English Roses Ch. 02


An Aussie country boy has moved to England to play sport, hoping for a less complicated social life. Are things likely to be any different in England? Early indications are that he might be the author of his own problems, in so far as women are concerned. His story continues.

I had left Australia and my girlfriend, Emma, behind for a season playing cricket up in England. Also left behind were the complications that women can bring to your life. Initially the cricket went well, but I had missed Emma. We’d become close again in the day’s prior to my departing. However, as the weeks passed, I began to think less of Emma and more about possibilities, closer at hand.

I was boarding with a team mate, Mike and his wife, Felicity. Despite some tension between the couple this situation had been going well. However, as the early weeks of summer had progressed I had become increasingly interested in Felicity. She was blond, attractive and had a nicely toned body. The attraction grew mutual and in the end we’d made love, for the first time, that afternoon.

In addition to Felicity I was falling heavily for the young girlfriend of another team member. Terri was being taken for granted by her strange boyfriend Francis and I’d found her very engaging. I always looked forward to seeing her and was disappointed when she did not show at the pub after cricket. In addition there were other women associated with players in the club, who I was somewhat attracted too. Life was becoming no less complicated in England than it had been is Aus.


After enjoying some afternoon delight with Felicity I’d headed off to that evening’s cricket practice, with an extra spring in my step. It was dark by 6pm back home in Queensland, but in England the evenings stretched on until hours later. It’s a beautiful time of the day to play sport and socialise. I felt a small pang of guilt when I saw Felicity’s husband Mike, arrive. However, this soon disappeared as practice got under way and the team began to engage in the normal male banter.

After practice Finn, Mike and I went down to the Pub for a couple of beers. One turned into two and it began to get late. We chatted about sports, the team and the barmaid, Mel. Mike, in particular, was getting somewhat drunk. He couldn’t hold his beer as well as me and Finn.

“Felicity will be pissed off at us for staying out this late,” he said.

“She’ll be pissed off with you,” I corrected him, as I felt my cock swell at the mention of his wife.

“Yeah you can do no wrong, you bastard,” Mike slurred. “You’re the number one boy in the household at the moment.”

I felt a little uneasy with being referred to in this manner, especially given what had occurred that afternoon, when I had been buried deep inside Mike’s wife, while she climaxed. What made me even more uneasy was the manner in which Finn looked at me. He always had a “knowing” look about him and appeared as though he was aware of my discomfort. His look and my guilt, made me feel even more uncomfortable.

At that moment Mike said, “I got to piss,” and headed for the toilets.

“You the number one boy at the moment?” Finn said with a smirk, as soon as Mike was out of earshot.

“I guess Mike thinks I am,” I replied, keeping my reply low key.

“And what does being number one boy get you Aus? Any special privileges?”

“Nothing like that mate,” I said forcing a large smile, while feeling ill at ease with the conversation.

“She’s not a bad looker, that Felicity,” he continued, unwilling to let it lie.

“Yeah she’s OK, if you like that sort.”

“What sort’s that Aus? The sort that’s got a pretty face, nice tits and a little bit of a reputation.”

Finn then took a drink of his beer and deliberately looked away from me, striking up a conversation with Mel. He’d pricked my interest and he knew it. What did he mean when he referred to her reputation? No one had even intimated anything of that nature, about Felicity, before and now here was Finn dropping it into the middle of a conversation in the pub, like it was general knowledge.

“Well she has got a pretty face,” I said without sounding at all phased.

“Yeah,” said Finn turning back to me, with a laugh, fully aware that he’d thrown a hand grenade and was now happy to let it lie. “You want another beer?”

“Sure,” I said and decided to leave it at that, not wanting to sound more interested.

Mike returned and we drank some more. By the time we left the pub we’d had a few too many. As usual Finn’s girlfriend Ness came and collected him. As usual she teased me.

“Had a few too many tonight Aus? Better watch out or you won’t be able to get it up when your hand come’s calling,” she said in her broad north England accent, as she laughed out loud.

“Leave the Aus alone Ness, he’s got plenty to think about, haven’t you mate?”

