Erica and Liam Ch. 01


Erica stood outside the train station, waiting for Liam to pick her up. She stood on the side of the road, her bags sitting on the curb. Picking them up, she walked over to the bus bench, where she sat down, and placed her sunglasses on the top of her head.

She had to come visit her best bud Liam, whom she had not seen in almost three months. Luckily, she had managed to free enough time to spend a month with Liam. He had a place, just on the outskirts of town, where they would be spending their time and generally getting to relax. She had not been there before, but was looking forward to a lake and some sun and time to relax, which she had not had in months.

Erica crossed her legs, and leaned back, stretching in the early morning sun. Despite being only in the first half of June, it was a pleasantly warm morning. She closed her eyes, but opened them as she heard a car pull up, and a voice range out.

“Hey you. Sorry I’m late. Ready to head out?” Liam was sitting in his gold VW Jetta. While not new by any standard, it ran, and that was more than enough for him, and for Erica. He shut down the car, and got out, opening the back and then the passenger door so that Erica could get in. While she sat down and closed the door, He put her bags in the trunk.

Liam smiled as he looked through the back window at his friend and passenger. He had not seen her for a long time, since they had graduated from university, and while she had always been pretty, he had never noticed her looking quite this attractive. Despite the uncomfortable bulge in his pants, he looked at her, and then headed back around to his side of the car. Erica was the very definition of hot, and yet she was very classy at the same time. She was wearing stiletto heels, sandals that had a single broad strap across the toes, and a knee length skirt that was tight, and had a slit up the back that went halfway up the skirt. On top she was wearing a red halter. It consisted of a band that went under her breasts, with the two straps covering the covering the front and side of her breasts, and tying behind her neck. He noted with interest the expanse of back. The plunging neckline of the halter showed a not insignificant amount of cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but despite having perfectly sized breasts, they did not need any support at all.

Erica looked over as Liam smiled at her and pulled away from the side of the road. She had noticed the bulge in his pants, and was fairly sure it wasn’t just from the way the fabric folded when he sat. He had never been handsome, but definitely cute. Now he was dressed in a pair of loose jeans, runners, and a blue button up collared shirt that really showed off the blue of his eyes. His hair, formerly naturally blonde had changed colours over the time, and was now almost brown. While not as short as it used to be, it wasn’t out of control and sort of made him look handsome. And that bulge in his pants certainly didn’t hurt either. She nodded and looked over at Liam, as they drove out onto the highway. Smiling, the closed hey eyes, bringing her shades back over her eyes as he turned down the music, settling in for the hour long drive.


Erica woke up as they drove through, the gates, and was immediately taken back by what she saw. The house was absolutely huge, with at least three floors, and a 5-car garage. As she and Liam pulled in, Erica straightened her top, and got out as the car pulled to a stop.

Liam got out on the other side, and popped the trunk. Heading around to the back, he grabbed Erica’s trunks and brought them into the house. “Well do you want the grand tour?” he asked as he placed the bags down in the front entrance. “We have the place all to ourselves for the month, so we can do whatever he want”. He grinned, and started the tour.

He led Erica through the entire house, showing her the guest bedrooms on the third floor, then taking her down to the second floor where the game rooms were. Specially fitted, şişli grup yapan escort they had TVs covering almost every inch of all the walls and ceiling, with a bed in the middle and couches and other furniture spread around the room. From there, they went to the ground floor, the biggest floor in the house. On the western end of the house was the main living room and ballroom, a secondary kitchen; games room fitted with pool tables and a bar, and the general use indoor pool. Erica sighed as she saw the pool, and saw that there was a large hot tub in an alcove accessible through a narrow passage in the all on the right when you went into the room.

Liam smiled as he saw her amazement, and then led her to the other end of the house, on the rear of the house. “This is my bedroom”, He led the way into the main bedroom, and Erica’s previous sigh seemed like nothing compared to the gasp of surprised she emitted now. The master bedroom occupied most of the rear end of the house, Erica looked to her left, then to her right as she took it all in. There was a massive bed, at least a king, with a desk. However, it wasn’t the size of the room that was most impressive, it was the two ensuite rooms. On the one side, was a huge ensuite bathroom, with a large shower that could contain 5 or 6 people, with showerheads on four sides. There was also a large Jacuzzi, big enough for two people. The high points of the bathroom noted, Liam walked behind Erica as she headed towards the other passage. The sight beyond was more amazing. Another inside pool was in front of them, with glass walls and ceilings that let in natural light. There was a door in the glass, which led to the garden. Fortunately, tall cedars through which nobody could sneak bordered the section of garden. Along the tile wall opposite the garden was a bench with white towels and slippers upon it.

