Erotic Slumber


The room is dim, the color of twilight. I’m sitting on the couch, my feet curled up under me on one side. The small lamp next to me is on. On my lap, I have a magazine. I’ve been leafing through it, trying to concentrate on the words before me, but my mind keeps drifting. I look up at the clock on the wall and note the time… *sigh… I put the magazine down and walk over to the fireplace. Kneeling down, I put in one…two…three logs. I wad up a piece of newspaper and place it between a couple of the logs. Then another piece of paper. I lean over and grab the long handled lighter… Click..Click… A small flame emerges… I sit there, staring at the tiny flame, for a second or two. My mind drifting back to last night. How wonderful it was to be in your arms, so safe. I break away from my daydream and put the small flame to the newspaper, eating it away. I watch as the flame starts to roll over the logs. Satisfied, I stand up. Crossing my arms over my chest, rubbing opposite arms, wishing it were your hands instead of my own.

I turn and walk over to the window. I pull back the soft white lace and peer outside. Looking down the road, for a hopeful sign, I see nothing. I let my eyes wander. The sun has dipped below the horizon, leaving only a colorful array of clouds in the sky, not quite dark yet. Autumn. My favorite season. So much color. The trees swaying in the wind, the fallen leaves dancing with an unseen spirit. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I notice headlights coming this way. My heart skips a beat, my pulse quickens. As I watch the lights, my heart sinks low as the car passes. I let the lace curtain fall from my fingers and step back from the window.

I walk over to the couch, and lie down, my head resting on my hands, and I drift off into a light slumber.

In my dreams, I see you come in the door. Your face lights up as you look over in my direction. I jump up and quickly close the distance between us. Your arms go around me and I can feel the cold on your clothes. After a quick hug, I pull back from you, staring into your eyes. So much love there. I help you take off your coat and pausing for a second, you lean in and brush your lips to mine, in a soft kiss.

As I turn to take your coat over to the closet, I ask you how your day was. illegal bahis You don’t answer. I put the coat on a hanger and I feel you behind me. Your hands playing a light melody on my bottom. I go to turn toward you, but you softly whisper in my ear “no” as you kiss my neck. You take my earlobe between your lips and nibble on it slightly. Your hands travel up my back and over my shoulders, down my arms, and intertwining our fingers. You come to my side, and with one arm behind my legs, you scoop me up, taking me over to the fireplace. Kneeling down, you gently lay me down on the soft rug. You reach over to a nearby chair and snatch a small pillow and put it under my head. One hand reaches up and softly runs the length of my cheek. Eyes locked with mine, you run your finger over my jaw, down my neck, over my collar, and to my blouse. Not breaking our gaze, you begin to unbutton my blouse, softly playing with the skin as you expose my flesh inch by inch, tugging the blouse from my pants once it was completely unbuttoned.

Slipping a couple fingers in my waistband, eyes still locked with mine, you pull my black pants and silk black panties down over my hips. I lift, letting you pull them from me. Over my legs, past my knees, and past my calves and feet. You toss them over to the chair. On your knees now, you take your shirt off. As you do, I watch the light from the fire dance across your chest. You toss your shirt to where my pants are, and lie down next to me. I sit up and pull my arms from my blouse, and toss it with the rest. On my knees, I walk over to your legs, undo the button and zipper, and tug at the waist bands of your boxers and jeans, pulling them over your thighs, down past your knees, and over your feet. With one arm over my breasts, supporting my white lace bra, I reach back and unhook it. I pull one arm out of the straps, then switching arms, I pull the other out, and lay next to you on my back.

