Episode 16 – Becki in Chains


Episode 16 – Becki in ChainsCrowded pub in NewcastleA couple sat at table in the pub, when 2 gorgeous chicks walk in, stand hips touching at bar. Man cannot keep his eyes off their long legs and tight denim-clad bums, wife notices his gaze. “Stop drooling, they’re much too young for you… wait a minute isn’t that blonde Becki from your favourite porn site?”How did you …?””Easy, just click on your Most Visited page on Chrome; you really should be more careful on the Junior Porn Club site ” she said raising her voice slightly.Becki and Molly’s ears pricked up, giggled and brought their drinks over.”Can we join you two lovers?” asked Becki.”Of course” murmured Mary seductively, patting the empty seat next to her, and leaving her hand in place to stroke Becki’s leg as she lowered her pert bottom into place.Becki wore a very short denim skirt and off-the-shoulder white top proudly displaying her black bra strap covered in the jpc logo, as if there was any doubt. “Hi I’m Molly” said the second girl dressed in skin tight jeans and sloppy see-through tee-shirt, barely covering her dark pierced nipples, and sat down next to PurplePal.”This is our new web site” said Becki whipping out her iPhone and stroking to a gorgeously designed page dripping in sex “there I am” pointing to a girl’s shiny bum impaled on a vicious dildo. Mary stroked Becki’s bare thigh under the table, and pushed her skirt up further. Becki turned and kissed Mary full on the lips, looking all the time at her husband’s reaction. “Have you two ever tried dogging?” she casually threw into the conversation.”This new area is just for our special users, and we’d like you to join them” coo-ed Molly “You just need to sign up with a PayPal account, and press this Donate button to vote for the best girls”.”You can just watch the live web-cams, talk to the actors, or suggest scenes for shooting as videos”.Looking intently at the chunky chain bracelet around Molly and Becki’s right wrists PurplePal managed a weak “Can we see you in chains?””Make sure you’re both watching on Thursday evening, about 8 o’clock” instructed Becki.”Mary, get him to suck your cunt, while you watch us ‘Fucking in Chains’, only let him watch when he makes you cum” added Molly.Becki and Molly walked out hand in hand, jumped into their bright yellow two-seater and roared off up the street, leaving all the pub occupants drooling.Mary dragged her husband’s eyes back from the girls retreating bums by licking her fingers and saying “Mmmm doesn’t she taste good”“Don’t tell me you had that hand up her….”“Not just now silly, that would be rude, but this morning when I invited them up here to check out properties for a new Studio in Newcastle, guess who showed us around?”“No idea… you mean them being here was no accident?”“It was that dishy young Estate Agent you were shagging last week, lucky he swings both ways, huh; we all had a ball: me jacking him off watching Molly and Becki fuck the hell out of each other in each room with a bed. Molly filmed the lot, so we can watch the video when you get me home”.Mary pulled a crumpled thong out of her bag and wiped it under PurplePal’s nose “Get a load of that; I had to wipe your Estate Agent’s cum off Becki’s arse, and there’s probably some of my juice in there too”. “Oh I nearly forgot , Becki brought her favourite T-girl Samantha along for the ride, and he’s tied up on our bed; rock-hard 9 inch cock, tits to die for and he sure knows how to lick a girl; the three of us fucked him all afternoon. You should have seen him up Molly’s arse in a reverse-cowgirl, while I chewed her cunt. She squirted!! Your middle-aged wife made a teenage beauty cream!! Becki should have uploaded the video by now, so you can watch us, while we fuck Samantha together. We’d better get home as they want him back in the morning.”Their neighbour at the next table leant over and whispered “What about the k**s?””Oh they’re fine” replied Mary “they hardly saw anything when they came home from school, I’m pretty sure Becki had pulled a skirt on when she opened the front door. I’ve packed them off to Gran’s for a sleepover so they don’t have to listen to us fucking the Tranny all night”.”Can I watch?” asked the neighbour.”Only if you can operate the video camera” Purplepal and Mary replied, starting to appreciate the idea.The Bristol StudioMeanwhile back in Bristol, Dee, the Porn Director, returned to her studio/home after her regular morning jog to find the blue kitten van parked outside. Pulling open the side door she was delighted to see Kate, her young brother, the German au pair and the i****t girl from the Dogging Session in Episode 15.It was dark in the back of the van, but when her eyes had accustomed she saw two taught bottoms spread over the wide arms of a dark leather armchair. Then dragging