Even Without You


It’s late at night and I’m waiting for you. You make me mad when you keep me waiting, but on this occasion, the anticipation is killing me. It’s driving me crazy in a different way altogether. I feel so hungry for you, and I miss your touch so much.

I slip off my clothes, exposing my breasts to the cool air, and wait for you to join me online. I clutch my laptop when your name shows up on my screen, and before long I can see you, tired from work. I tell you that I’m naked, and I wished you were here right next to me.

“Please baby, I want to see your tits,” you say, but I tease you, stroking my collar bones with my hand and biting my lip.

You’re lying on your side in bed, leaning on your elbow with your face cupped in your masculine hands.

I notice your arm is moving off the screen and quickly realise that, you too, are naked. I glance at your perfect collar bones and your toned shoulders, and then I imagine what I can’t see off screen. Your manly pecs, your smooth tanned torso, your… Oh. I bite my lip. Your thick hard cock. It excites to me know that right now it’s exposed, but I feel taunted as I can’t see it.

“Show me your dick,” I say with a mischievous smile, as I watch you mimic me in stroking your chest.

The webcam moves to the right, showing me your hot body and your erect penis. I instantly feel myself becoming wet as pulsations begin in my pussy. You’re rolling your cock in your hands, up and down, softly.

Oh halkalı escort I wish so much that I could be touching you right now. Feeling your dick against my body. Your hard shaft brushing against my torso, and then my chest, and then my neck as I slowly bend down and bring it to my mouth.

Without realising, I start to play with my erect nipples, rolling them in my fingers. I decide you have waited long enough, and take a step back from the webcam, showing you my pert, round tits as I massage them with my hands. I see your dick grow as, you too, bite your lip with excitement.

“You make me feel so horny,” you say, as you’re stroking your cock. “You’re so sexy.”

“I’m so wet too!” I say. I lower my voice, “and when you go to bed, I’ll be touching myself and thinking of you.”

You give me a cheeky smile and I know you will be doing the same. You tell me how you wish you could be with me, rubbing my clit and tasting my pussy, before giving me a good seeing to. I become even moister at the thought.

When we have finished speaking online, I am more than exhilarated, and waste no time bringing myself to sexual climax. I touch my sex and feel the wetness, which makes me even hornier. Whilst I’m slowly circling the tip of my clit, building the anticipation, I think of our nights together on the beach.

I think about us passionately kissing, and the first time you groped my breast. Before long your hand had crept harbiye escort its way down my stomach, and into my underwear, your finger rubbing my clit slowly and making me moan. I let out a moan now, imagining it is your hand touching me. Sliding around my wet pussy and sending bursts of electricity all around my wanting body.

Hurriedly whipping my silk panties down, I return my finger to my pussy and increase the speed and pressure the way you did.

Now I am thinking about that night again. You made me so wet with your fingers, and now it’s your tongues turn. Lying on the deck chair, I look down to watch you lapping up my juices. Enjoying my taste. Your tongue flicks over my lovebud ever so lightly, making me moan out loud and beg for more.

Watching the action happen turns me on, and finding a sex God like you between my thighs takes sexual stimulation to a whole other level.

In my bed now, I am mimicking your tongue, lightly touching the tip of my dripping wet clit and pretending it’s your tongue. My eyes are closed shut to make the sensation of you being here as real as possible. I long for you.

Before long the feeling overwhelms me and I take two fingers flat and begin to grind on my clit with more pressure, alternating between rubbing up and down and moving around my sex in circles, making it pulse with delight.

I think of the flat of your tongue, licking from my lower pussy all the way up to ikitelli escort the tip of my clit. The urge to fuck you is so strong in my mind. I am desperate for you inside me.

For now, the best I can do to substitute your solid member is my fingers. I take two and slip them into my soaking vagina, spreading my legs wide as though you’re really here, on top of me, fucking me hard.

I move my fingers in and out of myself powerfully, ensuring my fingertips grind against my g-spot, giving me the same feeling as when you were plummeting inside me, filling me up and making me scream. Memories of our time together on the beach remain clear in my head.

First you begin by screwing me good, your arms are either side of my head, holding you up whilst you plunge yourself inside of me. Before long the roles are switched, and I am on top, grinding my pelvis against yours.

“Do you like that baby?” I would groan as I watch the pleasure become apparent in your facial expression.I feel your pubic hair tickling my clit and this makes me moan so loud.

Putting more use into my legs, I begin to bounce up and down, riding your hard cock. You flip me over and do me from behind, slamming your pelvis against my ass, as I lower my shoulders to the deck chair and allow you deeper. Your thick cock is grating against my g-spot and I feel the tension building up inside of me.

Lying in my bed, and finger-fucking myself, I can feel myself getting closer and closer to the peak. I withdraw my soaking wet fingers and vigorously rub my clitoris. I move from side to side and in circles, until I mentally explode and my body flinches as my pussy drips with cum.

I am lying so numb, so unable to move. You blow my mind, even when you’re not here.

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