Encounter on Amtrak’s Lucky Express


You know that old saying, “Shit happens?” Well what would you call it when that shit turns out to be of the lucky variety? I’ll tell you what, from now on when things just naturally go golden, I’m going to remember a sweet young thing who liked to go “Woowoo!” Let me explain!

Recently my buddy Chuck and I decided to visit a friend from back in our college days. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Apparently being out of our freaking minds, we decided to take Amtrak. It wasn’t even because Chuck doesn’t like to fly; nope, we actually thought the train would be, well sort of an adventure. It was too, only not on the level of the enticing little fantasy that sizzled it’s erotically charged way through my brain on our return trip. So OK, I’m blaming it on a case of extreme boredom.

Chuck and I were standing on the platform of the Little Rock station at 2:00 AM. From behind us came the intriguing giggles of what I immediately took for a sweet young thing. So who cared that overheard conversation made it crystal clear that said sweet young thing was traveling with Grandma? It sure wasn’t me and obviously not my overly active imagination either. In any case, later, and as I sat listening to the rumble of thunder and the soft clattering of our rail car, the following erotic adventure popped up and unfolded in the theater of my mind.

Bored, I decided to wander on down the platform. I reached the end of the station, and that’s when I caught the unmistakable scent of some high quality pot. It came drifting out from around the side of the Station. Naturally, I followed my nose and walked around the corner. I spotted someone standing in the shadows, and called out, “Man, now that smells like some primo bud!”

I heard a startled gasp, and a sputtering cough. To my surprise, it sounded an awful lot as if it had come from a young woman. I got that one right, and it turned out that her name was Vicki. After I apologized for startling her, and we had exchanged names, she invited me to join her. Well we passed that joint back and forth and I learned that she was traveling with her Grandmother and was only going as far as Dallas. We were due to hit Dallas that afternoon, and then it was on to Los Angeles for Chuck and me.

So OK, I could see that Vicki was young. I wasn’t exactly sure how young, but I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Black hair, shoulder length and streaked with blonde framed a cute face. She was maybe five foot six. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt so I couldn’t tell much about her figure; other then, she definitely wasn’t a porker. Her skirt was short; her legs were long and bare. It was Arkansas, and we were headed for Texas after all! Still, I was surprised to spot a pair of fancy boots that positively screamed Texas!

It wasn’t long before we heard the train approaching. What I had found out by then though, and what mattered was that her Grandmother was elderly, hadn’t wanted to travel alone, and that Vicki was bored out of her head. Not thinking anything more then that Vicki would liven up what I figured would otherwise be a dull ride, before we boarded, I told her that Chuck and I would be sitting in the lower level of the last car, along with anyone else traveling through to Los Angeles. What I didn’t know then though, was that we would have it all to ourselves all the way to Dallas. Because she didn’t know where her and her grandmother would end up sitting, Vicki told me she’d try to sneak away. Sure, she did say that she’d try to find me, only it wasn’t quite what I wanted to hear. Why…because she added, “Anything’s better then having to listen to my Grandmother snore!”

I ran in to Vicki on my way to the restroom, literally! That baggy sweatshirt was gone, replaced by a belly button revealing sleeveless T-shirt. Sequined stars weren’t the only things decorating it either. Her breasts weren’t big; still, I figured they’d make a nice double handful. They were obviously bare under that clingy T-shirt, and just as obviously, they sported a pair of jutting nipples. Of course, she caught me staring at those twin beauties. She didn’t blush or get all embarrassed; nope, but she did giggle sweetly. I took it for a good sign!

Vicki turned, and peered through our car’s door, and said, “Is that your friend? Fuck, you guy’s have the whole car to yourselves…awesome!” I explained that I was heading for the head, and her, “Cool, want me to hold it for you,” reply damn near blew my mind!

No shit…I mean, what was I supposed to say to that? So, feeling embarrassed and not at all cool, I mumbled an awkward, “Yeah well…whatever!” Then, and not really expecting her maltepe escort to follow, I pulled the bathroom door open, flabbergasted when she pushed in ahead of me.