“Will it do?” Liam was leaning against the wall of the passage, watching with amusement as Erica gazed around in wonder. He took a long look at her, absorbing exactly how good she looked. “So what should I make for dinner tonight?”


Liam grabbed his beer bottle, and sat in the living room waiting for Erica to re-emerge from the room where she was changing. She had decided to change into something more comfortable for after dinner. They had had pasta with Alfredo sauce, and white wine and a candlelit atmosphere had made the evening very pleasant so far. He looked out the windows at the back garden when he heard Erica’s voice from behind him.

“So, how do I look?”

She was wearing a red strapless corseted gown, and red stiletto strappy sandals. She posed, with one leg bent and one arm extended while the other one was on her hip. The corset had vertical embroidery, enhancing the length of Erica’s torso. The corset itself forced her breasts together and up even farther. The top half of her breasts uncovered, there was a very nice amount of cleavage showing. The bottom half of the gown itself was not very long, only coming down halfway down her thigh. It was not slit at all, but created a very sex line with her long legs.

Liam stood up and bowed, putting his beer down on the arm of the chair beside him as he took his guests arm and led her towards the garden. “You look fabulous. If I may have the honour….”


They walked slowly into the main bedroom, and Erica led Liam through to the pool. “Do you feel like swimming?” she asked, reached behind her to undo the corset, shrugging out of it and shifting her weight back and forth as she worked her skirt off and stepped out of it. Reaching down she took off her shoes and threw them against the wall, then reached down and worked off her lacy red thong. When she was naked, she turned and just put a questioning look on her face, hand on hip as though impatient. The look said simply, “Are you coming?”

Liam just looked at her, from head to toes, shedding clothes as fast as he could. şişli masöz escort As he slipped off his boxers and threw them against the wall where Erica had thrown her shoes, she dived into the pool. So Liam followed hot on her heels.

After swimming around for a bit, getting used to the slightly heated water, Liam was treading water near the shallow end when Erica came up beside him. Liam quickly looked at her, and then looked away, avoiding looking at her breasts, which were above the water as she walked on the bottom in the shallow end.

“You know, I don’t care if you see, Liam. In fact, I would be flattered if you did look.” She stood before him, and gradually turned his head to face her. She stood confidently, her hands on her hips, breasts swinging freely in the air, with very little sag. They were about a C cup, or so Liam thought. They were round, and seemingly perfect, with perky nipples about half an inch long which looked like they were dying to be pinched. He just stood still, while Erica moved towards him. He raised his hands, moving them to around her back as Erica grabbed his now very hard cock under the water. “It seems like you appreciate seeing me like this. Well I appreciate seeing you naked as well, especially this hard cock of yours.” With that, she let go, turned around, and swam towards the deep end of the pool, where she got out, and wrapped one of the large beach towels around herself. Liam just shook his head and started to swim laps.


The next morning, Liam found Erica in the kitchen brewing coffee and eating toast. “Did you enjoy the swim last night” she asked, cradling her cup of coffee with both hands, in front of her face as she tried but failed to cover a smile. Liam noticed she was wearing a tube top, and that it really accented how sexy her shoulders were, She turned around, and leaned over the bench, letting the sides and back of her red thong show above her miniskirt. He felt his cock grow again and so he shifted himself to hide behind the island.

Erica turned around, and started to walk around the Island, noticing that Liam kept on shifting to keep the Island between him and her. She shifted her weight onto her right leg, pointing her toes on the left foot and trying to see around the Island what exactly Liam was hiding from her. “Liam, go stand by the wall. Leave that toast alone for a minute.” As he walked away, he kept his back turned towards her. “Now. Turn Around.” Liam hesitated, and so Erica commanded him again. “Turn Around.”

Slowly he turned around, his hard cock leaving quite a bulge in his pants. The shorts rode up as the cock made a rather larger tent. He saw how she was keeping her eyes on his cock, and moved to go back to having the island between him and the very sensual, very amazing lady whom he had the pleasure of hosting.

“No, stay where you are” Erica moved towards him, and stood close to him as she took his cock into her hand. “Shall we go play?”