her eyes from their glistening holes saw Kate’s 12 year old brother standing on the seat, with both girls sucking him off.As Kate and Heidi, the German au pair, slid forward on the chair arms they exposed a row of triangular rubber ripples sticking up, like a Tobelerone chocolate bar, covered in cuntal slime that held their lips open and must have whacked against their clits on each slide back and forth.Dee strips off her jogging pants and the i****t girl stops masturbating long enough to push a large rubber butt plug with fluffy tail into Dee’s backside. Kate slips off the chair arm exhausted and offers her place to Dee who glides her waiting cunt onto the rubber triangles. Dee realised her mouth was very dry from panting, need something to drink, saw monitor behind chair showing image of widely spread cunt pushed apart by black ridges. Obvious really it was hers, lifted up to see exciting view of bum cheeks covered in glistening juice. Camera buried in chair back just above arm. Dipped three fingers into cunt, pulled out gobbet of wetness, smeared it onto boys prick then sucked it all off. Boy grew in size by third attempt to slake her thirst, he grabbed back of her head with free hand and forced prick to back of her throat for what seemed like minutes before letting go of pressure and spewing spunk into her mouth. Managed to swallow most of it, some trickled out corners of mouth as she needed to breathe, au pair forgotten about slid across seat to lick his spunk from her neck and breasts.Then from the corner of the van a grey Great Dane unfolds himself from licking his bollocks and ambles over to the armchair breathing in the waves of Dee’s cuntal odour.Dog sticks his long nose between her spread buttocks and his massive tongue explores her crinkly lips, licking her to a rapid climax. Battle between Dog and Dee – Dog sucks out her juice as fast as she can produce it, snaking fat tongue between her lips, drinking it down. Dee is creaming with each thrust into her love canal. Dee realises she is losing battle, as Dog starts to devour her entire cunt, can feel his teeth tightening around her bum cleft. Dog can sense a change in her juices, becoming slicker, hoping to keep her climaxing. Dee decides only one thing for it to stop her arse getting chewed off, she slides two fingers down around her clit and rubs it furiously against Dog’s rough tongue. Suddenly feels a great halkalı escort release of pressure in her bladder and sprays pee down Dog’s throat. Dog goes wild with lust – no bitch has ever treated him like this, despite Kate trying to hang onto his slippery prick, he rears up onto hind legs, placing front paws on Dee’s shoulders. Dog nudges prick head against Dee’s arse, trying to find way in – has only hazy idea of human anatomy. Kate lifts Dee’s tail aside and pushes Dog into her waiting cunt. Half slips in before Dee has a chance to scream. Once inside her he forces it high up her love canal, as she screeches “no, no more”.Dog just hears “more” and fucks harder, he likes her mature cunt, not like the youngsters, and wants her to have his puppies.Dog licks back of her neck and powers remaining six inches into her. Dee cums and cums under the onslaught of his prick, her tits are visibly shaking. Dog can just see litter of grey puppies and knows he needs to fill her entire body with his doggie-seed. Kate is still holding his balls trying to stop him splitting Dee in two. Final thrust he manages to slap his balls against Dee’s arse and unleash the torrent of spunk high into her pussy.Exhausted Dog slumped to the floor and Dee flipped off the padded arm of the chair onto the seat cushion closing her thighs to hold the spunk in. The i****t-girl kissed her gently while massaging her erect nipples back to normality. Dog lay his heavy head into her lap attempting to snuffle his nose between her thighs. Opening her legs slightly; the cum dribbled out to pool on the leather seat between her bum cheeks. Dog hungrily licked up his own cum, mixed with Dee juice, dreaming of the puppies he had just fathered.Kate’s young brother played back the video he had been shooting onto the monitor above Dee’s head with satisfaction, and decided to interview Dee as an introduction.Dee’s first question was “why the tail?”Kate giggled “the first time he couldn’t decide which hole to use, and tried to bugger me, so we figured bung up the arse hole and he’d leave it alone”. “I think we all need a shower” says Dee dragging them naked out of the van, across the driveway and into her house, hoping the neighbours were not watching.In the StudioDee explains the new cylindrical shower – user places feet carefully on raised foot shapes, about a foot apart. Door automatically slides shut and water jets caress the body. ‘T’ shaped tube slowly rises from the floor between feet and