Vicki walked right over and plunked her butt down on the sink. Then, grinning impishly, she leaned back, hands braced on the sides of the sink. Well now, that move left her short skirt seriously hiked up. In fact, there was the hot pink of a pair of skimpy panties showing between a pair of luscious looking thighs. I locked the door, reminding myself that it wasn’t just Chuck and me, oh no, everyone on that car’s upper level had to use the bathrooms on the lower level as well. No problem, there were three of them after all! So then I turned, actually thinking that I was going to take that piss. As if…because, as I told Vicki, Shit sweetheart, you’ve got to know a guy can’t pee when he’s sporting a woodie!”

Vicki giggled, and once again, I almost let myself wonder about her age. I might have too, if she hadn’t said, “Wow…really,” before suggesting, “So come on, show it to me!”

Amtrak bathrooms are closet sized, so when I turned I was standing between Vicki’s legs. Well my zipper was already open, so hey, I decided to show it to her. Freed from my briefs, it sprang to attention, earning an appreciative “Woowoo,” from Vicki. I almost kissed her then, hesitated, and then ran the fingers of one hand up one of those so sweetly exposed thighs. Then, instead of putting a stop to my wandering fingers, in what sure looked like an invitation to me, she spread her thighs just a little bit further apart. Going for it, I peeled the damp pink fabric of her panties aside. I was expecting to see pussy alright, but not the glistening wet pink of a shaved bare one. So OK, that was the last time I worried about Vicki’s age.

Liking the added thrill of taking her without even having kissed her, I pushed two fingers in to the molten slipperiness of Vicki’s vagina. She gasped; “Ooh, yes,” and I began slowly pistoning those fingers. She went right on ooh oohing as my fingers twisted, tightly cocooned in her vagina’s wet heat. When I experimentally flicked my thumb over her clit, she sucked in a sharp breath, gasped, “Yes, yes,” and wrapped her legs around my waist. Well those oohs and yeses kept getting louder and louder, until finally, I pulled my fingers out of her. Then, before she could protest, I shushed her with a pussy-drenched finger pressed to my lips. It worked, and before I pushed my fingers back in to her, I’d licked up that tasty treat.

Vicki was breathing in gasps, and I was pumping my fingers in and out of her in a rapid-fire flurry of hard thrusts. She was panting, but it didn’t stop her from getting out a definitely insistent sounding, “Yeah, yeah, so are you going to fuck me?”

Back to teasing Vicki’s clit, and afraid of the answer, I asked her if she had a condom. Well she wasn’t carrying a purse, and her skirt lacked pockets, so Vicki’s, “No, don’t you,” wasn’t exactly a surprise.

Sadly, I wasn’t carrying one either, and no way was I going to trust myself to pull out…no fucking way! OK, so I was thinking blowjob! That treat could wait, because just then I had other things on my mind, and topping the list was going down on her. Only, there was something that I just had to do, and that was before I turned her pussy in to a late night snack. Figuring that at least I’d be able to brag that I’d fucked her, I stepped in closer. I was watching her face; so, when I felt the head of my cock nose its way in to her slippery opening, I saw her suck in a breath. Then, with one hard thrust, I had that head buried seven inches deep in her.

Finally, and with my cock wrapped up tight in the steamy depths of Vicki’s vagina, I kissed her. It was one utterly wicked, smoking hot kiss too! Well OK, that kiss started with my hands tangled in her hair, but it ended with them up under her T-shirt. I’d been right too. Vicki’s breasts were a sweet handful, firm plump, and topped with a pair of hard erect nipples. I didn’t waste any time closing a thumb and finger around those jutting beauties either. Gentle…nope, I manhandled those nipples, pinching, twisting, and tugging while Vicki whimpered in to my mouth. Her tongue was still doing its erotic dance in my mouth, not that it stopped her from demanding, “Hard…oh God, yes, do it…pinch my nipples!” Then, with her squealing “Oh God, oh God,” I went right on doing as ordered.

What I badly wanted to do was grab her ass, lift her, and then treat her to a balls to the wall fucking. Instead, as I took out my frustration on a pair of poor defenseless nipples, reluctantly mecidiyeköy escort I slowly pulled out of her. Then I slid my palms up the smooth silky skin of Vicki’s inner thighs. That was, of course after I peeled her legs from around my waist. Kneeling, and using my thumbs, I spread her labia, exposing the swollen nub of an unmistakably erect clit. I couldn’t resist, and went right for it, flicking the darting tip of my tongue over the silky smoothness of that pulsing nub. My tongue wasn’t even warmed-up yet, when she went off with a guttural “Oh shit,” followed by a squealing chorus of excited yeses! Then, with her begging for more, I abandoned her clit, and dove tongue first in to her vagina.

