Ethan and Carrie Ch. 10

Amy Anderssen

Carrie bent over the counter to add the numbers again. She was never good at math and never trusted her own addition. If she didn’t get the numbers right, the money would come out of her pay, or worse, she might lose her job, and she didn’t want that. She liked working at the lingerie store. She especially liked the discounts. She was wearing her new, soft, white satin garter belt under her skirt with the lacy, white panties and the white stockings with the seam up the back. She couldn’t wait until Ethan saw her. He would not be able to hold himself back.

Helen was at the front of the store, straightening a rack of teddies. She had worked at the store for a couple of years, and flirted with Carrie from the day she started almost a month ago. Her head and hips moved to the music over the speakers, and she silently sang the words.

Helen was twenty, a couple of years older than Carrie. She was also shorter and had long, dark hair. Carrie didn’t know what to make of her flirting. It made her uncomfortable. She was the one who usually flirted with guys. When Helen flirted with her, she didn’t know what to do.

She never thought she would be attractive to another girl. She never thought of herself as being attracted to another girl, especially one who was gay. But Helen didn’t seem gay. She flirted with guys who came into the store as much as she flirted with girls. Was she the kind who liked to go both ways?

Carrie had to admit, though, if she were going to be attracted to another girl, it would be easy to be attracted to Helen. She was petite, with a curvy body and a cute face. She had sex written all over her.

Carrie squeezed her legs together. It surprised her to be aroused by Helen. What would she do it Helen came on to her? Would she resist? And if Helen was insistent? The thought of having sex with another girl repulsed her, but then, she was once repulsed by the thought of putting a penis in her mouth. If Helen tried anything, she would just see where it went. But would that be cheating on Ethan?

She went back to figuring out her math, and paid no attention to Helen when she came behind the counter. She felt a hand touch her ass and bolted upright and spun around. Helen was grinning and her playful eyes sparkled.

“Whatcha doing?” she said. She leaned over the counter on her elbows, resting her chin in her hands.

Carrie was shaken. She didn’t know what to think. She’d never been touched like that by a girl. Her heart was pounding.

“Just … just my receipts. I want to make sure they’re right.”

“Are they?”

Carrie shrugged. “So far.”

“Have you been under?”

“Not yet. Have you?”

“A few times,” Helen said, as if it was nothing.

Carrie’s mouth fell open. “Doesn’t Mr. Colbert get mad?”

Helen snickered. “Sure. But he forgets about it if I blow him.”

Carrie’s eyes opened wider.

“You mean you suck him, suck his dick, and he lets it go?”

“Yeah. He likes to get head. Every guy does.”

Carrie was so shocked by the idea of Mr. Colbert using Helen for sex, and her so willing to comply, that she never noticed her move behind her until she put her hands on her waist.

“You like to give head, don’t you? You like to feel it in your mouth?” Helen said in a soft whisper.

She pressed her groin to Carrie’s backside. She gasped and leaned forward with both hands on the counter. Her chest swelled with shallow, rapid breaths. Helen’s hands slipped under her short skirt. One warm hand moved around to her front and pressed her mound. Carrie moaned and moved her ass side to side, rubbing against her.

“I like it in my mouth,” Carrie said.

Her own voice was little more than a breathy whisper. Suddenly she wanted it badly. Helen’s touch was warm and gentle, and in just the right places.

She turned Carrie around and leaned her back against the counter. She put her hands on her breasts. Carrie sucked in a deep breath. Helen’s head tilted up and her lips parted.

Carrie leaned down, closed her eyes and touched her lips to Helen’s. Her pulse pounded and she felt a roar in her ears. Helen pulled herself close, flattening their breasts together. Carrie parted her thighs. Helen pushed her knee between them and her thigh pressed against her mound. Carrie gasped, and Helen slipped her wet tongue into her mouth.

The front door opened, sounding the tiny bell. They broke apart quickly. Carrie glanced back over her shoulder, hoping they hadn’t been caught by Mr. Colbert.

But it wasn’t him. It was a customer, a man, who was looking at the sale items and apparently hadn’t seen them. Carrie sighed. She’d hate to have to explain to Mr. Colbert why she was making out with Helen when she was supposed to be working. He might try to make her blow him.

“I’ll take this one. How’s my lipstick look?” Helen said, straightening her skirt.