nestles between the thighs spraying water upwards into pubes. Tube directs the jets into cunt to push lips apart and pulses stream onto clit, spraying water into body cavities. Jet into cunt is angled backwards and forwards to massage the g-spot. It tastes the out-flowing water to detect pussy juices and increases pressure to maximise flavour. Ultimate aim is to get girl to squirt, then pushes shiny metal dildo into cunt spraying water from around the head. It directs streams onto nipples and clit, detects hands and sprays soap – goes back to water when hand removed. Offers an enema to older girls for colonic irrigation – pumps up water pressure in arse then probe expands sphincter to release it.Kate is first in, the Shower determines height, weight, body mass index, gender and greets occupant “Good morning Kate”, when she rubs soap into bottom and opens her legs, it asks if she would like internal cleansing.The Hand rises from floor thumb enters her bum, fingers pull cunt lips apart, vibrator rises out of palm expands into cunt spraying pulsing jets of water. She hardly notices the narrow anal probe sliding a lubricated sensor high into her rectum, searched around and withdraws, and sends the spunk sample off for DNA analysis.The Display panel lights up showing the dildo pulsing in her cunt, with controls for length and girth. Kate played with the controls for a while, before getting bored, pulling the Hand out of her cunt and climbing out of the shower.Throughout her shower Kate’s brother was kneeling at base of shower, rubbing his prick up and down the glass, licking area behind his sister’s bum, watching her writhe on the metal fingers. Shower motorbikeAs soon as the German au pair enters the shower, it greets her “Guten Morgen Heidi, welche Behandlung wurden Sie heute?” in a male voice that reminds her of her Human Anatomy teacher from school. She dreamily remembers Herr Braun handing out tiny torches and mirrors to the 12-year old girls to carry out their own internal examinations and draw their cunts developing through puberty. He watched them during after-school classes inspecting each other with tongues and fingers, congratulating all orgasms with extra school marks. Most of the girls from that year grew up into lush lesbians, but he was sacked as a suspected paedophile when he started on the boys.The Shower Hand detects her bladder is full so offers to relieve her – it extends two fingers into her cunt and milks the hot yellow spray out of her. Then it offers her an enema. With strong thumbs in both holes it pulls her down into a squatting position. Warm water pulses into her bum, filling and expanding her colon, then is sucked away discretely. When she is thoroughly cleaned the Shower offers two handles to hold at the front, and pushes her bottom up and back against glass so she is bent over like on a motorbike. Panels push her thighs apart so she can grip the ‘saddle’. Heidi experiments with handlebar grips – twisting right one briefly enlarges cuntal thrusters and propels it inwards, left grip does same with anal thrusters. Both at once make her climax. The Hand decides it is no longer just a shower attachment, but has become a fully functional Fucking Machine; its mission is to make this bitch scream. Each time she twists the grips it moans like motorbike engine being revved and pushes her thighs a little further apart, making her bend her knees outwards and expose more bum hole, which it plugs up. At one point Heidi foolishly pushed down on the grips causing the hand to extend two more fingers that brushed up her belly to squeeze the underneath of her breasts, and make a vacuum seal on her nipples, trying to milk her dry. She climaxed again as the cuntal and anal thrusters simultaneously assaulted her body cavities. Heidi was nearing the point of collapse when the dildo vibration pattern changed to jets of pressurised water high in her cunt and arse, and against her nipples and into her mouth, making her cum again. She felt completely spit-roasted, like there was a shaft running right up through her body pressing against the Orgasm Control Centres in each breast and g-spot. Watching the picture of the two giant dildos pounding her cunt and arse change into a soft touchy-feely line drawing by May of the inside of her breasts she screamed in ecstasy and agony as the Hand fucking-machine tore her apart, filling every hole with its hot sticky spunk. The Hand stopped –its work done – he had made a girl scream. BreakfastStanding at the cooker wearing just a short apron to keep the splashes off, Dee cooked a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and coffee taksim escort for the exhausted girls. Before sitting down to eat the i****t girl stopped trying to masturbate her strap-on dildo with olive oil and pushed it between Dee’s bum