Using my fingers to hold her spread wide open, I’d thoroughly, and most satisfyingly tongue-fucked that young woman. The girl was wet, and I greedily lapped up the flowing flood of her vagina’s juices. Then, and only after I’d drank my fill of her sweet muskiness, and with Vicki squealing “Yes, oh yes make me cum again,” did I treat her clit to another sensual tongue whipping.

I teased, working her, getting her close, but not quite letting her catch up with the orgasmic relief she was loudly pleading for. Well by then I was past worrying about someone hearing Vicki’s impassioned cries. I mean hey, it’s not as if they were going to break down the door and throw us off the train! Still, there was the rational side of my ego, and it was screaming for me to bring things to a climax. Did I listen…oh Hell no! So when I started sucking on what was clearly a super-sensitized bit of tightly stretched clit, the little darling got seriously loud! Well sure, but her orgasmicly inspired cries were nothing more then raspy whispers by the time she pleaded, “No more, oh God…no more!”

Vicki was on her feet, one hand wrapped around, and stroking slowly up and down the length of my cock. Only, she was telling me, “Ooh, bummer and I’m sorry…but don’t lose this…yeah, because I’ll be back!” Sure, that sounded good, only she’d already blown my fantasy of a blowjob out of the water, by telling me that she wanted to get back to check on her Grandmother. So Ok, I wanted to believe her, and the kiss she blistered my lips with sort of said she meant it…or so I hoped anyway. Manfully I resisted the temptation to ask just how many “No one” was, when she stroked my bruised ego with a giggled, “Gosh Bob, I mean seriously, no one’s ever made me cum like that! Yeah, and you didn’t even have to use this, like…woowoo!” Fine, but then abandoning me and my poor cock, she left us standing there, while she slipped out the door.

I woke to the sound of thunder, only that wasn’t what had popped my eyes open. No, it had been the sound of a giggling girl down on her knees, working to get my zipper pulled down. I’d waited, and even left my seat’s leg rest lowered in hopeful anticipation. Only that rumbling thunder, the gentle swaying of the car, and the fact that it was 3:00 AM had left me in dreamland. Who knew, for sure I wouldn’t have bet that I wasn’t dreaming. Dreaming or not, it really was too good to be true!

Closing my eyes, I settled back, content to let Vicki do her thing. Unlike in the bathroom, the zipper wasn’t enough. Oh no, she unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my jeans, before extracting her prize. I heard her exuberant “Woowoo,” and then soft lips closed around the head of my cock. She popped it in and out once, and then those sweet, sweet lips slid slowly down, all the way down. Then, as if she’d done it before, with ease, the head of my cock slid deeper, fitting comfortably in to her throat.

So Ok, I told myself , yup, the sweetheart can deep throat alright! Only that’s when she launched in to her next trick. After roughly pushing my thighs apart, she began sucking softly and slowly rotating her lips back and forth, and all while she bobbed her head, bouncing those soft lips up and down my full length. Then, with me already ready to scream, she proceeded to treat my cock like an oversized Popsicle. Except, the soft sensuous licking, and the wild flicking of her wicked tongue weren’t about to melt my Popsicle. Although, by then Vicki was close to finding herself with a mouthful of creamsicle! Sure, at first it had been a kick to sit there half-awake, savoring the delights of a willing mouth and a talented tongue. Only that bit of fantasy had been blasted to ruins about the time she began rapidly popping my cock’s head in and out of her mouth.

Well the delicious feel of Vicki’s pistoning mouth came to an abrupt stop. Then, I felt her slap a fist around my cock. Oops, and she was growling, nişantaşı escort “Bastard you better be awake!”