Carrie nodded. Her lipstick was fine. Her full lips looked delicious. Her face was flushed, though. Was her own face as red?

Helen sauntered out to greet illegal bahis the customer and her hips swung side to side. He glanced at her once, then twice, and his eyes grew wide. Carrie covered her mouth. No doubt Helen would make the sale. When she wanted to be convincing, few men could resist her. Carrie’s heart skipped when she realized that even she had been unable to resist her. What she really wanted, though, was to put her head between Helen’s thighs. She licked her lips. How would Helen’s pussy taste?

Carrie returned to her math again, but it was difficult to concentrate. She was turned on. Her pussy was wet. She squeezed her legs together, wishing Helen would touch her there again, or even better, that Ethan was there to satisfy her. She sighed as she thought of his sweet, tender touches and the feel of his huge woody sliding into her tight slit. She couldn’t wait to see him.

Helen led her customer around the store, picking out one scanty piece of underwear after another. She was teasing him, holding each article up to her body. From the way he stared at her body and wiped away the perspiration from his forehead, he seemed very interested. Carrie giggled. Helen was hopeless.

Finally she gave up on her math, totally unable to concentrate. Instead, she decided to watch Helen flirt with the customer. If she had to blow Mr. Colbert because her receipts were off, then so be it. She would blow him and enjoy it. But she wouldn’t tell Ethan.

She walked around the store, straightening the racks, all the time glancing at Helen and her customer. He was getting very worked up. He had a prominent bulge in the front of his pants. One time, Helen glanced back at her and smiled, as if they shared a secret.

The guy was carrying a bundle of things on hangers. Helen asked if there was anything she could do to help him decide. He said he wasn’t sure, and she offered to try them on for him. He hesitated, but only for a moment, and said that would be a good idea, and Helen led him to the changing rooms.

Carrie moved closer to the changing rooms. What was she up to? She didn’t know they were allowed to try things on for customers. Was she just doing it to make a sale? She wouldn’t be surprised. Helen was the type who would do anything for money.

Carrie heard their voices from inside, but couldn’t hear what they were saying. For a minute or two they were quiet, then she heard soft moaning. Her mouth fell open. What were they doing in there?

The moans got louder, then stopped. Carrie went back behind the counter. A few minutes later, the guy came out of the changing room with a few items that he brought to the counter.

“I’ll take these,” he said.

Carrie rang up the items, and couldn’t help but notice how his face was flushed and he wouldn’t look her in the eye.

Helen came behind the counter as Carrie was finishing. Her face was flushed, too, and she was grinning.

“Come back again,” Helen said when he picked up his bag.

“I will,” he said with a quick grin, and left.

Carrie put her hands on her hips and turned to Helen.

“You had sex with him.”

Helen’s mouth curled in a wide grin. “Yeah. I couldn’t help it.”

“What if you get in trouble?”

“I won’t get in trouble. I was just so horny. It’s your fault, you know.”

“My fault? Why is it my fault?”

“You made me horny. Besides, he gave me fifty bucks for it.”

Carrie’s mouth fell open. “He paid you? That’s like being a … a whore.”

“So what? I got laid and I got paid. I do it all the time. You should try it.”

“Aren’t you worried you’ll get pregnant?”

Helen paused for a moment, as if she never considered that possibility.

“If it happens, it happens. I’m not gonna worry about it.”

“You should have made him wear a condom.”

“Then I wouldn’t feel his love juice, you know, all squishy inside. Look,” she said, and pulled up her skirt.

Carrie’s eyes grew wide. Helen wasn’t wearing panties, and the wisps of dark, curly hair on her mound were wet with white juices.

“He had a lot of it. I really got him worked up,” Helen said, with a playful giggle.

“Oh my God,” Carrie whispered, staring at her pussy.

Helen touched it, then licked her finger. “I love cum. Wanna taste?”

Yes, she wanted to taste it. She was breathing hard as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of Helen, who was breathing hard, too, and held the front of her skirt up.

Carrie could smell the strong odor of the guy’s cum and Helen’s juices. She inhaled deeply and the odors made her head swim. She stuck her tongue out, leaned forward, and licked the cum on Helen’s mound. She gasped. She was looking down at her, panting through her mouth. Carrie closed her eyes, leaned forward, and licked her again.

The tiny bell rang again. Helen stiffened. Carrie looked up.