I’d had enough of the both of sarıyer escort them. Him with his stupid half completed stories and mind games. Her in her short tight skirts, with the continual teasing. As I watched them walk off laughing together I decided right there, in my drunken state, that I’d fuck Vanessa if I ever got the chance.

Mike and I walked home, buying a kebab on the way. By the time we arrived home Felicity had gone to bed.

“Thank heavens for that,” Mike said and stretched out on the couch.

“You want my bed,” I offered.

“Nah, I got to get up soon.”

With that I turned off the light and climbed the stairs. When I reached the top and looked at their closed bedroom door, I felt a surge of blood harden my cock. Felicity was in there alone, Mike downstairs, likely already asleep. I briefly considered going in to check if she slept naked. Fortunately I thought better of it, went to my own room and crashed on the bed.


The following day I woke with a slight headache and a dry mouth. I quickly recalled the events in the pub. I wondered what on earth Finn had meant with the “reputation” statement. Had he just made it up and thrown it out there to gauge my reaction, or was he privy to something.

“I’ll need to watch myself around him,” I thought. “He’s too much of a smart prick for my liking.”

Then, as is often the case after a night on the booze, I noted my rigid cock and I recalled deciding to fuck Ness. I lay there with my hand on my cock, thinking of her short skirts and the tight, white, braless tank tops she favored.

“With all her sexual innuendo it would be disappointing if she wasn’t a robust little fuck.” I thought to myself.

I reaffirmed my decision and began to mentally remove her top. She was probably the least attractive out of the women involved with the cricket club, but made up for that with a vibrant personality. She had large firm breasts and I could see them vividly, in my mind’s eye. Normally I would have masturbated right there and then, but not today. Felicity would be up again soon and I was keen to see where we stood after the previous day’s events.

In order to calm myself I got up, drank a large glass of water and went out for my jog a little earlier than normal. I found this no easy task, while still being seriously affected by alcohol. I walked back the last mile. When I returned Felicity was still not up. I was concerned that any embarrassment on her part was going to upset the dynamics in my cosy home.

“More complications,” I muttered to myself.

I showered, put my running shorts back on with a clean T-shirt, began to make some breakfast and read the paper.

Half an hour later I was sitting at the kitchen table having a second cup of tea, when I heard movement above. Felicity was up. The shower started running and I pictured her naked. I felt that pleasant stirring in my loins.

The shower continued for five minutes and then shut off. Shortly, I heard her on the stairs. The moment of reckoning was nigh.

When she came into the kitchen Felicity politely said good morning and began to go about her business. I smiled to myself as I noted she had on the same silk robe as the day before. It was about mid-thigh and tied at the waist. Her breasts pressed through the material and I recalled how firm and round they were from the previous day’s lovemaking.

I watched as she got herself some muesli and poured yoghurt on top. Her hair was damp from the shower and had dripped onto the robe, causing it to cling somewhat to her body. She didn’t speak or look up at me, but as she sat down opposite. I thought I saw a nipple pushing through the robe.

“Braless,” I thought to myself and my heart skipped a beat. “Felicity has come downstairs, with no bra beneath her robe.” I chuckled quietly and she looked up at me, held my gaze for a second and then back down at the women’s magazine she’d begun to read.

The tension in the air was palpable. No acknowledgement had been made about what had occurred between us the day before, but I was sitting there semi-hard and her erect nipple was definitely showing through damp robe. I took a long deep breath and she looked up at me again. This time she held the stare for longer, but showed no emotion on her face. Then just before she lowered her eyes, she flicked an eyebrow up. It was very quick, but unmistakable. Possibly a signal, maybe not, but it emboldened me.

I got up slowly and walked around the table. Felicity did not look up. I moved behind where she was seated with her legs crossed. The robe was only loosely tied and it dropped off each side of her slim thighs. I knew from the previous day that between those things lay a plump mound covered by a light, closely shaven thatch. I drank in the sight and felt my cock hardened. I moved forward and pushed a wet strand of hair behind silivri escort her ear as a way of initiating touching. She didn’t move.