cheeks, while stroking her breasts from behind. Dee gently turned around and bit hard on the i****t girl’s nipple, before bringing her off with a banana from the fruit bowl.After munching some toast Dee looks intently at Kate and says “The results are just in for your DNA analysis – I’m shocked: it found spunk in both body cavities – at least the anal probe was human”.”It seems to be a close family relative: a cousin, your dad perhaps?” then everyone looks at Kate’s brother “… is it yours by any chance?”Kate’s brother admits he went to her room last night, to return her trash fashion magazine and sniff her used panties. Kate “I had to take last month’s magazine back to the newsagents because the pages were stuck together; do you know anything about that?”Kate’s brother “Not my fault, it’s that disgusting article at the back showing sex positions with dolls; it was easy to adapt your Barbie to have a cunt, but Ken’s prick was tricky””I had to wash the stickiness off them too; did you use a hot knitting needle?””I thought they were just for abortions” laughed Dee, and then realised it might not be funny to c***dren.”First used dad’s drill, and then smoothed it off to make lips in her hard plastic pubes” replied Kate’s brother.”No bum hole then?” asked Kate.”Oh you are brilliant big s*s, that’s the way to fix Ken’s prick on – tiny screwdriver through bum hole to screw on prick from the inside”.He explained that in her bedroom he had heard a dull buzzing sound coming from the bed. Pulled back sheet to see Kate naked face down with tiny blue dildo vibrating in her arse. Just then the clouds outside parted letting a shaft of bright moonlight through the crack in the curtains to bathe his sister’s legs and bum in light. The dildo shone between her glistening buttocks, she seemed to have fallen asleep with it still in. brother pulled out dildo and licked it, bum-hole stayed open, could see glistening on walls. Her arse was already all moist, so he straddled her bum and gently fucked it, trying not to wake her. “I wasn’t asleep you idiot” mused Kate “I just wanted to see how far you’d go”Dee strokes Kate and gently asks if the a****l sperm extracted from her cunt might be Dog’s, just as Heidi opens the kitchen door, and gasps “You little slut – he’s my Dog, why is he fucking you?”Heidi had staggered out of the shower room for breakfast, wrapped in a warm towel, and when she got her voice back, said she would have to call her girlfriend. “Oh no need for that” laughed Dee “she was watching, in fact the motorbike was her idea. You got the largest number of votes to date and $4500 donated; which is all yours. She’s arranged a Special Orgy Party for you this weekend, here’s you air ticket, off you go and have a great time”.New SiteYoung porn club appeals for donations, rather than regular subscriptions, items appear for sale to highest bidder – used panties, worn out dildos, extra photos.Six Japanese schoolgirls applied for set of custom-made mk2 masturbators, knowing that these require a precise CtoA distance – sent in photos sitting spread legged, wearing just excruciatingly short gym skirts, and tee-shirts pulled up over their faces to expose underside of tits. Photos showed someone pushing thumb into cunt to mark the centre alongside a ruler up in crotch to show cunt to arse hole distance. Some concern about some girls getting permanently stretched bum holes, so they measured each other arses. Along the lower edge of each photo was a row of anal plugs of increasing size, all those to the left of the girl glistened with her juices, those to right were too big to fit the girl, each had diameter painted on, photo showed the best fit.A sponsor offered £100 to supply all 6 girls and was sent a movie of their measuring task, and with the girls’ permission an email address to stay in contact.Various Web Cam RoomsBecki and Molly acting out May’s chain fantasy: May drew a fantasy thong – a fan of sharpened chains drop from the waist band around the sides of pubes and disappear between the lips into their cunt, to re-emerge from bum hole continue up the bum crack to join the waist band at back. The chains are made from jagged shards of metal that appear to bite into flesh as the girls move around or try to masturbate.Elsewhere May is drawing her Fantasy Masturbator – Drive shafts emanate from the ‘A’ probe that slink across bum, all have lights along length for pole dancers in the dark, some have pincers at end to pull pussy lips apart, some have specialist nipple / clit masturbators, some burrow under skin in breasts to set controls. Enormous cuntal probe grows down to thighs and then upwards as a dildo into cunt. Lights on chains up body show its progress up past navel, breasts, throat and out of mouth to spew spunk down chin. Similar bra where chains rub against nipples all