“It’s a customer,” she said in a whisper. She stepped back and Carrie stood up.

It was another guy, a gorgeous hunk with wavy, dark hair and dreamy eyes.

“You illegal bahis siteleri should do it with him,” Helen whispered.

“I can’t. I have a boyfriend.”

“He doesn’t have to know. You’re just gonna fuck this guy, not go out with him.”

Helen was right. She could have sex with this guy, and then she could have sex with Ethan.

“What do I do?”

“Offer to try the lingerie on for him so he can see what it’s like, then just do what comes naturally.”

Helen gave her a gentle push in the back. Carrie approached the guy, trembling. If he looked in her face, would he be able to tell that she wanted him to love her? What if he said no?

“Hi. Can I help you find anything?” she said with a nervous smile.

His eyebrows went up when he looked at her, and she caught him checking out her body. It excited her.

“I need something sexy for my girlfriend,” he said.

Carrie took a fluttery deep breath. Even his voice was sexy. It took her a moment to remember what she was supposed to do.

“Maybe she’d like a nice teddy?” she said, pointing to the rack.

He scrutinized them, but shook his head.

“She has one of those already. I need something sexier.”

She turned to a rack of skimpy bra and panty sets, very flimsy, very sheer, barely more than tiny strips of fabric. She selected her favorite bra and panty set, one she wanted to wear for Ethan, lacy red bra and panties with spaghetti thin straps.

“She might like this.”

He nodded. He had a sparkle in his eye.

“Do you know what size your girlfriend is?” Carrie said.

He cupped his hands and looked at Carrie’s breasts.

“She’s about your size. Why don’t you try it on for me?” he said.

Carrie nearly fainted. “Sure, I can do that.”

He lowered his voice. “I’ll give you twenty dollars if you let me watch.”

Carrie hesitated. Was he serious? This was easier than she thought.

“Forty?” he said.

“Ok,” Carrie said, and smiled. But she couldn’t believe she actually agreed.

He followed her to the changing rooms. She glanced at Helen as she closed the door, grinning like she’d just won a prize.

The changing room was a small, cramped space with a full length mirror on one wall, a hook on the other wall, and a padded, French style wrought iron chair. The guy sat in the chair. Carrie was trembling. She couldn’t decide what to do. He was going to watch her undress and put the tiny bra and panties on. Then, somehow, she was going to ask him to have sex.

She hung the hanger with the bra and panties on the hook. He took out his wallet and handed her two twenties.

“Here you go,” he said.

She folded them. She had nowhere to put it, so she set them on the floor. Now she had to do something for him.

She started with her blouse, slowly unbuttoning down the front. She untucked the bottom from her skirt and removed the blouse. His eyes grew wide. Her breasts had grown a bit in the last few months, since she started making love with Ethan. Now all of her bras were too tight. She still wore them, though, because now they squeezed her new, full breasts together until they were practically bursting out, and Ethan’s eyes usually got as wide as the customer’s were right then. She loved that she could have such an effect on a man just by undressing in front of him.

She dropped the blouse on top of the twenties and pushed the short skirt down, swaying her hips side to side. The customer groaned through his open mouth. She bent over to pick up the skirt and saw a good sized bulge in his lap.

She stood before him in the white satin bra and panties and garter belt with the lacy trim that she had picked especially for Ethan. She took the bra and panties on the hanger off the hook.

“I’ll put these on and be right out,” she said, and stepped behind the curtain.

Her hands were shaking and her heart was pounding as she stripped naked and put on the tiny red bra and panties. They were so tiny and light it was as if she was wearing nothing at all. She checked herself in the mirror. The tiny patches of red fabric barely covered her nipples and her mound. When she moved, it felt like her jiggly breasts would come right out of the bra. Her nipples showed through the thin fabric. Ethan would love to see her in this.

She pulled back the curtain. The cute guy’s eyes popped out.

“Fuck yeah. That’s perfect,” he said.

“You like it?” Carrie said, and turned her back to show the string that went between her ass cheeks.

“I love it.”

“Do you think it’s too tight here?” she said, and squeezed her tits in her hands. He shook his head. “Maybe you should look closer, just to make sure.”

She straddled his right leg. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was so horny for this guy, and she felt guilty for feeling that way when she was so in love with Ethan, but maybe she just wouldn’t tell him.

“Touch it here to see how tight it fits,” she said.