I put both hands on her shoulders, but did not rest there for long. I soon pushed down to envelope both her breasts. This confirmed that Felicity wore no bra and, just like yesterday, I began to massage her firm breasts through the robe. Her nipples were hard and erect and I rubbed my thumbs gently over them. Then I grabbed them between thumb and forefinger and pulled on them lightly. She pushed her head back into my stomach and my cock pressed against her upper back.

There was no rush, so I concentrated on her breasts for some minutes. Felicity appeared to greatly enjoy this before, like a naughty boy, I felt the need to delve further. I leaned forward and moved a hand down to her legs and the parting in the robe. Then I dragged my hand and the robe up toward her crotch.

Felicity took in a deep breath as she uncrossed her thighs and placed each bare foot flat on the ground. Her thighs were now slightly parted and I rested my hand, enjoying the softness of her inner thigh. I was close enough to feel the heat emanating from her sex.

I massaged her inner thigh for a time, before moving my hand that final inch. She wore no panties and my passion flared upon discovering Felicity had come downstairs in just her short silk robe. My hand came to rest on her soft, swollen labia. Unsurprisingly, I could immediately feel her wetness. At this point she slid her butt forward to the edge of the chair and spread her legs wider. My cock now pressed against the back on her head.

Felicity was giving me more access. I teased her a little by moving my hand back down her thigh, while continuing the massage. I felt her legs tense. Again, I slowly moved up, but this time I flipped my hand 90 degrees so that my fingers, tight together, came to rest along the length of her sex.

“Oh dear God,” she whispered, which caught me by surprise, given her usual muteness during our sexual activity.

I knew then that she was extremely aroused and was going to climax on my fingers. I didn’t mind giving her this little delight, comfortable in the knowledge that I would get repaid soon enough. I began to consider how that repayment would be delivered.

Felicity began to grind herself against my fingers. I moved my free hand under the robe and onto her naked breast. I immediately found the nipple and began to pull and tweak it. The middle finger on my right hand slipped naturally into her wet crevice. I moved the finger up and down across her swollen marble, while my other fingers massaged her swollen labia. Then, just as I had done the day before, I hooked the finger inside of her, pressing my palm into her clitoris.

This combination of my finger inside her and pressure on her clit, proved too much for Felicity. Within seconds one hand flew to her unattended breast, the other covered mine on her mound. She pushed her head back hard against my cock, her body went rigid, she let out a long moan and came on my hand. My middle finger felt her pulse, over and over, as she was lost in that blissful feeling of ecstasy. I slipped another finger inside of her and felt her clench and release against them.

I loved watching this from my elevated vantage point. My hand and hers, kneading her breasts. Her naked thighs parted, with our hands together, resting on her sex. It was a sight to behold.

Shortly, Felicity began to come down off her sexual high. Her hand dropped away from her breast and I removed mine from the other. I pulled my hand up from her crotch.

“Thanks, that was absolutely the biggest cum I’ve ever had,” she said breathlessly.

I pulled back a little and kissed the top of her head, my arms folded across her chest. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes. Then Felicity sat up straight, swung her legs out from under the table, to the side of the chair and made to rise.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs,” she whispered, as though fearing someone might hear.

“Not yet,” I replied and put my hand firmly on Felicity’s slender shoulders. I had given it some thought and I knew what I now desired.

I moved around so we faced each other. I stood directly in front of where she sat, her head adjacent to my running shorts. Even if she couldn’t see it, Felicity had just felt my hard cock pressing against the back of her head, so must have been aware. I moved my hands to the back of her head and stroked it. She looked up at me with those large brown eyes, again with no real expression on her face. She hesitated, her hands in her lap.

Slowly Felicity raised one hand, placing it directly on my shaft. She touched my shorts and began to lightly stroke it with the back of her fingers, up and down the length. Then she cupped my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“Is that nice?” she enquired looking up at me again.

I şirinevler escort gritted my teeth and couldn’t reply. I was so turned on by what had occurred and what I imagined was about to happen, that I was ready to explode in my pants.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Put it in your mouth,” I said bluntly.