the time.Gemma feeding Kit – little hands pressing deep into breast – milk flowing from both, Kitten has paw buried in Gemma’s cunt. Kitten pulling Gemma’s lips apart – tiny claws piercing her lips, gnawing away at clit.Becki in ChainsRequested by some pervert in California and Brittany from Ontario wanted to see a submissive, dirty Becki, rather than the clean shiny image:The scene opens in a very dark, low-ceilinged room, with black streaky walls, a combination of Dungeon and a Blacksmiths forge. The heat from furnace in the corner illuminates a row of fierce-looking tongs hanging on walls. Becki is standing in just thigh-length black boots, a black bikini top, bare cunt and blindfold in the centre of the room, lit only by the red glow from the furnace. She is suspended on tip-toe by two enormous chains hanging down from a beam in the ceiling about 3 foot apart. The chains loop between her legs, out and back up to the ceiling. There is a huge anvil between her legs, nearly up to her bum, covered in hot greasy hammers. She has to hold onto the chains near to the beam to maintain her balance, while the chains cut into her pussy lips and pull her bum cheeks apart. Samantha, her favourite T-girl comes into the dungeon wearing a short blacksmiths smock, just covering his/her large tits, but split up the front to reveal his erect 9″ cock. She removes Becki’s blindfold, picks up a handful of black greasy gunge from the floor and smears it over Becki. Samantha pays particular attention to Becki’s arms, chest, back and thighs, avoiding any going between her legs or inside the bikini top.Samantha takes huge metal dildo down from its hook, and holding it in tongs, heats it up in the furnace. When it is red hot she brings it over to the anvil between Becki’s thighs and hammers the tip flat, spreading the knob-end out into a cunt-wrenching shape. Obviously it is never going into Becki, but she is very worried. The loose end of another chain rises from gunge on floor, snakes up one leg and pushes its way into her cunt, fucking her senselessly. After the chain withdraws, covered şişli escort in white juice, Samantha walks around behind Becki and pushes her shoulders down and forwards, until her white bum cleft is fully exposed.Samantha just manages to squeeze her 9″ of rock-hard prick between the bum chains deep into Becki’s pure white arse. Becki screams louder than the rattling noise of the chains, thinking it must be the read-hot dildo. Samantha covers her mouth to muffle the screams, saying “Hush baby, it’s not going to hurt too much”.Samantha grapples her own tits and thrusts deep into Becki’s bum, grazing between the rough chains, but can only sustain 5 thrusts, and comes shaking spunk high into Becki’s body.The **** SceneIn the Main Studio Bob and Molly act out a scene from the story ‘r****g the Girl Next Door’ by Kysa Braswell:Bob to Molly “Now put your hands top of your head and keep ’em there.”Molly raised her hands. She stood before the r****t. In nothing but her white bikini bottoms. Her tits jutted out from her body and her nipples grew harder from a mixture of fear and excitement. The little girl’s tits, overly large for a 13-year-old, were mesmerizing. They were perfectly shaped; perfectly round, perfectly full, perfectly capped with awesome nipples. They looked “heavy.” Bob also drank in the rest of her body, admiring the girl’s slender, fit form. Then, he reached up and cupped one of Molly’s big firm D-cup breasts. The warm tit flesh overflowed in his hand as he squeezed until she gasped, losing her breath amidst the pain. Then he viciously threw the girl to the floor. Molly landed in a limp heap, her face to the ground. The teen’s body curved down to her shapely ass covered only by her tight bikini bottoms. The r****t smiled as his eyes focused on the tight, young ass before him. Without a moment’s hesitation, he bent down and grabbed Molly’s arm and lifted her.”Come on, bitch, let’s get started.”Molly felt helpless as the man dragged her into the living room and threw her half naked body face down over the back of the living room couch. Molly’s position thrust her tight ass up high and forced her bikini bottoms to bite into her soft skin.”No, please. Please.” She begged. Bob smiled at his work.”Now, babe, you listen up good: you keep your fucking mouth shut and do just what I say. I won’t say that again without beating you. You understand?””Oh god, please, please, PLEASE don’t hurt me, sir. I’ll do whatever you want, okay?” Molly whimpered.Bob wasn’t listening. He let go of her hands.”Then don’t move, goddamnit!”Reaching into his pocket, Bob brought out a role of surgical tape and quickly tied Molly’s wrists together in front of her, and then tied them to the board that ran along the bottom of the couch. When her hands were secure, he moved down her