His hands moved up the outsides of her canlı bahis siteleri thighs to her hips, where the spaghetti thin straps held the panties up.

“It’s pretty tight,” he said.

“Feel it here, too.”

She moved his hand to the inside of her thigh and his fingers grazed the thin fabric that covered her warm mound. He rubbed his fingers over her crotch and she groaned.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She was wet and hot and she wanted to feel his pole inside her right now. She reached down and squeezed the hard lump in his pants.

“For a little extra, I can help you with this,” she said.

“How much extra?”

That was a good question. He had already paid her forty. How much did Helen say?

“Twenty?” Carrie said.

He nodded and took another twenty from his wallet. Carrie smiled. That was easy.

But, as she folded the bills with the other money on the floor, she realized she was about to commit herself to prostitution. At first she was doing it to satisfy herself. Now, however, she had to do it to satisfy him, because he had paid for it.

Was she supposed to suck him? She didn’t want to let a stranger cum in her mouth, even if he was cute. But how would that be different from letting him cum in her pussy? Ethan’s was the only penis she had ever seen or touched. His was the only cum that had ever touched her skin. She was about to betray the only lover she had ever known, and it was too late to go back. The customer was already unzipping his pants.

He pushed them down to his ankles, then his underwear. Carrie gasped. His cock was beautiful. It wasn’t as long or as thick as Ethan’s, and it stood straight up. Ethan’s bent over to one side under its own weight. Would this one hurt as much going in?

“Come on, let’s give it a try,” he said, stroking his dick with one hand.

Carrie’s mouth drooled. A drop of juice from her pussy ran down the inside of her leg and there was no way she could deny what her body wanted. She would do it quick, then. She would get him off and she would wash the cum from her pussy so Ethan would never know. If he smelled another man’s cum on her pussy she would die of shame.

She slipped the panties off and spread her legs over his lap. He put his hands on her waist. His palms were sweaty on her bare skin, and she was a little disgusted. She reached down between her legs, put her hand around his penis, guided the head to her wet lips and lowered herself on it.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he said with a deep groan. His eyes closed and his head tilted back.

Carrie settled her weight on his lap with a sigh. His entire penis was inside her, and it didn’t hurt a bit. She could feel it sliding along her walls as she moved up and down. She could never get Ethan’s whole thing inside her. He was just too big and she was too tight.

“That is one hot cunt you got baby,” he said.

His hands moved up to squeeze her tits and Carrie blushed. How come Ethan never talked about her like that?

She put her hands on his shoulders and rocked her hips. His penis felt good, and she was so sorry for Ethan. She didn’t have to get used to the pain of being stretched before it felt good and she could enjoy having sex. She never knew it could be this way with other men. Was she ready to give up on Ethan just because he caused her pain when they had sex and this man didn’t?

“Here it comes, baby,” he said.

What did he mean? What was coming? Then he was spurting in her pussy and she couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t even close to getting off, and he was already done. How could he do that? Didn’t he care about her?

His hips stopped moving and he let out a deep breath.

“Shit baby, you are some good kind of fuck. You’re the tightest cunt I ever did. You sold me. I’m going to buy that stuff and give it to my girlfriend. When I fuck her I’ll be thinking about your sweet hole,” he said.

He lifted her off his lap and stood up. Carrie backed away, shocked. He pulled up his underwear, then his pants. She understood now. Of course he didn’t care about her. She was just a tight hole to stick his cock in. He’d paid his money and got his use out of her, now he was done with her.

She tried to cover herself with her arms, as if the shame she felt was written all over her. That was why Ethan never talked about her body like that. To him, she was not just a thing to use. He actually cared about her, not like this man. She felt dirty, humiliated. Her foot touched the money on the floor and she moved away from it like it was a poisonous snake.

The customer straightened his shirt. “Hey, if she likes it, I’ll come back again. You can show me something else she’ll like, right?”

She leaned back against the wall as he went out. She didn’t know what to think. No one had ever done something so mean, especially not Ethan. She wished he was there now, to hold her and tell her everything was going to be all right.

She reached for the chair and sat down with her legs spread. That man’s seed was still in her body, leaking out slowly. She wanted it gone, and she didn’t want to have to touch it. It felt like acid staining her insides. She sobbed. She had ruined herself forever, and Ethan would never forgive her. How could she let Helen talk her into doing this?

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