Without even opening my eyes, I reached out, took Vicki’s head between my hands, and gently pulled it down. Uh-huh, and I didn’t stop until the head of my cock was snuggly nestled deep in her throat. Then I said, “Awesome baby, but don’t stop now,” which, predictably got my hands batted aside. Well she didn’t stop, at least not before she had me bucking up to meet her wildly pumping mouth., I was breathing hard and practically growling by the time she stopped racing her lips up and down my cock. It had been an impressive display all right! It felt like every one of those round trip had sent my cock’s head slamming through her lips and right on in to her throat. Only she’d did stop; and of course, she’d giggled!

It was dark in that car. Beside whenever my eyes hadn’t been closed, they sure hadn’t been paying any attention to what Vicki was wearing. Ok, but when she squirmed her way on to my lap, I noticed she was wearing that baggy sweatshirt again,. I just didn’t care, at least not until she maneuvered her panty-free ass in to position, whooping another “Woowoo,” as her vagina filled with hard cock. I’d collected a double handful of her perky breasts , and that’s before she’d settled, fully impaled on seven very hard inches of cock. It just wasn’t fair! To make matters worse, the little darling started to giggle…again! I almost didn’t notice, because that giggling had her vagina convulsing around that condom free cock. So yeah, Ok, I was ready to give in, say fuck it…and fuck the giggles out of that brazen imp. Instead, her mouth found mine in the dark, and I got distracted. Then a playful tongue was swirling around my ear, and she was cooing, “Umm, your cock’s yummy! Yeah, and after you’ve played with my tits…oh God yes, I’m going to suck you off!”

It sounded like an awesome plan to me, and I went right on, with what I was already happily doing. That was of course, sweetly torturing Vicki’s insatiable nipples. Seriously, that girl just couldn’t get enough of the sort of hard pinching, rough twisting, and general mauling I was dishing out…not that I’m complaining! Hell, she’d probably still be bouncing on my cock, pleading for me to do it harder, if I hadn’t ordered, “Now baby…and you better be ready to swallow!”

Well the giggling imp called me a “Spoilsport,” but she was levering herself up and off that ready to erupt cock when she did. I guess you’d call it a side benefit, but the girl couldn’t giggle with seven inches of cock in her mouth! That’s just what she had too; when, without me alerting her, I exploded one seriously pent up blast of cum straight in to her throat. No problem, she took it, pistoning her lips in rapid-fire thrusts that did an awesome job of teasing every last drop of the creamy stuff out of me. Then, and I could almost picture her smacking her lips, she said, “Oh fuck, are you done…I mean hey, do you always cum like that?”

Vicki had climbed back on to my lap, and cuddled together we’d fallen asleep. It was the loud speaker booming an announcement that the lounge car was open that popped my eyes open. The sky had lightened, and we didn’t need the announcement to know we were approaching a stop. Sounding decidedly perturbed, Vicki complained, “Oh fuck its daylight! And oh my god…Grandma!”

I was more concerned that we might find a horde of passengers trooping in to our car. No worries, Vicki was getting her self together. She’d scrambled off my lap and was standing in the aisle staring at Chuck. Oh shit, I’d forgotten all about him, and wondered just how much he’d seen…all of it I hoped! Vicki waved, and called out a surprisingly shy sounding, “Hi Chuck!” Then that incorrigible imp put on a little show for my gawking buddy.

Somehow, I’d missed it, but Vicki had brought along a purse. She pulled her sweatshirt off over her head, reached in to her purse, and pulled out that star spangled T- shirt. She made sure Chuck got a good long look too, before she pulled it over her head. Then, she put on the sweatshirt and reached for that purse again. That time she pulled out a pair of panties, actually a lacy black thong. Then, with another girlish giggle, she turned her back to Chuck. Right, and bending over, she took her time carefully slipping them on over her cowboy boots. One look at his face was all it took to see that chuck had enjoyed a good long look at Vicki’s bare pussy. Only, I figured the poor guy could have done without her giggled, “Gosh Chuck, if there was time…well yeah, I’d do you too!”

I walked Vicki to the stairs where we exchanged a couple of passion-flavored kisses, our good-bys, and best of all E-mail addresses. So who knows, oh say about next May, I might be visiting Dallas. I can almost hear the little darling’s, tee hee heeing. Un-huh, but what I’m really looking forward to is hearing her whooping, “woowoo, woowoo, woowoo…

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