Erica stood in front of Liam as she pushed him down onto the chair. She grabbed his cock again though his pants. Once again she pushed him, pushing his shoulders back as she moved back, just standing in front of him in the bedroom. She started to dance for him, slowly taking her top off and throwing it into his lap as she took her nipples into her hands, then ran her hands all over her chest and neck, grooving to some unheard beat. She moved over, and hovered over Liam’s lap, taking his hands and putting them on her breasts as she reached down and slipped off her skirt. She had a pair of black Mary Janes, with a 2.5-inch heel that flared slightly at the base. She turned to rub her ass through her skirt onto Liam’s hard shaft, She then stood back, legs askance, skirt slightly hiked up, nipples red and puffy and beckoned to Liam with one hand.

He stood up, and led Erica over to the bed where she lay on her back. Liam came up from between her legs, kissing her stomach, şişli otele gelen escort breasts, nipples chest shoulders and neck before kissing her on the lips, a long passionate kiss in which their mouths slightly opened and tongues entwined before coming up for air.

Erica took off Liam’s shirt, tossing it across the room and Liam came back down to rest on her chest, while Erica’s legs wrapped around his waist. Erica ran her nails up and down Liam’s back while he kissed her neck and shoulders, biting gently afterwards along her shoulder bone and up her neck, underneath her chin. She reached down and started stroking Liam’s cock through the flap in his boxers, then pulled him pelvis towards her and put the shaft of his cock against her clit.

Liam started thrusting, rubbing the shaft of his penis up and down against Erica’s clitoris as she thrust against him, her breasts being squeezed in Liam’s hands as he bit and kissed her shoulder and neck, and kissed her on the lips. Pushing him away, she arched her back and leaned her head back in pleasure as she thrust against Liam.

Seeing this, he withdrew his shaft from her clit, and kissed his way down her arced chest and stomach, taking each nipple between his teeth and rolling, biting, sucking them in turn. He leaned back, reaching forward and taking Erica’s thong, taking it off and throwing it across the room as he takes her legs over his shoulders and kisses his way up her thigh.

Erica arched her back as Liam licked, sucked and kissed her outer pussy lips, gasping in pleasure as she played with her nipples and breasts. Liam took two fingers of his right hand, and slowly probed her ass as his tongue darted in and out of her pussy, flicking the sides of her pussy with lightning fast rapidity.

Continuing to shake his head, his nose rubbing against Erica’s clit, Liam’s tongue licking and flicking her pussy lips and walls despite her ever increasing wetness, he reached up with the other hand, taking her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, then running his hand up and down her back, the nails making her moan even more in pleasure.

Erica started thrusting into his face as she came closer and closer to cumming; the mechanically and diabolically fun tongue tormenting her pussy while Liam’s fingers teased her ass. She moaned and spoke incomprehensibly, begging Liam to let her cum. At last she pushed him away, and reached down and grabbed his large, hard cock, pulling it towards her soaking pussy.

Liam came from below, keeping Erica’s legs over his shoulder as he dragged the head of his cock over her engorged pussy lips and clit, teasing them before consenting to help her cum. Her feet above his ears, he gently placed the head of his cock between her pussy lips, making her beg before sliding his cock in all the way.

She was so tight, he could barely fit but he started thrusting faster and faster, pushing in all the way before pulling out. Long, quick deep strokes, plumbing her pussy with his engorged shaft Erica was running her nails up and down his back and biting his shoulder as she came closer and closer to cumming.

With increasing speed, Liam was thrusting into in Erica, with his cock rushing in and out, making a slight popping sound with each stroke. She sighed with pleasure on each stroke, starting to breathe heavily as she came ever closer to her orgasm.

Her pussy became tighter as she soared closer to her orgasm, and her breathing slowed and became quite heavy as Liam struggled more and more to penetrate her. With his elbows above her shoulders, he pushed down hard as he forced his penis harder and harder into her dripping, tight passage, as she moaned with pleasure.

Erica choked up and froze as the beginning of her orgasm started. She started to unwind as the orgasm calmed down when she was hit by another orgasm. The second started to recede when she orgasmed a third time, and then a fourth, and so it continued. For minutes she was continuously hit by orgasm, triggered by Liam’s hard work. She continued to moan and scream with pleasure as Liam finally orgasmed as well, spewing his warm cum into her.

As their orgasms subsided, they lay entangled on the bed. Liam managed to untangle himself, but he just collapsed on the bed beside Erica, as they both fell asleep.

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