Emi’s Fart Slave Ch. 03


I have a tendency to get myself into these sorts of situations. I guess I just naturally feel inclined to worship strong beautiful women. Especially Emi, sometimes I just dream about burying my face in that amazing ass of hers.

The thing is, however, I usually also come to my senses quite literally and figuratively once I release myself sexually. It seemed like Emi knew this would happen, in fact, that’s probably why she hadn’t let me cum since this whole ordeal began.

I was nuts for Emi, and she knew that I was wrapped around her finger. That’s really when things started to take a turn. A turn that I really enjoyed.

I terminated the lease on my apartment and moved in full time with Emi. It almost seemed normal when she said that I would be her new roommate. This obviously wasn’t the typical arrangement for roommates. Emi swiftly took over all of my finances and even the keys to my truck. I was Emi’s loyal servant.

I still illegal bahis remember back to that morning after I’d eaten her shit and proven that, in her words I “couldn’t even think” when I was around her.

I woke up that morning with the pressure of her bare ass on my face; it was heavenly. Then, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrppptt…ffffffffttt, and finally “open up!”

I immediately obeyed as I realized that she was about to take her morning dump. It was a thick log, probably about an inch in diameter and a foot long. She had lifted up into a squat position and let the excess shit slap me in the face.

Emi giggled about what she’d just done, and the whole time I obediently choked down her poop. Actually, it wasn’t so bad that I had to choke it down. Compared to the cold shit from the toilet, this was a meal from a five star french restaurant.

I cleaned her up and then she finished by peeing in my mouth, and I exclaimed “Thank you goddess illegal bahis siteleri so much!”

Emi giggled again and walked into the kitchen. Her giggles were so cute and sexy.

Now fast forward a week from then and I’m still head over heals for my goddess, but now I’m living with her full time and get to serve her constantly, do her homework, clean the house, pleasure her and her friends, and everything else she wants.

I heard the door opening and got so excited that I started scurrying toward the door in excitement, only to be yanked back by my leash. Ugh, I forgot that she tied the leash to the couch before leaving.

“Slave, I have something for you,” she shouted.

“Really? For me?” I thought. Then I started eagerly looking up at her from my knees.

She swiftly turned around, placed her spandex clad ass in my face, and farted a loud one, after which she started laughing.

My face turned red as she canlı bahis siteleri walked away.

“We’re having a party here tomorrow, and you’re going to help me out with it.” Emi shouted from the next room. When she came back, she was naked from the waist down and told me to start eating her out.

I laid down and licked her passionately while she elaborated on my duties as a toilet during the party. To me it sounded more like a ladies club than a party. It was girls only and they were all paying to come use me as their toilet. I was really disappointed that other girls would be using me instead of my queen using me, but after her fourth orgasm, Emi looked down and saw the sadness in my eyes. She must’ve, otherwise, I have no idea why else she would’ve ruffled my hair and said “don’t worry, you’ll still only be my slave. When you serve any of these women, you are actually still serving me.”

Right after she had eased my conscience, Emi also eased forward so that her ass was covering my nose and mouth completely. I knew that smell anywhere. It was a happy smell, the smell of Emi’s ass. With her comforting words and farts, I slowly drifted off as she forced me asleep with her powerful butt.

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