You prop yourself up on one elbow, and smile down at me. You pick up the bra and toss it over your shoulder. With a playful look in your eye, you lower your lips to my right breast and flick at my nipple with your tongue. Your free hand reaches up and lightly brushes against the skin of my left breast. Teasing. You take my nipple into your mouth and lovingly illegal bahis siteleri taste it, your hand taking more of the other breast into your palm. I close my eyes, and enjoy the sensations you send through me, running one of my hands over your hair and stopping at the back of your neck, pulling you to me more. Letting my nipple fall from your mouth, you come to my lips. Kissing me warmly. I feel the intensity of the kiss increase, knowing your desire is close to uncontrollable. Your hips are pressed against me, and I can feel your hardness against my leg.

You whisper my name as you trail your kisses over my shoulder. Feather soft, yet passion soaked kisses trailing over my skin, between my breasts to my belly. My tummy quivers at your touch. your hands moving down my sides and to my hips, softly massaging. I look down at you as you rest your head against my thigh. You smile up at me and blow cool air at my sex. *giggle* You’ve positioned your self between my legs. With a strong arm and hand, you lift my leg up and over to one side, opening me to you. You kiss my thighs, my panty line, and then my swollen lips. A bolt of electricity surges through me as you stick out your tongue and slither it between my lips.

In an instant, you have me under a spell, driving me to the edge of reality. Your mouth playing me like an instrument meant only for a symphony. Effortlessly, my body moves to have more, never wanting to escape from this moment. As I begin to feel the waves of pleasure roll over me, I let out a soft moan, meaning for it to be a word, yet my vocals betray me as it only allows sounds of pleasure to escape. Wave after wave washes over me, and somewhere down below, the world has become a separate time and place as I soar higher and higher, with only you as my guide.

Dreamily floating back to the earth, I find you smiling up at me. Kissing the insides of my legs. In your eyes, I see you asking if I’m ready… I nod, and you pull yourself up to kiss me. Without even trying, our bodies shift and I feel your hardness enter my soft folds. You cradle my face in your hands. Your body glued to mine. Pulling your head back to look into my eyes as you start to move within me. My legs go up and around your waist, locking you in. You kiss the tip of my nose, canlı bahis siteleri and tell me that you love me. The feel of the wet, warm, hardness inside me turning my blood to searing hot lava. Our bodies matching each other’s movements, sounds of happiness coming from us both, singing in a chorus that only heaven would understand the words.

I tighten my muscles around you, wanting only to hold you there for all eternity. In a swift move, you take me in your arms and pull us both up, so that you’re sitting on your knees and I’m cradled in your lap. I shift my hips, rocking in your lap, sliding on the length of you. My arms around you, I run my fingers up and down your back, scratching enough for you to feel pleasure, and not pain. Your tender hands roaming over my upper body. I rest my head on your shoulder, feeling so much at one time… comfort, urgency, love, passion, ecstasy, and devotion…all wrapped in one indescribable emotion.

Some how, still joined, bodies as one, you take your feet out from under you, and lie back. Taking control, I place my small hands on your chest and let my body do as my instincts know it should. Pulling myself straight up, my hips begin gyrating. My hands travel up my body and into my hair.

Rising…then descending… rising… and descending… You lift your hips to match me… both of us driven by desire… with only one goal, to be completely enveloped in each other’s souls. My head falls forward, my long hair grazing your chest… I hear your happy moans, and I throw back my head… Staring straight into your eyes, feeling your pace quicken, I know our reality is about to become one time stopping moment.

In… Out… In.. Out… Our love and passion colliding bringing us to the brink of ecstasy… Eyes locked together, everything around us disappears. Only you and I existing in a universe full of heavenly beauty. As we come back to real life, whispered words of love are exchanged. I lower my body to yours, only wanting to be in this moment, only wanting to be in your arms, so warm, in your arms…

The sound of the door opening brings me out of my dream. I sit up to see you coming in the door…Your face lights up as you look over in my direction… I jump up and quickly close the distance between us. Your arms go around me. I feel the cold on your clothes. After a quick hug, I pull back from you, staring into your eyes. So much love there. I help you take off your coat and pausing for a second, you lean in and brush your lips to mine, in a soft kiss…

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