Enjoying Myself


Recently my relationship with my boyfriend ended, even though I thought that things were going well. A while ago we had a threesome, and we both enjoyed it at the time, but my boyfriend became jealous when I wanted to see other men. The threesome we had was over very quickly, and a few days later I told my boyfriend that I wanted to experience more sex with other men. My boyfriend was not interested and ended our relationship.

Now that I was a single, I decided to go out with my friends more. I went to the usual clubs and bars, looking for potential guys but I could never find anyone I liked. After a while I was beginning to get a little bit less fussy, so I decided that I would just find any man to fuck as soon as I could. One evening my friends and I were waiting in line to get inside a new club and when we finally got there I was refused entry. I had forgotten my identification, which I always needed as I looked younger than eighteen, and was turned away. I told my friends not to worry about me, even though I was disappointed, and to go ahead and enjoy the club. Then I ordered a taxi and waited.

The taxi pulled up, a short while later, and I entered the passenger side door and climbed in. I put the seat belt on and told the driver to take me home. As we drove he began to talk to me and he seemed nice. I did noticed, though that every now and again he would look down at my thighs as I sat next to him. I did think about asking him to drive somewhere secluded so he could fuck me but I didn’t have the courage, so I just sat quietly as he drove me home.

I arrived home and went straight upstairs to my bedroom. My parents were away for the weekend so I was home alone. I thought about getting my identification and going back to the club, but by now I couldn’t be bothered so I removed my clothes and put my night shirt on and sat down on my bed. I started to think about the taxi driver and how he looked at my legs, and I began to feel wet. I needed to get myself off, so I pushed the cuddly toys off my bed and climbed under the covers. I needed to masturbate.

I relaxed as I parted my legs and moved my hands towards my pussy. I slowly pushed two of my fingers inside myself, and began to move them in and out as my other hand rubbed my clitoris. I closed my eyes as I played with myself, thinking about the taxi driver, and then as I casino oyna almost reached an orgasm I decided to stop and get something that I had found a few days ago. It was something that I found when I was doing some laundry. I had decided to collect my mum’s clothes from her room so I could wash them with mine, and as I was picking up some of her clothes from the floor I moved a pair of her knickers and discovered a small, white vibrator. I quickly, and embarrassingly, put her clothes back down and left the room.

Now though I wanted to use it on myself, so I got out of my bed and went into my parents bedroom. The room was tidy, as they had cleaned the house before they went away, so I had to search for it. First, I looked under their bed but it wasn’t there so I looked in my mothers bedside cabinet. I could not find it, so I had a quick look inside their wardrobe. I opened the door and, discovered a small box and when I opened it I found my mum’s toys. There was the small white vibrator, that I had seen before, and two other toys that immediately shocked me. The two other toys were dildos in the shape of realistic looking cocks. One of them was black and looked massive, and I could tell that it was my mum’s favourite by the white crust of her dried juice still on it. The other one was, slightly smaller and I could tell that it would be perfect for me. I quickly took the pink fleshy toy from the box and rushed to my bedroom.

Once I was on my bed I parted my thighs and immediately began to rub the cock against my pussy. It felt dry so I spat on it and then began to squeeze it inside myself. It felt nice as I slowly pushed it in as deep as I could, until it was completely inside my hole. I then began to thrust it fast and it wasn’t long until I had an orgasm. I then quickly returned it and then went back to my room. I slept well that night, after satisfying myself.

The following morning I woke up and went downstairs to get some breakfast. As I was buttering my toast, I heard the door bell ring. I answered the door and saw the taxi driver, from last night, standing there. He apologised for the early morning visit and then handed me a silver earring. I told him that it wasn’t mine, but thanked him anyway and he once again apologised and was about to leave. I don’t know why I did it, I wasn’t feeling particularly horny, but the next thing slot oyna I knew I had invited him in for coffee.

He was hesitant at first, but he entered my house and followed me into the kitchen. I began to feel nervous as he followed me, and my mouth began to get dry. I went to the sink to get a drink of water and I quickly gulped it down. The taxi driver sensed my nervousness, and introduced himself. His name was Ray, and he was in his forties and he tried to lighten up the mood by insisting on making his own coffee. I was too nervous to laugh, or even introduce myself, and I left the kitchen and went into the living room. My pulse was racing as Ray followed me.

As I stood in the doorway, Ray looked at me and then moved forward towards me and then stopped just short of touching me. At first I expected him to grab me and kiss my lips, but he was too much of a gentleman to do that. Instead he just told me how gorgeous I was and then turned to leave, saying that he should not be here. I was disappointed, but also relieved that he decided to go, as my nerves were getting worse. As he left he turned to me and told me to keep myself safe and then he walked away. It was at that point that I knew I wanted him, but it was too late now. I had let him walk away.

Over the next few days I thought about Ray a lot, and when I was in the bath I began to feel very sexually aroused as I imagined being with him. I loved the idea of having sex with older men and I got out of the bath and dried myself and went into my bedroom. With a towel wrapped around my head, keeping my hair from dripping, I continued to dry my legs as I sat on my naked on my bed. I then moved my pillow into position and climbed onto my front with the pillow between my thighs. I slowly began to grind my hips as I dry humped my pillow. I had masturbated like this many times, but thinking about the old taxi driver, had got me really wet and as I bucked my hips faster I began to climax. I gently bit my lip as I came, trying not to make a noise. I then lay still for a while.

A month later, I had started to forget about Ray. I still hadn’t met anyone yet, but I was happy enough just masturbating. I would occasionally sneak my mum’s toys from her room when she was out and take them to my room and satisfy myself. Sometimes I had the house to myself during the day, as I worked in the canlı casino siteleri evening. My dad was always at work and my mum worked part time, except on a Thursday so I got to relax for the best part of the day and do whatever I wanted. One morning I had just got out of the shower and as I was drying myself I heard a noise outside. I looked out of my window and noticed, Andy, the window cleaner. I didn’t know him very well, I had only met him a few times, as he usually cleans during the weekend when I am out. I then saw Andy, carry his ladder to our back garden. I closed my curtains in my room and put on my pink T-shirt and went to my drawer to get out a pair of knickers. As I put my knickers on, I heard his ladder bang against the house. He was about to clean my parents bedroom window and as I stood in the hallway I saw him through the net curtains at the window.

He could just about see me through the window and smiled. I don’t know what he thought about me as he saw me standing in the hallway in my knickers, but at that point I felt very aroused. I smiled back at him and went back into my bedroom and sat on my bed.

I sat quietly for about ten minutes and then I heard his ladder against my wall, and I knew he had started to clean my bedroom window. I was now getting very turned on and was thinking about masturbating while he was close, but instead I stood up and opened my curtains and pulled the nets to one side. I smiled at him and then bit my bottom lip. I then sat on my bed and watched him as he cleaned the window, with him glancing at me every now and again. He then, climbed down from the ladder so I rushed downstairs to unlock the door. My heart was racing as I opened the door to greet him.

Jokingly, I asked him to come up stairs and clean the inside of my bedroom window. I could feel my face turning bright red as I said it, and then my heart began to pound as he entered the house and without saying a word to him I walked back upstairs. He quickly followed me and at that point, I knew that I was going to have sex with him.

As soon as I got upstairs, I climbed onto my bed and laid back as Andy stood in the doorway. I thought about the threesome I had and the taxi driver that I almost fucked, and then I looked up at Andy. I was determined to have sex with him, and I wasn’t going to let past disappointments affect me. I was going to enjoy this. So with a cheeky smile, I parted my legs and beckoned Andy towards me.

He needed no encouragement as he moved towards me…but what happened next will always remain my naughty little secret.

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