Again she hesitated, her hand resting on the front of my pants. She twice glanced nervously out the kitchen window, as if trying to reassure herself that it was safe to proceed. Then, to my huge relief, she brought her hands the waistband and pulled my shorts down to the top of my thighs.

My cock sprang free and wobbled in front of her face like a wand. Without hesitating she placed one hand around the base and moved it gently up and down. Felicity had made her decision and there would be no oral foreplay. She brought the head of my cock to her mouth and dribbled saliva on the tip, where it mixed with my pre-cum. I watched as her tongue came out and swirled this natural lubricant around the helmet. She looked up at me one final time and licked her lips, before engulfing 4 inches of my cock, down to where her hand rested.

Felicity kept my shaft buried in her warm mouth, before slowly withdrawing. She sucked deeply so her cheeks hollowed out and she ran her tongue up the underside the shaft. As she came off my cock she again looked up at me. Her tongue lagged behind and again circled my helmet. This woman had, without doubt, sucked cock before. Confident that I had enjoyed it, she repeated her plunge and withdrawal five or six times, as I held on as best as I could, wanting to enjoy the feeling. My hands continued to massage the back of her head.

Then Felicity withdrew her lips from my shaft and concentrated on the top couple of inches. Her lips and tongue were going wild on my sensitive gland. The feeling was intense. At the same time her hand continued to work the lower half of my cock. When she brought her free hand back to my ball sack and began to massage them, I knew she had me. My shaft grew rock hard gave a twitch and I blew my load.

It took her by surprise and the first shot escaped out of the side of her lips, before I pushed her head, forcing my ejaculating cock deep into her mouth. Now I took charge, moving my cock rapidly in and out, making her milk me. I felt her swallow two or three times and then she just let the rest fill up in her mouth. Finally, as I finished pulsing, she pushed her head back hard and came off me, the final spurt landing on her bottom lip.

Felicity looked up and me, her mouth closed, my semen on her lips and chin. I took my hands off her head and she stood up. She moved across to the sink where she spat out my cum, before wiping her hand across her mouth.

“Christ, there was a lot,” she said.

“Thanks for that,” I said and moved across and kissed her full on the lips.

I could taste my own cum, but it wasn’t the first time. I like to do that as a way of telling the woman I appreciated what they’d just done. She kissed me back hard at first, but then seemed to become aware of the kitchen window.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she said as she moved away and walked up the stairs.

“Am I meant to follow?” I wondered as she went, before I heard the bathroom door close. “Nope, I don’t think so.” I sat back down exhausted.

When she emerged from the bathroom and went into her room, I took her place in the shower. By the time I had dried myself and put on clothing, I came downstairs to find Felicity gone.

My phone buzzed and I opened it to see a text from Terri.

“Enjoyed yesterday at the café’. Do it again sumtime,” she wrote.

I replied that I’d love to and smiled as I thought about slim, youthful Terri, in her floral summer dress.


The session in the kitchen set the standard for the coming weeks. Whenever we were alone in the house Felicity and I would fuck. However, we never had sex in the kitchen again. We might start elsewhere, but always move to my bedroom. She would suck me, but never to completion, always asking I put it in and fuck her. We never had a long session, always one cum and then finish. I found that unusual, but she gave me little opportunity to discuss it and I didn’t complain.

Terri came to the pub every Saturday, dressed like a boy and Francis would continue to ignore her. As a result she would say hello to him and then head straight to me. Other’s clearly noted this, but I no longer cared. I found myself really looking forward to seeing her and got a little upset when they would depart the pub together. She had begun to tell me a few things about their relationship and it sounded weird to say the least.

Despite the odd relationship she was in, I enjoyed being near Terri. We began to meet regularly in local Café’s, at which time she dressed like a young woman and looked delicious. She was a genuine turn on, but my feelings for her were different from those I had previously experienced with women. I thought it would be nice to sleep with her, but then again, it did not seem a priority. I just liked being near her. Given I was bedding another team mates wife, I was aware some complications may arise.

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