slim, muscular legs. He first grabbed her right ankle and tied it to one leg of the couch. He moved to the other ankle, pulling the girl’s legs wide apart, stretching her firm muscles. Molly whimpered helplessly while Bob fastened her left ankle to the other leg of the couch. The girl’s legs stretched out helplessly before the man. Her sweet young little bubble-butt was pointed high in the air and Bob could see the outlines of her soft cunt pressed against the taught fabric of her bikini bottoms. Bob slowly ran his hands over Molly’s half exposed ass-cheeks. Molly quivered as she felt the man’s fingers roam over her taught thighs. Bob slowly inched the edges of Molly’s bikini bottoms in toward her crack, exposing almost all of her ass.”You little slut. You’ve been askin’ for this all summer. Wearin’ these tight little bikini’s to the pool. Showin’ off like some whore. Well now, your gonna show off a little more than usual.””Please, please, I… I’m still… a virgin.” Molly pleaded.Off-camera Becki handed Bob the knife.”HA HA, Bob laughed out loud. “Not for long, slut.” Molly’s breath caught as she felt the knife press against her inner thigh. She gasped as the blade slid over her skin toward her cunt. Bob moved the tip of the blade over the girl’s pussy lips, her arse crack, and then to her side where a single string held her bikini bottoms in place. The knife slid smoothly under the string and sliced it with a pop. Bob quickly cut the string holding the other side, and the fabric fell to the floor.Molly’s arse was smooth and tight. Her warm crack was spread wide open exposing her vulnerable pink arse. The little puckered hole glistened with cunt juices. Bob’s eyes moved down to the girl’s pussy. Molly’s young cunt lips were full and fat. The teen’s cunt lips were pulled wide open-her fuck hole gaping and glistening with her juices.”Shit, that’s sweet.” Bob grunted aloud. His index finger moved to the rim of the girl’s arse. As his finger made contact with the tight, little sphincter, the muscle tightened and released. Molly squirmed and pleaded for him to stop, but her begging excited Bob all the more. Bob smiled at the thought of the girl’s hole wrapping around his cock. He played with the warm juice that covered the tender hole. Gently rubbing the puckered skin, the man smiled as the girl’s sensitive sphincter tightened and released. After toying with the girl, Bob began easing his finger into the teen’s tight hole. The girl cried as she felt the man’s digit penetrate her. Bob savoured the feel of the hot, tight flesh that swallowed the tip of his finger. He then violently shoved this finger the rest of the way. Molly screamed as he buried his finger to the knuckle in her tight hole. She felt as if her arse were on fire. Pain filed her mind as Bob’s finger stretched her tiny hole.”Fuck, you are tight.””Stop. Oh please stop. God, it hurts. I’m a virgin. I’m a Christian! I don’t want to…. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!” Molly pleaded.Bob moved his finger roughly. He swirled his digit around in the girl’s intestines-feeling the soft, velvet-like walls. Bob slid his finger out an inch and then slid it back in. Molly squirmed at the pain. Her arse was too small. In and out, Bob finger-fucked the girl. Molly’s arse juices coated his finger and made it easy for the man.”Oh, please. Stop it; it hurts! OUCH!! Your finger is too big,” Molly begged, but even as she did, she tried to deny feeling a sliver of pleasure. Small tingles shot through her as Bob’s finger explored her virgin arsehole. The little girl felt her desire rising again; and she felt her cunt growing hot and wet.Molly heard Bob laugh. “Bitch, It’s time you took my big finger.” Bob pulled his finger from the girl’s arse. His big dick was hard again. The cock-meat was now fully swollen and pulsing to his heartbeat. Bob stood up and positioned his cock at the girl’s tight hole. Molly felt the man’s cockhead press against her tiny hole.”No. That’s perverted. No, I can’t take it there. Its too big. This is NOT RIGHT, YOU PERVERT!”The man didn’t move. “What da fuck did you just call me?””You are a pervert. You can’t do this.””Maybe you’re right. Maybe I shouldn’t do it.”Molly, couldn’t believe her ears. He wasn’t going to do this to her! He wasn’t going to fuck her arse after all? Then she heard the man’s cold voice.”Your right, I probably can’t do this. Sweet meat, you’re just too uptight. There’s an easy way and a hard way to do everything. I guess I’ll have to loosen you up a little the hard way.”The r****t stood up and removed the black leather belt he wore. He doubled up the belt and popped it loudly. Molly began loudly crying in fear. Tears poured from her eyes.”No. Oh, please. Don’t hurt me. Please!” the teenager cried……

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