Enforcing the Law the Hard Way


I used to live in a small town of the South. The local law-enforcement officers were the sheriff and his deputy. A friend of mine had told me that the sheriff was in the habit of arresting people for no apparent reason. He locked them up at the police station; some would be released the following morning, while others would be brought to court for trial. The strangest thing of all was that they were all men.

One night, as I was walking in an empty street, a police car approached me. It was the sheriff and his deputy.

“Sir, you are kindly requested to get in the car,” said the deputy.

When I got in, the sheriff informed me that it was just a routine check. A few minutes later, we arrived at the station. When we went inside, the sheriff sat on his desk and said:

“Here’s the deal: either you do what you’re told or you will be charged with resisting arrest and possession of illegal drugs…”

“This is outrageous!” I yelled.

“Stop shouting and think about it. If you follow orders, you will be released in the morning.”

I knew that he meant what he said, so I decided to go along with them.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” I said.

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” said the sheriff, got up from his desk illegal bahis and approached me.

“Take off your clothes!” said the deputy.

“What? The deal’s off!” I screamed. Instantly, the deputy punched me in the nose. It hurt but it didn’t bleed. I undressed and stood there, facing the sheriff.

“Get on your knees!” said the deputy, hitting me with his truncheon in the stomach. I kneeled. I could barely breathe. The sheriff took off his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. His rod was already hard. All this violence turned him on. I lifted up my face and saw his cockhead. The sheriff slapped me in the face with it, a couple of times, and then he said:

“Suck that cock, boy!”

I realized that I was in no position to refuse. This was my only chance of being released in the morning. I grabbed his shaft and started licking his balls, one by one.

“Go on, milk my cockhead!” said the sheriff.

I hesitated for a moment. The deputy, who was standing behind me, shoved my head, pushing my open mouth over the sheriff’s dick. I started licking his cockhead but that was not enough. The sheriff grabbed me by the sides of the head and buried his cock in my mouth. He started fucking it ruthlessly. My lips moved up and down illegal bahis siteleri his thick rod. Moments later, he pulled out.

“Bend over the desk and stand still!” he said.

I realized what he was about to do and said:

“Be gentle, I’m virgin!”

“Looks like we hit the jack-pot, deputy!” said the sheriff. “Don’t worry, boy. You have the law on your side; your backside!” he exclaimed laughing.

Right away, he spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva around his cockhead. With one mighty push, he drove his shaft into my ass. It hurt in the beginning but soon the pain wore off. I thought that if I wanted this to end sooner than they intended, I should try to make them cum quick. Thus, I started shouting:

“Fuck my ass! Harder, harder!”

Reassured, the sheriff started pounding my hole real hard. He developed a powerful rhythm, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside my ass. Meantime, the deputy stood next to him, jerking off. The sheriff pulled out and said:

“Your turn, deputy!”

The deputy grabbed my waist and buried his dick in my asshole, pushing in every single inch of it, all at once.

“Fuck me with your big, hard, juicy cock!” I said.

The deputy was so horny he couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri control himself. He started fucking me hard and smacking my ass with his right hand. His balls slapped loudly against my cheeks, as his thrusts grew faster and faster.

“Let’s do some riding,” suggested the sheriff.

He lay down with his back on the floor and ordered me to sit on it with my ass facing him. I obeyed, landing on his thick tool that pierced my asshole for the second time. While the sheriff was fucking me real hard, enjoying the view of my tight ass being ravaged by his dick, the deputy was fucking my mouth. His balls slapped against my chin.

“Suck me dry!” said the deputy.

“Fuck my mouth! Give me your hot cum!” I said, grabbing his cheeks and pulling him forward, forcing him to fuck my mouth harder and faster. Meantime, the sheriff’s thrusts were getting faster; he was about to cum, so I said:

“I want you both to cum on my face!”

The sheriff pulled out and got up. Both men were jerking off, while I licked their balls. They came almost simultaneously. The sheriff’s cum covered my eyes and my nose, while the deputy shot his load on my lips. Both rubbed their cum on my face with their still-hard rods. I cleaned off their cocks.

“You’re free to go!” said the sheriff.

“Drop by any time you like. We really appreciate a tight ass!” said the deputy.

I got dressed and left. I couldn’t get their dicks out of my mind. Buttfuck wasn’t that bad after all!

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