deep inside me, come on, baby! Shoot it up inside me! Aw, shit!”


“What’s your mother doing this morning, dear?” Kate asked her niece, while they were both seated comfortably at the kitchen table peeling potatoes.

“Oh, you know her. She’s doing some last minute shopping. Those craft stores, you know, like Michael’s and Joann’s Fabrics, are all open early this week, so she’s storing up on her supplies. Don’t tell her I told you this, but your house is about to be invaded again by ‘Teri’s Knit Creations’.”

“Oh, I love your mother’s creations! I still wear a couple of her sweaters”, Kate indicated. “Hey, I know she’ll be here Christmas Eve and Day, but do you think your mother could take a break from the shopping, sewing and knitting long enough to make it out here in the next couple of days?”

“I don’t know… you know how she gets once she’s in that creative zone of hers… she could sew and knit ’til the cows came home. Why do you ask?” inquired Meredith.

“Well, because Lara’s leaving on the 21st, and I wanted them to meet before she left for Indiana. Lara’s such a nice young lady.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool. I even think Emil likes her.”

“Oh, of course he does, she’s such a sweetheart. I’m surprised she doesn’t already have a boyfriend waiting for her back at the university”, Kate said to her niece.

“Well, she said she’s gone out with a few guys, but no one special. And she doesn’t have time for a steady boyfriend since she’s super busy with studying and her job at the deli”, Meredith was simply repeating what Lara had shared with her the night before.

“Oh, ok, that makes perfect sense”, answered Kate. “Well, the potatoes are all peeled. Now for the cheese…”

“Mm… my mouth is watering as we speak!” uttered Meredith, her eyes wide with delight.


The second evening of Lara’s stay at the Beauchamps was a lot more enjoyable. She had already gotten to know Michael’s cousins pretty well at that point, and had been feeling a lot more comfortable with his parents, too, especially his mother. And then there was Emil…

Tonight, everyone was gathered together in the large living room to help finish decorating the tree. Kate had done a nice job of putting up the old ornaments, and now the young people were unpacking some newly-bought ones, stringing together popcorn, hanging up tinsel, and Michael and Tom were putting up the rest of the Christmas lights.

Emil didn’t leave Lara’s side, cozily sitting next to her on the sofa and helping her string popcorn together. He wanted to kiss her really bad, but since he never saw his parents so much as hold hands, not to mention kiss on the lips, all out in the open, he knew better than to embarrass everybody with his open affection.

However, as the others were placing a few Christmas presents under the tree here and there, Emil decided it was a good time to give Lara the present he had made for her, the one his mom helped him wrap earlier in the day. Lara didn’t expect a gift from anyone, especially since she wasn’t even going to be staying for Christmas. Least of all, she didn’t want Emil spending his precious money on her, when he could be buying important things for himself.

Nevertheless, there on the sofa, Emil presented his girlfriend with the special gift he had made just for her. “You can open it now or later”, he indicated, staring intently into her eyes.

Michael and Tom were nearby, observing the interaction between the two lovebirds on the couch. Tom, for his part, couldn’t help staring at Lara’s fabulous tits, secretly fantasizing his dick was sliding in between them. He also pictured her tight little pussy bopping up and down his cock while those tits jiggled up and down, back and forth. That was enough to give him a throbbing boner, which made him turn around immediately to hide.

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